Meray Paas Tum Ho Episode 1 Story Review – The Necklace

There was absolutely nothing new about the promos of this drama, we have seen similar stories in dramas like Mere Khawab Reza Reza and lately Khasara. However, I had faith in the writer and the director in particular therefore I decided to watch this drama and review it. Another reason for tuning into this drama was that we have not seen Humayun Saeed playing a middle class man struggling to keep it all together since Doraha days. Well, I must say that this first episode reminded me of the short story ‘The Necklace’ by Guy de Maupassant. Anyone who has read the story will agree with me, the screenplay of this first episode was definitely inspired (not completely copied) from that short story; the entire scenario was a little too similar.

This couldn’t possibly be a coincidence, I definitely did not expect Khalil-ur-Rehman Qamar to go down that lane. ARY Digital also did not do the viewers a favor by showing such detailed promos and by explaining every single character in the synopsis which they posted on their website! Most importantly, I expected better from Humayun Saeed, who is an intelligent man and someone who has been in the business for such a long time. This first episode had its good points but honestly the similarities with dramas and now a novel basically show that the writer was probably not given the creative freedom which every writer needs in order to write what they want.

Mehwish and Danish

This first episode focused entirely on the main characters, Mehwish (Ayeza Khan) and Danish (Humayun Saeed). The viewers who have watched the promos of this drama and especially those who watched the morning show in which the cast was invited already knew the basic personality traits of these characters. Having said that, the fact that Danish was willing to go to any length in order to please Mehwish was something ‘new’ since in every other drama, the ‘sharif’ husband stays true to this personality trait right till the end. Therefore, it is good to know that these characters are not going to be black and white. Also, although Mehwish wants more than she has, she wasn’t shown as a negative person – this was one dominating trait of her personality but definitely not the only one. Right from the get-go, it was well established that Danish does whatever Mehwish tells him to whether it means giving an extra hundred to the rickshaw driver or taking the family out for dinner even when the budget does not allow it. Ayeza Khan played her part well, it was good to see her playing a role which isn’t glamorous (at least not yet). Humayun Saeed made Danish’s innocence come alive on screen more than anything else. He was absolutely brilliant as Mohid therefore I am waiting to see more of him in the upcoming weeks. The child actor is really cute and his acting was quite natural.

Mere Paas Tum Ho

The Necklace

The necklace was used as a symbol, just like it was in the short story (how many of you attended Literature classes? LOL!!). It basically showed how Mehwish was easily lured by materialistic objects and felt that she didn’t have enough or that she needed/deserved more – which obviously is okay but there was nothing ‘normal’ about the ‘expectations’ she had from Danish. Expecting him to use illegal means to earn money without thinking about the consequences clearly suggested that Mehwish didn’t really mean it when she said that she was happy with what she had.

Final Remarks

The story is a little too predictable, I wish I hadn’t seen the promos and especially the morning show because Hira Mani literally gave the story away! This first episode was strictly okay but also not completely disappointing since it seems like this old story might have a little twist this time around. It is however unfortunate that the producers and writers keep on recycling old scripts. After Dillagi, I was expecting something grand from Humayun Saeed and Nadeem Baig in particular. I am willing to give this one a shot but apart from wondering how Mehwish and Danish will get rid of the other necklace, I am pretty sure where the story will go from here. Nadeem Baig deserves due credit for directing this first episode really well. He used different locations, from sea view to the office, and did not compromise on that which made everything look more realistic on screen.

Did you watch the first episode of Meray Paas Tum Ho? Do share your thoughts about it.

Fatima Awan

Fatima Awan has been a part of reviewit right from its inception. She feels very passionately about Pakistani dramas and loves discussing them in detail. An enthusiastic writer, thinker, and political scientist, constantly trying to look beyond the obvious. Full-time mom.

  • Humayun Saeed said that this is probably the best script by khaleel ur Rahman till date. And knowing KuR there is no way that this will be as typical and predictable as it seems at the moment.

    • Well, I sure do hope so. My observations are based on the promos, the synopsis, the story being given away in the interviews and this first episode being inspired from The Necklace.

      • I have a lot of expectations from the entire team, especially Humayun Saeed so I’m going to watch the drama, but I read somewhere that it’s based on Indecent Proposal.
        I agree with your comment on Hira Mani. The other three tried to leave some suspense on when she comes in and what her role is, but she basically gave it away the second she started speaking.

  • Though story seems inspired and predictable, i have little faith in Qamar saahib that he would add some twist and tarka to make it more intrigue. His dialogues were too good. I liked the first episode as they remained true to story. Thanks for reviewing sister.

