Khasara Episode 2 Review – Average!

Ohkay so, this episode of Khasara was just alright. Yes, the story did move forward but I guess it still hasn’t kick started just yet. However, the characters are being introduced in detail which is good!

Linta left quite an impression on Sila & since Sila was so impressed with Linta’s status & everything she had, she forgot to notice how cold & distant Linta was. Sila actually thought that everything that Linta did basically went well with her image & she just didn’t mind it at all. Sila lacks a wisdom & exposure to not see people based on what they have or what their social standing is but because she is in such an awe of everything material, she thought highly on Linta despite the attitude she sported while being Sila’s guest!

Sila couldn’t stop raving about Linta to her friend Areeba but at least Areeba was sane & wise enough to see how cold & rude Linta was. Sila couldn’t stop thinking about all the blessings of Linta & she actually thought that Linta had everything one could wish for; a luxurious lifestyle, a lot of wealth & most importantly a loving husband. Everything that Sila said was right based on the vibes Linta & Mohtasim gave to her but little did Sila know that the same Linta who she thought had everything was suffering from insecurity because of her disloyal husband.

So, it turns out that Linta almost found out what she came for which was a proof of a relationship between Mohtasim & Arzoo but she really didn’t do much & more so, didn’t even let Mohtasim know that she eavesdropped on him & Arzoo. Yes, Linta did insult Arzoo but then again, it wasn’t in line with what a possessive & insecure wife would’ve done upon finding out the truth. It is shocking that everyone in the office knows what sort of relationship Arzoo & Mohtasim share yet no one has told anything to Linta, who also happens to be the boss. I really don’t know why Linta is putting up with Mohtasim & his disloyalty because it was suggested that everything that Mohtasim now has actually belongs to Linta & it’s basically her blessing on him that he has a status that he gets to flaunt, so not sure why Linta has given so much control over herself to Mohtasim?

Sila & kids couldn’t stop dreaming about Karachi & more than visiting the city, Sila just wanted to see Linta’s lifestyle. Not really sure what purpose Azar’s joblessness is serving in the story? Areeba on the other hand is a very nice character. (

Overall, this episode was just average & let’s see if it will become interesting in the future episodes. The acting & the direction is definitely good but the overall feel of the drama is not extraordinary or excellent, for now! Let’s see how things roll. Please share your thoughts.

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