Shart – Episode 07!

& the loser of the year award goes to….Emaaaaaad. Woo hoo!!! Wow, I am so impressed by the writer’s mentality here (coughing sarcasm). He has not only treated home-wreckage as something adventurous but has also suggested that home wrecking can serve the purpose of future reconciliation between a divorced pair & I say that because Sameer’s friend suggested Halala so casually that it made me want to puke!

I am amazed that even though Emaad knew all the passes Moomal was making at him were due to the bet she had with Afroz but he chose to believe that his ‘mohabbat’ was coming back to him? I mean in this scenario, a guy should’ve been furious at his wife & friend both. At his wife; for treating him as a betting bait & at his friend; for even thinking so sickly about him but instead, Emaad thought it was his time of glory so he decided to go with the flow because he not only was enjoying it, but also because he thought the illuminator on his cheeks attracted Moomal towards him. He wants Moomal & it is totally clear that he couldn’t get her out of his mind even when he was married to Afroz for these couple of years, so that is why now when the opportunity presented itself, he decided to grab it without a further a due.

I so want to see Afroz’s face when she will fall flat on it. I so want to see her shattered & broken because the so called Emaad whom she trusted blindly wasn’t worthy to begin with & she is the one to be blamed for literally nurturing her husband’s desire of second marriage with so much love. I so hope without making her guilty for going ahead with this bet, Emaad comes clean with Afroz for once that he has always loved Moomal & it wasn’t only because of this bet that he got interested in her but going by how easily he lies to his wife on her face, I am sure he doesn’t have a backbone to profess.

Can someone also tell me the purpose of this purposeless soul Afroz in this drama? Does she really think that such a difficult person like Moomal has moved on & is ready to get married again? I mean Afroz for once needs something to do in her life, some activity or something of that sort to keep herself busy because the way she drools over every other guy as a perfect match for Moomal is hideous. She hardly has two dialogues to speak firstly she has to remind Moomal about the bet & secondly, she has to stop Moomal from leaving, too bad now when the shart is over, her dialogues will be cut down a chunk.

I really thought Sameer was the sane one in this lot & he actually is but to instill the idea of depression-ke-marz-ki-dawa-drinking is sickening. I am actually disgusted to see how drinking is made a part of every other drama these days. They can resort to any other way if they want to show someone down & depressed but to show a man losing his mind because he drank is absolutely disgusting & oh by the way, the sound effects & that bhompoo at the background is so annoying, it makes me lose my mind. Appni taraf se they have added a very elegant, classy & suggestive in an odd manner feel to the whole drama but it is annoying to the core!

I must say if there’s an award made to be given to someone for being a shameless being, hands down it belongs to Moomal. Now when she has won the bet because Emaad was too desperate, if she is blessed with an ounce of self-respect & conscious, she should pack her bags & leave their place right away but seems like she is going to stay. The last thing I wanted to see in this drama were Moomal’s hissy fits but seems like we’ll get to experience more of them in the upcoming episodes. Oh, the way Emaad & Moomal were both at a hill station suggested that they might’ve gotten married & now Moomal was hallucinating or if not, then Sameer must’ve come back to take his wife with him but seems like, like his friend suggested, this drama will also result in a sickening, puke-worthy & blood-boiling Halala scenario because Moomal will obviously go back to Sameer, leaving both Afroz & Emaad devastated. Share your thoughts on this hideous drama please!

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