Mana Ka Gharana – Episode 12!

Ohkay so, honestly speaking, this episode of Mana Ka Gharana was heaps better in comparison to the previous episodes because it gave me something that I was looking forward to for a long long time. Even though there isn’t any drastic change in the attitude of Mana Ka Gharana but slowly & steadily they have started standing up against Gul Bahar, so it gives me hope that the time is soon going to come when she will be thrown out of their place & their hearts.

I am glad that the things that I said in the previous review were taken personally by Ghaalib Uncle & he chose to prove me & everyone else wrong by telling that he is very much alive & kickin’. I think in the entire journey of this drama so far, Ghaalib Uncle didn’t get this much coverage that he got in this episode where he put forth what he thinks & how he won’t tolerate any disparity among his family members. Both Ghaalib & Maalik have started to understand that things are going at the wrong path & something needs to be done ASAP to fix them.

Saleha continued to be unreasonable & she also tried to melt Ghaalib’s heart by speaking about all the sacrifices she has given to keep this family together, which I think should’ve followed by a dialogue also about how she hasn’t left any stone unturned in drifting them apart too. According to Saleha, she raised Maalik & Khizer as her children, which makes me think that she is an epic kind of a mother who believes in believing more on the guy who has just walked into their lives. Saleha is only using such words to conceal how unfair she has been because it is so obvious that if she had actually thought of Khizer as her son, she would’ve never done something so wrong with him that too based on what Shehryaar told & showed them.

Maalik was disappointed to hear what Khizer had to say & just like everyone else, he also started misunderstanding Khizer & believed what he heard from him. Even though Maalik’s wisdom missed the spot there, he still has redeemed himself by standing up against Gul Bahar & by giving her a much needed shut up call. Gul Bahar needs to understand that she is not a part of this family anymore & if she is living here, it is only because she is now going to get related to them through Shehryaar, so she needs to keep her mouth zipped & shouldn’t interfere in their personal matters. The things she said to herself about her beauty were cringe-worthy. If only Gul Bahar wasn’t so shallow to understand that a good face doesn’t earn you the love & respect as much as your good nature does but oh well!!!

I am glad that Gul Bahar got snubbed twice in this episode. First one was by Ghaalib who told her not to swoop in when he was taking a decision on Zarri’s matter. Then Gul Bahar got rebuked by Maalik when she uttered non-sense about Khizer by putting Mana’s future with him in the spotlight. I think these many shut-up calls are enough for any sane person to understand how she is not needed here but Gul Bahar takes dheetai to another level, so I am not surprised why she is still there.

I really don’t understand what Shehryaar wants. His ego got hurt by Khizer & he turned Khizer’s life upside down, therefore by now he should’ve had his closure, why he is still stuck on him is something that I can’t really comprehend. It is good to see that at least Mana doesn’t entertain those thoughts of Shehryaar & tells him to speak about something else. I think there will come a time when her limit will be pushed & she will give him a shut up call too. I actually thought it was Gul Bahar’s idea to demand the property from Saleha but the way Shehryaar showed excitement over it showed that he falls in the same category too & this was a planning done by both of them as well. I liked the fact that Mana spoke against it as she didn’t want anything from her parents. Mana also raised a valid question about where will her family live if they’ll give her everything to which Saleha told her about her plan B. I am glad that at least Mana has started showing some sensibility & isn’t too happy with the situation.

Mana is definitely having a hard time accepting the fact that her whole family has fallen apart & even though she might pretend not knowing about the root-cause, she does know to some extent. Yes, for now she is blaming Khizer & speaks against him because she still holds him responsible for everything but she also knows that things haven’t been the same ever since Shehryaar has turned against Khizer. Mana decided to speak to Khizer about how much he hurt her father, which definitely hurt Khizer even more & he decided to show up & seek forgiveness in a hope that Saleha will let him meet Ghaalib, which she didn’t allow. I think as much as Mana speaks against Khizer, deep down in her heart she still isn’t convinced that Khizer can cause harm to her family members like that. I somehow like how they have shown her confusion & I think she will be the one who will bring them all together, at least this is what I think.

I must say, I am not thrilled to see Laila’s growing interest in Khizer. She is just a tourist & if she is thinking to grab a spot in Khizer’s heart, then she really needs to get a life. No tourist goes bonkers over the localities like that, that is why I am not at all convinced with this track & its developments. The preview seemed good where Maalik will clearly speak to Zarri about how he feels & will tell her about his decision, I am looking forward to it the most. Also, seems like Laila will turn into a daasi & will do Khizer’s seva, which I ain’t looking forward to at all. Also, I must say, with the over-dosage of the conversations that take place in either rooms or cafes, it was refreshing to see Khizer & Maalik having a conversation in an open-air, amidst the nature, it was different & seemed pretty appeasing. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Mana Ka Gharana.

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