Marasim – Episode 08!

I must say the way this script has been tackled by the director is commendable. I feel all the actors have done a brilliant job portraying the characters assigned to them. I think it’s been a long time that I saw a drama where I felt a thing for the characters but Marasim has it happening.

Gaitiara still tricked Daood into believing that there was a chance of his & Momenah’s reconciliation because she was ready to surrender to Sherbano but it was Daood himself who backed out. Till date she has not let go of her inner most guilt in front of her only son that she herself never accepted Momenah as her daughter-in-law, that’s why the moment she found the most-awaited opportunity of parting both of them, she didn’t let go of it. Even though the focus has shifted away from Gaitiara’s miseries & now she has taken a step against her own son’s will, I still don’t find her character objectionable or negative. She is someone who now wants things her way because she has spent a good period of time pleasing others & then getting belittled, so now when she has found the glory, she is making the most of it.

Just like before, I didn’t feel a thing for Sherbano this time around too. She admitted that she wasn’t ready to forgive Gaitiara but when she had a chance, did she apologize to Gaitiara herself? She never once apologized to Gaitiara how she mistreated her & suggested very easily that Gaitiara must move on & forget what had happened but Sherbano still hasn’t realized that a single apology of hers could’ve changed the fate of her daughter Momenah, for whom she is feeling so bad now.

Poor Momenah had to put up an act to keep her mother from breaking down because she knows how deeply hurt she is, but still being a daughter she has over looked her mother’s mistakes. Momenah may or may not know but whatever has happened with her makes her mother responsible for it too. She may not accept it but that is definitely the truth. While looking at the cold-shoulder Almas was lending to Nayab, it was upsetting to see that she couldn’t even understand her younger sister’s emotions. She is someone who couldn’t even offer courtesy to her let alone console her for what she has gone through. Almas has proved that courtesy is a big thing which shouldn’t be expected of shallow people.

Zaid has obviously taken his breakup way too seriously & is now suffering physically. It was sad to see him & his family suffering so badly because of Almas, as she is responsible of backing out of the promise her late mother made in regards to Nayab & Zaid’s marriage. Daood has agreed to get married to Nayab because of Gaitiara but he still has to come to terms with it & coming across Momenah every now & then doesn’t help him much either. The wedding festivity has begun but everyone is heart-broken; Daood, Momenah, Nayab, Zaid & Sherbano. The only two people who are happy over their win are Deeba & Gaitiara.

I must say Sonia Hussain stole the show in this episode as Momenah. Not only she looks beautiful & absolutely innocent, she has played the character of Momenah to perfection as well. I must say even though Ahsan Khan has earned himself a label of ‘nakaam ashiq’, he certainly has acted really well as Daood & makes his suffering a lot more real & relate-able in this drama. I think the credit goes to the director for all such brilliant performances by the actors because he certainly has brought out the best in them. I am glad that I decided to give Marasim a go because it certainly hasn’t disappointed & I am now finding it hard to wait to find out what happens ahead in this drama.

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