Meer Abru Episode 22 & 23 Story Review – Fast Paced

Opening Thoughts – Awesome:

Ohkay so, this set of episodes of Meer Abru covered another hardship that Saim & Abru had to overcome as a couple. I can not emphasize enough about how much the pace of this drama has impressed me. I love watching Meer Abru & what I like the most about it the sense of relief I feel knowing that whatever is being shown will be dealt with within these couple of episodes. I think the strategy of airing double episodes has also played a huge role in the impact that this drama is making but still hats off to the entire team for keeping the pace so consistent & story moving forward so seamlessly.

Maha & Zaibi Threw Meer Under The Bus:

Saim found out immediately that Maha was doing everything because she was being told to do all of that & for Saim, what mattered the most was conveying that to Abru so that she stops misunderstanding him. Saim tried to win Maha over to have her confess everything. In the meanwhile Meer tried to play his cards carefully as well because he saw this as a golden opportunity to drift Saim & Abru further apart, but Meer never in his wildest dreams would’ve imagined that Maha will throw him under the bus.

Maha did confess everything when she saw she was exposed but Maha also didn’t want to shock Saim by letting him know that it was his own mother who was trying to create misunderstandings between him & Abru, that is why to save Zaibi’s name, she turned Meer into a culprit & held him responsible for what he never told Maha to do. Obviously for Saim & Abru, it was very easy to believe that Meer was the mastermind of this plan but then this time around, he actually was not guilty. Yes, Meer has played his part too as he can not accept the fact that Saim & Abru are happily married & pretty much in love but then, he didn’t bring Maha in the picture.

After everything was exposed & Saim & Abru were back to normal, Zaibi tried to push her agenda further. In this episode, it was nice to see Ghazanfar immediately realizing that Meer hadn’t done any of what Zaibi was accusing him of. Meer getting this support & assurance from Ghazanfar took him by surprise but it also showed how even this much of faith from his father was overwhelming for Meer. Even though Ghazanfar advocated Meer, it still was a win win situation for Zaibi because either way, she had planted the seed of hatred in everyone’s heart & despite Meer not being guilty, she got to use it to drift everyone apart.

In this episode, another brilliant change was in Haya’s behaviour. I loved seeing her fighting for her rights & letting Waleed know clearly that she was not going to tolerate his mistreatment. I loved seeing Waleed being helpless because he exactly knows that Jamal will never allow him to send Haya away from this house. That entire scenario was very realistic where Haya after facing Waleed sternly felt weak when she came out of the room, she knew it was going to be hard but then she mustered up the courage do to so. I also loved seeing Abru being considerate towards Haya & checking up on her. Abru never stopped being Haya’s elder sister but yes, she did distance herself to make Haya realize about the gravity of her situation.

I love Meer Abru for the fact that it offers so much, all sorts of emotions coming from all thr characters. They all get to contribute towards the story & where there are sweet moments, there are heart-wrenching ones too. I love how they have shown certain relationships like that of Abru & her father, Jamal with everyone in the house, similarly Saira’s love towards her family, Abru’s consideration for her sisters. Everything about Meer Abru just ticks all the boxes & that is why this drama is so so so special!

Closing Thoughts – Heartbreaking Precap:

These episodes of Meer Abru were just as interesting as the previous episodes have been but the preview of next episode left me heart broken because I so didn’t want to see anything happening to Saim’s character. Yes, we know that Meer & Abru are meant to be together but it is unfortunate how everyone will have to bear such a huge loss to come back together. It seems Saim’s death will put things into perspective for everyone & make them realize that they are one family & they are stronger together. So not looking forward to a death of such a beautiful character, it’s already breaking my heart. Please share your thoughts about these episodes of Meer Abru.

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