Maryam – Episode 8

This drama is predictably going in the same direction as of now. Whatever decency or rather it’s face was left in Firdous and Shehbaz has left and they have openly thrown Maryam and Amman out of the house. They have gone to his mother’s old home and despite its size and lack of facilities, they truly seem to breath fresh air in there.There was a beauty in those two people coming together in adversity and then finally finding a small space free of the troubles and hatred and twisted plots that was following them in that huge mansion of Ibrahim Shah.

Salman on the other hand is finally getting to see the real faces of his mother and brother. His anguish and loss were well portrayed. Finally Amman gained himself one brother after years of sacrificing for his step family. It was nice to see Salman standing up for his brother and bhabhi even though it did no good as Firdous is determined to bring out the hatred of decades. Anoushey was also verbal about this cruelty though she ended up being abused badly for it :(
Among all this, what struck really funny was Firdous’s dialongue “meray naseeb main yehi larkian reh gyin thin” was hilarious.. as if she is just your ordinary saas who is frustrated with both her bahus.

Maryam’s father on the other hand was totally justified in insisting that Maryam and Amman live with him and Amman even work with him. Any father in these circumstances would want his daughter to get back into the comforts of her home but Amman preserved his dignity by refusing. His logic to Maryam was brilliant; his dad’s business had depended on him, he had made it reach the heights it did whereas joining Maryam’a dad at this time did seem like taking the easy way out and not finding his own place. I loved that it was not the typical male egoism us with him because it’s his wife’s father’said business. I think some of his shock is wearing off as well and we might see him fighting the fake will.

The thing with Maryam is that it has brilliant characters and the actors are very appropriate and seasoned but they seem under played here. If only the drama had more in storyline and less of over dramatisation, it could have been one of the best among its peers because of the way all the actors fall into their characters almost effortlessly.
The confrontation between characters is quite powerful like the one between Firdous and maryam’s father. The dialogue delivery, the expressions were just perfect but it was not of any effect. It seems we are going rou d and round in circles while watching this play. Sheraz’s frustration at his employees and their dependence on Amman should show him it’s easy to grab something from someone unjustly but putting it your benefit requires sense, wisdom and hard work and that you cannot just snatch out of your jealousy. Hopefully Amman and his work will be a source of envy to Sheraz soon…

The end suggests that Behram has some surprises in store for us as well.



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