    • Same here Waqar, I am watching this drama because it has been written by Khalil-ur-Rehman Qamar. Yes, his dialogues are always very well written. You’re most welcome brother.

  • I knew story was predictable but i have faith in KRQ, Nadeem and Humayun because they can’t possibly make a train wreck. What i like the episode the discussion between Mohabbat khan and Danish. It gave the perspective of how as a society we deal with corruption. Danish is an honest man but his wife pushes him to do things which are illegal. Direction was really good as usual. I think we all know what’s going to happen and about 95% dramas we know how things unfold. We like inkaar even knowing the ending of it. There’s hardly a drama you can’t predict. What matters is how things are done and with little twists here and there just to make it exciting. Ayeza was really good and so as Humayun. Actually i found their chemistry to be good. I would especially mention Humayun because no point of time it looked that he can’t be dominated. I liked it and i think it will get better as the story progresses. Thank you for your brilliant review

  • Aap ka kaam to bus keeray nikaalna hi hai.mujhay to dramà byhad pasand aaya hai especially dialogue.wo wollet waala aur meray abba kehtay thay.

  • hi fatima! nice review
    I wanted to know which novel you mentioned in the start. Please if anyone knows tell me

  • Very interesting first episode unlike a few other new starters recently.
    Ayeza and Humayun both did a great job. Dialogues, story, direction everything has my full attention.
    Looking forward to next episode

  • Superb review
    This is an old story with some new elements. Actors and director just did an amazing job. I totally agree with you that the whole episode revolves around the necklace, I did not read this story but I think so this story by Guy de Maupassant is included in BA and BSc English Syllabus.
    The story is so predictable and after watching the morning show and reading the description written below the episode, story is clear and every character is predictable.
    I expected something interesting and different from Humayun saeed. He said that its best script of Khalil ur Rehman Qamar I wish aisa.hi ho. Otherwise story tu bilkul sedi si hai

  • Humayo saeed has a unique style in Dillagi <3 jisay dekhty he dil aajaye ( kabhi b compare nhe hosakta)
    i wish female lead koi r hoty.

  • The first episode was well-directed and well-acted but the story and characters really didn’t draw me in. I didn’t even watch the dramas you said this was based on but it had such a “been-there-done-that” feeling. I’ll give it till episode 3 since even Dillagi had a slow start- the leads there were much more intriguing though.

    I know the producers and director will probably be annoyed by having this being compared to Dillagi but its bound to happen since they share the same director and male lead.

  • Gr8 review Fatima, I agree with you on all points. This is the first new drama I have started to watch after RRK and Cheekh ended. I had expectations as is coming from Nadeem Baig-Humayun Saeed team , but no too high as writer is KRQ who is overrated. Dillagi was a masterpiece and everyone contributed to its success which was lead by Faiza Iftikhar.
    Anyways , this serial looks like a extension of the story of Zayed Ahmed and Sana Javed in Zara yaad Kar, what would happen if they had got married in that show. There is nothin new in the story as usual of all KRQ stories, his dialogues are only the highlight. Humayun Saeed and Ayeza Khan are gr8 actors and they definitely act well in the roles which don’t seem to be v challenging, and Humayun is looking too old for this role. Still for sure I will watch it as at the least it will be entertaining, that’s what I hope.

  • It’s a catch-22 situation for Danish. But he finally decided not to follow “Abba ki baat” and take illicit money to please his wife. “Sahab k sath dosti hogaee hai Mehwish, lekin aik din to lagta hai…”

    This selection of wrong path will obviously worsen situation for Danish as infinite wishes would emerge to fulfill n he’d fail miserably.

    Real face of corrupt institutions was also shown nicely. “Sala 10 lakh maang raha tha, main ne bhee 20 lakh offer kiye. Waheen gari rok di, kaha aik cup chaey peetay hain……..Gari ka darwaza bhee usi officer ne khola aur kaha bhee Sorry for inconvenience!”

    Drama dialogues ki waja se mazdar hai aur aagy bhee hoga but the first episode was story-wise so-so. Kisi aur affluent banday ki entry and then Mehwish ka us ki taraf attract hona, agar isi tarah hai, to barree common story lagtee hai. I haven’t listen it’s story. Can’t say anything at this stage. But it’s established that the discussion becomes interesting through your riveting reviews.

    • Thank you so much Urs, I wish I hadn’t watched that show! But yes like you said, Adnan Siddiqui ki entry ke baad jo hona hei that is an easy guess.

