Meray Pass Tum Ho Episode 5 Story Review – The Dinner & The Decision

Tonight’s episode of Meray Pass Tum Ho had some pleasant surprises and the overall execution of this episode was right on point. The pace of this show continues to be slow since there are no sidetracks and it has a handful of characters therefore I do feel at times that I need a break from watching the same faces in the entire duration of the drama. The story is as simple as it gets, so simple that we still don’t know much about the families of these characters. The scenes covering Danish’s time in the office break the monotony and tonight’s episode had quite a few interesting conversations.

Danish’s Decision

The highlight of this episode was Danish’s decision to give the bribe money back, this would have made so much more sense if he had not taken and spent the money initially. It was nevertheless good to see him making this decision since someone like him would never take such a risk. The opening scenes covering Danish’s state of mind were written and executed well. These scenes clearly showed that for Danish this was a huge amount which meant even more discomfort for him.

Meray Pass Tum Ho 1

Later on, realizing what he had to do in return and finally reaching the conclusion that he was better off not taking this bribe was the best decision he has made so far. It was really good to see Danish concluding something positive based on his own wisdom as opposed to listening to what Mehwish had been telling him. His boss’ reaction however made it quite obvious that he was going to pay a big price for his honesty – a scenario which was easy to connect to. We have all heard true stories about people being punished for their honesty in such work environments and this isn’t something we see being highlighted in dramas often. I am glad that the writer is going to show how easy it is for a person to please the bigwigs and earn good money and how difficult it is for him to take a decision which does not suit such people. It was also good to see that Danish did not drag Aba in this conversation. Humayun Saeed’s performance has been faultless throughout. Although, I don’t find Danish’s character appealing and his dialogues can at times be annoying but Humayun Saeed has translated this character flawlessly on screen. You understand why someone like Danish would constantly be taken for granted and why people think that he does not deserve a wife like Mehwish.

The Dinner

The grandeur of Shahwar’s house and his lifestyle was shown in a detailed manner in this episode. The background score and the overall atmosphere was that of impending doom, like this meeting was going to change the way things were right now for these two individuals living a simple life. While Danish was in awe of Shahwar’s confidence, there were also quite a few scenes which showed how socially awkward Danish was. There are times when Danish does not come across as simple but he is someone who cannot socialize with people like any other man his age would.

Mehwish on the other hand is clever, even though she had her reservations about how Shahwar had planned Danish’s exit from the dinner table, she played along with it. She even made sure that Rumi went with Danish so she could finally find out more about Shahwar’s wife and his relationship with her. Mehwish is being inquisitive, she is confused but at the same time she is ‘enjoying’ this entire situation and her expressions when she saw the necklace summed up why she finds Shahwar so appealing. Mehwish thinks it is alright for her to talk to Shahwar since it’s not hurting anyone.

Meray Pass Tum Ho2 1

Shahwar comes from a completely different world and perhaps he is Mehwish’s definition of an ‘ideal man’ but she is married to Danish – someone who loves her – therefore right now she is only toying with the idea of getting to know this man better. Mehwish tried to set certain ‘boundaries’ but she can also see that Shahwar knows how to get ‘what’ he wants, she also knows that she is the one he wants! That is something Danish knows too since Shahwar has never made an effort to hide his feelings. Ayeza Khan’s performance has been solid throughout, she is a good actor but her overall look in this play at times doesn’t go well with her character.

Final Remarks

I enjoyed watching tonight’s episode of Meray Pass Tum Ho since everything was covered quite convincingly. I was however hoping once again to hear something regarding Mehwish’s family when Shahwar asked about their wedding but the conversation revolved around Mehwish and Danish alone. In my opinion, the biggest drawback of this drama so far is that the characters do not have a proper backstory or relatives. It is also difficult to believe that someone like Mehwish could stay with Danish for so long. Also, Mehwish mentioned that she had saved 28000 for the necklace and they also have an extra necklace yet these two have not yet talked about how they can use this money to get Rumi into school. Mehwish finally wore the necklace tonight – hurrah!

