Mann Mayal Episode 30 – Rest In Peace Common Sense

Mann Mayal Episode 30 – Rest In Peace Common Sense

I thought we had seen the worst of Mann Mayal but this episode was yet another desperate attempt to make the viewers feel for Mikael and even Salahuddin. Too bad this attempt comes at a time when most of the viewers have completely given up on this play and fail to feel anything for any of the characters let alone Mikael! Mikael’s long speech with a kid who he did not acknowledge for so many years was stupid to say the least! I don’t even want to delve in to the details which made this scene a complete failure. So, technically we should all forgive Mikael since he has realized how wrong he was and he will most probably die any way!!!


The viewers were shown this useless speech for such a long time but the one conversation that was necessary was conveniently skipped. When Mannu came back the conversation between her and Salahuddin was covered with background music, which yet again proves the fact that the writer decided not to pen down any conversations which could have involved some thinking on her part.


This episode was full of filler scenes which made very little sense. Jeena brainwashing Mannu and Mannu shouting at Salahuddin for bringing her kids back were two more scenes which made absolutely no sense. Basically this was another episode which dragged the story further. Mannu’s mother finally made an appearance but she is as useless as always! If Mannu is going to visit them, shouldn’t they be sending her some money?? No one talked about that.


The preview of the next episode made me laugh so hard!!! The way Jamil came to save Salahuddin, Mikael being shot and in the end Salahuddin getting poisoned (Amen to that!!)…this could have been the kind of promo that makes the viewers go “Oh no!!!” but it didn’t have that effect on me because like many other viewers out there I don’t really care whether these characters live or die. Also, it just goes to show that the writer and the director have basically used every formula in the book and more to make something resonate with the viewers but when the story is so senseless it is next to impossible to relate to a characters.


How many of you were actually shocked to see the preview of the next episode?? And how many of you were laughing while watching it?? I was definitely laughing because it just went to show that Mann Mayal is going to turn into an even bigger mad house!! When deaths (murder) and heart attacks are used by a writer to take the story forward and to keep the viewers at the edge of their seat then you know that there was very little creativity involved in writing the script.sallu2

How many of you watched this latest episode? Do share your thoughts about it.

Fatima Awan