Marasim – Episode 18!

Seriously! What a brilliant episode once again. I just can’t get over with the fact that how beautifully the director has tackled this drama. Every single episode seems like a fine work of art put together with utmost attention, detail & love. I never thought that in recent times I’d ever get to see a drama which will make me emotionally attached to the characters but Marasim has done this for me & for this reason, I stayed teary throughout the episode because it was that beautiful & all the emotions were laid beautifully in front of us as well.

This episode was all about mending the broken ties. It was all about boosting Nayab’s self-esteem & confidence. It was all about Daood’s suffering but his decisions that he feels needs to be taken before he leaves. It was all about knowing that he has a limited time, so he must do everything possible to bring happiness in his home.

Gaitiara earned her fair share of sympathy in the beginning but now she is coming across as nothing more than a despicable woman who has always wanted her only son to keep on sacrificing his love, his happiness for the sake of his mother. She has become so mean that now she wants to deprive her son of some small things as well that would make him happy. All Gaitiara could do was to make him feel guilty about how he has fallen short of all the responsibilities he had towards his mother & his sister & when she saw Daood has started taking care of his wife, she couldn’t tolerate it.

Isn’t it relieving to see that those who plan against you end up facing the consequences? Gaitiara thought that the last card she could use to turn Daood against Nayab was of Zaid but little did she know that Daood is at such a stage in his life where he has become so selfless that nothing related to him or his feelings matter to him anymore. All he wants is to give Nayab her fair share of happiness that she couldn’t get while being married to him. The conversation followed by the confession Daood had with Nayab showed that he loves her to such a point where he wants nothing for himself but feels he needs to do everything for his wife. Zaid & Nayab’s long-lost relation couldn’t shake him which Gaitiara thought it would. I also feel that Daood shouldn’t feel so guilty for parting Zaid & Nayab because he just didn’t have any idea about it. All those flashbacks that gave him a reality check were done to perfection where he realized his mistakes. I am glad that Daood didn’t have any idea about Zaid before because he got to know about him at such a point in his life where it can’t harm Nayab, but once again, I feel Daood shouldn’t feel so devastated about it & the one who should be ashamed & feel guilty is the one who’s responsible for all this; Gaitiara.

Even though at first I felt that Daood was deceiving Nayab once again by keeping his illness a secret but the explanation he gave to the lawyer told that his planning has been spot on. He doesn’t want any hindrances in this journey that Nayab has to make after he’ll leave & for that he wants her to gather all the confidence to walk alone. As much as I wanted him reveal his illness, I feel he has made the right decision & slowly & steadily he has started to work on his family, because he knows that after he’ll be gone, Gaitiara & Nayab; both would have to survive without him while being dependent on each other.

Even though I feel that Abdullah & Deeba have been out of the picture for quite some while now but I do believe that this episode was complete in every way because right now Deeba doesn’t belong to this family & in Daood’s perspective, it’s only Gaitiara & Nayab who need to have a good bonding because only he knows about the torment that his death will bring to these women. Next episode’s preview once again showed that Gaitiara hasn’t come to terms with what’s being demanded from her & Daood is still trying to blow some sense into this senseless woman. As much as I am happy that Nayab is getting all the love from Daood, it still doesn’t let us forget that the time’s slipping away. Share your thoughts on this beautiful episode.

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