MasterChef Week 02 – Boot Camp 01!

Once again, this week of MasterChef began at a high note where a lot of people got selected in the top 50’s as well. Most of them were great but I actually looked forward to the Boot Camp & as expected that was a treat to watch too.

I am liking the fact that real & genuine people who really have passion for cooking are coming to the show. People know what the title of MasterChef means & no one is mocking the opportunity. For me the best thing about the show is that we’re getting to see people from all walks of life, all sorts of backgrounds who have a dream related to this industry & have confidence in themselves. I like this as well that the judges are staying true to their seats & have remained honest & upfront about everything they come across in anyone’s cooking. They are not holding back when it comes to the appreciation nor they are sugarcoating if they come across something questionable.

A lot that was selected in this episode was:

Iqra Yasir from Karachi who made ‘Papparadelle in Arrabiata Sauce & Tiramisu’.
Amna a passionate cook who traveled from Kuwait & she presented ‘Lemon & Parsley Chicken w/ 3 Dipping Sauces’.
Maryam who made ‘Fusilli Pasta w/ White Cheesy Sauce’.
Siddique Wali a video editor who made ‘Chicken Ala King’.
Azam from Karachi who presented ‘Grilled Stuffed Chicken’.
Mohammad Muzzail from Islamabad who runs a roadside cafe, he made ‘Chicken Karachi & Tikka’.
Rayyan Durrani, he came up with ‘Fillet Mingon & Churros for dessert’.
A few others who got selected were Asma Khan, Zainab Ahsan & Madiha Asad.

Now when the top 50 were selected, the judges had to select top 20 in a challenge that they had set in a Boot Camp. A challenge that may look comparatively simple wasn’t that easy. In this round all the 50 contestants had to slice & dice the onions which is the most beginning stage of a Pakistani cooking. The judges clearly said that it doesn’t matter if all the contestants we have are home cooks but now they are competing for the MasterChef title & for that they need to show their knife skills.

Chef Zakir showcased how it was supposed to be done & what was the precision that they wanted to see from the contestants. After the top 20 were selected the judges felt that they should probably give a second chance to those who remaining 30 who were out of the race. So, in the next episode the judges will pick 10 more contestants & then the remaining 20 would have to leave.

I am finding this show a lot more interesting.  In this episode the stand out contestants were Iqra Yasir, Mohammad Muzzamil & Rayyan Durrani. I am glad all three of them got selected in the top 20 & can’t wait to see them cooking. I’d conclude by saying that the judges are definitely paying attention to the tiniest details & I can’t wait to see the challenges the judges will keep coming up with to test the contestants & train them as well. Share your thoughts about the show. :)

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Zahra Mirza

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