The conversations and scenarios are limited to their relationships with each other and their personalities. Tonight’s episode however gave me hope that this drama might have something more to offer in the future. Although, the story is pretty basic but tonight’s episode suggested that the writer might offer something new in the upcoming episodes.

Do share your thoughts about this latest episode of Meray Pass Tum Ho.

Fatima Awan

Fatima Awan has been a part of reviewit right from its inception. She feels very passionately about Pakistani dramas and loves discussing them in detail. An enthusiastic writer, thinker, and political scientist, constantly trying to look beyond the obvious. Full-time mom.

  • Aj waqaee Humayun ki acting achee thee… Magar wohi baat drama appeal naheen ker raha. Shehwar bhee puri film hai. Agar Mehwish main thori bhee aqal dikhaee gaee to she will not go with Shahwar. Bas is aurat ka matmae nazar to Paisa hee hai or else Shahwar was talking too much and it was smarmy and cringeworthy. Ok let’s wait for any twist. Btw, Rumi ki waja se kafi cuteness aajatee hai drama main.

  • I don’t know who is more creepy Shahwar or Mehwish? how can she even think about a man who drinks, but then greedy women never think when it comes to money, and at long last in the 5th episode & after so many times counting his blessings, Danish finally remembered he had a son too & not just a wife, it’s slow with the same dialogues over & over again lets hope she leaves him soon, can’t hear much more of Shahwar’s so creepy dialogues.

  • Tonight episode was really good, i hope drama will offer something more then we have assumed so far. I really appreciate camera work of this play. Nadeem baig deserves full credit for this. Humayun saeed has translated his state of mind beautifully. By the way, your review is spot on.

  • Lo ji aaj shahwar ne danish ko toot-ponjya hi bana dala lekin achi baat thi ke mahwush ne iska bura manaya phir ye bhi key aesi baaten usey achi nahin lageen. That means love for danish is alive but slowly fading away. Shahwar tactfully knitting his snare to catch that beauty queen, when…. only time wl tell.btw fab review fatima.

    • Bilkul sahi kaha aap ne, totally agree with you. I think she will finally fall for him because she is clearly attracted to his charm and of course the wealth. Curious to know who his wife is. Thank you so much MR for liking the reviews, enjoyed reading your comment.

  • This episode was actually better. To be honest i agree with you that Danish is not as much likeable as he should me. I found shahwar more interesting but that’s just us liking someone who has some bad aspects to his personality but if we set our moral compass then we know that not much likeable Danish is right than his wife. She’s clearly making a mistake and she doesn’t know that when a woman makes this kind of mistake, she will have to pay for the rest of her life. I feel like this drama is like MTSNH. It will be more fun towards the later parts. Usually KRQ’s stories move at a show pace with few exceptions. The fact is since we don’t have side characters much so it’s not dynamic. One thing i find weird is that if Mehwish is like this then in past 7 years not anyone tried to make a pass at her? I feel like Rumi is not any contribution to the story. He is just there for no apparent reason. What kind of parents it’s they are who almost never talk about their kid?
    Anyways this episode was good. This drama will be more interesting when Mehwish will Leave Danish for Shahwar.
    Excellent review

    • Exactly what I was thinking, MTSNH also did not take off immediately therefore I am hoping this one too will get more interesting in the upcoming weeks. Yes, it is difficult to believe that Mehwish stayed married to Shahwar for this long especially considering the fact she has a friend with rich acquaintances and no morals! This entire story would have made much more sense if these two had been married for 2 years or so, there was no kid and this was an arranged marriage. I can’t even imagine someone like Mehwish falling for Danish!

      Thank you so much for liking the review Ahsan. Appreciate your feedback.

  • The actors are doing good job and they are very much in their characters but the story is not happening at all. I did not find it realistic. Like mehwish k kaprey dekhyein kahan sy lagta hai k inn k pass apny bachy ko school bajny k paisy nhi hai.
    Mehwish and Shahwaar both are selfish. Mehwish knows about shahwaar intentions but still she is not giving him shut up call bcoz for her money is everything.

