Meer Abru Episode 26 & 27 – Story Review

Opening Thoughts – Full Points:

Ohkay so, these two episodes of Meer Abru took the story forward & while showing how everyone was dealing with the absence of Saim in their lives, they all were still trying to move on. When it comes to pace & the change of scenario, Meer Abru scores full points for it. This drama has remained consistently good & I feel other drama-makers should take notes from Team Meer Abru.

Meer Is Trying To Redeem Himself:

Abru was sent to her father’s place & even before she left, she was humiliated. Neither Saira nor Meer could do anything otherwise Abru would’ve never faced what Zaibi put her through. Meer has finally realized that he was wrong all along & that he doubted Saim for no good reason. Where it was good to see that a stubborn person like Meer was now reflecting upon his mistakes & trying his best to make amends, Zaibi as well as Waleed once again took the wrong direction & continued with their agendas. It is unfortunate that even after losing her son, Zaibi has still not learnt her lesson.

I liked the conversation between Jamal & Meer where he apologized but then Jamal told him he could have all that he ever wanted. Jamal realized that nothing was worth more than his own son & that all of the wealth that he has can never bring Saim back, his aloofness was so realistic but it is sad that Zaibi is not even thinking straight & Saim’s death has not altered her perspective!

Meer was trying his best to let everyone know that he has changed & that he will now do everything to bring them all together. It was bittersweet how Meer was learning every step of the way about all the things that Saim used to do, all the roles that he played & how he acted like a binding force to keep the entire family together. Meer learnt it the hard way that he had Saim’s shoes to fill but then this was his path of redemption where he had already started walking on it!

Abru was shattered & just the thought of having Meer around her made her bitter but then Meer finally had a conversation with her & made her understand that this was something that Saim had wanted for her & Meer was just making that happen on his behalf. I love the fact that even though Meer & Abru are so distant but still every time they are around each other, they still have that connection. Their past is not forgotten & even though Abru has moved on, Meer’s heart still beats for her.

Zaibi & Waleed are upto no good & this time around yet again, they are using Haya as a stooge for their ulterior motives. To be honest, now when something wrong will happen with Haya, I don’t think I will feel anything for her. She’d actually deserve all that Zaibi & Waleed will put her through because of her own stupidity & also for doubting her own sister.

Closing Thoughts – So Far So Good:

Overall, these episodes of Meer Abru were really good. I am loving this drama so far & I am totally impressed with how everything has been unfolding without any delays or dragging. It is truly amazing that even after so many episodes have passed, I have only good things to say about Meer Abru. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Meer Abru.

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  • I didn’t feel sorry for Haya the 1st time round because her father & Abru had warned her, after watching next weeks promo, Haya deserves all she gets, it’s one thing that she doesn’t believe Abru but entirely another to be so rude to her but eventually Haya will fall, I will be happily watching.
    it was sad to see Abru leave the house but at least they didn’t stick to crying for days the story moved on although they all cried which was normal
    lovely review I just finished watching it so the review came just in time