Lashkara Episode 9 – Review!

Ohkay so, it was yet another interesting episode of Lashkara. I like how the characters have been etched out & portrayed on screen because even when they don’t say anything, their feelings can be understood. Lashkara has become such a treat to watch but I so so so wish there’s no death in the story. I am saying that because every single drama these days involves death of a character or two & in this case, I so hope it isn’t Feeka because I got that vibe from one of his dialogues & I am warding that thought off!!!

In this episode, Bubbly’s character shone a lot. It was shown that just a little faith, freedom & honesty can bring out the best in someone. Bubbly did have a lot of freedom in her parent’s home too but considering the sort of family Feeka comes from, it sure is a big deal that Nasreen is not only letting Bubbly be but is also facilitating & accommodating her so much that too considering Feeka being her only son!

Bubbly is pretty intelligent & this is why, she deciphered that Nikki has no say in almost anything. Nasreen has only given Nikki & her husband Akram an accommodation but she hasn’t given them any authority & this is what Bubbly picked up too because of which, despite Nikki’s taunts, tantrums & threats, she seemed unbothered about her. Bubbly confronted Nikki & I liked that because at least she is not ashamed of who she is, what her past was & where she comes from & all this was because Nasreen gave her that edge & the confidence to feel that way, which is amazing.

To be honest, as much as I want to enjoy Nikki’s character considering the way it has been portrayed phenomenally by the actor, I found it annoying because Nikki is only going to create troubles for Feeka & Bubbly – a couple that I adore & don’t want to see drifting apart. Nikki already planted a seed to ruin their relationship by sending Sunny a message through Bubbly’s phone & I am not sure how will Bubbly come out of this mess because I fear Nasreen & even Feeka might doubt her intentions & not believe her explanation. Bubbly will be clueless too & might take time to figure out what actually happened but I so hope she comes out of this!

The entire Kheer scenario was really amusing where Feeka & Bubbly thought they pulled a stunt successfully but then Nasreen came with a subtle reminder that she knows what they both did. It is quite interesting to see how Nasreen never ever misses a chance to remind Feeka & Bubbly that she is watching them like a hawk while still giving them enough space to enjoy each other’s company. The way Bubbly slapped the policeman was another interesting scenario, it showcased how Bubbly will be on a front seat always. Feeka did feel ashamed for being unable to protect Bubbly but it was quite sweet to see that Bubbly has accepted him the way he is & she is not wishing for anything else!

I so want to believe that Nasreen doesn’t have an ulterior motive in allowing Bubbly to model for that famous designer but considering the businesswoman that she is, I do sense something. I hope whatever Nasreen does doesn’t cost Feeka his happiness at least, but things are going to get quite intense & interesting. Oh yes, Nasreen already printed Bubbly’s picture on the advertising posters for her new construction, so does this mean she is cashing on Bubbly’s looks & her overall beauty? Would love to find that out. I must say, the director has elevated the level of this drama with his phenomenal direction & all the actors are beyond amazing. The way they have breathed life into these characters is amazing & I for once just can not picture anyone else playing the characters of Nasreen, Feeka, Bubbly, Sunny & even Nazeer. Perfection for sure. Please share your thoughts.

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