Memorable Female Performances of Pakistani Dramas – (2010 to 2020)

A memorable performance requires a great deal of hard work, honesty, and commitment. There is no dearth of acting talent in Pakistan. Even though most of the Pakistani actors do not have formal training in performing arts, they have learned so much through their experiences in dramas and from performing in theatres that they are experts in their craft. There are so many outstanding Pakistani actors to whom acting comes naturally. They have often talked about how they get the energy and motivation to give their best when they are in front of the camera. Pakistani drama industry has many experienced and gifted actresses but sometimes they do not get the kind of meaty roles that bring out the best in them.

It would be safe to say that sometimes the right kind of script can make an actor come out of their shell and give an extraordinary performance. Such performances stay in the minds of the viewers for a really long time. All these actresses who are on this list breathed such tangible life into their characters that viewers were truly in awe of their acting skills. They left a lasting impression and these performances also gave them a new identity.

Here is a list of those memorable female performances of Pakistani dramas which were the best among so many amazing performances which we witnessed over the years. This is the perfect way to start a discussion about all those actresses who truly outdid themselves in these 10 years.

Memorable Female Performances of Pakistani Dramas – (2010 to 2020)


Bushra Ansari – Saima Chauhdry (Baraat Series)

Bushra Ansari deserves to be crowned as the queen of comedy because of her contribution to the genre. Although Bushra Ansari’s confidence and wit as a comic actor were always well recognized, she entertained the viewers more than ever when she played Saima Chaudhry’s character in the Baraat Series. She completely owned this character and it was quite obvious that she also enjoyed performing this role. The comedy and the wit came naturally to her.

Memorable Female Performances of Pakistani Dramas - (2010 to 2020)

Samiya Mumtaz – Saba Kareem (Meri Zaat Zara-e-Benishan)

Samiya Mumtaz played this young to an old character so well that it gave her a new identity. She added innocence, depth, simplicity, and meaning to her character when Saba was young. When she was old Samiya Mumtaz added grace and the kind of tenderness which was needed to make the viewers feel for her character. The viewers did not just feel for Saba but also found her journey endearing because of the meaningful interpretation given to it on screen. Through this character, Samiya Mumtaz proved that she was a serious actress who took her craft very seriously.

Memorable Female Performances of Pakistani Dramas - (2010 to 2020)

Sanam Baloch – Bano (Dastaan)

The character of Bano had so much to offer. She went through a roller coaster ride of emotions and to convey each and every aspect of her journey with such clarity and perfection makes it one of the most memorable performances of Sanam Baloch’s acting career. A girl who lived an ideal life but had to see an ugly side of it as she continued to live was daunting and with each phase, the emptiness in Bano’s eyes showed her disappointments and frustrations. Sanam Baloch deserves a special mention for giving such a measured performance as Bano.

Memorable Female Performances of Pakistani Dramas - (2010 to 2020)

Sarwat Gillani – Mahi (Malal)

Sarwat Gillani played the role of a carefree young girl who is a hopeless romantic. Things change for her after she gets married to her family friend who is older to her in age. The transition that she goes through takes away the immaturity from her and she is forced to see life and things differently. Sarwat Gillani did complete justice to this character and portrayed the emotional and mental transition of a girl like Mahi to perfection. It happens to be one such performance where she acted effortlessly and left a great impact as an actor.

Memorable Female Performances of Pakistani Dramas - (2010 to 2020)


Nargis Rasheed – Shaheen (Akbari Asghari)

The character of Shaheen was the binding force of the family, she always did what others expected of her but she eventually learned to have her say and voice her opinions. The fluency with which Nargis Rasheed delivered the Punjabi dialogues along with her facial expressions made the character of Shaheen as well as her performance quite memorable and probably one of the most notable aspects of the drama.

Memorable Female Performances of Pakistani Dramas - (2010 to 2020)

Nosheen Shah – Dua (Pani Jaisa Pyaar)

Nosheen Shah played the role of Dua who had so much on her plate but continued to push through. Nausheen Shah gave a strong performance in Pani Jaisa Pyar and showcased the perseverance of Dua to perfection. Her life was filled with difficulties but with patience and steadfastness, she worked her way through. Her dialogue delivery and the overall demeanor as Dua made it a memorable performance in Pani Jaisa Pyar.

