Meer Abru Episode 24 & 25 Story Review – Tragic

Opening Thoughts – Tragic:

Ohkay so, this episode of Meer Abru was tragic. Even though it is a known fact that in the end Meer & Abru will end up together but to see Abru losing such a loving husband was heart breaking. The pace, the direction & everything about this drama is spot on & I am glad we’re getting to see such a drama that has so much to offer in terms of emotions & the ups & downs that the characters go through.

Saim & Abru’s Dream Is Over:

Abru had accepted Saim as her life partner long time ago but slowly she fell in love with him. Saim was a perfect husband to Abru because he not only accepted or loved her, he trusted her. The kind of relationship Abru & Saim shared showed what a faith & trust put by a husband can do for the wife. Abru did love Meer but she got to see how his mistrust in her left her shattered but then came Saim who made her realize that she was trustworthy & worth his love. Abru loved Saim & she was finally at a happy place. Saim & Abru were now going to be together because their relationship underwent another trial but they came out of it stronger but unfortunately, fate had something else in store for them.

Saim could not survive the accident & as tragic as it was, I kind of liked seeing the flashbacks of Abru & Saim because even though Meer was putting Saim through a lot, Abru made Saim feel loved. It was nice to see that before Saim left, Abru got to share all of her feelings & emotions with him where she told him repeatedly that she loved him & that he meant so much to her.

Meer was broken & shattered but more than that, he was guilt-stricken because he knew exactly what he had said to Saim & how hurtful it was. At least Saim’s departure made Meer admit & acknowledge in front of Waleed that he was responsible for what the entire family was going through. Waleed was furious & he let his hatred for Abru cloud his judgement & hold her responsible for all that Saim was going through but Meer’s confession also left him confused.

Saim passed away & even though Saira & the rest of them were trying hard to help Abru in this difficult time, Zaibi took it as a golden opportunity to throw Abru out of her house. It was unfortunate that in this day & age, Abru was being labelled as the reason behind Saim’s death but then, no matter what Abru will say or do, Waleed & Zaibi will not let go of their ill feelings towards her. I am liking the change in Saira’s attitude where she doesn’t stay silent anymore & always is the voice of reason. Saira is not just a spectator anymore, she knows how to take a stand & put forth her opinion, both nicely & sternly. I liked how she gave it back to Zaibi but then, Zaibi was bent on sending Abru to her father’s house!

Saim’s character will be missed for sure. It was refreshing to see such a positive character on screen especially of such kind of a husband who was so supportive of his wife & loved her against all odds. Meer will have to do a lot to redeem himself but I am glad this guilt will weigh heavy on his heart that he hurt Saim the most when he was alive & he caused him so much distress in the last days of his life. Not liking Meer’s character at the moment. He needs to sort his mental mess now!

Closing Thoughts – Brilliant Acting:

Overall, these episodes of Meer Abru were very emotional & heart-breaking. I know this has been the trend that our drama makers are following for quite a while now but I find it funny that everyone finds that perfect white suit in our dramas to wear while mourning the loss of their loved ones, so unnecessary I must say. I hope after that scene Mirza Zain Baig wasn’t left with a strained neck because Noor Hassan kept on shaking him so bad during Saim’s death scene. All the actors portrayed their emotions brilliantly. The direction of this drama & the acting has been one of the best we have seen in recent times. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Meer Abru.

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  • they were sad episodes to watch & they were brilliantly written, they didn’t waste time over the janaza & kept it to the point, it won’t be the same without Saim, i’m going to miss him until the end
    lets see how the story goes from here, are we going to get the usual scenes or get a few twists that will make the story a bit different than the other dramas