Meray Pass Tum Ho Episode 11 Story Review – Completely Unexpected

Torte torte talluq ko nibhate jao – this one line from the OST of Meray Pass Tum Ho sums up what we saw in tonight’s phenomenal episode. This episode was so overwhelmingly emotional that it is actually difficult to pen down my feelings immediately after watching it. Humayun Saeed’s powerful performance was the highlight of this episode. He nailed every single expression and owned the complicated emotions his character went through tonight, completely. Nadeem Baig deserves an award for executing every single scene in the most perfect way possible. The background score tonight was used so intelligently that it actually added to the impact and meaning of all those significant and poignant scenes which could easily have been lost in translation. The camerawork was beyond impressive, the director made sure that the cameraman captured every ounce of emotion with his lens. Nadeem Baig has directed this drama in such a way that you really get transported to another world and find yourself feeling for Danish. Tonight, I am sure just like me everyone else also felt all those powerful emotions which Danish fought with throughout. Tonight’s episode was terribly upsetting because although we were all anticipating that Mehwish was eventually going to leave Danish but no one could have imagined that Danish was literally going to hand over his wife to another man because he was sure that being with Shahwar would make Mehwish happier than she had ever been with him. Once again, Khalil-ur-Rehman Qamar has shown the unimaginable! The dialogues tonight were so beautiful, deep and meaningful.

Danish and Shahwar’s Meeting

This was one of those meetings which the viewers are not going to forget for a really long time. From the time Danish entered the office to the time he left, every single moment was extremely powerful. Once again while Danish had absolutely no idea what was going to be the outcome of this meeting, Shahwar was composed because he had everything planned beforehand. Danish is an emotional person who believes in unconditional love while Shahwar’s moves are always well calculated. He firmly believes that everything and everyone can be bought while Danish couldn’t care less about money. The difference between the approaches of both these men was more obvious tonight in this meeting than it ever was before.

Meray Pass Tum Ho Episode 11 Story Review - Completely Unexpected

Humayun Saeed’s overall look in this scene was completely in line with everything his character was going through. He deserves all the praise in the world for a job brilliantly done. Shahwar’s intentions were quite clear when he made Danish listen to his conversation with Mehwish and made him look at those pictures. That was the defining moment and the fact that all of this was shown in such detail made the entire scenario easy to understand even though there was nothing simple about this situation.

The scene that was covered while Shahwar was talking to Mehwish was one of my favorites tonight. In this scene Adnan Siddiqui’s expressions clearly showed that even though Shahwar had planned everything so well but he couldn’t help being extremely shocked by Danish’s reaction. The person who was so used to being in control of everything actually felt clueless for a few minutes. Shahwar’s reaction to what Danish said after listening to his conversation with Mehwish suggested that he did not like being surprised even if such a surprise was in his favor. Also, it seemed like he would have liked it more if Danish reacted in a more dramatic manner. He clearly wanted to hurt Danish so bad that he would end up leaving Mehwish out of anger but Danish left Mehwish because he was sure that she will be happier with Shahwar. What an unexpected turn of events, simply mind-blowing.

Mehwish’s Overconfidence and Lack of Guilt

Mehwish’s attitude tonight was also shocking even though the past episode already revealed that she had made up her mind but even then Mehwish’s blatant disregard of Danish’s feelings showed just how much she trusted Shahwar! She no longer even feels sorry for him! In such a short span of time Mehwish was so sure that Shahwar was going to give her everything he promised. Although Mehwish is extremely selfish and materialistic but at the same time you can’t help but notice just how naive she is! She thinks she is clever, she called Danish a kunwei ka mendak tonight because he refused to strike a deal with Shahwar but she did not question her own actions even for a second. She did not even think about the consequences of her actions before and even now she isn’t thinking what can happen if things don’t go as planned. Sometimes too much confidence in your own judgment can be lethal – Mehwish will learn that the hard way.

Meray Pass Tum Ho Episode 11 Story Review - Completely Unexpected

Danish had confidence in the relationship and these two shared therefore he did not doubt her even when he could clearly see that she was acting strange but tonight when he found out that being with Shahwar makes Mehwish happy, he decided he needed to let her be happy! This was an extremely difficult decision and it seemed like there were times when Danish was hoping that Mehwish will perhaps change her mind.

Danish and Mehwish’s scenes made me dislike Mehwish even more and it won’t be wrong to say that I will be watching this drama to see Mehwish suffer perhaps more than to see Danish happy!