Memorable Female Performances of Pakistani Dramas - (2010 to 2020)

Humaira Abbasi – Batool (Akbari Asghari)

Humaira Abbasi played the role of a Punjabi woman to perfection. Her dialogue delivery, her overall personality, clothing, and makeup spoke volumes about who she was and where she came from. The most fun aspect of her character was her obsession with speaking English. She was a refined woman who felt at ease whenever she mingled with her family that lived in a village. Her performance as Batool was spot on and definitely memorable.

Memorable Female Performances of Pakistani Dramas - (2010 to 2020)

Humaima Malik – Asghari (Akbari Asghari)

Humaima Malik gave the character of Asghari a beautiful treatment. The honesty with which Asghari lived her life and her courage to speak up the truth at all times showed that she knew how to walk the talk. Despite coming across as snobbish at the beginning, Asghari’s character turned out to be one of the best characters of the drama. Humaima Malik made it look realistic and kept the overall appeal of her character believable, making it one of the best performances of her acting career.

Memorable Female Performances of Pakistani Dramas - (2010 to 2020)

Kiran Haq – Shabbo (Akbari Asghari)

Kiran Haq played the role of Shabbo to perfection. She was a fun character who liked stirring the pot. She was a hopeless romantic who was madly in love with her cousin Asghar. Kiran Haq looked absolutely gorgeous in the getup of a young Punjabi girl. She was loud and boisterous and the acting of Kiran Haq was perfect. Her mannerisms and antics made the viewers hate and love her at the same time. It was sad that she got tricked by Asghar but she definitely was one of a kind. The ease and effortlessness with which Kiran Haq performed this character make it one of the memorable performances of her career.

Memorable Female Performances of Pakistani Dramas - (2010 to 2020)
Saba Hameed – Aliya (Qaid e Tanhai)

Saba Hameed played the character of the conniving, selfish, and ruthless mother-in-law so well in Qaid-e-Tanhai that she was offered so many such roles in the upcoming dramas as well. Although Saba Hameed played characters which were comic and modern in the previous dramas and sitcoms, she made her character in Qaid-e-Tanhai come alive on screen almost effortlessly. Even though her character wasn’t the least bit likable but her portrayal was beyond exceptional. She was especially impressive while portraying the self-righteous side of Aliya’s personality.

Memorable Female Performances of Pakistani Dramas - (2010 to 2020)

Saba Qamar – Saman (Maat)

Saba Qamar proved her versatility early on in her career. Who could have guessed that she would be able to play a negative character with such ease when she played the role of Saman in Maat. Although Saman was the greedy and selfish sister in the drama, Saba Qamar remained the sole attraction of this serial for the longest time. It would be safe to say that no other actress has played any such character with as much precision as Saba did. Her confidence and antics went so well with the character she played and that is when she gained more popularity than ever.

Memorable Female Performances of Pakistani Dramas - (2010 to 2020)


Sanam Baloch – Durr-e-Shehwar (Durr-e-Shehwar)

Sanam Baloch’s effortless portrayals always make her characters stand out. She believes in versatility but it is also a fact that no one plays the simple and slightly layered characters better than her. Durr-e-Shehwar’s younger days were translated on-screen with a touch of reality and precision by Sanam Baloch. The character was written in a convincing manner and Sanam Baloch’s solid performance added more substance to it. All the young ladies who were going through similar situations found it easier to relate to Shehwar’s struggles because Sanam enacted this character flawlessly on screen.

Memorable Female Performances of Pakistani Dramas - (2010 to 2020)

Samina Peerzada – Durr-e-Shehwar (Durr-e-Shehwar)

Samina Peerzada played the role of older Shehwar who had learned from her experiences and was now wise enough to understand the ups and downs in life. Samina Peerzada was exceptional as the wise and seemingly happy older woman who revisited her past quite often. Just like the younger version of this character, this character too had substance. The older Shehwar played that role in her daughter’s life which her father did in hers when she found her in-laws and her new home difficult to adjust to. Samina Peerzada’s performance never faltered, she made sure that the viewers felt Shehwar’s internal struggles, and she was equally convincing while imparting wisdom.

