Aangan Episode 35 – Review!

Ohkay so, this episode of Aangan was pretty emotional. Even though I still stand by what I said in the previous review but I won’t deny the fact that it was very emotional & heart wrenching seeing this latest development in the story. Props to the entire team for bringing this aspect to life on-screen with so much of conviction with their phenomenal performances, however I wish the editors had used instrumental music in stead of sad version of the OST because it wasn’t nice hearing the singer echo Dunya Dingrangdingrang in the background during such heavy scenes!

I liked the director’s approach where he showed us one scene of Anila & Co. & then the other one covering the predicament of Abba Jee & the rest of the family because it highlighted that where people are struggling & trying to get a hold of things that they need/want, it all boils down to this point where everything just seems meaningless – that being the loss of a loved one.

Sajjad was trying really hard to keep everyone’s morale up but deep down he was struggling the most & taking it to his heart. Being the eldest son of the family, even though everyone was effected by whatever was happening but Sajjad was feeling a little more burdened because he was taking care of everyone, he was thinking about every little detail & that was taking a toll on his mind, heart & soul. Sajjad not only had to look after the legalities, he also was planning the future ahead where he wanted to make sure that despite being dispersed, every single family member stays connected.

Abba Jee was on a very different level of comfort with Sajjad & because he was an ideal son, Abba Jee knew he could tell him anything & everything. While everyone was aware of the heavy-lifting that Sajjad was doing, no one could predict that something like this would happen because they all would have immediately shared his burdens & pressures. The way Sajjad spoke to the buyers about the little plant with Abba Jee looking after one of the plants in the background went to show what this house meant to all of them & to literally see it slipping away from his hands was too much to bear. I liked how the contrast was drawn between those buyers who seemed emotionally cold in response to such a close-to-heart memory that Sajjad shared with them, it depicted how someone’s loss could be someone else’s gain.

Shafiq proved that he is just a commercially driven person who’s only considerate of himself. Anila played a part in this entire scenario only because she had an ulterior motive but Shafiq being Shafiq literally kicked her out once he achieved what he wanted. Even though Anila did realize that she made a huge mistake, I will say that Anila & Allauddin’s conversation about Sajjad seemed a little out of the blue & totally unexpected because they have never ever spoken well about any member of the family & have never ever taken an initiative to fix the fiasco before!

Well, Sajjad passed away & every single family member mourned his death. Everything suddenly changes when someone leaves just like that & considering Sajjad being the backbone of this family, they all were devastated. Abba Jee allowed Shafiq to come but then he knew it just didn’t matter if he did or did not, at this point, nothing mattered because like I said, everything was meaningless & the only thing that mattered was the fact that Sajjad was no more & unfortunately, he was under so much of unnecessary pressure & burden during the last days of his life with Shafiq playing a major role in that!

The conversation between Abba Jee & Zoya was the highlight of the episode for me. The way he explained how he used to take care of Sajjad when he fell sick, how he prayed in gratitude when he was born – such emotional & beautiful dialogues conveyed with genuine & honest feelings by Sir Qavi Khan. Even though Mansha Pasha’s performance was very brief, I found it equally honest & amazing too. Ah! I so wish we get a happy ending of this drama with all of them having those banters & sharing laughs together but without Sajjad, the picture won’t be the same anymore. Please share your thoughts!

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