Final Remarks

This episode belonged to the writer Khalil-ur-Rehman Qamar, the director Nadeem Baig and the phenomenal actor Humayun Saeed. After Dillagi, this has to be Humayun Saeed’s most powerful performance. Ayeza Khan has underplayed her character which is why there are times when you wish she would not hold back. Adnan Siddiqui did exactly that he was supposed to tonight. I have to say that although his character is relatively easier to translate on screen but Adnan Siddiqui has nevertheless performed really well. Danish’s scenes with Rumi once again were beautifully written and acted-out. The child star playing Rumi’s role is a sweetheart. Tonight’s episode of Meray Pass Tum Ho was exceptionally powerful in every way.

The preview of the next episode showed that Danish will divorce Mehwish and Shahwar’s dialogues revealed more about his personality. How will Danish cope with the trauma of this ugly betrayal? What is next in store for Mehwish? I can’t wait to find out!

Do share your thoughts about this latest episode of Meray Pass Tum Ho.

Fatima Awan

Fatima Awan has been a part of reviewit right from its inception. She feels very passionately about Pakistani dramas and loves discussing them in detail. An enthusiastic writer, thinker, and political scientist, constantly trying to look beyond the obvious. Full-time mom.

  • Can I get another tissue box, please? My God! I never knew MPTH could be so poignant 😭😭 .. this was such a heart- wrenching episode. Humayum Saeed powerful acting left me spellbounded.. his minute expressions, his teary eyes..uff!! This drama has exceeded my expectations and has hooked me up. Saturday is the day which I wait for throughout the week both bcz of Alif and MPTH. Phenomenal serials👏

    P.S Fatima, will u be reviewing Yeh Dil Mera?

    • I know right! Same feelings Ibrahim. 3 characters yet so much depth and emotions. Amazing dialogues and zabardast performance by Humayun Saeed, maan gaye!

      No Ibrahim, Zahra will review it.

  • Deeply shocked.. heartbreaking episode it was. I was literally crying while watching it. Humayun Saeed made me cry for him. What an amazing acting with twist.. oh my God. Totally flabbergasted.. mehwish ko tou koi assar hee nahin para but she will repent so badly. Acting, dialogues and direction wah wah. Kudos to you sister for translating such emotions so beautifully. Salute to you sister for amazing, superb and outstanding review..

    • So with you on that Waqar, Humayun Saeed truly outdid himself tonight. Had to keep on reminding myself that he was acting – that this was only a drama! Kamal! Thanks a ton bro, so glad you liked the review.

      • There was pang in heart today. Though Alif is also masterpiece but MPTH has outperformed it by grabbing more viewership and trps. Due to this Alif viewership is not up to mark. Geo must change the day because Saturday belongs to MPTH wholly

        • Everyone who watched this episode felt the same way. I haven’t watched Alif yet Waqar, will watch it once it’s over. Yes, MPTH definitely has the viewers’ undivided attention.

  • ‘Jo aap ko gham dy kar khush hojaey, aap us sy gham ly kar khush hojao’….A dialogue which i heard from another drama of khalil sahab. Tonight Danish behaved like that. I was literally crying in the last 6 minutes of this episode. This is pure love. Danish loves Mehwish so much k us ne apni bewafa bv ki khushi k leye usy jany diya. Shehwar’s reaction was priceless. He was in shock to see how Danish behaved. Humayun saeed take a bow. Today if anyone says that he is not a great actor then he or she is an idiot. He made me emotional. First i watched it on tv but when i watched it on YouTube, it affected me even more. This episode belonged to Humayun, khalil sahab and Nadeem baig.
    A marvelous drama and an outstanding review

    • Yes!! Unconditional love personified, absolutely loved it! They took things to the next level. Humayun Saeed surely deserves an award for nailing these emotions, so perfect.

      Thanks a ton Ahsan for liking the review. Totally agree with what you said there.

  • Totally agree with your review this was really unexpected episode as always your review is awesome . You beautifully represent the feelings and emotions that most of the people will feel after watching this episode. The office scene in which adnan saddiqui opens the real pic of Mehwish to danish was superb , humayun’s expressions were extremely good This is one of the best performances of Aiza .I was feeling bad for rumi when Mehwish said kuch arsay baad bata dena sach uffff . The whole episode, every dialogue was v powerful and delivered beautifully. Fatima your review add more interest towards this drama . Waiting for the next episode let see how he will give divorce to her .