Memorable Female Performances of Pakistani Dramas - (2010 to 2020)

Nadia Jamil – Shandana (Durr-e-Shehwar)

Whenever we talk about natural and effortless portrayals Nadia Jamil’s name is always in the list. Shandana was a working woman who had a troubled marriage, a young lady who idealized her father and wanted her husband to be more like him. Nadia Jamil made sure that every step of Shandana’s journey left an impact so much so that even now after so many years of watching the drama, it is easy to recall Shandana’s shocking expressions when she found out that no marriage is ever ‘ideal’! Shandana has an interesting story to tell and Nadia Jamil made sure that she did complete justice to this character.

Memorable Female Performances of Pakistani Dramas - (2010 to 2020)

Sanam Saeed – Kashaf (Zindagi Gulzar Hai)

This has to be one of the best performances of Sanam Saeed’s career to date. All the drama viewers remember Kashaf’s character and on top of that, the way Sanam Saeed acted it, keeping it effortless and natural made the viewers connect to Kashaf a lot more. Sanam Saeed didn’t opt for any pretense and the natural dialogue delivery was what made this character a lot more realistic and appealing. It was because of Sanam Saeed’s strong performance that she was able to carry the entire drama on her shoulders and make Kashaf such an inspirational character.

Memorable Female Performances of Pakistani Dramas - (2010 to 2020)


Sajal Ali – Nanhi (Nanhi)

Sajal Ali is known for playing complex and challenging characters. One of her most unforgettable performance was playing the protagonist in drama serial Nanhi. Nanhi was not just another Pakistani drama and the leading character Sajal played was equally special in so many ways. Sajal Ali did exceptionally well translating Nanhi’s innocence and her fears on screen. It was truly extraordinary that Sajal gave such a phenomenal performance such early on in her career.

Memorable Female Performances of Pakistani Dramas - (2010 to 2020)

Sarwat Gillani – Zoya (Dil-e-Muztar)

Sarwat Gillani’s role in Dil-e-Muztar was negative and it won’t be wrong to say that it was her performance which made it entertaining to watch. Although the viewers simply hated Zoya for creating misunderstandings between a happily married couple and then marrying the man who never even imagined being with someone like her, the fact is that this was the most memorable performance of Sarwat Gillani till date. She finally stepped out of her comfort zone and decided to play a character that wasn’t likable, adding an appeal to it with her performance.

Memorable Female Performances of Pakistani Dramas - (2010 to 2020)

Sanam Jung – Sila (Dil-e-Muztar)

Sanam Jung added the kind of simplistic charm to her character in Dil-e-Muztar that was much-needed to make Sila’s character more likable. Even though Sila made some really callous choices at the beginning of the drama but as the story progressed her character became more mature. Sanam Baloch’s soft dialogue delivery and gentle demeanor went so well with this character. Her overall look and her body language added to the appeal. This was definitely one of those performances of Sanam Jung which will never be forgotten.

Memorable Female Performances of Pakistani Dramas - (2010 to 2020)

Sanam Saeed – Bibi (Talkhiyaan)

Sanam Saeed really took it in her stride when she chose to play a complex character such as Bibi on screen. She made sure that every shade of Bibi’s personality came alive on screen with the utmost ease. Not only this, but she also carried the sarees so well even when she was shown walking and working in them. The signature style of the character was reflected in such a manner that it became memorable.

Memorable Female Performances of Pakistani Dramas - (2010 to 2020)

Hina Bayat – Appu Ji (Talkhiyaan)

Hina Bayat is an elegant and stylish actress who has proved time and again that she can easily step out of her comfort zone and breathe life into characters which are unlike her actual personality. Appu Ji was one such character who was bitter, uncouth, and judgmental. This was the most unusual character Hina Bayat played. She made sure that the look she sported in the drama went well with the character she was playing which was an added bonus.

Memorable Female Performances of Pakistani Dramas - (2010 to 2020)


Armeena Rana Khan – Fiza (Mohabbat Ab Nahi Hogi)

It was probably the first time Armeena Rana Khan played a lead role in a drama. The character was demanding and problematic because Fiza wasn’t too happy with her husband who was a simpleton. It was because of her performance that the viewers liked watching Fiza despite the fact that she was always looking for troubles. Armeena Rana Khan’s unique dialogue delivery and expressions made her performance strong and it ended up getting a lot of attention that it deserved.

