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Meera ready to marry Imran Khan

Film star meera has responded to the call of Imran Khan who is currently leading the protests in Islamabad. In past weeks Imran Khan announced his plans for a “Naya Pakistan” and his intention of marriage once “Naya Pakistan” becomes reality.  Responding to that call Meera said, if Imran Khan proposes her she will instantly accept the offer.

As per Meera, Imran Khan is very good looking and hot. Meera also advised to choose Riaz Ganji’s designed dress for marriage. Meera also want to see Imran Khan as Prime Minister in the “Naya Pakistan” perhaps to be the first lady of “Naya Pakistan”.


Now what are your thoughts on this “Naya Pakistan” where Meera is planning to be the first lady.

Rashid Nazir Ali

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