Marasim – Episode 15!

Well, what can I say except that I am totally shocked at the recent turn of events in this drama. This drama already made it to everyone’s favourite list because of the story, execution & the characters but to see those characters, for whom we felt for, stooping so low is upsetting. I don’t know why but there’s still a glimmer of hope left within me that still makes me want to believe the otherwise. I am still hoping & to some extent sure that Daood & Momenah will not end up together & Nayab will find a happy ending.

To be honest, to listen to all such words like Islam, Gunnah, Mera Mazhab, Sharaee Haq, Islam Ki Ijazat; made me cringe so bad. I mean Daood & Momenah should be the last people to use such words because they themselves have no idea about the intricacy & fragility of the concepts that are related to the institution of marriage. While listening to Momenah & Sherbano’s conversation & all those excuses that Momenah used to add some weight to her argument made me actually feel that they were treating Shadi as a game-play. The way Momenah revisited the history of broken marriages in her family was actually enough reason to let us know that for them, Shadi was more like a Gudda Guddi Ka Khel. Abdullah’s first Shadi, then Abdullah’s second Shadi, Nayab/Daood’s Shadi, Momenah/Fahad Shadi & now the potential Daood/Momenah Shadi. Ekh!

To be honest, I felt nothing but animosity towards Sherbano because if, in the beginning; she had kept her ego aside, then Daood & Momenah would’ve been happily married but anyways, bygones are bygones, so this time around I just felt that if Sherbano had focused more on the better upbringing of her kids rather than planning & plotting against Gaitiara, then I am sure the Karma wouldn’t have bitten her so bad.

Daood; I swear, Daood was the person who was becoming everyone’s favourite but to see him turning things upside down was quite frustrating. I think people could’ve given a thought of his & Momenah’s reconciliation a second chance if he had dealt with the whole situation using some appropriate words. I really didn’t think that wrecking people’s homes & playing with their feelings was such a casual conversation which could be supported with the usage of ‘yaar’. I just felt that he was joking all this while because Daood himself didn’t seem serious & focused. It’s like he was bored to death so he sighted the mood for some adventure. Just because Momenah was on a vacation trip from Australia, he decided to tag her along in this. For the sake of Momenah & Daood’s stupidity, I felt it was good that they were at least giving their long-dead relation a try because they should at least go through it once again to fill their tummies with everyone’s hatred, so that they can get back to their senses because it seems like Daood would try to woo Momenah every single time she’d come to Pakistan, so it’s better to deal with it once & for all.

Momenah’s excuse of parting ways with Fahad was once again unjustified because seems like she has problems with Fahad being a workaholic. Momenah stated that she wasn’t one of those wives who like to wait for their husbands, which made me say ‘Yeah Right! Why would you wait for your hard-working husband when you yourself had no sincerity to offer’. Does Momenah actually think that Daood won’t work after he’ll get married to her? Like what’s the guarantee that Momenah will still be loyal & sincere to Daood if he won’t be able to give her the time she’d demand? To actually see Momenah & Daood looking for a house while still being married was once again a huge disappointment. It’s like it couldn’t get worse that while still being married to Fahad, Momenah was already dreaming about her new spouse, new home & how Daood ignored Nayab & Unaid’s presence in his life while planning the interiors of his new house? Do they actually think that they’ll be able to live a guilt-free life? Do they really believe that they’ll find their happy ending by hurting every single person in their lives?

For the sake of how awesome this drama was, I still hope that they snap out of it & give us a decent ending where Daood & Momenah are definitely not together in the picture. I hope for once that Gaitiara thinks like a rational person where she doesn’t take it as an obligatory duty to belittle Nayab by actually reminding her of a liability that she has been to Daood & everyone else. Share your say on this episode.

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