Memorable Female Performances of Pakistani Dramas - (2010 to 2020)

Saba Qamar – Dania (Bunty I Love You)

Saba Qamar definitely lives the characters she plays and that is what makes her performances so convincing and raw every single time. The role Saba Qamar played in Bunty I Love You was daring and unconventional. It was also the kind of character which keeps you guessing. Saba Qamar translated on screen in such a way that even with all of Dania’s flaws, the viewers couldn’t help but understand why she was like that. She made the entire journey much more appealing because of her unforgettable performance.

Memorable Female Performances of Pakistani Dramas - (2010 to 2020)


Hira Mani – Goshi (Preet Na Kariyo Koi)

It was probably for the first time when Hira Mani debuted as a protagonist in any drama. The viewers had seen her playing limited roles in different comedy shows but this was her first primetime project and she proved her mettle as an actor. Hira Mani showed that she was capable of playing serious and substantial roles to perfection. The character of Goshi was unconventional because she had to make certain choices to get ahead in life, Hira Mani made this character believable despite its flaws and shortcomings and the way she performed was enough to show that Hira Mani was now taking her acting career seriously and was here to stay!

Memorable Female Performances of Pakistani Dramas - (2010 to 2020)

Mansha Pasha – Madiha (Mera Naam Yousaf Hai)

Mansha Pasha was shown as a girl who was madly in love with the hero but he did not reciprocate her feelings. Their bond however was special in its own way. Mansha Pasha’s brilliant performance in Mera Naam Yousaf Hei definitely added more nuances to this character. She made this character so likable that even though the viewers wanted to see Zulekha and Yousaf together in the end, they were equally concerned about how that would impact Madiha. Mansha Pasha has her own unique acting style and this style went perfectly well with Madiha’s character.

Memorable Female Performances of Pakistani Dramas - (2010 to 2020)

Iffat Omar – Rukhsana (Mohabbat Aag Si)

Iffat Omar played the role of a manipulative elder sister who had her brothers wrapped around her finger. Iffat Omar played the role of a complicated woman Rukhsana who liked stirring the pot in other’s lives pertaining to her own complexes. She had a lot of desires, the most important one was that she longed for love but her intentions weren’t pure. Iffat Omar gave this performance her all and made the viewers despise the character of Rukhsana, making it one of the best performances of her career.

Memorable Female Performances of Pakistani Dramas - (2010 to 2020)


Saba Hameed – Zulekha (Dil Lagi)

It was nothing short of a treat to see a mother like Zulekha who was authoritative but never once practiced her authority to complicate the lives of people around her. Zulekha was known to call spade a spade but she also showed how important it was to practice patience. Saba Hameed always does justice to such roles and it is always a treat to see her play such substantial roles. Saba Hameed’s performance as Zulekha to date remains memorable. Her overall personality and demeanor also were major factors that made this character stand out more.

Memorable Female Performances of Pakistani Dramas - (2010 to 2020)

Kaif Ghaznavi – Pari (Sang-e-Marmar)

Kaif Ghaznavi gave a very strong performance as Pari. She was evil and had her own reasons to see things differently, she also ended up paying the price for wishing evil for others but viewers couldn’t help but feel her pain. It was Kaif Ghaznavi’s performance which made the viewers understand the thought process of a character like Pari who had nothing good to offer. Her acting, expressions, dialogue delivery were convincing and the sequence, where she sang a lullaby to her dead child, sent shivers down the spine. She was phenomenal as Pari.

Memorable Female Performances of Pakistani Dramas - (2010 to 2020)

Uzma Hassan – Sherbano (Sang-e-Marmar)

Sherbano was an unhappy soul who couldn’t bring herself to love the man she was married to. Her character was driven by hatred and resentment but in the end, she too ended up looking like a victim because she had nowhere to go or no one to speak to. Sherbano easily got manipulated but she didn’t even realize it. Uzma Hassan is a phenomenal actor and she gave one of the best performances of her career in Sang e Marmar.

Memorable Female Performances of Pakistani Dramas - (2010 to 2020)

Sania Saeed – Shameem (Sang-e-Marmar)

Sania Saeed played the role of Shameem who was a victim of domestic violence and lived her life pleasing her husband without a voice. Shameem did not have much say in the matters concerning her family her entire life but in the end, she decided to speak up because her patience was tested. Sania Saeed made the viewers feel Shameem’s pain who mourned the death of her son who was killed. Shameem’s character was portrayed with so much clarity that even her silence had a lot of meaning and it was easy for the viewers to understand.

