Mein Na Janoo Episode 2 Story Review – The Proposals

It was quite clear after watching the first episode that the story wasn’t going to be exciting but I have to say that after watching this second episode, I am more disappointed with Sanam Jung’s monotonous dialogue delivery and expressions than anything else. She owns the becharapan but she has completely failed to add that extra bit of personality to this character that could have made it more interesting since Saira’s character has different shades. This second episode was just as simple as the first one with some dialogues which were clichéd to the core.

The Rishtas & The Majbooris

This episode of Mein Na Janoo covered how Neehat’s mother told Saira’s daadi just how chalak her granddaughter was but daadi’s reaction was quite thanda considering how her character was introduced initially. Zulqarnain’s mother too pleaded her son’s case but he was rejected on account of his disability with the daadi pointing out that she was not going to marry any of her grandchildren to Saira. Zulqarnain’s confidence continues to be the only unusual and relatively more interesting part of this drama so far. Saira backing out, resigning to her fate and Neehat’s promises were two most important developments tonight yet they had no impact. Farah’s helplessness and meekness is annoying. I am finding it really difficult to feel for her. So far, I don’t feel any kind of connection with these two women or any of the characters with the exception of Zulqarnain.

mein na janoo 2

Zulqarnain comes across as someone who will do whatever it takes to have Saira in his life but his fixation with Saira makes one wonder if this really is love or something else. His conversations so far suggest that he thinks that Saira too likes him and he does not see being blind as a handicap. His mother’s constant reminders however come across as strange and insensitive. Zulqarnain is a strong man who has certain regrets in life but the most important aspect of his personality is hat he does not like to depend on others for anything. Neehat and Zulqarnain have no idea that they are in love with the same woman – that is a scenario we have seen many times before too in our dramas.

Tonight, all the conversations revolved around marriage, love and deprivations. The way Saira walked out of the house and reacted when her mother asked her to take permission from her daadi showed that she still had the confidence to do a few things her way but could never imagine telling everyone who she wanted to get married to.


Final Remarks

Am I the only one who feels that so far in this drama, the dialogue delivery of most of the actors is painfully slow? I have to say that this episode was slightly better than the previous one and right now Zulqarnain’s character and Zahid Ahmed’s performance is the only aspect of this drama that makes it bearable. Sanam Jung really needs to up her game when it comes to acting otherwise she should go back to hosting shows. Her masoomiyat and becharapan is really convincing but Saira’s character I believe has much more to offer. There were many scenes tonight which had a fake and staged feel to them. Hopefully, things will get more interesting once some of the side characters are out of the picture and there is more focus on Zulqarnain and Saira.

Do share your thoughts about tonight’s episode of Mein Na Janoo.

Fatima Awan

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  • lovely review, I don’t why they do Affan’s makeup like that it’s like watching Frankenstein, it’s proper scary, I don’t understand why these actors don’t object to such awful makeup, I don’t think Affan would look that bad without the beard if his makeup was up to standard
    I also don’t understand why the grandmother is refusing Saira’s rishta for Zulqarnain, I mean it’s not like they are over fond of her or giving her the best in life, I thought they would be glad to marry her off to Zulqarnain so that the other grandson can be saved, I agree it was so unthoughtful of Zulqarnain’s mum when she said that they have eyes they are not blind, I was shocked to hear her say that.
    I think that Zulqarnain really must love Saira since it’s been so many years since he’s been thinking of marrying her

  • Fatima i have been a fan of your reviews since a long time but i watched both the episodes and i believe you are being too harsh on sanam she has been acting fine you should cut her some slack she started acting after 4 years and she is doing a great job dont forget she is an award winning actress and you labelled her as being too old to play a girl next door ( in the comment section of ep 1 review ) is a low blow as she is the most natural actress tgere is even her co stars say that . when she was hosting you suggested her to act and now you want her to host now in what circumstances are you happy ? acting is not an easy job esp when you have a family all and all starting your review with criticising the main actress is not needed hope you take my suggestion into consideration and be a little considerate because i value your reviews therefore commented apologies if it hurt you stay blessed❤️

  • Good review. So far very slow. Farah ki bechargi hazam nahi ho rahi. Sanam is looking beautiful but her role and acting is just ok. Hopefully her character becomes better in future episodes. Affan is looking horrible both lookwise and actingwise.

  • I never thought i will say this but sanam jung should do a drama with big bang productions in which she should play a negative role she she can show us how diverse she is an actress and she can be a bitch in a role. Not that drama will be good but at least people will see her as an diverse actress. Just like Arij Fatima is doing in Hassad. I was watching her recent interview with Ahsan khan and she has never worked with anyone except hum tv. She said she feels comfortable with certain set of people and that made me think that maybe she has a limited talent. She doesn’t go out of her comfort zone and her comfort zone is actually being a bechari. She was perfect as Rumaissa because that role was written like that. Unfortunately as you said saira does have grey shades but sanam is not doing justice. I feel she is average actress and an average host and she doesn’t even want to get better. She would have never started doing acting again if her show wasn’t closed and that tells me she does this for money. She doesn’t really have much passion for this work which you should as actor. It pushes you to be better.

  • I do appreciate your review .But tell me did humsafar had a very strong story line. It was also a typical story . Sometimes the only thing we enjoy are the actors or characters or music .Not all dramas have same genre.Same is for MNJ.
    Everyone has an option not to watch it if they don’t like it .Please appreciate the characters in it.

    • Thank you Ayesha. I agree typical stories too can be engaging and appealing at times. I have been watching dramas since I was 10 and have been reviewing them for more than 7 years now so yes!! I agree with you. I appreciated Zahid’s character and I will definitely compliment every other aspect of the drama when and if it works for me. Until then the readers are more than welcome to praise all those aspects which they are liking about this drama🥳🥳

  • Hello Fatima very nice & perfect review..I agreed with u saira is not bechari..sanam is not doing justice with this character..Fatima in first episode when saira,s grandmother calls farah..farah…uffff I thought I should mute this..Affan makeup ufff..Exactly the only one character that is interesting is only zulqarnain..

  • Ughhh the same old bechari nonsense……can’t our dramas show strong and resilient women characterizations…..Sanam Jung has zero chemistry with both the leads and after seeing Affan Waheed in a beard in memorable roles such as Shafay of Bedardi and Sameer of Iltija, it is really difficult for me to accept this look of his……

    Thanks for speaking my mind out, Fatima. It was a wonderful review.