Alif Episode 4 Story Review – Simply Beautiful

Opening Thoughts – Simply Beautiful:

Ohkay so, this was another beautiful episode of Alif. I feel I am falling short of words right now. It is absolutely amazing that the drama-makers have given the viewers such a drama which touches their heart. Umera Ahmed is Umera Ahmed for a reason, she knows what she is talking about. She knows what she wants to say & how to say it as well. I don’t even remember how many times while watching this episode I felt a lump in my throat & found myself getting teary-eyed. They have portrayed emotions with such beauty & finesse that it sets Alif apart. What I love the most is that while they show people struggling in their lives, they always make sure to bring their emotions to the forefront & this is what strikes a chord every single time. Each & every scene of Alif is perfectly compiled where it has so much to show & offer. Hats off Team Alif for bringing such a perfect drama to the table!

Meaningful Conversations:

Abdul Alla & Master Ibrahim’s meeting was one of my favorite scenes of this episode. It was detailed & just enough to let the viewers know where they met, what sort of relationship they share & the ship that Master Ibrahim has sailed in the past. I loved seeing how Momin’s Dada Jee; Abdul Alla, after feeling helpless went to see Master Ibrahim & confided in him. It was like he needed this catharsis & because he could not bring himself to talk to Momin about all the things that bothered him, he decided to share it with the one who he knew will understand his feelings. Master Ibrahim was once a shoe designer, he was living his life to the fullest, making money being an artist but then, his life changed & Abdul Alla played a huge part in bringing him back to his roots. Master Ibrahim is still very much in touch with his artistic side but he has changed his direction & he is far more content & happy.

“Insaan ko har tarhaan ke raaste pe chalna hota hai, sirf seedhe raaste pe chal ke to koi apne Rabb tak nahi pohanchta”, who would’ve said & known it better than Master Ibrahim. Abdul Alla also knows exactly what Ibrahim’s life was before & how everything has changed, but yes, being a helpless grandfather who wants what’s best for Momin, he could not help being worried. Momina & Abdul Alla saw each other. That brief moment was enough for Momina to know that he was someone very important for Master Ibrahim & she will later find out who he actually is.

Alif Episode 4 Story Review - Simply Beautiful

Momina & her friend’s interaction was another beautiful moment of this episode. Her friend knows exactly how hard things are for Momina already, that is why she wanted to do something that would help Momina get to the auditions. Momina is talented & because life has not been favorable for her or her family, she underestimates her talent. Momina wants to, but she fears dreaming big & this was elaborated in the conversation that she had with Jahangir, still hoping to do soaps & dramas. It is beautiful how everyone around Momina sees the potential in her, they are always more confident than her. It explains how when circumstances are tough, the one going through the crisis stops seeing the skills which they have been blessed with. Momina lives in fear, she has so much running through her mind & that is why, she has let this fear overshadow everything else. Momina finally got selected & I really dread that a start of something great might in other terms turn out to be a huge personal loss for her? I so hope that does not happen though. Jahangir is the only driving force in her life, he encourages her, he motivates her, he is her brother, her friend, her partner in practice sessions – I hope nothing happens to him!

Momin was taken back to his childhood. I loved how it was explained that your circumstances in childhood shape your future. Momin grew up in a setting where he was very much aware of how he had to differentiate between right & wrong but because everything around him was what his definition of ‘wrong’ used to be, while despising it, he ended up doing all of that himself. Momin is being tested by the Creator & he has no idea. Young Momin saw his mother doing all that he never liked, he saw his mother dancing in front of men, he saw her spending time with strangers – Momin noticed all of that but his tender age did not allow him to see how helpless his mother was, how she didn’t want to do all of it but she was being pushed. Another attention to detail that I enjoyed watching was how they showed that slowly & steadily Momin’s clothing changed, everything around him changed – it was because Husn e Jahan decided to get back to work & then she started providing these luxuries for her family & child, while feeling dead inside.

Alif Episode 4 Story Review - Simply Beautiful

Momin was keen to find his answers & he was so sorted that he also had a plan of action set in case he did not get the reply from the Creator. Young Momin would have never thought that all the things that he said to his friends will end up being his future. Momin actually is upset, he is sad, he is not happy because Allah did not reply to his letters & then his surroundings played a huge part in turning him into this arrogant successful director of this age. All the scenes that covered younger Momin’s ordeals & surroundings were brilliantly done. They actually did take us in the past & gave away all those details that were necessary to put things into perspective & complete the entire picture.

