Merai Humdum Merai Dost – Episode 03 & 04

After watching both episodes back to back, all I can say is that the story of the show is unfolding just the way I expected it to be unfolded. Every artist in this show is doing great job and it seems that the casting team have done special efforts and by learning deep insights of this novel, they decided who would fit in the role of the respective character.

Aiman is finding herself very uncomfortable and unfit for this upper class society and for that she is failing to gel in with everyone. She feels so empty deep inside because her father is not there when she needs him the most. Despite of the fact that they are ultra loving and caring people,she is living with Haider and his Bibi half-heartedly because she feels completely lost.

The scene where Aiman talked to her father was worth watching ; Sanam Jung literally outdid herself.She had mixed feeling of hatred and reproach while talking to her father. She wanted to open her heart out and to tell her father that how hard her life was when she was with her mother and he left them,  she wanted to complain and cry out loud but all she can do is just to listen and answer to Taufeeq’s straight and serious questions. The  pain in her voice when she talked to her step mother,Almas, was clearly depicting that how difficult it is for Aiman to gulp the fact that Taufeeq Kamal left Zainab(Aiman’s mother) solely for Almas and now that she is dead, Aiman has no option but to live and do what her father opts of her.

Previously, we knew that Sajeela and Mazhar are living a life that is nothing but a comprise. But after watching these two episodes,we came to know that Sajeela literally fought to marry Mazhar. As she said, her father always cared for her the most but when he came to know that Mazhar belongs to middle-class family ,he rejected him just like that. Sajeela find it difficult to live without Mazhar and she left her house. I am glad that Mazhar proved Sajeela’s father misconception to be wrong – He was definitely not after the wealth that Sajeela owns. They said their good byes and I must say that the whole good bye sequence was way too much extended for no reason; They could have wrapped up that flashback of good bye within few minutes .By the way, that was the only point in both episodes where I felt a bit bored else I found every scene interesting.

Haider is being so kind to Aiman and his kindness is somehow leaving an impact on Aiman that he is caring for her because he cares for Taufeeq Kamal. I really enjoyed that gift part where Haider was the teacher and Aiman was trying to be a good learner by following every instruction that he gave her and the cute thing about that scene was that Haider treated Aiman like a kid. And for that, I want to give a special mention of Adnan Siddiqui’s acting skills – Typically, male artists confuse being caring with flirty kind of expressions but Adnan was completely out of that.I mean not for a sec, he gave an impression that there is some ongoing chemistry between them or somewhat closer to that.

I really enjoy the direction of this show at some points like when Haider took Aiman for dinner and shopping ,we even enjoyed to see that mouthwatering seafood platter and after that the use of folk and knife by Haider and Aiman having her food all by her hands, pointing the difference in her living standard ,was also one of the minutest details that was taken care of during direction. Acha, I thought she will be using and trying harder to have her food with folk and knife too laken shukar hai she was confident enough to have her meal just the way she want it to be eaten.

Episode ended when Sajeela came to know that Mazhar is already married. Lets see how the story will unfold and what else this show has to offer in upcoming episodes.

Whats your say about this show ?

Rabia Basharat.


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