Marasim – Episode 06!

Ohkay I must admit, as the episodes are being revealed I am getting hooked to this show. They have certainly given us a lot more than we expected in terms of acting, story & dialogues. To be honest at first it came across as a story with a spectrum of family politics but now when the story has moved forward, they have taken it to another level & that isn’t disappointing at all.

I thoroughly enjoyed listening to the conversations in this episode & because of it I feel we’re being able to connect to & feel for the characters a lot more. When the episode began & Daood screamed on top of his lungs, I was like that’s being repetitive but the way Gaitiara molded him & talked him into getting married was brilliant & then it showed Daood’s outbursts had to be continued so that Gaitiara could take a final step. She has been playing with Daood at lot more than he himself knows & the way she backed her argument with a little bit of emotional blackmailing but some meaningful hidden secrets, it showed how much she wants to control things. Daood for now may not be able to see what his mother herself has planned for him & he may be angry at her but by the end of the day he’s the only son who knows he has a certain responsibility & liability towards his mother therefore he couldn’t continue to be angry.

Momenah hasn’t moved on but has just gotten engaged to divert her attention from the break-up but Gaitiara used it against her to tell Daood how heart-less she actually is. Daood himself saw Momenah act all comfy with her fiance  therefore he easily believed in what his mother told him.

Gaitiara & Deeba’s conversation gave us an insight as to how guilty Gaitiara herself feels for what she had put Daood up with but still she doesn’t want to sacrifice her ego for the sake of her son’s happiness. She is not at all ready to surrender to Sherbano & hand her son over to her daughter. Giaitara tried to pull off an act in front of Daood that she’s ready to face the defeat but Daood gave in his consent of getting married to the girl Gaitiara has chosen for him.

Things really can’t go wrong more than that for Nayab where she now has a proposal at hand & her relation with Zaid is at stake because he is still a student with no such definite future. Almas does feel for her sister but she is thinking way too practically. Almas might have supported Nayab if she was staying in Pakistan but now all of sudden when she has to move to UAE with her husband, she can’t seem to find any other better solution to Nayab’s problem & now she’d force her into marrying Daood. Giaitiara has kept Daood’s indifference a secret because she wants to see Nayab as her daughter in law in any case.

Nayab does come up with an idea of at least getting legally married to Zaid so that she can live with him in his house & even though Zaid has agreed to it, I doubt Zaid’s mother will support him in this because she seemed disinterested in his & Nayab’s relation anyway.

I must say all the actors especially Saba Hameed, Ahsan Khan, Urwa Hocane & Sonia Hussain have performed brilliantly. The director has done a brilliant job in bringing out the best in these actors & seems like they are really living the chracters of Giaitara, Daood, Nayab & Momenah. They have been excellent so far & because of that I seem to feel a lot for them all. Can’t wait to see what happens ahead.

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