    • Thank you so much Roma(I love your name). Absolutely the way she talked about leaving Rumi so casually was seriously distressing. Goes to show how ‘focused’ she is on Shahwar😤

      Thanks a ton for liking the review, really appreciate your feedback♥️

  • Humayoun Saeed was phenomenal in tonight’s episode. This was one of the best performances all around. Danish was still in denial upto the point when Shahwar showed his the pics he had on his phone. Its scary to think that Mehwish was so enamoured by Shahwar’s wealth and status that she allowed him to photograph her at the hotel. Mehwish’s entitled behavior has blurred the lines for her so much so that she is willingly leaving Rumi. When she started working, her focus was on giving a better life to him but clearly that’s all in the past. I dont know if Shahwar has a dark past where he experienced his mother betraying his father or his wife betraying him but he was extracting satisfaction seeing Danish suffer. He clearly enjoys having his way. Let’s see what’s in store for these guys. Thanks for a lovely review Fatima.

    • Remarkable indeed, I made my husband (who hardly ever watches dramas) watch this episode too LOL!! Liked it so much. Yes, she has changed a lot and the change has been shown gradually and convincingly.You’re most welcome Kanwal. Thank you so much for reading the reviews and commenting.

  • Wow Wow Wowwww!! What an episode!! I’ve never been a Hamayun Saeed fan but after this episode I am. The way he portrayed Danish’s pain no one else could have done that. KRQ never fails to surprise. Tonight’s episode’s turn of events reminded me of MTSNH’s unexpected last episode (which is still my favorite episode of any KRQ drama and I love to watch it again and again). Adnan Siddique is very convincing. Ayeza has done a brilliant job and yes Shees is so adorable as Rumi. I loved your review and I agree it is difficult to write thoughts about this episode. You mentioned lalck of Mehvish’s guilt, I’ve recently watched KRQ’s interview in which he said ‘ Main ne dekha hai k jab aik unmarried larki cheat karti hai to uska sir guilt se jhuk jata hai, jab aik married larki cheat karti hai to wo aankhaein nai jhukaati wo datt k baat karti hai’.
    Looking forward to Hira’s entry and Shehwar’s wife’s entry and of course to your brilliant reviews.
    PS: Fatima will you review Kaaf Kangana?

    • True! Only someone who doesn’t feel guilty and feels entitled would leave their husband and child like this. Yes, this drama now is reminding me of MTSNH too. You’re most welcome Pakistani Po, I look forward to your feedback.

      If I watch it, I surely will.

    • One of the most beautiful emotional and sensitive drama humayun Saeed s acting is out of this world he has made us speechless

  • Each week we have to say this is the best episode. Aaj to kuch khaas he baat thee. Time flied like it was few-minute episode. What an execution it was, blended with extrodinary acting of the hero.

    Mehwish was extremely cold towards the feelings of Danish, which was very irritating. She needed a tight slap. I thought she would show some guilt, but there was smug self-satisfaction in her attitude. She will obviously repent.

    One of the Interesting aspects of this drama is suspense. They are revealing the secrets later which appear to be the surprising elements and maza aajata hai.

    Danish wanted Mehwish to leave in morning and till then he will try to jee lay zindagi with her departing beloved and hamain aur mazedar aur dhamakedar scenes and actings dekhne ko milein gee. Itnee aasani se talaq dena to khair banta bhee naheen. And then Danish condition apart, I think Rumi will also make us cry. Let’s see how next episode brings.

    Your review has elaborated everything quite brilliantly.

    • You’re right Urs about the suspense bit, loving the screenplay, very intelligently done. Absolutely! Loved the execution. Thanks a ton for liking the review. Really enjoyed reading your comment too.

  • Mehwish was so heartless, after spending 8 years of married life and probably courtship for an year or two, still she didn’t even feel for a moment when Danish came home hurt after an accident!!! Danish was shattered! I didn’t expect this twist, I thought she would walk out after a fight but not Danish handing over Mehwish to Shahwar

  • .. Wonderfully uncomfortable Episode.. And, brilliantly written Review !!

  • OMG!!!! Couldn’t tear myself away for a second. My heart was beating so fast when Danish enters the office. I somehow knew at the back of my mind that Shahwar will either show a video or some pictures to Danish. Especially, when he very confidently told Mehwish Kay “batein hoti hein”. What a scumbag. He took so much pleasure in twisting the knife at Danish’s heart.
    You’re right, Humayun Saeed was phenomenal tonight. I am not a fan of his but he outdid himself. His body language, expressions & those eyes ufffff! They reflected all the hurt, resignation & betrayal in the world. When he asked her to eat dinner & offered to bring it— I wanted to scream. He’s not in love with her but he’s BESOTTED!
    Adnan Siddiqui was superb too playing a selfish & ruthless nemesis. I am a great fan of him & he never disappoints me. What a fabulous actor!
    Ayeza didn’t have much to do in this episode, was kind of a silent spectator. Still cannot fathom her selfishness & low character. She’s willing to sacrifice her family to gain some material possessions. As a mother of three grown up boys myself; can’t imagine her abandonment. Her thought process is all twisted up.
    Your excellent review doesn’t leave much to comment Fatima only to share my thoughts.
    Again, excellent direction & dialogues. Can’t wait to see what unfolds next week.

