Lashkara Episode 13 Review – Phenomenal x 10!

Wow! What an episode filled with such such such brilliant performances. It surely was a treat to watch & I found myself spell-bound, totally glued to the screen because I couldn’t take my eyes off it. Hats off to all the actors & the director for bringing out these emotions on-screen in such a real & convincing manner!

Feeka was only trying to help Bubbly but he didn’t know that his behavior with which he approached everything related to Bubbly will land him as well as her in deep trouble. Feeka just wanted everything in & around Bubbly’s life to be perfect, hence the haste. It was more like that he had set a task of outdoing himself every single time there was anything related to Bubbly, that is why just a mere mention of a loose hook of Bubbly’s chain made him restless. In front of Bubbly, Feeka wanted to be like that magician who fixed everything in a jiffy & that is why, he never really gave Bubbly a chance to just be. Obviously, it made Feeka a fantastic husband but then it also caused problems for Bubbly especially in a setting where someone was on a look out for a little window to throw a stone & destroy their picture perfect of a life.

All Bubbly did was request Nikki to give what belonged to her as she just wanted to stop Feeka from questioning her further as she knew she would run out of lies but then what happened was shocking. Feeka couldn’t stop himself from getting involved & then what Nikki did was unforgivably cruel. That moment where Bubbly, without even explaining herself walked out of that conversation was so upsetting, it just showed that all this while she was walking on eggshells but now she knew that it was not going to work. The way she just left showed that even she knew that she had lost the most precious thing in her life; her relationship with her husband.

One might definitely think that Feeka didn’t truly love Bubbly to blindly trust her, this is the thought that crossed my mind too but after hearing everything that Feeka had to say, it just got elaborated how he had such a low self-esteem, how he had zero confidence in himself because of which he easily accepted that Nikki was telling him the truth. Feeka didn’t doubt Bubbly, it’s just that he was so full of doubts about himself that he just couldn’t believe that Bubbly will stay loyal to him. The moment Feeka stood in front of the mirror with Bubbly, it just explained everything, it unveiled all the complexes, all those fears Feeka had ever since he got married to Bubbly where he knew that she was better than him in every single way yet she chose to become his wife. Then all this took me back to Feeka’s overall attitude with Bubbly; his enthusiasm, his keenness in dealing with everything related to her because in other words, by doing all of that he was compensating Bubbly for settling for a man like him, he was basically trying to make her so so so happy that even for once she doesn’t think that she got married to someone she didn’t deserve. So, basically Feeka didn’t mistrust Bubbly, all the doubts that he ever had just resurfaced making it easier for him to believe again that Bubbly didn’t deserve him & may be that is why she wanted an escape from the life where she had to live with a man like Feeka!

I must say I love these sorts of dramas where the writers build up the entire situation & use it as a stepping stone for the actual scenario. What happened in this episode & the way Feeka reacted made it easy for me to understand what he was saying & feeling as I immediately connected the dots & realized why he used to be this sort of a husband to Bubbly. He was just proving a point to himself as well as her – all the time. Beautifully written!

Another powerful scene that I loved was between Bubbly & Nasreen. Bubbly didn’t bother saying a word to Nikki because she knew she would not understand but I loved how she didn’t stay quiet in front of Nasreen & reminded her of the business deal that she did & the way she heartlessly treated her as a commodity. Bubbly didn’t want to say all of this but she did as Nasreen had the power & an authority to stop what was happening by telling Feeka the truth but she chose not to!

Well, Bubbly came back & only Saima could see that something was awfully wrong – things just weren’t right. I wish Kulsoom could see that too. Also, I am glad that the writer has shown this way of approaching the news of pregnancy, that it can be & should be celebrated but I am just wondering if it would have, in any way changed the dynamics of the story if Kulsoom had kept the news to herself? I am saying this because usually in such households this thing is definitely kept private especially in such initial stages. Also, Kulsoom didn’t get a confirmation from Bubbly first & based on an assumption she just went ahead, not only told her husband but announced it in the entire neighbourhood that Bubbly was expecting a child!?!?! Let’s see how this part will play out, apart from bringing regrets & shame Kulsoom’s way & more mental pressure Bubbly’s way.

I loved watching this episode, it is definitely a treat seeing such a well-written script acted & directed out such a brilliant way. I am definitely falling short of words for Ushna Shah, Mohsin Abbas Haider & the actress playing the role of Nikki, they literally blew the audience away with their phenomenal phenomenal phenomenal & effortless acting. Well done guys. Please share your thoughts!

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