Lashkara Episode 18 Story Review – Finally!

Ohkay so, finally this episode of Lashkara not only took the story but also exposed the truth in front of everyone. As much as I am happy that now the truth has surfaced, I will still say that I am disappointed in Bubbly because she didn’t do what she was supposed to!

The writer added the touch of honor & dignity that is usually associated with the females of the house in this episode. Iqbal’s outburst & then Sheeda & Saima’s counter argument in order to defend Bubbly was a depiction of that. I really don’t think the entire Qandeel Baloch reference was required or added any weight to their argument because even without it, what they were advocating was right & made a lot of sense. Nasreen told everything to Taya Jee & that’s when the hell broke loose in Muneer’s house but then again, I didn’t feel for Muneer because of his dejected state of mind, I felt bad for him because his daughter was not telling him the truth that he was entitled to know.

Sunny spoke to Bubbly & he decided to prove his love to her by doing right by her because he was the one who ruined her life, so it was good to see him taking the responsibility of fixing everything. Even though the preview of the next episode suggests that Sunny has an ulterior motive & he won’t let go of Bubbly easily but still, at least what he did cleared the mess up. Sunny knew he had to go to some level of extreme to get the truth out of Nikki but it was Akram who spilled the beans. Akram proved that he loves Nikki because he couldn’t stand the idea of Sunny causing any harm to her. Nikki really has travelled afar in her hatred for Bubbly & her love for Tipu that she has not given a sincere chance to Akram who actually happens to be a nice guy. Akram loves Nikki just the way she is, he does everything that she says, may be its his way of getting Nikki to love him but that hasn’t happened yet. The day Nikki will let go of her past will be the day when she will see that Akram is a devoted husband & eventually she will find her happiness in him!

Feeka found out the truth & went to see Bubbly so that he could apologize to her as well as her entire family. In this entire scenario, I have felt a lot of sympathy for Feeka & everyone else except Bubbly because she chose to turn into a forced bechari who couldn’t help herself whereas in reality, there was so much she could do like telling the truth to her parents for starters!

Well looks like things are going to get back to normal in Bubbly Feeka’s marital life for now but don’t know what other curveballs await for them. I really hope they push through & stick together forever. Acting & direction for sure is top-notch, I just hope the pace doesn’t slow down again. Please share your thoughts!

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