  • KRQ has something to do with divorces. I think people have forgotten tau dil ka kya huwa , ayeza playing maya taking divorce from sami khan. I think in that play also faris loved maya a lot and maya just wanted one thing that was divorce.

  • After watching this play feeling completely taken over with bereavement sýndrome. Such a depressing episode. Couldn’t watch danish tears while talking to shahwar like some business plan. Worse still these words – ‘bhool janey ka hunar mujhko sikhate jatey’ added further fuel KRQ saheb knows that hunar how to mesmerize his audience. And yes 10/10 for himayun saeed to bring tears in the eyes of his new fans kudos..

    As for mehwish it is heartening to note how callous she cud be not only for husband but for such a cutie Roomi. Yes Mahwish could do that Ayiza kabhi bhi real life mein aysa matt karna achcha…..!!!

    N thanks lot for your heart touching review Fatima


  • Wow I just loved humayoon saeed’s performance in tonight episode I was literally crying for Danish cant wait to see episode 12

  • What A fabulous Episode and even better review from you Fatima ! Coming back to the episode it was one hell of a roller coaster ride of emotions ,Humayon Saeed Nailed it and showed why he is the best .
    I still Believe Danish should have asked Mehwish that now what is your explanation of me doubting you .In the Earlier Episodes she used to say you are doubting me and shehwar intentions ,He should have given Tight slap of words to her .But yeah it would have not mattered to that characterless Mehwish. The Best part of the episode was when Danish Made Shehwar Cry with his emotions. I am certain we all cried .

    • Agree, if Danish had reminder Mehwish about that, it would be a tight slap. But Danish has become Suri from Rab ne bana di Jodi, he can just see the happiness of his wife, he believes that his wife is not happy with him so now no point of stopping her.

    • Thank you so much Rehan for liking the review. I think there will be more conversations between the two in the upcoming episodes. In this episode Mehwish was in no mood to answer any questions and she is definitely not going to give explanations – she is done so what’s the point?

      • Yes Fatima , I agree that she was in No mood to listen but seriously i think after next episode the tables would be turned and Mehwish will become helpless and derogatory slowly and gradually while Danish will move on after 1 or 2 episodes .
        The best is yet to come !

  • Gr8 episode and gr8 review. fatima ur always right abt ur predictions, as u were in case of rrk. I still had some hope abt what had happened in islamabad, but case over. She crossed all the limits of being characterless. Even sana javed ‘s character in zara yaad kar was better. She doesnt like danish and wants divorce , is fine, but sleeping with another man was going too far. The neeting between danish and shehwar was one of the best scenes ever and I dont think such a scene and such a reaction from husband has ever been witnessed before . Danish tried his best, but Shehwar embarassed him so much and after he so all the proof that mehwish is totally with shehwar, he lost it. What he could have done. Mehwish’s cold behaviour was also understandable as the sharam has already gone now, before she was scared and now she cant wait to got to shehwar. cant understand how is she going to stay at his place, will he marry her or keep her without marriage, …..lets c, she has touch times ahead. Waiting for Hira mani ‘s entry now. Just hope that nadeem baig doesnt make it too slow now.

  • After reading all reviews .Same feeling I have. It’s really heart touching and I wasn’t stop myself from crying. Well done Humyun saeed

