Mera Yaar Miladay – Episode 5

Hmm. So this episode saw entry of Aslam Bhai into the mohalla, entry of Fahd into Master Sb’s house and entry of Master Sb into the hospital. Now with so many entriyan, dil mein bajni thi ghantiyan except the dil here was poor Master Sb’s! Forgive my cheesiness, but I just could not resist!

Anyhow, Master Sb has resigned himself to moving out of the mohalla. He is paid a visit by Aslam Bhai (Saleem Mairaj) with Thor’s desi bhai in tow. I was so distracted by him nodding his head up and down and flicking his hair in the back that I almost missed what Aslam Bhai says to Master Sb! I am glad Master Sb brushes off his offer of ‘help’ because I did not want to sit through episodes of Aslam-Dabbu faceoffs, which will happen anyway but not because Master Sb has asked Aslam Bhai to intervene on his behalf.

Seriously, whether Master Sb was asked to leave the mohalla or not he should just leave it now considering the amount of taanas he gets at every galli kay nukkar. Literally! Fahd comes to Master Sb’s rescue when a couple of young men are rude to him and begin pushing him around. Touched and impressed by Fahd’s selflessness, Master Sb invites him into his home and Dado and Zeba are also introduced to him. Turns out this was all a plan set out by Dabbu Bhai as the men taunting Master Sb were sent there by Dabbu Bhai and he made sure Fahd was there to ‘rescue’ Master Sb. Well, Master Sb fell for it and Fahd emerges as his savior. Mushq is unaware that Master Sb brought Fahd inside their home because she was still locked up in her room.

I had thought, after watching last week’s preview that Master Sb suffers a heart attack and meets his end. He does have an angina attack but does not die. I found it really odd how Fahd was supposedly just right outside their door and burst in when Master Sb had the attack and needed to be rushed to the hospital. There was a bit too much of Zeba today for my liking – her conversations with Master Sb, with Dado and Master Sb and with Mushq. I find Zeba’s character quite annoying and would rather not see too much of her!

I really do not understand Dabbu Bhai and Mehru’s romance and I do not think I really want to even try to understand it. In the previous episode she was crying and saying she can not bear him to be with anyone else and has no control over her heart etc. Today, she was flitting around the mohalla with him but Dabbu makes it sound like he has not declared his love to her and is unsure she feels the same. What?!

Mushq seems to be quite lost in thought in a few scenes. She does say to Zeba earlier that had Zeba not intervened, Mushq would have made her escape. But later in the episode, even before the heart attack we see Mushq feeling remorse at the distress she has caused her father. I have to say, even I thought Firdous Jamal looked very vulnerable in that scene where he is asleep when Sajal Ali sits near his feet. Mushq knows now that her family knows Fahd and we see her trying to make amends with Zeba and says things will be back to how they were before. Is she thinking that now that Master Sb is becoming fond of Fahd then that will improve her chances of getting married to him?

Next week’s preview did not seem very exciting and just seemed to be more of Mushq imploring Fahd to whisk her away and Aslam-Dabbu trouble. I know that there were ‘happening’ moments in this episode with Fahd making an impression on Master Sb and Master Sb’s angina attack etc but I found myself wanting to hit the forward button quite a few times today. Overall, I found today’s episode just okay. I did not enjoy it as much as I enjoyed the earlier ones – and no it is not because I am missing the wretched Qureshi!

How many of you watched today’s episode? Would love to hear your thoughts!

Kunwal Javid

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