    • I think it’s a matter of priority, kpre jewelry ke liye paise hei bachay ki fees ke liye nahi and Danish also does not give her the aqal she so needs. Yes! she is enjoying all the attention she is getting from a rich and charming man.

  • The episode had another of those annoying “Audio removed to avoid copyright infringement.”
    Could anyone tell me if an alternate website has the uncut version of the episode?

  • I feel KrQ is going to surprise all of us moving forward. Its not going to be as predictable as everyone is thinking. Let’s see what happens. If you pay attention each dialogue has a deeper meaning to it. Although this style of the writing is becoming bit boring but I am very hopeful we are in for few twists.

  • Hi Fatima, Your review was perfect, detailing everything. Yes, we do feel, the characters are less, no character background and slow pace. I thought Danish will slowly fell down into the bribery trench, but seems he managed to get out easily from first pothole only. However, i did surprise of Mehwish not fighting back when heard the reason of returning bribe money by Danish. I thought she by next day. It is a reality, many times we find many such cases, roads especially, which is remained unchanged for so long, so this might happen that they were managed to get repaired, but in documents and some time we find, some of the good roads are getting repaired unnecessarily. From Tonight i like two dialogues; first when Danish says,, “i wore that shirt on Anoushay’s wedding/reception but there was a coat over to it, so i will wear it again & no one will recognize it”. These are typical man character, they do so to spending money. Another from Shahwar about real meaning of “Breakup”. I like the concept that breakup is not just breaking the relationship in socio-physical sense, but having different of opinion at all the times between the two live in people, is the real breakup.

    • Hello Aamer, thank you for liking the review and for sharing your views here. The break-up dialogues were good but they didn’t work for me since Shahwar is such a shallow person – the words lost their meaning since they were coming from someone like him. Agree with you about Danish wanting to wear that shirt – most men do reuse clothes like that LOL!

  • Gr8 review Fatima. The episode was slightly better than the last 2 but still my hopes have gone done. I really had high expectations, but it was my mistake to expect another classic like Dillagi. The story is too simple, but execution is also full of flaws, you just cant connect with any character. the writer and director are both confused abt Mehwish’s character, they are not sure abt how to potray her, fully negative or a good person but just little greedy. Humayun’s character is also annoying. its hard to believe that they had a love marriage, you just don’t see any feelings from Mehwish’s side. And why the hell Adnan Siddique agn for a role similar to what he did in mere qatil mere dildar, and also something with saba qamar.

    I hope that future episodes start making more sense. This writer just concentrates on heavy dialogues, even when the situation does not demand, too overrated.

  • There is nothing new in this drama. Everybody knows what will happen in upcoming episodes. Mahwish will marry to shahwaar and shahwaar wife will back in his life.adnan Siddiqui acting is outstanding but by face he looks like a father. Humayaun Saeed acting is very poor. Aiza Khan is doing best. Script and dialogues are very week.

    • Thank you so much for informing me Mahroosh. They have always copied us but this time they literally copy pasted, will definitely talk to them. Thanks a ton.

  • The worst thing they have shown is that monty and shehwar keep saying insulting things abt humayun, infact they have been directly bashing him, still she doesn’t say anything, this is totally unacceptable in my opinion, how can a wife bear all this. Its not that she is not on talking terms with her husband or already separated, or already is having an affair with someone, so showing the 2 guys openly making a pass at her, and she silently listening to all of that makes her a completely unlikeable character.

  • Mehwish who is supposed to have “university education” spends hours thinking about what to wear to parties and not repeating clothes, while her son who looks old enough to be in grade 2 hasn’t even started school yet. Couldn’t she put him in some school ! if she cannot afford the expensive school, which she talks about.
    These dramas glorify all the wrong things.

  • I’m wondering if Hira Mani will be Shahwar’s ex? And she left him because he was a creep? And her and Danish end up together and he becomes successful and rich with her support?

  • Guys!
    The song that is removed due to copyright claim in episode 5 on youtube, Can Any one tell me the title of the song? Was that song also removed when this show aired on TV? I

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