Memorable Female Performances of Pakistani Dramas - (2010 to 2020)

Kubra Khan – Parisa (Muqabil)

Kubra Khan’s performance in Muqabil was intense and on point. She played the role of a young woman who was sexually assaulted as a child and she never got the love and attention from her parents. Kubra Khan was absolutely flawless as the mysterious, confused, scared, and impulsive survivor who makes some of the most outrageous choices. Her performance was both riveting as well as gripping right from the get-go.

Memorable Female Performances of Pakistani Dramas - (2010 to 2020)

Saba Qamar – Surraiya (Mein Sitara)

Saba Qamar has played many versatile characters in her career but Surraiya was definitely special. It was a coming of age story starting from the time when Surraiya was a kid. Saba Qamar nailed all the different stages of Surraiya’s life. As the young version of the character, she was convincingly scared and uncertain. When her character was older, she showed its confidence and underlying bitterness faultlessly on screen.

Memorable Female Performances of Pakistani Dramas - (2010 to 2020)

Aisha Gul – Jharna (Mein Sitara)

Aisha Gul is usually seen playing important supporting characters in dramas and most often she gets to play negative roles in dramas. In Mein Sitara Aisha Gul’s character had so much to offer and she made sure that she breathed life into this character in such a way that the viewers felt everything Jharna went through. This involved betrayal, heartbreak, and losing recognition as a star. Jharna’s story wouldn’t have been so impactful if it wasn’t for Aisha Gul’s impeccable portrayal.

Memorable Female Performances of Pakistani Dramas - (2010 to 2020)


Sanam Chauhdry – Anji (Ghar Titli Ka Par)

The way Sanam Chauhdry chose to portray Anji made the viewers enjoy the antics of such a negative character which is a rarity in general. It was her phenomenal performance that actually grabbed the interest of the drama viewers and despite the typical storyline, watching Anji’s character was actually an experience in itself. Anji was negative and selfish, she even wanted to be a homewrecker but all of this was tolerable because of the way this character was portrayed by Sanam Chauhdry. It was definitely a memorable performance.

Memorable Female Performances of Pakistani Dramas - (2010 to 2020)

Sajal Ali – Dr. Zubia (Yakeen Ka Safar)

Sajal Ali played the role of Dr. Zubia and made the viewers fall in love with her character. It is quite a tough job usually for an actor to play the role based on the novel because the readers have fabricated an image of a character in their imagination but Sajal Aly did justice to this character through her brilliant and measured performance. This is the reason Dr. Zubia’s character as well the way it was performed has been engraved in the minds of the drama viewers.

Memorable Female Performances of Pakistani Dramas - (2010 to 2020)

Sana Fakhar – Nigar Begum (Alif Allah Aur Insaan)

Sana Fakhar played the role of a courtesan with utmost grace and elegance. She looked gorgeous as Nigar Begum and her dialogue delivery along with sensual expressions made her character very charming and graceful. Although this character was short-lived, till the time she was alive, she made quite an impact. Beneath the layers of glamour and continuous attention, Nigar Begum was a woman who had a lot of complexes and regrets too. All of this was brilliantly portrayed and clearly conveyed by Sana Fakhar.

Memorable Female Performances of Pakistani Dramas - (2010 to 2020)

Saman Ansari – Sadia (Dar Si Jaati Hai Sila)

Saman Ansari played the role of Sadia, a rape victim who was forced to stay silent because of the manipulation around her. She had no say and was treated like a nobody because she had no one who could support her. Sadia was also a victim of exploitation and in the end, the truth came out, allowing her to tell her story. Playing the role of Sadia was quite difficult because only through subtle expressions, Saman Ansari had to show what was running through her mind. She did absolute justice to this character and made the viewers feel her pain. It was one of the most powerful performances done by Saman Ansari.

Memorable Female Performances of Pakistani Dramas - (2010 to 2020)

Ushna Shah – Rani (Alif Allah Aur Insaan)

Although the character of Rani went through a drastic makeover and she lost touch with her roots, the initial phase of her story gave people a glimpse into her life, and Ushna Shah as a beggar wowed the viewers with her phenomenal performance. It was probably for the first time when people saw this sort of acting coming from Ushna Shah which was nothing short of a surprise. She was phenomenal as Rani and then as Reena Begum, she was equally impressive as well.

