Aahista Aahista – Episode 04!

I know Adnan Siddique might think that I am jealous of him because I am going to be honest about him in this review, but trust me Adnan buddy that’s not the case. I actually can’t thank him enough for giving us a lot of reasons to dislike his character of Zawaar. If you want to see wuss-ness at its best, Adnan Siddique has done the honours in this show for you.

The drama makers might’ve thought that they were successful in conveying the misery of a two-timer but sorry they themselves failed miserably as well. All we could see in this episode was how Zawaar was juggling & struggling to maintain a balance in his two marital lives & to reach the level of annoyance, his love & kaseedas related to Bee Jaan. Zawaar is someone who can’t utter a single word where he is supposed to but would give a hard time to those who are younger probably way too younger to him.

While looking at Haya’s utawla-pan, I couldn’t help but imagine that an 18-5 year old had no plans for future, no dreams, nothing of her own at all? I mean all she wanted was to get married to her uncle-numa cousin & then live the American dream doing the dishes for him all her life? Not that it’s something unusual but she was too young to be so bothered about giving marriage a shot that too where she could’ve taken a stand like she did on the previous rishta saying she couldn’t imagine living away from Bee Jaan, so how come she agreed to go to the USA leaving Bee Jaan a continent apart?

I must say Sarwat Gillani is looking fresh as ever, she looked beautiful & she’s probably the only reason why I watch this show but her character needs to get some sort of a sunshine if not life as well. All these ‘tum mile mujhe zindagi mili’, ‘hamain tumse pyaar kitna, ye hum nahi jaante’ , ‘saans mai teri saans mili to mujhe saans ai’ sound too filmy to be true. I mean every couple says these words to each other but it comes naturally which they have failed to portray through this couple & still I can’t sense any chemistry between them whatsoever. I think they have told us plenty of times that Sofia can’t live without her husband & loves him to bits but the constant reminder deserves to be put on a snooze for some time now.

The epic moment of the whole episode for me was when Shireen Apa was told to snap out of her fixation to Zawaar. It was actually Haya’s business as to what she spoke to Zawaar about but Shireen Apa thought she could act all friendly & ask Haya about the details she discussed with her husband acting like those annoying relatives once again. I don’t know why but I think every character in this play needs a life, I really feel that actually.

Zawaar’s life got complete when his baby wife (Haya) came to America. Very stealthily he arranged a place for her & still couldn’t muster up courage to tell his young wife (Sofia) about her baby sautan. I think the next episode will have some action where young wife will face the baby wife & uncle husband will sneak out too terrified & too coward to face the consequences. Let’s see what happens.

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Zahra Mirza.

ps: I request all the readers that if you happen to grab some spoiler alerts, please keep them to yourself & do not spoil the show for those who are watching out of sheer curiosity. That would be much appreciated. Lately people are finding it hard to keep the details to themselves & are spoiling the suspense for others. Please, be a bit more considerate. Thanks!

Zahra Mirza

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