Abdul Alla prayed hard for Momin. They finally had a conversation & Momin thought he had all the winning arguments but his Dada obviously outbid him. For the first time Momin was forced to leave the argument & turn his back because even he did not have the answers to his Dada’s questions. Momin is right, everyone knows him, his Dada is right too – Allah knows him. I loved loved loved the conversation they had about ‘arrogance’. It highlighted the concept of projection, Momin saw exactly what he himself is in his Dada’s argument – arrogance. It is a done deal that Abdul Alla must have left but he has made Momin curious. I am not sure if this is the reason why Abdul Alla used to seek Husn e Jahan’s forgiveness – the flashback of Taha (Ahsan Khan) asking him the same question that Momin did about ‘seedha raasta‘? Is it that Abdul Alla did not approve of Taha & Husn e Jahan’s marriage because Husn e Jahan was an actor & because Taha left, Abdul Alla felt guilty? I can not wait to find out the truth but oh yes, no spoilers please!

Neha & Momin’s conversation was interesting too. Momin actually is emotionally invested in this relationship & he actually can not understand why Neha is being so pushy about Zufi? It was a minute expression but Hamza Ali Abbasi was phenomenal when he showed Momin finding it hard to believe that Neha was putting Zufi above him. He is Qalb e Momin, someone who is so used to being everyone’s priority, the first, the one & only, that for a moment he could not really accept what was happening to him & that Neha was saying all these things to his face!

Closing Thoughts – Perfection:

This episode of Alif was nothing short of perfection. All the actors have breathed life into their characters & this drama is an experience in itself. While watching their exceptional performances, I always look out for those minute expressions & I enjoy them the most. Manzar Sehbai was the star of this episode for sure. The way he got overwhelmed at the thought of Momin being lost was absolutely brilliant. Saife Hassan in that scene was equally brilliant too. The way he normalizes himself when Momina walks in was such a treat to watch. Sajal Ali was absolutely adorable as the underconfident Momina who was finding it hard to believe that she got selected. She also felt a little shy at the fact that she was in a 4-star hotel, it was all so amazing to see. Oh yes, her audition scene was another highlight of this episode, what a performer! Pehlaaj Hassan is another breath of fresh air in this drama – his scenes are heavy but his innocence gives so much relief. Pehlaaj Hassan has played the role of younger Momin with such finesse that both him & Haseeb Hassan deserve credit for getting such kind of acting channeled out.

I loved Qalb e Momin’s winning speech where he was thanking himself for the hard work, Hamza Ali Abbasi has nailed Qalb e Momin’s arrogance. That scene was so perfect & amusing where Qalb e Momin was showing off his victory & Abdul Alla left thinking it wasn’t worth his time. Kubra Khan looked gorgeous in this episode but yes, I loved her in those scenes more where she was with her son, being his mother. The supporting actors are doing a wonderful job too, Sadaf Kanwal & the actor playing the role of Momina’s friend are really good as well. This episode was absolutely beautiful. Umera Ahmed has written some brilliant dialogues – every single conversation is so meaningful which depicts the inner struggles of a believer with such clarity, simply amazing! Haseeb Hassan definitely should be very proud of himself for directing Alif so brilliantly. When the time comes, it won’t be wrong for Haseeb Hassan to thank himself for such an amazing direction – just like Qalb e Momin did, lol! Please share your thoughts about this episode of Alif.

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  • Alif is just tooooo good. A true masterpiece. Everything from the acting to the direction and thr cinematography is just perfect. It truly looks like the novel has been brought to life. Loved reading your review❤

  • WOW!! What an emotionally packed serial👌🏼👌🏼 The dialogues, the acting, the direction, the casting… Everything is done to perfection!👍 Manzar Sehbai definitely has a screen presence and coupled with those powerful dialogues, the impact on the viewer is phenomenal 👏 Another thing which is unique about this play is that each and every character is connected or related with each other in one form or another. Whether it is Master Ibrahim, Taha, Momina or Momin. This type of writing is in every way at par with many of the English authors. This drama definitely makes u proud that Pakistan is also producing content of international standards. Wonderful review as always 👍
    However, the only problem I have with Alif is of the time slot. Airing such a splendid serial on a Saturday when dramas like MPTH have already made an impact on the audience was a weak decision. Very detrimental to the viewership.

