Marasim – Episode 13!

One brilliant episode it was. I am glad at the pace with which the story is progressing & it looks like everyone here gets an equal screen time that they deserve. Everyone is entitled to the attention & no one has been ignored which makes all the episodes interesting. Even if it involves Gaitiara & her repeated taunts to Nayab, Nayab & her awkwardness when she is with Daood, Daood & his past that he is reminded of when he sees Momenah, each & everyone gets a chance to make an appearance to show what they are going through & makes every episode complete.

Abdullah is now persistent on getting married to Deeba. Deeba also being a patient of self-pity had all the cards with which she could convince her mother to agree to hers & Abdullah’s marriage & she used them brilliantly. Deeba is actually really very lucky & as much as I don’t want her to get the love of her life after what she did to Daood & Momenah & after how she is treating Nayab, I still feel in order to make things realistic, Deeba & Abdullah’s marriage is just the right twist in the story. Deeba is someone who makes everyone realize how lucky; conniving people are in this world. Deeba is someone who is responsible for Daood, Momenah & Nayab’s miseries & to some extent Zaid’s death as well but still she is easily getting away with everything just because Daood & Momenah have no other option as they chose to move on in their lives. Momenah felt that she should act reasonably as there’s no reason to cling on to the past mistakes of Deeba because one way or the other she holds herself & even Daood responsible for their breakup. Daood’s agony & frustration was totally justified but just because he had Momenah in front him, he had to surrender.

I still feel a lot for Nayab as she had to go through so much because Deeba transpired Daood’s marriage & Gaitiara laid eyes on Nayab as a suitable doormat-like wife for Daood. Even though she has Daood’s support & he has made sure that she isn’t bothered by anyone, she still has to face a thing or two because of Gaitiara. I thought they would actually show that Daood & Nayab grew closer to each other but sadly, they still are nothing, but just responsibility of each other & that’s all there’s to their relation. I think very comfortably but convincingly they’ve kept a window for Daood & Momenah’s reconciliation open which still seems very acceptable.

I loved the unsaid conversation Momenah & Daood had where they laid their feelings of forgiving each other openly yet secretively. That was a beautiful scene because realistically each & every couple has a signature & secret language that only they understand & the white/blue shirt was a mere example of the beautiful relationship that Momenah & Daood shared with each other which was once again rekindled perfectly.

As much as Daood is still emotionally detached to Nayab, Momenah’s marital life is far from perfect too. Just a little conversation of hers with Fahad was enough to show that she isn’t as happy as she claims to be. Her reluctance while speaking to her mother in law & the hesitation with which she confessed love to Fahad showed how awkwardly unhappy she is.

Once again a brilliant episode with top-notch acting & direction. I am glad they have kept things so simple & real. Can’t wait to find out what happens next.

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Zahra Mirza.

ps: I request all the readers that if you happen to grab some spoiler alerts, please keep them to yourself & do not spoil the show for those who are watching out of sheer curiosity. That would be much appreciated. Lately people are finding it hard to keep the details to themselves & are spoiling the suspense for others. Please, be a bit more considerate. Thanks!

Zahra Mirza

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