Pakistan Idol Week 20 – Last Elimination! :/


The competition came to a certain level where all the viewers were actually torn between the top 3 contestants because each one of them is a competent & a well deserving candidate for winning the title. Like I said at this point whoever’d go would leave behind a lot of regrets because everyone has developed an emotional attachment to all these contestants especially the TOP 3.

Sadly, it was Ali Asad Zaidi’s turn this time but I think just because of his outstanding personality & the aura, he already has become a star. Yes, he may not be the winner of the title but he is a winner in his own way. I think if anyone’d remember the first ever lot of Pakistan Idol’s contestants, Ali Asad Zaidi is one of those names who’d never be forgotten.

It was really emotional to see his VT & especially when he shed a few tears. AWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!

Judges like always had some amazing things to say about Ali Asad Zaidi. Whatever Hadiqa Kiyani said was spot on because yes he has stood out the most & we wish him ALL THE BEST & I hope all the eliminated contestants especially Ali Asad Zaidi get to perform in the Grand Finale. It would be treat for all his fans.

Congratulations to the rooters of Zamad Baig & Mohammad Shoaib. The countdown has just begun & now let’s wait for the GRAND FINALE. :)

By the way on a side note, after Ali’s elimination I’d like to mention that those who have questioned the authenticity & the fairness of the voting system might find some peace with what I am about to say. An insider once told me that the management has already chosen Ali Asad Zaidi as a winner & now his elimination says it all. I am glad that the voting system has been declared fair & I believe in it completely, not that I had any doubts but after Ali’s elimination, I’ve got my clear cut answer!

I wish all the luck, happiness, brighter future to our ROCKSTAR Ali Asad Zaidi. By the way was it just me, when Hadiqa Kiyani was giving out her comments about Ali Asad a wishful thinking emerged that she must do a duet with him too because the way Hadiqa has performed all those pop songs, Ali’s voice would fit so well with her, isn’t it? I just couldn’t help recalling her song ‘Hona Tha Pyaar’ a duet she has performed with Atif Aslam, I mean her & Ali’s voice would compliment one another so well in these type of numbers. I hope she does a collab with Ali Asad Zaidi too because that’s going to be a massive hit.

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