    • Thank you so much Ibrahim. Yes, everything that you have said about Alif is absolutely true. It sure is interesting how all these characters are related, it sure is going to be interesting to see them getting acquainted with one another later in life.

      I think a lot of people are relying on YouTube uploads when it comes to Alif. Yes, it might not be getting the ratings but people are surely watching it on the internet. :)

  • Lovely review Zahra, this show deserves another slot, should be put on Kahin Deep Jalay, cannot believe such show gets high rating and due to MPTH this show is suffering, they need to put this show immdtly on a new slot

    • Ash plz do post this on the Geo network official website. I am doing the same thing. More the no. of people, the quicker the action.

    • Thank you so much Ash. Yes, that is right but I guess people are relying on YouTube uploads to watch Alif. This is the reason why it might not be getting the ratings but is being heavily followed by the masses. I do agree that for the sake of ratings, they can switch the slot.

  • Spot on review zehra, this drama is a treat to watch and all the actors are doing brilliant job, even my favourite scene was the one with Dada and master Ibrahim such a powerful scene it was, it moved me to tears.

  • Excellent, really getting short of words for this beautiful drama. Keep it up
    Best among the rest.

  • i am sorry but this drama is not as impactful as i thought. though it has huge cast and glamour but in front of MPTH it is nothing. MPTH has only three characters but these three characters grab attantion. but ALif inspite of huge cast, unable to catch attention. this drama gives impression of a movie. although i used to believe that Umera has grip over dialogues but i think khalil ur rehman’ dialogues are more crispy in MPTH. sorry i made comparison unintionally .

    • Can’t compare. Two different things. What is the need to compare. Two different animals entirely.

    • Its bcoz mpth has already reached a very interesting stage. And Alif is a little classy and arty kind. Present and Past are shown simultaneously and another thing is that most of the people know the story already.

    • No, you don’t have to be sorry. However I will agree with the other commenters that both the dramas can’t be compared because they have totally different plots. Both are amazing in their own way.

  • Your review is very much on point. Though I have read the novel but I m enjoying this drama toooo much.

    • Thank you so much Beenish. It is amazing to know that all the novel-readers are finding the drama execution perfect. The team sure has done wonders. :)

  • That toxic dialogue merae Pas fame nahi koi mujhae nahi janta magar Allah mujhae janta hae pehchanta hae.. Kia woh tum hae janta hae? Leaves me in tears… I wish everyone of us ask this question with ourself. Very deep spiritual meanings in every scene that made me wonder how can umera think like this? Although MPTH is an emotional drama but Alif is a totally different concept can’t wait for Saturday, my reason to stay back relax and watch all wonderful dramas. Hatts off to cast, writer and crew.

  • Right Zahra, simply beatiful, complete agree with ur review, cant find any flaws in this drama, its really like rrk and sez, a class apart, you have to concentrate and enjoy the art.Each n every actor is extraordinary, they are living it. I wish it was coming on another day, I had feeling that this will kill mere paas tum h, but that one has moved ahead and thats why this one is being affected.
    Just 1 question , I didnt understand why husnejahan didnt stay with dada in turkey, why she returned to pak and started dancing agn.

    • Thank you so much Tiger. It sure is a perfect drama & yes, I watch it with undivided attention as well because there is so much to grasp, it is absolutely beautiful. Yes, Mere Pass Tum Ho is at a crucial stage & has already engaged the audience but I guess a lot of people are relying on YouTube uploads of Alif, that is why it is not getting the ratings but is still being followed. :)

