Mann Mayal – Episode 21

I was very tempted to count the number of times the word ‘talaq’ was used in this episode to make the viewers understand the gravity of the situation! This is not the first time that Sameera Fazal has used this word and the act itself like it is going out of fashion. Sadly, Mann Mayal has come to a point where the writer has to resort to deaths, heart attacks and divorces in order to stir some emotions in the viewers. The way beti ke masail and divorce was used to make this episode over-dramatic was just plain sickening. This episode was regressive to say the least!

Mannu’s reaction to this recent development was given more screen time than it deserved. The viewers have been watching Mannu suffer for weeks now, showing everything that was shown today was the final nail in the coffin. I am sure there are many viewers out there who will feel for bechari Mannu because the writer is bent on proving that staying married to a monster like Mikael is much better than being DIVORCED!!!! Talk about making the most of the evils (yes evil) that exist in our society! This recent development in the story might entice some viewers but after watching tonight’s episode I was not only disappointed even more but actually quite upset. It is sad that the writers who are considered the best in our industry bank on ‘talaq’ so much! If PEMRA wants to take notice of something, they should take notice of the way this word and action is exploited in our dramas in order to play with the emotions of people and to make the heroines even more becharis! Although Mannu is anything but enlightened or even sensible but even then it was sad to see her react like she just suffered a huge loss. Those parents who had been giving her the option of coming back home, who have been so supportive of her are suddenly in a situation that they had to ask their daughter’s ex-boyfriend to give her ‘refuge’!!! Mannu’s becharapan  in tonight’s episode was like a slap on the face of all those girls out there who willingly take divorce from husbands like Mikael to save their sanity and for the better future of their kids. This drama has sent out a lot of wrong messages but this recent development had to be the most terrible message an educated person can give to the public. Watching our writers endorse such clichés and social evils is really really upsetting.


Mannu was clearly disturbed by the fact that Salahuddin was in love with Jeena. She also never really loved her husband, it was a commitment she was fulfilling but even then the end of this marriage was shown like she had lost someone precious. Jeena’s desperation is growing with every passing episode and honestly speaking with this episode I have lost all interest in this drama. Till the last episode it was a comedy of errors but this episode was truly upsetting not because I feel for Mannu but I feel for all those writers, producers, directors and actors who think they are doing anyone a favour by showing something like this. Betiyan bojh nahi hoti – try putting that message forward for a change!

I am not looking forward to tuning into the next episode of Mann Mayal but unfortunately I have been assigned the duty of reviewing this drama till the end therefore I will continue reviewing it but I am done with watching and reviewing dramas written by Samira Fazal no matter how ‘enticing’ they might appear to be…after this episode, that is the least I can do! I am a woman and I feel truly offended by the message this drama is putting forward for all the women out there.


Fatima Awan

Fatima Awan

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