  • میرے پاس تم ھو۔
    ایک ایسی داستان جسکا تعلق پیار و محبت اور احساس کو ظاھر کرتا ھے لیکن اسکی حقیقت اس قدر عجیب ھےکہ جس میں بے وفائی اور بے احساسی خود غرضی ھے۔ اب اسطرح کے تعلق کو دانش نے مہوش کیساتھ آٹھ برس گزارا جس نے ایک اولاد بچہ بھی ھے جسکو رومی بُلاتے ہیں، ان آٹھ سالوں کی زندگی میں ایک شوہر اپنی بیوی کو کیا دے سکتا ھے، اگر وہ تربیت اور وہ ذمہ داری حقیقی طور پر حاصل کی گئی ھوتی تو ایسی سوچ و فکر جنم نہیں لیتی لیکن ڈرامے معاشرے کی عکاسی کرتے ہیں اور ایسے معاملات بلکل معاشرے کا حصہ ہیں، خلیل الرحمان قمر نے اس ڈرامے کو بہت اچھا لکھا ھے اسکی جتنی بھی تعریف کی جائے کم ھے، میرے خیال آنے والی اقساط میں یہ سب کس رخ ھوں گے کیا شہوار کی بیوی ملک واپس آ کر شہوار سے اسکے بارے دریافت کرے گی کیا شہوار یہ بتائے گا یہ گھر میں ایک ملازمہ ھے جو میرے سب کام کرتی ھے، مہوش کی سو غلطیوں اور گناہوں پر دانش اسے ایک تھپڑ تک نہیں مارتا لیکن کیا شہوار اس کو تھپڑ مار کر گھر سے نکال دے گا کیا اس کہانی کا انجام مہوش کو عبرت بنا کر دانش کے قدموں میں بیٹھ کر رونا دھونا اور بھیک مانگنا ھو گا کیا ھو گا کیسے ھو گا یہ سب دیکھیں آنے والی اقساط میں ۔

    • When it comes to khalil ur Rehman qamar saahib. No assumptions. He can unexpectedly do anything which can astonish its watchers

  • Superb review
    Such a heart touching episode. The love of danish was so pure and deep that he can leave mehwish for her happiness. He loves her selflessly. Humayun Saeed did a phenomenal job. His each and every expression and dialogue everything was on point and it can make anyone emotional. The scene of danish and Roomi when roomi was playing and asked danish k dard horaha hai and danish replied haan dard horaha hai, the expressions of danish was so real at that time and even in whole episode. Dard uski ankhon sy jhalak raha tha. In office scene danish replies and reaction shocked shawaar. I still can’t believe how can be someone so ruthless like mehwish she has no shame, no guilt at all. Agar hum kisi k saath 7 months bhi reh lein tu ek connection hojata hai par she lived with danish for 7 years but she is not at all emotionally connected with danish. Kyunky isska zameer marr gia hai aur jab zameer maar jaye tu sarey emotions, feelings sab marr jatey hein. She even did not thing about roomi. Even she did not try to meet him for last time before leaving at night. I wish danish mehwish ko do chaar baatein hi suna deta kam iz kaam ussey pochta tu sahi but again there was no use of it Bcoz she is blind and running behind money. Adnan siddiqui and ayeza both and them did great job. Danish and roomi scenes are treat to watch I hope in coming episodes we would get more of them.
    P.S just want to ask one thing that does it happens in reality as well or have you ever heard any such story in real Bcoz I did not see such story in our society.

    • In interview with Something Haute, humayun saeed said this drama is inspired by true story. But he didn’t disclose who was the person. But it is real story

      • It does happen but no one talks about it and yes there are men with unconditional love like this

      • Yeah I have seen that interview. I also seen some stories were wives left their husband for money etc. But I did not see any husband to leave his wife so easily. I m not saying that he would yell at her or slap her or do shikwa shikayat I am just saying k ek do aisi baatein danish ko bolni chaiyien thi like he used to say in previous episode, in last episode he said tum gunah kar rahi ho mein samjh nhi raha and then in another episode he said jahan 9 wahan 10 wahan 11 etc. Ek aisa dialogue hona chaiye tha jo mehwish ko bhego ky mar deta. Have you seen Zara yaad kar wahan par bhi kuch aisa hi scenario where hadi (zahid) have to divorce Sana but during giving divorce to her he said some dialogues that were very impactful. I am sure mehwish is gonna get what she deserves.

    • Thank you so much Omm e Nida for liking the review and for the detailed comment, agree with everything you stated there.

      Everything has been shown so convincingly that I for one have no problem relating to everything.

  • Wt a heart touching episode.
    I really appreciate humayun bhais acting he did 100% true acting now im a fan of him
    Adnan siddique always did well
    Ayesza always act that masoom ronay dhonay walay characters but in this she is performing sum different and i feèl hate for her..welldone!
    Sumone asked k aesa real mai bhi hota hai
    G aesa bhi hota hai i know same story and the husband accept his wife again

  • Hayeeeeeee! What a heart wrenching performance from HS! When he kept saying koi baat nahin ‘ek galati hogayi hai us se’ …. his love shining through! Love at its purest form.

    A powerful episode, powerful acting, im sure the masses were feeling HS’s every emotion.

    Fatima your review oohlalala well constructed well balance and an equally good read as tonights episode! Wish they had more ppl like you in reviewit!

