Lashkara Episode 17 – Review Story !

Ohkay so, this episode of Lashkara was again a bit of a drag & I actually had a hard time watching it in one go. The pace is not the issue, but what’s bothersome is the way the reactions have been portrayed with too much focus on crying. I am actually looking forward to the time when thing will be sorted, but I guess before that happens we’ll have to bear with this mourning!

I really don’t get Bubbly’s stance in this. She thinks she has understood the meaning of life but she is mistaken. I couldn’t agree more with Saima as well as Nazeer where Saima told Bubbly that her husband & parents deserved to know the truth & Nazeer spoke about her mistake that she was wrong in┬áblaming her ‘kismat’. It is actually frustrating that when Bubbly has not even looked for solutions, how can she just easily accept everything & choose this unnecessary suffering for herself? Bubbly’s approach is ridiculous. Yes, I get it, just because her husband doubted her, she lost everything but if she didn’t want to do the explaining, she could have told her parents the truth so that they could have dealt with everything themselves. Bubbly initially told Saima that she was keeping things from her parents because she didn’t want to see them upset or sad, so what is she doing now? By keeping them in the dark & giving them this stupid excuse, Bubbly is causing them more pain. Ohkay, even if she doesn’t want to live with Feeka for his sake, she needs to tell her parents the truth because whatever she is doing is not helping the case, at all!

Tayi’s character, though real is still quite annoying & this is exactly why I found it very odd in the last episode that she was too keen on Bubbly looking presentable in front of the guests. Saima is frustrated at Bubbly, but more at the fact that she is unable to do anything to help her because Bubbly herself is refusing to do something about it!

I am sure if Bubbly hadn’t demanded it, Feeka would not have thought about divorcing her but now when she has made up her mind, he can’t do much. In this mix, I don’t really blame Feeka. Yes, he couldn’t trust Bubbly but it was because he doesn’t even trust himself. He had a complex & that is why he believed & assumed that Bubbly wasn’t loyal to him – that’s his personality, he is full of complexes & he also had this thing in mind that his mother used her wealth to lure Bubbly into this marriage, so that is why I feel it was Bubbly’s job to do the explaining to her husband who already had so many inhibitions & fears regarding this relationship.

Let’s see what happens next but at this stage, I am not too happy with the way the story is shaping up. I hope it changes & Sunny does something too. Please share your thoughts.

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