Memorable Female Performances of Pakistani Dramas - (2010 to 2020)

Sajal Aly – Sassi (O Rangreza)

Sajal Aly gave a phenomenal performance in O Rangreza as a loud, boisterous Sassi who was not afraid to give words to her feelings and pursue her dreams against all odds. Sassi had the tendency of going overboard because her father had given her the edge and had allowed her to be emotionally independent, this is what drove her away from her abode but till the time she had the sanity, she made her decisions according to her own choices and unapologetically at that. Sajal Aly outdid herself as Sassi and impressed the viewers tenfold.

Memorable Female Performances of Pakistani Dramas - (2010 to 2020)
Yumna Zaidi – Sila (Dar Si Jati Hai Sila)

Yumna Zaidi can easily be termed as the kind of actress who does exceptionally well in playing the most complicated characters. She always takes these challenges really seriously and each one of her performances shows her brilliance as an actress. In Dar Si Jati Hei Sila Yumna Zaidi barely had any dialogues, she played the role of a girl who was harassed constantly and as a result, she had no confidence. Yumna was impressive as a young girl with no support in her own house was scared all the time and someone who had no reason to feel confident. Yumna Zaidi put her acting abilities to test when she decided to take up such a challenging character and she definitely passed with flying colors.

Memorable Female Performances of Pakistani Dramas - (2010 to 2020)

Sana Javed – Khaani (Khaani)

Sana Javed’s performance in Khaani won her more acclaim and praise than any other in her career. Khaani was one of those characters who go through innumerable ups and downs. Sana Javed made sure that all of these ups and downs came alive on screen in such a way that Khaani became the star of the show. She was fierce, vulnerable, spirited, and scared all at the same time. Sana Javed completely owned this character throughout and made it unforgettable.

Memorable Female Performances of Pakistani Dramas - (2010 to 2020)

Sonya Hussyn – Pakeeza (Aisi Hai Tanhai)

Sonya Hussyn’s character in Aisi Hai Tanhai was intense. She went from being a young carefree girl to a woman who faced so many challenges. Sonya Hussyn made sure that her performance throughout was intense or sweet depending on the circumstances of her career. Her expressions and dialogue deliveries in some of the emotional scenes were some of the best we have seen in this decade.

Memorable Female Performances of Pakistani Dramas - (2010 to 2020)

Hania Aamir – Naila (Titli)

Hania Aamir is one of those rare actresses who can take a negative character and turn it into the star of the show. No other actress brings out the nuances in their negative characters as well as Hania does. Hania Aamir was beyond impressive as the greedy, selfish and to some extent a naive young woman in drama serial Titli. She is playing a similar role in Dilruba perhaps because her performance in Titli impressed the viewers and the producers. It was because of Hania Aamir that her character’s journey in Titli became unforgettable.

Memorable Female Performances of Pakistani Dramas - (2010 to 2020)


Neelam Munir – Ulfat (Dil Mom Ka Diya)

Neelam Munir has been a part of the industry for years but it was probably for the first time she was in the limelight as a protagonist. She got to showcase her talent and the way she portrayed the character of Ulfat showed her caliber as an actor. She made Ulfat’s character believable and despite its flaws and shortcomings, viewers found it easy to understand where she came from. Neelam Munir approached this character with a lot of openness and clarity. Her acting was phenomenal, this is why the character of Ulfat is engraved in the minds of the drama viewers, making it a memorable performance of her career.

Memorable Female Performances of Pakistani Dramas - (2010 to 2020)

Iqra Aziz – Noori (Ranjha Ranjha Kardi)

Iqra Aziz gained new recognition and love when she played Noori’s character in Ranjha Ranjha Kardi. Iqra’s performance in this drama is living proof of the fact that a well-etched-out character coupled with a perfect team can bring out the best in an actor. Iqra Aziz’s uninhibited portrayal of a young woman who has to struggle repeatedly was exemplary. She made the viewers forget that they had ever watched her play any other character before and maid Noori memorable. Iqra Aziz definitely set the bar really high even for herself with this exceptional performance.