    Loved the background music when hes going out for food
    torte torte taaluq ko nibhate jao
    bhool janey ka hunar mujh ko sikhate jao
    Faqat mere Dil se utar jaiye ga
    Bicharna mubarik bichar jaiye ga
    Uffff such powerful lyrics so apt for the moment!

    Yes this totally happens in reality too. Its usually accepted in society if a man does it! If a woman does it its beyond forgivable. Im not going to preach on rights or wrongs of society but its also a thinking point! HS’s dialogue aurat “kitni mukamil bewafa hoti hai”…. i dnt know how many ppl garnered the depth of this dialogue. But blantantly hes saying women are not like men, who have affairs and come home n pretend its ok and are normal! A woman if shes gone, shes gone – no pretending! Mehwish portrayed this well, had no remorse, no guilt, and as Shehwar has led her to believe she is doing no wrong!
    Things will get interesting over the next few episodes, looking forward to it and your splendid reviews! Much love

    • Loved your comment Shazia, totally agree with what you said. Thank you so much for your insightful comment and for liking the reviews, means a lot to me.

  • Well, I literally wept watching Humayun succumbing to Adnan. It had emotions, trauma everything. That very diaolgue when Adnan asks “Me apke liye kia kar sakta hoon” to which Humayun replied “Nahi nahi, mujhe bataen me apke liye” aur” kia kar sakta hoon was a classic… I was spellbounded to say the least.

  • Wow, what an episode.

    The first time I watched it, I was in complete shock, I felt like I was actually there. It was so gripping.

    By the end, I felt like Danish was almost handing his wife over on a plate. Unconditional love no doubt, he could see her happiness could only be fulfilled by Shahwar and so he was ready to let her go. But to me, it felt awkward, how Danish handled the situation and how can he ask her if she wants food after she calls him a kuwa ka maindak!!

    But then I watched it again in the morning. And I saw it all so differently. He wasn’t handing his wife over on a plate. He was trying to handle the situation with dignity, without upsetting Romi or Mehwish. He was protecting his family unit as best he could. No shouting, accusations, physical or mental abuse. Danish is the real man in this drama and Humayo Saeed has portrayed him brilliantly.

    Adnan and Ayza were outstanding too, but this episode belonged to HS. Khalil Ur Rehman is an absolutely amazing writer. The dialogue were all just beautiful.

    The OST in the background while HS was on the motorbike was beautiful, unfortunately I dont understand that level of urdu! Wish I did, too complicated for me !

  • You summerized it beautifully Fatima . Hatsoff to our Star of the decade Hummayun Saeed he acted a class apart, Mehwish will have to suffer a lot for all this mishappening and betrayal in the future,

  • I do not find Mehwish overconfident. I find her very confused and gullible. She is not in touch with reality and not all there. This Sheriar guy plays her like a flute and gets her to do anything she wants. She is always in la la land.

    • Overconfidence is a product of confusion Anne, it is not a positive trait. You actually defined overconfidence when you said she is not in touch with reality – that is why she is overconfident.

  • Only humayoon saeed acting
    And khilur rehman dialog made this perfectly emotional remaining formula type drama.

  • Amazing episode humayon and Adnan,s acting rocked and shocked but very depressing as well all the time I was crying all sympathies go to danish

  • Hi Fatima, spot on review for a perfect episode. I think this is the top episode of MPTH. I agree with you for every word you said, it was a brilliant writing, perfect direction and phenomenal acting by Humayun Saeed. Since second episode i started liking the acting skill of HS. He makes us feel that he is Danish, so what else we want. KRQ has given a new touch to the simple, old story. Sure, the meeting of Shehwar-Danish will be remembered for long. Adnan acted perfectly balanced. He behaved as a real rich and calculated guy and he also shocked by Danish, was really amazing. However sometimes i think Shehwar is testing Mehwish, because he is still worries about his wife’s constant notching, so how can he cover up his marriage to Mewhish. May be he will not marry Mehwish at all. I like Mateen Sahab’s role too, his discussion with Danish is always good to watch. I think sometime Danish will tell him that in my case my wife behaved like you.

    • Hello Aamer, long time no see. I am glad you liked the review and commented, I was missing your feedback :) I agree with you Aamer, this was the best for sure. Humayun Saeed has been exceptional but in this episode he completely stole the show. I agree with you about Adnan Siddiqui. Yes! Shahwar doesn’t seem like the guy who will be willing to enter into a nikkah with any woman since he is so sure he can but them with his money! I am sure he is going to make her life hell. He seems like a controlling man who enjoys putting people through hell.

