Mera Naam Yousuf Hai – Episode 11

After watching these 11 episodes of Mera Naam Yousuf Hai I have come to the conclusion that emotions reign supreme in this play just like all the other dramas written by Khalil-ur-Rehman Qamar. These emotions outpour in every single scene irrespective of which character or situation that scene focuses on. Every character has a story to tell which is unraveling with every passing episode.

Honestly speaking I felt for Yousuf’s father more than anyone else in this episode. Behroze Sabzwari is absolutely flawless as the soft-hearted caring father who tries to put some sense into his son when its needed but when that doesn’t work he is more than willing to go the extra mile to make his son happy even when the odds are completely against him. There is no logical reason why someone like him would go ahead with everything that Yousuf wanted him to do except that he does not want to cause any more pain to his son or perhaps because he knows only too well what it feels like to love someone the way Yousuf loves Zulekha. Or it could be destiny which lead him to Afia’s house so that their paths could meet once again. I got the feeling that Waji Ahmed did not go to Zulekha’s house to talk her out of this relationship but when he saw Afia he realized that his son couldn’t possibly get married to Afia’s daughter. We know that these two share a history and that everyone related to them knows what happened between them but the details were not revealed in this episode except that it was a “ghalti” which everyone knows about. How dark is this secret? And why does everyone know about it? I am waiting to find out!

Afia Begum seems like all talk for now, the poor woman can only wage wars, she has the will to fight but in the end it seems like she is quite helpless. Zulekha is like her mother too, she does not have the guts to take a stand in front of her father. She wants to be different but she lacks the courage to put her plans into action. Yousuf on the other hand is willing to do anything for Zulekha even though right now whatever he is going through for her doesn’t seem to be getting him closer to her.

The two conversations that stood out in this episode more than any other were the ones which Madiha had with Zulekha on the phone urging her to do her bit and whatever Hajra said to Waji and his wife about what she had learnt about marriages till now. Hajra’s tone is always humorous but she says things which go to show that she is very mature. Being the youngest in the house she keeps on observing the things that are happening around her and whatever she has to say about these things is always spot on. Is it really that wrong to give a man who loves your daughter a chance? On the contrary like Hajra says the man who loves your daughter becomes your biggest enemy and you get her married to someone who does not even love her and keep on hoping and praying that one day that marriage will be successful! How ironic is that!

Madiha continues to be a very positive character played flawlessly by Mansha Pasha. The writer and the director both deserve due credit for exploiting the potential in Madiha’s character to the maximum by letting her be much more than just a victim. I must applaud the writer for showing that love can be this selfless and the director has done us a huge favor by keeping the rona dhona to the minimum. Maya Ali seems to be very comfortable in her character and I am liking her more with every passing episode. Imran Abbas is in full form ever since he made a comeback so no complaints there!

Overall this episode had its high points as usual but I must say that the part in the prison is not exactly something I look forward to or am enjoying watching. The preview of the next episode quite clearly showed that whatever happened between Afia and Waji is so deep rooted that even someone like Waji is unable to show flexibility in the matter. Will Zulekha finally take a stand for Yousuf? The Policeman suggested that if the girl involved gives a statement that favors Yousuf in the court he will be free of all charges. Am I the only one who wants Yousuf out of jail and I don’t ever want him back there again? The scenes are becoming repetitive and are definitely not my favorite part of the drama.

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Fatima Awan

Fatima Awan

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