Mana Ka Gharana – Episode 07!

Ohkay so, looks like the time has come where we’d have to bid farewell to all those amazing characters that we were introduced to. I think the writer is leaving no stone unturned to make us detest those characters that we once used to love & those characters that were a strength of this drama. I must say, the sudden shift in the personalities & thinking of these once-normal characters is marking the downhill of Mana Ka Gharana!!!

Mana got to shop to her heart’s greed when she was with Shehryaar & he didn’t miss a chance to feed her time & again that he spent a lot of money on her. Gul Bahar is like a negative broken record who is only there to say things that are totally unnecessary & over the top repeatedly. I must say, I found it ridiculous that even the engagement was happening on Shehryaar’s terms & conditions. I didn’t see an official proposal being ever made to the whole family, he just came, liked Mana, called her, shopped with her & next thing we know, they’re getting engaged.

Khizer did everything to make Mana & the whole Gharana happy while keeping his feelings for Mana aside but sadly, no one saw that. The whole issue that happened between Happy, Shehryaar & Khizer was convincing in a way that it showed how short-tempered & arrogant Shehryaar is, but the discussions, conversations & the conclusions that followed that event were disasterous & made no sense whatsoever!

Why is it that we never saw anyone from the family questioning Shehryaar’s mindset. Why is it that none of them had the guts to blame Shehryaar for the wrong he did. After Shehryaar & Gul Bahar left & everyone was sitting for the sake of conversation, I thought we’d get to see how everyone was disappointed with Shehryaar’s behavior but Saleha turned everything against Khizer & blamed him for putting Shehryaar down. I would’ve agreed to it if Khizer had raised his voice or if he had misbehaved with Shehryaar too but going by what we saw, Khizer only requested him to make truce with Happy but everyone blamed Khizer for the things he didn’t even say or do.

I am actually shocked to see how illogical & irrational Saleha has become. All the things she said about Happy & his social standing were disgusting. Just because her daughter has bagged a rich psycho, she now thinks she’s in a position to look down on everyone, which is ridiculous. I am actually so disappointed at the writer that where she showed us amazing characters that were unique & different, now the same characters are becoming so weird & annoying that it is getting intolerable. I so wish at least one of them had told her that Shehryaar was at fault & not Khizer. Maalik did say but he didn’t say it convincingly or authoritatively, which showed that a part of him also believed that Khizer was wrong.

Honestly speaking, I know this will sound harsh or rude but I so wish that apart from rolling eyes & wheelchair, Ghalib uncle says something. He goes like Saleha is being jazbati because of Mana, but I guess he was mistaken & used the wrong word because Saleha wasn’t being emotional, she was purely being greedy. I so wish that after whatever has happened, at least Ghalib was shown to be doing some thinking & being a bit skeptical in regards to Shehryaar & Mana’s engagement because if a guy can get so snappy at such a small incident, wonder what he’s going to do with Mana if she infuriates him ever. So, not being able to see any sort of reaction from Ghalib uncle being a father, was another disappointment that came along as well!

Gul Bahar is just using Shehryaar to get back at Maalik & she is not ashamed to admit it. I think even Shehryaar is stupid to be following her lead because the one who couldn’t do well in her marriage won’t let Shehryaar have a happy life too because she has already started to spew venom & has started to turn him against Mana & her family & Shehryaar is allowing her to to interfere more & more in his life. I find it funny that now when Maalik has blamed Gul Bahar, Saleha is turning out to be her lawyer & defending her in front of everyone, whereas if I’m not mistaken, Saleha disliked Gul Bahar because she put Maalik through so much suffering, so why is it so hard for Saleha to put two & two together & think that when Gul Bahar can show so much of ignorance in regards to her husband, she won’t be their well-wisher at all.

Also, I am disappointed in seeing Mana & the greed in her. Just because she shopped with him for a while, she has come to a conclusion that she can not live without him & he’s the only guy who can make her happy. I loved the things Khizer said to Mana but I am not too sure what is it in Mana that’s giving her so much confidence in her intuition about Shehryaar. Mana has never stepped out of the town before in her life & she has never ever interacted with anyone outside of her family before, so how can she be so sure of Shehryaar? What makes her think that he loves her & he’s the one for her?

I must say, even though I’m still following this drama but I am so disappointed in the writer because she has ruined all those unique characters that we loved & liked to watch. This drama was different because the things that these characters said made sense & they seemed very real, but now they all are turning out to be very superficial & hideous. Also, I am not too sure why Maalik is taking so much time in finalizing his divorce to Gul Bahar. He should get over with it ASAP so that Gul Bahar gets a message loud & clear that her chance of getting back with Maalik is numbered! Please share your thoughts about this episode of Mana Ka Gharana.

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PS: Please keep the Shuhada of Charsadda & their families in your prayers.

Zahra Mirza

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