      • I am fine, just got pretty busy in work in last weeks, coming home very late. Also, now a days a lot of good dramas are aired around, so managing one by one slowly, lol. Not yet watched even last episode of Deeware e shab and Ehde wafa. Catch you there soon.

  • It was a great emotional episode,every actor done their part to the core,I feel that u r underrating Ayeza khan while giving credits,as u mentioned urself that some scenes make u hate Mehwish so much ,that is because of the acting of Ayeza,I don’t think she underplayed her character.

    • I have been giving her credit when I felt her acting was as good as Humayun’s but I didn’t think so while watching this episode. You can give her all the credit you want Mano, I like Ayeza Khan and like it when people praise her.

  • You are so right Fatima about overconfidence! Overconfidence is product of confusion and being not in touch with reality. The more you are away from reality, the more you suffer because you can not make good choices. Thanks for pointing it out to me!

  • Heart touching scenes…strongly emotional dialogues….harsh reality…
    Innocent but very practical approach towards the trio relationship…awesome direction….brilliant performances…WOW. I was absolutely mesmerized with string of tears.

  • I always had confidence in KRQ that he will not disappoint us.I agree with the reviewer mostly except that I am not sure he is doing everything so that she can be happy, it is not that simple. If you watch the promo for next episode I feel something disturbing is going to happen. There was a scene in the promo when Mehwish looks up and Danish is there holding a knife for the cake but smiling in a weird way. We will find out next week but KRQ said in one of his interviews that there is going to be so much tamasha and heartache that viewers will be surprised. Let’s see what happens as this additional night stay is not going to be that straight forward.

  • It’s a strong play bcz of the shockingly honest and direct communication of the three main characters. No one hides anything from anyone, they are most brutally honest, and this nature of dialogue gives the play its very unique power. Loved every moment. The confidence of a very beautiful woman who’s used to taking compliments through out her life is magnificent in Mahwash. Shehwar or no Shehwar what’s happening in her life had to come one way or the other with her immense ambitious nature of moving forward in life. So the powerful combination of beauty, ambition and boldness is a ruthless character portrayed with such an amazing ease by Ayeza Khan. Husband and wife relationship is unbelievably honest and open, and so is that of the rivals. How can Danish let go of Mahwash, I don’t believe it. He’s going to kill her, I feel, he has the whole night at his disposal. I’m sure he’ll kill her.

    • True Ruhi and most importantly the writer isn’t holding back at all, love that aspect since he is doing so without sensationalizing whatever it being shown.

  • This week epi is just need no comments.just perfect.danish face expressions is remarkable.may be humayun saeed it’s self wont be able to do such a lovely character again.

  • I am reading your reviews and I am fan of your writing. This episode was one the best so far.What a great acting by Humayun Saed.I am fan of Pakistani dramas but haven’t seen any thing like this for a long time. What an amazing performance. I do not think any other actor can justify this character. Every thing else direction, dialogues,story and all other actors are good but Only Hs
    remains in your mind and I am unable to forget his expressions.This is going to be one of my most favorite drama after Khas in recent times.Look forward to
    your reviews always.
    Best Wishes
    Rampi Sahni

    • Thank you so much Rampi for reading the reviews and for liking them. So true, totally agree with you, Humayun Saeed outdid himself completely.

      I will look forward to your feedback as well, appreciate it.

  • Well well brilliant acting of Hamayun Saeed never seen him in such intense role before he deserves a big 👏👏👏👏👏 the conversation between shahwar and Danish was expected but I was clueless that shahwar would go to this extent to make him feel as he is nothing and when shahwar tells him” jab aurat hath chora ky janay lagay tu janay du kionkay wu bhut phalay ja chuki hoti hay” I felt so bad for Danish as his world shatters when he sees those photos which were much of a proof that they were involved he there he makes up his mind to let her go. True when a relationship dies there’s no point in keeping it or lingering with a dead relation. Now the storyline will be more emotional and powerful as mehwish countdown will start.Shahwar is clever enough he knows how to make women fall for him now the entry of Hira will be a bombshell. The character of mehwish shows how a women who loves her family ,can change for money and she’s ready to go and leave the body part her son in a second. When she says “Rumi ko du char din mh Bata Dena kehen dekhay GA to machal Jaye GA 😓sad when u leave ur kids then everything goes down. She’s mean when she says” tum kwey ka mandaq he rehna”loved the decency of a man potrayed by Hamayun that the painful smile he gives wow 👍and requests her to stay the night and when she replies ask shahwar ufffff 😈.Next episode’s would unwind and mehwish would repent .First to be honest when the play started I did not like but this episode hamayun Saeed just nailed his performance and emotions were like it’s real wow. Shahwar character is too charasmatic. I m a big fan, of Adnan Saddiqui, and he’s doing a brilliant act seeing that what he’s doing is wrong still don’t hate him as its hard to resist such power which mehwish couldn’t she has a weak and greedy personality. She wants everything for her self which she’ll be seeing suffering in coming episodes. Good job by nadeem baig and khalil ur Rehman. Round of plause👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏for Danish and shahwar.

