Mausam- Episode 5 Review


As luck would have it, Rabia Apa happens to run into Shazia’s friend (remember her silly alibi for Hashir’s birthday party?) Enraged, she rushes home in what seems like her Hulk avatar and announces her desire to marry Shazia off by Friday! Parenting 101 right there! Upon further instigation, Shazia admits her love for another man and is rewarded with a slap. In all honesty, I was hoping for a Hulk SMASH. Oh well, you can’t have everything, can you?

Shazia pouts and continues sulking. Saman tries to calm her down and reassure her that she didn’t tattle but Shazia pouts some more. Kya museeebat hai! Her mother confiscates her phone and declares that she’s grounded until woh apni ghar ki nahin hojaati... Faisal is on cloud nine after the news of the jhat pat shaadi and is busy planning the valima. Salma Khala is exactly the kind of saas Shazia deserves- she’s equally annoying, if not more.


Saman covers for Shazia while the latter decides to go and pour her heart out to her prince not-so charming. However, she’s in for a rude awakening when he bursts her bubble by informing her that he’d like to send his mother over for Saman’s proposal. Naturally, this is too much of a shock for our nazuk beauty and she collapses on the middle of the road. Meanwhile Salma Khala and Faisal are patiently sipping chai waiting to surprize Shazia with the new bari car Faisal bought. After all those nakhreys, why does Faisal want to marry someone as obnoxious as Shazia is beyond me. Not that he’s a catch, but c’mon, Shazia is no prize either! Hashir has single-handedly broken not just one but two hearts- Mehreen happens to eavesdrop at that very moment when Hashir is rambling on and on about how Saman is his perfect match- I still don’t see it, do you?


Overall, this drama is heavily inspired by Mera Naseeb but fails miserably on all accounts except production values. Nothing about this drama is even remotely close to passing the common sense test. Fazilat Mami is perpetually nursing a headache- I suppose medicines must be vehemently discouraged by Rabia Apa since they are new-age and these people live in the dark ages. Fazilat has the luxury to snooze though the day but I for one, have work to do so I’m going to pop my pills now and try and recover from this nasty headache after 40 minutes of this circus. Spoiler alert– the preview for the next episode shows Shazia’s wedding being called off and Saman being manipulated into taking the place of the bride! Oh.My.God.

P.S. Hopefully this will be my last review of this drama because 1. there’s only so much brilliance I can handle 2. Fatima will be back very soon.

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Kanwal Murtaza


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