Marasim – Episode 04!

Hmmm, another good episode with a decent progress in the story. I am glad that they have started to introduce the new characters by now & have stopped resorting to a lot of flashbacks. They have pretty much given us the insight about the past & the family background so now sticking to the present seems like a perfect choice.

Daood has stood by his promise & still tries to talk Momenah into marrying him but now Momenah has promised her mother that she will do everything to avoid & forget Daood therefore she knows there’s no turning back. Momenah being a daughter naturally feels a lot more for her mother & blames Gaitiara for the nasty she has instigated. Momenah is unable to understand that Sherbano’s behaviour with Gaitiara has forced her to not feel a thing for Sherbano now but she is overlooking the fact & tells Daood that she is over their relationship because he didn’t support Sherbano in front of Gaitiara.

In this hour of need Sherbano has her sister by her side who is ears to all her problems. No matter how honest her caterwauling regarding Momenah is but I fail to feel a thing for Sherbano’s character because I think it’s her time to payback & sadly it involves Momenah sacrificing her happiness but for the sake of Sherbano I say she deserves what she’s being put up with.

Momenah’s khala ceased the opportunity & convinced Momenah to move on & starting afresh with her cousin & Khala’s son Fahad who is going to return from The States very soon. Momenah thinks rushing into another relation will help her come to terms with the fact that her engagement with Daood has been called off & she will reach to some sort of a closure. Momenah did make a hasty decision but definitely the news of Daood getting engaged helped her in taking this step.

A new family of Gaitiara’s mother’s family friend was brought into the picture where Almas has all her sympathies with Gaitiara because she is not only her dress designer but shares a relation with her that dates back to the friendship that both of their mothers shared with each other. Gaitiara who now wants Daood to settle down will find just Almas’s sister a perfect match for him.

Daood has retaliated a lot & I liked the fact that he stood by the decision he made but now when Momenah herself has backed out, he can’t seem to undo what happened & have an issue concentrating on things around him. He needed Momenah’s support to overcome this obstacle but now when she isn’t ready, Daood is bewildered & depressed. This episode introduced Urwa’s character as a simpleton girl embodying shyness. I hope her character remains the same & she gives us the reason to like her presence in the play. I am glad they have come up with a decent story with an up to the mark direction to fill out the prime time slots on the Sundays & I must give a special mention to both Sonia Hussain & Ahsan Khan for playing the roles of Momenah & Daood effortlessly. Sonia Hussain looks stunning & she has breathed a life into her character. Share your views about the latest episode.

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