  • Powerful episode and powerful acting by Humayun, Ayeza and the ever graceful Adnan.
    I was only following the reviews because at first after reading the reviews i felt that Danish was a bit slow and dumb character and also because KRQ’s scripts are heavy handed and I have not enjoyed anyone of them, not even Pyaray Afzal or Sadqay Tumharey. This one I started to watch after 6th episode. The pace is good and the story is unpredictable. I do not think that Danish is dumb or slow after watching all the episodes, he is just that gentle person who come off as slow but are very deep and sensitive. Humayun’s portrayal of Danish is perfect, how he could only point out Mehwish’s beauty or why he was letting her go was heartbreaking. Ayeza has underplayed the character, I agree but i think that is the beauty of it and it makes it more believable for me, Mehwish is cold and ruthless, “saffaq”.
    Adnan siddiqui is Adnan siddiqui, amazing as the cunning and charming Shehwar, his expressions when he was playing the phone recording for Danish was on point. Eagerly waiting for the next episode.

  • I have not read all the comments above so please ignore if this is repetitive – do you think kahani main twist aayega ki next episode main Danish tries to kill Mehwish…. the way he looked at her in the last scene of the 12 teaser.. and after all, he is a man scorned in love… In somthing haute interview he did say murder bhi ho sakta hai.. drama hai, twists aayenge.. Anyhow, apart from all the reason you all say, what I love about this drama is that it is relatable on so many levels.. the little things like forgetting to pick up his bag, actually driving the bike, going inside the bank and getting screen by the security… and so many other little quirks that Nadeem baig has so nicely captured…it makes the execution relatable if not the story…

    We are hooked,
    with love, from punjab, India.

  • “Tonight, I am sure just like me everyone else also felt all those powerful emotions which Danish fought with throughout.”

    Exactly fatima! Yaqeen kren humayun ne rula dia. Jb mehwish ne itna sunaya usko kunwe ka maindak etc or last mn us ne kaha khana laaun tumhare liye, uff💘 ansu aa gye. I m lovin it seriously.

    On point review Fatimaaaaa🌼

    • Definitely, itni aala performance ke bs. Everywhere I went this weekend Humayun Saeed ki tareefei suni aur buhat ziada khushi hui because he deserves it. Me too AH. Loving the drama and these discussions are the icing on the cake.

      I was waiting for your comment, juldi comment kiya karei;)

      Thank you so much for all your supports, means a lot to me.

      • I try to, mujhy b bohat intezar rehta hai but ghar mn construction chal rahi so, mujhy time nhi mil pata. Friday to sunday dhamakedar dramas hote hn bht maza ata dekh k. Thank you to you too for always giving amazing response. Ye yaad dilata hai k ache log b hain. Jeeti rahiye khush rhiye.

    • Definitely, itni aala performance ke bs. Everywhere I went this weekend Humayun Saeed ki tareefei suni aur buhat ziada khushi hui because he deserves it. Me too AH. Loving the drama and these discussions are the icing on the cake.

      I was waiting for your comment, juldi comment kiya karei;)

      Thank you so much for all your support, means a lot to me.

  • Wo jo kehte hain na mehboob ki khushi ko khushi smjhna, wo aj dekh b liya…… Kmaal kr dia makers ne.

  • Fatima what a review. You nailed it. Every single word is what I wanted to read and what was on my mind. Kudos to you. Keep writing these awesome pieces.

  • What a great story is it!!! Really feeling for Danish… KRQ reminded me drama MTSNH.well review. Waiting for upcoming episode.

  • Absolutely crazy about this drama. The story is not something new but the lay out is amazing. The way the actors performed it. I know it’s a drama but little unrealistic. Which husband would just sit there and act so calm after seeing his wife pics in night suit with some men in a hotel room. He goes home and doesn’t say a word to him, doesn’t fight. I mean basically nothing. He tells her to pack her stuff and she can go with him. I haven’t seen a husband like that in my entire life but I guess that’s what they are trying to show. How much he loves his wife. I have to say the dialogues are amazingly written. Loved it when he said “jub biwi janay ka bolay tou ussay kyun kai woh pehlay sai ja chuki hoti hai”.

  • >