  • Superb review
    Such an amazing episode. This drama is doing great so far. First talking about momina finally she got her first big break. Finally she got a role in a movie but it seems that life is not that simple, zindagi itni seedhi is full of test and wo kehtey heina k ek mushkil jati nhi dusri ajati hai, that’s how momina’ s life is. If she will do sabr then definitely she will find Allah on her side.
    Coming towards Momin, I m just loving the way his story is shaping. All those flashbacks showed his sufferings in his life which made him a behtka hua insan. In simples word Momin ka emaan kamzoor hogia hai aur jab ek insan ka emaan kamzoor hojata hai tu usko sukoon nhi milta although he is portraying that he is happy but he is not happy at all. Qalb e Momin and his dada scenes are the highlight of the episode. When his dada said Allah muhje janta hai pehchanta hai hai Kya Allah tumhy janta hai that dialogue was so impactful and emotional. Actually Allah tu hum sab ko janta hai but the point is hum Allah ko bhool jatey hein aur humein aisa lagta hai k Allah humein bhool gia jab ky aisa nhi hota. I would love to see the journey of qalb e momin from qalb(dil) of million people to Allah’s Momin. I am glad that after so much time there is such a beautiful and spiritual drama serial which portrayed the relationship of Allah and Insan. This serial reminds me of an old serial Ajaib Khana featuring Nabeel and Mishi Khan that I had seen on ptv when it was repeated. Although I don’t remember the story much bcoz I was child at that time but yeah I remember the story was basically revolves around a journey of a person portrayed by nabeel from Ishq mujazi to ishq Haqeqi.
    I m looking forward to coming episodes

    • Thank you so much OeN for your beautiful comment. I agree, it is definitely refreshing to see Alif, a drama which is all about the struggles of a believer. We rarely get to see such dramas & it is so amazing that such a talented team got together to spread this message across. Just like you, even I am keen to see Momin’s transition & his reversion. It will be one beautiful journey. :) I do feel for Momina a lottt, she is dealing with so much at the moment.

  • There’s not a single episode that I didn’t rewatch coz the drama is just too good.. You’re so right about the writing the direction the acting. I read the novel 2 days back and I was really looking forward to Abdul Alla and Master Ibrahim’s meeting. Manzar Sehbai has put life to this already amazing character.. Everyone’s doing such a great job that they make me rewatch every episode. And also I feel the changes they’ve made in the drama is a good decision although there aren’t many but they add more to the story.
    If they keep the same pace it’s going to be the best thing we’ve witnessed in years..

    • Also they’ve done a great job choosing the actors coz in Manzar Sehbai and Hamza’s scene (at Momin’s place ) even their voices and expressions were alike it actually looked like Hamza is his Grandson. Everyone fits really well in each role that it’s so amazing..

    • Thank you for sharing your thoughts Maha. It is always amazing to know that the novel readers can’t fault the drama execution. It shows how their hard work is paying off. Abdul Alla & Master Ibrahim’s meeting was indeed very special. The episode which started on such a sweet note ended on a bitter one with Momin telling his Dada to leave. I can not wait to see the rest of Momin’s journey. :) All the actors are amazing.

  • Thank for the review Zahra.
    Yes I agree the timings of Alif are not appropriate because of Meray Paas Tum Ho. The timings can be changed of either. Both being somewhat related to Humayun Saeed (one production other as an actor).
    Coming to the episode. Everything was brilliant; performance, editing, direction, camera work and obviously the script.
    Momin depicts all of us, if any prayer is not answered one’s emaan is shattered and one leaves Allah as Momin did. Also, in first episode, aqsa’s (Fareeha Raza” dialogue when she is trying to make Momina understand the importance of Momin’s movie, “Woh momin hai, keena rakhta hai” is so realistic. We see many such people around us. I may be one of them.
    Also, I noticed that momina has a loyal friend in form of Aqsa whereas even Momin’s fiance is not loyal to him. Not a big fan of Hamza’a acting, but it seems that this role is just for him. His deep voice also adds to his character.
    Waiting for more.

    • Thank you so much Ambivert for your insightful comment. This is what the beauty of this story is, everyone is going to relate to all that is being shown. Sometimes they will find themselves in the struggles of Momina & sometimes they will see a mirror in Momin’s arrogance. Umera Ahmed surely knows how to strike a chord. I agree, it is so nice to see Momina having a friend whereas Momin who thinks has it all is actually all alone. Hamza Ali Abbasi is so convincing as Qalb e Momin, I don’t think anyone else could’ve played this role better. You’re right about his voice, it adds more depth to his portrayal.