Memorable Female Performances of Pakistani Dramas - (2010 to 2020)

Shamim Hilali – Amma (Zun Mureed)

Shamim Hilali leaves her mark whenever she is part of any project. It can be safely stated that she is probably the only actress of her generation who has refused to compromise on quality. In Zun Mureed she played a role which was bitter, sadistic, and even paralyzed to the extent that she could not speak yet Shamim Hilali used her expressions and body language to convey her hatred towards her bahu. Not only this, the addition of the whiteboard which she used to convey her feelings to her family members was also a means for her to teach her son all the wrong lessons. Shamim Hilali’s performance was outstanding starting from the first scene to the last one.

Memorable Female Performances of Pakistani Dramas - (2010 to 2020)

Samina Ahmed – Zaitoon Bano (Aangan)

Zaitonn Bano was an absolutely beautiful character who was a fair and just mother in law but because she liked to enjoy her authority as one, she at times liked calling her daughters in law out at the choices they’d make. She had a great relationship with her daughters in law but also wasn’t totally smitten by them because she liked the fact that she was seen as the head of the family. It was a beautiful character portrayed amazingly by Samina Ahmed.

Memorable Female Performances of Pakistani Dramas - (2010 to 2020)

Nadia Afgan – Shahana (Suno Chanda)

Nadia Afgan made Shahana’s character memorable because of her perfect comic timing and her superb performance. This character could have been over the top had Nadia Afgan not translated it on screen in the best manner possible. She looked perfect for the role and her antics were also well-suited for the character. The viewers loved her performance the most in the drama and looked forward to seeing more of her. No one else could have done such justice to Shahana’s character.

Memorable Female Performances of Pakistani Dramas - (2010 to 2020)


Kubra Khan – Husn e Jahan (Alif)

Husn e Jahan’s character had a lot of layers and to do justice to all the phases of her life was no easy feat. Kubra Khan got a chance to showcase her acting skills because this character required a certain kind of treatment. She played it beautifully and conveyed all of her emotions with a lot of clarity. There was this calm and subtlety about her character that made it a lot more charming. Kubra Khan looked absolutely beautiful as Husn e Jahan and even when she was seen as a wife and mother in simple get up. It definitely has to be one of the best performances of Kubra Khan’s career to date.

Memorable Female Performances of Pakistani Dramas - (2010 to 2020)

Yumna Zaidi – Hajra (Inkaar)

Yumna Zaidi played yet another powerful character in drama serial Inkaar. This character had so many different shades and the journey was intense. Yumna was impressive as the young gullible girl and equally convincing as one who was willing to face her worst fears in order to get her attacker punished. Yumna’s look in those scenes which showed Hajra weak and pale after she was attacked will also never be forgotten. She looked like someone who was going through hell and made it so easy for the viewers to feel for her character.

Memorable Female Performances of Pakistani Dramas - (2010 to 2020)

Hira Tareen – Salma (Khaas)

Hira Tareen wowed the viewers with her measured acting in Khaas as Salma. It was nice to see her play the role of a girl who didn’t shy away from calling spade a spade and always believed in keeping things sorted and clear with the people she interacted with. Salma was borderline spoiled but the best part about her was that she didn’t settle for anything less, which required her to compromise on her self-respect. Hira Tareen’s expressions and the overall vibe of her character made it a memorable performance.

Memorable Female Performances of Pakistani Dramas - (2010 to 2020)


Hira Mani – Kashf (Kashf)

Hira Mani is good at doing emotional performances but when it comes to Kashf, she has outdone herself. Kashf’s character has a lot to offer and with so many thoughts running through her mind, with the burden of being exploited at the hands of her family, Kashf is a sensitive and layered character. Every expression, every thought that runs through her mind has been conveyed with a lot of clarity and this definitely has been a phenomenal and memorable performance of her career so far.

Memorable Female Performances of Pakistani Dramas - (2010 to 2020)

Srha Asghar – Washma (Pyar Ke Sadqay)

Srha Asghar’s character in Pyar Ke Sadqay definitely gave her a new identity. Even though she played a supporting character in the drama but she made sure every single scene she was a part had an impact. She was especially likable in the scenes showing the feisty side of Washma’s character. Her energy and interpretation of the character she was playing were beyond superb. The viewers will not be forgetting this performance for a really long time! And it is because of this performance by Srha that the viewers expect more from her in the future too.

Memorable Female Performances of Pakistani Dramas - (2010 to 2020)

Yumna Zaidi – Mahjabeen (Pyar Ke Sadqay)

Just when we thought we had the seen the best of Yumna Zaidi, she took us by surprise and left us in awe of her performance in Pyar Ke Sadqay. She was the most adorable part of a drama which as a whole too had so much to offer. Yumna Zaidi was really excited about this project and she definitely did her homework right too. She made Mahjabeen come alive on screen in such a way that the viewers completely fell in love with her.

