Lashkara Episode 3 Review – Entertaining!

Ohkay so, it was yet another interesting episode of Lashkara. It is the sort of drama that is meant to entertain you while still having a strong storyline & substantial characters. The way the personalities of all the characters are being elaborated makes it even more interesting.

So, Bubbly left quite a good impression on Nasreen because of her honesty. Nasreen did approach Kulsoom for Bubbly’s proposal only because Feeka insisted & she being his mother didn’t want to break his heart but the little interaction that she had with Bubbly let her know that she is a kind-hearted girl who would be a perfect partner for Feeka. Feeka continued to be madly in love with Bubbly & despite knowing the sort of image Bubbly has, it still didn’t put a dent on the feelings that he had for her.

This time around, Feeka’s family dynamics got a detailed introduction. Feeka’s family has acquired this overnight wealth because Nasreen got involved in the property business. Feeka’s sister Nikki & her husband Akram finally made an appearance too. Nikki doesn’t hold a high opinion for Bubbly but amusingly she still was pretty ok with the fact that Feeka was fixated with her & that Nasreen had approached Bubbly’s family for his proposal. Nikki’s husband Akram has turned into a supervisor for all the family & household affairs of Nasreen & he is just treated as a worker around the house who really doesn’t have much say of his own. Nikki is the boss in their relationship because she now has a stronger back & Akram is someone who just follows her orders!

Kulsoom wasn’t overjoyed with Feeka’s proposal for Bubbly but still, she was seriously considering it because of Feeka’s wealth & social standing at this stage. Even though Bubbly said no, Kulsoom tried to talk her into this marriage because she being a practical woman could see how it would not only benefit Bubbly but also her brother Iqbal.

I actually got confused & thought Bubbly had a soft corner in her heart for Sunny, that is why she approached him & told him to send her proposal but in reality, she just wanted an escape from Feeka because she really could not see herself getting married to him. Sunny took things seriously & decided to do something for Bubbly but little did he know that a heart break was awaiting him!

I must say, I loved the way Muneer intervened & said no to Nasreen. Even though this proposal didn’t have any such flaws which would’ve resulted in refusal but only because Muneer saw that this was not what Bubbly wanted, he chose to respect his daughter’s choices, which was super sweet & very considerate. Also, in this entire matter, the way Saima took the front seat was a pleasant surprise. I am so glad that there’s more to Saima’s character & personality than just a bookworm who gets rejected every single time. Saima tried to knock sense into Bubbly that if she didn’t want to settle for Feeka then she most certainly didn’t deserve Sunny as well & I guess her speech actually worked because then it was made clear that Bubbly was not into Sunny but was just using him as a scapegoat. Also, the way Saima confronted Sunny was quite interesting too, I really didn’t see it coming. Sunny did put up quite a show at Bubbly’s house but he got his answer which broke his heart into million pieces because he never in his wildest dreams imagined that Bubbly would turn her back on him, that too in front of her family. Also, another interesting being who emerged as Bubbly’s savior was Nazeer & I couldn’t stop laughing at the courage that his feelings for Bubbly gave him because of which he was ready to outbid a strong personality like Sunny. It was amusing but it was adorable as well!

I loved watching this episode & couldn’t really keep a track of time because this episode ended quickly. There’s so much that meets the eye when you are watching Lashkara that apart from brilliant performances every single frame & scene seems so complete & offers you so many details to observe & enjoy. I must say the girl playing the role of Nikki was beyond perfect & totally in her element like it seemed that she was Nikki right from the beginning, that effortlessness & the finesse in her acting & dialogue delivery was phenomenal. I’m keen on seeing her character & how she will contribute to the overall story – really glad with her addition. I must say, all the dialogues are so enjoyable, Lashkara really is an entertaining package. Loving everyone’s performances so far, be it Saba Faisal, Saba Hameed, Noor ul Hassan, Ushna Shah, Imran Ashraf, Mohsin Abbas Haider or any of those supporting characters, they all are perfect. Please share your thoughts.

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