Mann Mayal Episode 31 – Manhoos Mannu

Here are some of the “developments” from tonight’s episode which yet again proved that Mann Mayal is the joke of the century!

*Jeena apparently locked all the servants in a room before attempting to poison Mannu and her kids!!! We are still trying to figure out how these servants know that Jeena was locking them up so that she could poison Mannu and her kids. Did she tell them why she was locking them up? And if she didn’t tell then how did Jamil figure out there was zehr in the not-so-fresh juice.

*Mikael is killed only after apologizing to every person dead or alive whom he ever harmed – it was a quintessential kuttay ki mout. Illyas from Udaari left his home to find Meeran but on the way he was asked to do this one favor by team Mann Mayal! That is why he did not even have the time to change his get up.

* Salahuddin goes in coma only after hearing Mannu tell him everything he wanted to hear. Mannu is convinced that she is Manhoos therefore from now on we can all call her Manhoos Mannu. Anyone who cares for her or loves her gets a cardiac arrest. Our very own Manhoos Mannu has a new super power now!

*Manhoos Mannu’s conversation with Salahuddin in which she insisted he knew there was zehr in the juice was Mann Mayal logic once again! How could he possibly know? “Aisa thori krte hei” dialogue was so out of place.

Just like every other episode of Mann Mayal, this one too lacked substance. There were too many coincidences and a desperate attempt to make people tune into the show next week. If this drama is doing so well why does team Mann Mayal keep on showing these illogical twists and turns to grab the attention of the viewers? Like I predicted last week this episode banked heavily on zehr and pistol! How many people out there will actually tune in next week because they are dying to find out whether Salahuddin survives or not? I am certain very little because at this point even those people who were watching this drama purely for entertainment purposes have been forced to ask obvious questions which are an attempt to find logic in this very illogical story which has been stretched to the limit. It reminds me of Shukk over and over again!

The preview of the next episode showed that someone finally decided to inform Salahuddin’s parents and Mannu goes back to her parents – better late than never! Mannu wants to start a new life – shukr hai – this could mean that this drama is finally headed towards an ending.

Sorry, no screenshots today – Mann Mayal is not worth the effort!

How many of you watched this latest episode? Would love to hear from you all.

Fatima Awan

Fatima Awan

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