Bashar Momin – Episode 11!

Ohkay, so it was a pretty interesting episode of Bashar Momin. I enjoyed it through out but once again had an issue with the way the episode was shot. Previous episode seemed too dull & shadowy while this one was just so bright that it could impair someone’s vision. I think the people behind the camera have tried to use in some different techniques by experimenting or have actually tried to give a certain feel to the whole drama by using unusual lighting but they are failing miserably because most of the scenes seem spooky. I thought everyone in this drama was really rich so why don’t they switch the lights of their homes on? No doubt the execution of the drama is brilliant but I am actually quite annoyed with the way the lighting has been used!

Anyways, the episode was more interesting than it seemed in the preview. I kind of enjoyed the fact that in stead of becoming a girl who’d be baffled & confused at the recent turn of events, Rudaba took it pretty well & gave everyone a tough time. Previously she may have sugar coated whatever she said to Tayyaba but now she was blunt & straight forward because she knew how to hit Tayyaba’s Achilles Heel & she did it pretty well because that’s the only way Rudaba can make  Tayyaba realize how wrong she’s being. Rudaba didn’t take much time in figuring out that Tayyaba has starting taking interest in Buland & her brother is trying to buy that toy for his baby sister & felt it was just the right time to let them know that she has decoded their game plan.

Of all the people in Bashar’s family, I thought Tayyaba was different, compassionate & was just the right kind of a person who was supporting Rudaba through out but seems like Tayyaba is so much indulged in self-pity that she can’t even understand how much mean she is becoming. Tayyaba used to cry before because the guys never loved her so does she really think that Buland will be able to love her ever?

As much as I like the character of Buland & as much as I find him suitable for Rudaba, I think he must leave & shouldn’t be with her because Rudaba deserves someone better & certainly not someone who has trust issues. Rudaba may have fallen in love with her fiance Buland but I think if he can’t trust her & she has to keep on explaining everything to him every single time, I feel she must let go off him too.

I think Faisal Qureshi nailed his performance in this particular episode because he played the bechara perfectly & then the beast perfectly as well. Whatever he said to Buland was true that Rudaba has never ever confessed anything to him but the way he twisted the obvious & used it against Rudaba & in his favour was cleverly perfect. Rudaba was clearly not thinking anything other than Buland when she hurried her way downstairs to meet him but I am sure she mistook Bashar as Buland & got a bit too cozy with him. I think Buland might see that & this would prove to be the last nail in the coffin.

I enjoyed this episode a lot & just when I was questioning Adil’s return, the preview suggested he’d be back soon just to find out the mayhem that has overtook Rudaba’s life. Buland might probably be gone by this time & I hope he doesn’t come back. Can’t wait to see more.

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