  • Hi Zahra, i liked your review truly, you left no stone unturned to honour the beautiful episode. All the scenes were perfectly elaborated. I can understand the reason of Qalb e Momin got so arrogant and self centred, because he gone through emotional pain throughout his childhood. His father walked out silently, which he is still wonders why, his letters to Allah did not get answer the way his little mind seeks, and then he was getting haunted by his mother’s character who he loved most. All these sufferings drifted him from the people he love and trust, from Allah and made him self centred and then arrogant. It is true, when people gets luxury they get slowly detached from Allah, but for Qalb e momin, his bad childhood experience plays much part in drifting. Abdul Ala and Master’s scene were really amazing. The way Master says, “us time main bas chahta tha, paise”, shows that now he understood that in the life here money should not be one’s priority. The scene between Momina and her friend was also very nice. Her friend looks new, but delivered promisingly. Hamza on couch discussing project and when his girlfriend brings her friend and then how Hamza has handled the situation with arrogance and with professional way, was mind blowing. The guest was unexpected, so handling the situation was very awkward, but he managed beautifully.

    • Hello Aamer, thank you so much for appreciating the review & adding more to the discussion with your insightful comment. :) I agree, the meeting scene was executed brilliantly. Momin does not mend his ways for others, he has made a point about himself & he wants people to obey him all the time. Neha, not doing that is what is causing Momin some issues.

      Yes, for the first time being taken into the past again & again is not irksome, in fact it helps so much in understanding the current emotional state of Momin. I can not wait to find out more. :)

  • What a phenomenal episode and your review as well Zahra .
    Dada Jan Abdul Alla acting was great in this episode . The way he cried in front of Allah was very emotional . Little Momin’s acting is too good . Pehlaaj Hassan will become an amazing actor .
    Momina’s acting in that audition scene was great .

    I love Umera Ahmed’s novels

    • Thank you so much Gurya for your kind words of appreciation. Yes, I agree, all the scenes of Abdul Alla were beautiful & Manzar Sehbai portrayed the emotions of a helpless grandfather to perfection. Umera Ahmed surely has a fan base for a reason, her work is amazing. :)

  • Uff zahara, aghaaz mn jo b aap ne kaha exactly wesa hi hua, 2 scenes ek jis mn mulaqat hua ibrahim or dada ki, or doosra jis mn dada ne kaha “mujhy jaanta hai wo pehchhaanta hai, tumhe janta hai? ” literally meri amkho se ansu nikl pre be saakhta. Literally perfection. Alif waqai ek experience hai, ek ek cheez, ek ek baat, ek ek taasur kamaal ka hai…..
    Or zahra apka review b on point. Hmare alfaz hain jo ao ne likh daale yaqeen kren.

    • Thank you so much Ali Haider for your kindness. I so agree, ye waqay hi aik experience hai because there is so much to see & grasp. Bohat hi amazing drama hai Alif. Wo dono scenes bohat hi phenomenal the, shuru mai Dada Jee ko helpless bataya gaya aur end mai utna hi brave aur strong because unke pass apne argument ko paish karne ke liye valid points the. Qalb e Momin khamosh reh gaya. :D

  • On the mark review Zahra! You said everything I was feeling. Excellent write up!
    I was desperately waiting to watch Alif & couldn’t coz was not available in the US. I didn’t want to read the reviews to get any spoiler alert. Thank God YouTube uploaded it recently & binged watched all 4 episodes in one setting. Nothing short of perfection! I am a huge fan of Umera Ahmed. Have read all her novels & watch her drama serials over & over again. She approaches spirituality in a unique way which is not in your face but rather a journey of thought & ponder. A marvelous writer & I am in complete awe of this serial.
    All the characters are perfectly woven together & performances are superb! Hamza Ali Abbasi is just phenomenal in his portrayal of an obnoxious & arrogant person. His eyes portray his inner struggle which he’s unaware of at the moment. Love his character! Kubra Khan performed exceptionally well too. Her conflicting emotions & scenes with young Momin were simply beautiful!
    And what to say about the young Momin — WOW!
    What a delight to watch him. His innocence & expressions are so true & cuteness overload😊
    I am not a fan of Sajjal so nothing to report there. I don’t see any nuance in her acting. It’s the same old expressions & rona dhona.
    Can’t wait to watch the next episode. Since we watch it on YouTube so no conflict with MPTH😊

    • Oh hi Gullo, so good to hear from you after a long long time. I am so glad you watched this drama & will be joining the discussions now. :) I so agree with everything you have said about Umera Ahmed’s approach on spirituality & the struggle related to it, she surely forces you to reflect. Pehlaaj Hassan is surely a treat to watch. Hamza Ali Abbasi has portrayed this character perfectly, his expressions are always phenomenal. I do you Sajal impresses you in the episodes to come. :)

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