  • AoA fatima…. How are you? So you watching it. Mmmnm…. 🤔i felt nothing new in this drama as u said only krq is the factor thats why i watched it. And are you watching zahenaseeb? Fatimaa literally its amazing. But im really disappointed by the choice of people. If people have started watching crap then all channel will make projects like these. Phir hmara kya hoga 😄. This time khaas, inkaar, zahenaseeb, jo tu chahy are going really well but i don’t understand why people prefer other dramas which have no logic. Look like mixture of indian amd pakistani dramas.
    True review FA!

    • Aoa AH, I am good, how are you? I absolutely love Ishq Zah e Naseeb, it is sooo good. I am not watching Jo Tu Chahe, intend to catch up soon. LOL!! Yes watching it for KRQ, Nadeem Baig and Humayun Saeed;)

      Thank you so much, Good to hear from you.

  • where dil lagi could have been a 100 plus min telefilm but dragged, likewise this too in the same league. hubby wife n one kid and class diff seen many yawning times! plagiarism has been spotted in many serials to the extent of lifting from Hollywood! what is the age of saeed? trying to sound cutely innocent! he belonged to mid class in a mehreen jabb’s serial for geo. I skipped meray paas… coz the promos were ‘seen it all before’ and now your review confirms my observations. by the way if ayeza is shown belonging to upper crust then she never sounds like it so a miscasting!

  • a few comments I have read b4 that Mehwish is not a negative character, I fail to believe that how can anyone think that when she wants to buy a very very expensive necklace which is way out her poor husbands hands then telling her husband that there is nothing wrong with bribes & he the silly man goes ahead with it
    I thought I would give this drama a chance even it is to see the differences between this & Khasara, I haven’t seen the other dramas similar to this, but now I think I will stick to the reviews, it continues the same as Khasara so why waste time watching it

      • I remember Maat, which was similar plot.. but the build up was very well done in Maat, showing how saba’s character was a greedy lady who didnot care about her sister or mother.. and did same with husband too

    • @shameem u are right.. i was also thinking how is everyone calling mehwish a grey character.. she is pushing her husband to take bribes for a necklace. That is plain black

  • Fatima, you you did not mention about camera work it is so excellent. story is inspired by neckless. you are right.

  • Hi Fatima, i tuned into this because of KRQ only, but did not find it interesting or new. I did not read that novel you are referring, but it seems like he will gradually getting involved into corruption to please his wife and due to this gradual process, his wife will gradually started moving away from him. If i am true, then the detailing here is worth noticing. I mean as he encounters upper middle class and rich people in his daily routine like his friend monty, the car at fish shop, his boss, etc.will impact on him and inch by inch he will move towards getting those luxuries. But it is not worth if the story gets firmed up after few episode because by then viewers lose interest. We don’t want fancy destination, but a memorable journey.

    • True Aamer, you’re right about the journey. It is not a novel just a short story :) Yes, nothing new yet, let’s see how it turns out to be. Appreciate your feedback.

  • Itna mzedar nh siwaye dialogues k.. Islye deewar e shab ko chose krun ga is py.. Wo kafi mza bnaty rhty han

  • for the first time i didn’t like your ratings ! KuR is obviously an unpredictable writer and i am pretty sure thsi serial will be different from all other serials surely it would have different endings from first episode u can not predict anything so you should not have given such poor ratings

    • That’s okay Ayesha, there’s always a first time for everything;) I firmly believe that If everyone likes everything you do , you are doing something wrong LOL!! Therefore, thank you for your feedback. The rating is for this episode not for the upcoming ones.

  • Thanks for the honest review Fatima. Lately I’ve not been captivated by any dramas- let’s hope this one proves to be worth a watch. I like Humayoun Saeed’s character. But Ayeza didn’t stand out as much.

  • So there was much hype about this drama…but I even found the promos disappointing…dialogues like “mujay laga meray paas tum ho mujay kisi dost ki zarurat he nahe ha” and “jub meray paas pesay nae hotay me tumhari tasveer dekh leta hun” showing very non practical kind of love which is very hard to see in these days…I am not convinced…though I am a big fan of Khalil ur Rehman Qamar…but didn’t find this drama appealing…

  • Nice review
    Yes these days you can watch the teasers n promos to decide about watching or not watching new dramas and sorry to say drama is not up to the mark, i was expecting something thing like dil lagi from humayun but necklace got on our nerves😂🤣😒🙄,
    Drama average hai, khalil sb ke her drama men ayeza ko cast kerna zarori hai kya main lead men, same old.

  • I see someone mentioning Indecent proposal. And I agree. From the get go I got Judaai (Anil Kapoor, Sridevi, Urmila) vibes. I really hope that’s not the case after the debacle of disastrous Noor-ul-Ain being a true copy of Saathiya. Pakistani dramas are better than that. Pilot episode should be intriguing. This one wasn’t.

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