Merai Humdum Merai Dost – Episode 1 & 2

Merai Humdum Merai Dost is the play I was looking forward from the day when I came to know that Farhat Ishtiaq’s Best Seller Novel will be dramatized & as soon as I came to know that one of my favorite TV artists,Sanam Jung,will be doing Umm-e-Aiman’s role, I was the happiest girl on earth. Being directed by, Shehzad Kashmiri and Produced by Momina Duraid, Merai Humdum Merai Dost will be aired every friday at 9pm only on URDU1. Now that we are done with formal intro of the show,Lets start with the characters introduction.

Taufeeq Kamaal (Farhan Ali Agha) was married to Zainab for many years but their marital life didnot work for them as Taufeeq was obsessed with success and beauty and according to him, Zainab lacked both of them. He demanded separation from Zainab but poor Zainab pledged for mercy and it was only because of their daughter Umm-e-Aiman (Sanam Jung), Taufeeq let both of them go out of his life without giving divorce to Zainab. Like typical eastern wives, Zainab loved her husband even when he left her and Aiman all alone in this gigantic world. While on the other hand, Taufeeq got married once again to Almaas (Zainab Qayyum);the type of girl for whom he actually anticipated throughout his life.

For Aiman, her father is nothing but a name that facilitates her whenever she has to fill an application form; She hates him and even asks her mother that she should hate her even more than her. Zainab was fighting with a deathly disease and Aiman tried every possible way out to help her mother and at-last, Zainab gave her life up. From those scenes when Zainab’s state went serious till her last breath, Sanam Jung’s acting was near to perfection. Her mother was whole world for her and now that she is no more, Aiman felt completely doomed.

According to the promise she made to her mother that she will go to her father after her death, Aiman tried to make up her mind but she failed every-time she attempted to do so. She knew that even after her refusal, she has to leave because there is no way out except going to her father. It was really sad to see how Taufeeq didnot pay much heed to his daughter and focused more at his foreign trip.

Haider (Adnan Siddiqui),middle aged man with a very serious and realistic approach towards life, is one of the closest friends and colleague of Taufeeq Kamaal. Haider was given responsibility of Aiman till Taufeeq and Almaas won’t return back. On her way to the land of his father with Haider, Aiman was completely shattered and broken from inside.She is the one who lost her mother and just after losing her, she was going to live with a person whom she hated throughout her life and sad but true, that man was her father. Or uss se bhi barh kar ye k he wasnot there to attend her when she was expecting him to be there to console her during the hardest time of her life. Though, Haider tried every possible way to make her feel comfortable but he was a stranger for her and she didnot pay any attention to what he did and what he say.

Another side track in this story is of Sajeela (Hareem Farooq) and Mazhar (Junaid Khan). Mazhar comes from middle class where Sajeela was once a part of rich family. They tried every possible way out to get married to each other and luckily,they succeeded. But soon after their marriage nothing remained same; Maybe its Mazhar’s guilt of not fulfilling Sajeela’s desires and because of that he is having inferiority complex or maybe its something else that will be revealed later – whatever the reason maybe it is sounding as if their marital life is nothing but a compromise with one sided effort of Sajeela for making things better.

First two episodes were too good as far as introduction is concerned. I literally loved the background score – At times, it sounded like Turkish serials BS too. Direction was perfect and all artists played their part perfectly well.

What is your say about introductory episodes of MHMD ?

Rabia Basharat.

P.S. Apologies for reviewing it late.. :)


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