Memorable Female Performances of Pakistani Dramas - (2010 to 2020)

It was amazing taking a walk down the memory lane while penning this article down. We would love for you to be a part of this beautiful journey by adding more names and sharing your thoughts about the performances that are already on the list.

Fatima Awan & Zahra Mirza

  • Zbrdast list …

    I would like to add another name …

    Khirad (mahira khan)

    I know people will disagree with me here ..
    But uski acting kamal ki thi role kai hisaab se ..
    Pata nahi kiyoo ye gorai complexion waalai logo pai “no acting ” ka dhabba laga jaata hai Pakistan mai ..

  • You missed Sajal Aly’s performance in Alif and yeh dil meta. She didn’t have much screen time till the last few episodes in yeh dil mera but she pretty much carried the drama by herself towards the end, I was left speechless by her performance! Anyways, really good list though, great to see you you both writing these articles again :)

  • Why everyone forget Umera Ahmad’s Uraan. Its the most under rated drama of the decade. It has two beautiful characters Sana Hamdani and Savera acted out perfectly by Aamina Sheikh and Zalay Sarhadi.
    You forgot them to add in the other lists too. They were one of thr most inspiring and strong headed female leads we have ever seen in Pak dramas

  • You should have add Yumna Zaidi’s out of the box yet unique & layered character of Shakra from Ishq Zahenaseeb, Also Yumna Zaidi’s performance as Aasiya in drama serial Pinjra

  • Aiza khan as in tum mere paas ho
    Samina peerzada in ZGH
    Samiya Mumtaz in sadqay tumharay
    Mahira Khan sadqay tumharay and sheharzaat
    Savera nadeem in bari appa
    Sania Saeed aseerzadi

  • saba qamar in cheekh
    ramsha khan in khudparast and ghissi phitti mohabbat
    urwa in udaari
    mawra in sammi
    sanai saeed in sammi

  • I totally agree with the list for the dramas I have watched. My favorite characters being Kashaf, Washma and Bano. And I must say Pari (though negative) but is worth mentioning character. While I found it inspirational how she was able to hold on to her deceased husband’s property in such a conservative setup, her final fate for her wrong doing gave me goosebumps.
    PS: I feel Momina from Alif should also be part of the list.

  • aap ne ARY DIGITAL ke ziadatar nazar andaz kardiye, Aiza khan in mere Pass tumho, Hira in do bol, Ushna shah in Balla, Uzma Gillani in Kesa hai Naseeban, Mehwish hayat in Dillagi, Saniya saeed in Meri gurya, subul Iqbal in roag etc

  • Dear where is the name of the legendary actor Hira Dilpazer for Qudosi Sahab ke Bewah
    Jab supporting characters or name mention Hain Tu top rated actors ko Tu acknowledge karain..Jo apka naam Pakistan n abroad mein prominent kertay Hain via their work
    Not so well researched article

  • hina dilpazeer is a gifted actor, she is a great performer. I am amazed how one can be so nelectful with her epic work and classy performance.

  • What about Hina Dilpazeer as Shakuran in Quddusi Sahib Ki Bewa. None of the above performances are parallel to her.

  • Not a single performance of Amina Shaikh? What abt Daam where she portrayed all shades whether positive initially and then negative shades of ego and jealousy to perfection?

  • Hi Zahra and Fatima! Can you guys please review MUSHK please? I loved the 2 episodes BUT I cannot fully enjoy a drama without your reviews 😒. It’s a request 🙏

  • So nice to read a well written, in depth and interesting article!! Thank you, please write more article. The other ones dont have much substance. And can you ask ‘the powers that be’ to rethink the review 2 dramas only policy!!

  • Very bad you missed some more memorable characters
    Saba qamar’ s baaghi cheekh digest writer
    Hina dilpazeer’ s qadussi sahab k bewa

  • Where is Sajal Aly as Chammi it was one of the most influential character of 2018 and Sajal Potrayed it beautifully. Where is it??

  • How could you leave Mahira Khan’s performances in Shehr e zaat, humsafar and Sadqay.. Yaar they are one of the best performances.

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