Meray Pass Tum Ho Episode 7 Story Review – Giving In to The Temptation

Meray Pass Tum Ho is yet another story about unfaithful spouses but the good thing is that so far this drama does not have a commercial feel to it. Although, the production values have been grand but the locations and the situations have been kept as realistic as possible. Nadeem Baig’s exceptional skills as a director show in every single scene since he has made sure that this drama doesn’t get too boring. Meray Pass Tum Ho has definitely grown on me but at the same time because of the clichΓ©d and predictable storyline it doesn’t keep me at the edge of my seat. The slow pace of this drama suggests that the writer is in no rush to tell the story and he wants to explore human emotions more than anything else.

Also, unlike before the characters make much more sense now but the fact that these characters do not have a background – no proper history, definitely gives the impression that the story has started from the middle. I have given up hope of finding out where Mehwish is from, whether she has an actual family or not and what was her life like before she got married. I feel it was really important to show or tell the viewers what Mehwish’s background was since that would have given her character more depth and meaning. Why is she the way she is? Right now, the viewers can only label her as greedy and selfish but there is no reason for her being this way, which makes her character just plain shallow.

Shahwar and Danish’s Meeting

I absolutely loved how the writer showed the gullible side of Danish’s personality. Even after making up his mind, he completely changed his opinion when Shahwar told him all those lies. Danish decided to follow his gut feeling but Shahwar was already prepared to receive him in a way which took him completely by surprise. Mehwish of course, played a major role in making sure that Shahwar was ready to deal with the situation. Danish on the other hand was caught unaware and that is why he fell for Shahwar’s trap, at least for some time. It made perfect sense that someone like Danish fell for such lies since he is highly gullible. Although Danish is completely capable of critical thinking but he is also someone who gets convinced easily. He has trusted Shahwar twice until now only because he treated him well and assured him that he could be trusted.

Shahwar’s confidence clearly suggested that he was a master manipulator. Shahwar’s grand house and the overall atmosphere went so well with his personality. There is a mysterious air about him, the house he lives him and even the aged person who supervises everything in the house has a certain strangeness about him, like they are all hiding an ugly secret. The treatment given to this character has been superb which keeps it from being too run-of-the-mill.

Meray Pass Tum Ho Episode 7 Story Review - Giving In to The Temptation

Giving In to The Temptation

Mehwish has definitely made up her mind and the way she operated today showed that she was quite capable of lying and cheating without thinking twice about it. After telling Danish to return the gifts, she called Shahwar and later on, she pretended as if she was not bothered at all about this meeting and its outcome.

Mehwish was really sneaky tonight because she kept on lying to Danish without feeling guilty about it even once. Mehwish it seems is also lying to herself, she is enjoying the excitement she feels when Shahwar praises her and she is pretty sure that she deserves everything Shahwar has given her. The way she accepted that cheque and was more than willing to do whatever her boss asked her to do, showed a completely different side of Mehwish’s personality. The fact that she was doing all this with Danish’s ‘permission’ now gave her even more confidence. Ayeza Khan’s performance was brilliant throughout tonight. Everything that was shown tonight, made me wonder if Mehwish only married Danish because she was hoping that one day he could give her the life she wanted but because that never happened, she no longer ‘loves’ him. Once again, I felt the need to know why Mehwish married Danish and what the circumstances were.

The Performances & The Execution

Adnan Siddiqui has translated his character exceptionally well on screen and Humayun Saeed was extremely convincing in all the scenes tonight. Ayeza Khan’s performance has been effortless throughout too but Mehr Bano’s acting reminds me of the role she played in Balaa although this character is completely different. Tonight’s episode had quite a few interesting situations and then there were other scenes which showed a shocking side of Mehwish’s personality. Danish’s character is gradually shaping up and he has my undivided attention. The dialogues when the accident happened made me laugh since Humayun Saeed’s age is constantly being discussed on every forum on regular basis. All the scenes tonight were shot perfectly and the scenes shot outdoors were especially impressive. Mehwish has made up her mind and things will only get more complicated now. There is nothing appealing about the overall story but the director in particular has done his part really well.

Do share your thoughts about tonight’s episode of Meray Pass Tum Ho.

Fatima Awan

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  • I totally agree that M is lying to herself but only because it’s the begining of her relationship (or whatever it is) with S. I don’t completely get M…I mean she’s not an all black character…perhaps a dark grey one but definitely not all black. She obviously cares for D and didn’t exactly set out to trap S…so far I feel it’s more Shahwar’s connivance and less Mehwish’s trickery that’s bringing them closer but this is bound to change soon. Poor Danish…so kind, so (as you said) gullible, so easily manipulated. Humayun’s overall look is perfect for this role…I love his performance in this drama. And though I’m a huge fan of Adnan’s…I think Shahwar is a total sleazeball. His dialogues kinda ruin his scenes for me. Tbh I’ve never watched a single Khalil-ur-Reman Qamar drama before because I find them both dialogue-heavy and heavy on dialogues and though this one seems a bit easier on the ears… Shahwar’s lines are a total turn off for me. Ayeza is amazing as usual…her acting just flows. Though I’m not too sold on her dialogues either… because every second line she says is actually a question… especially with Shahwar. I loved your review and like you I also love the direction and treatment of MPTH…which keeps me coming back for more despite the lack of suspense in the plotline.

    • Thank you so much N for liking the review, I am glad we are on the same page. I agree, the direction and treatment has been really good. Keep reading and commenting.

  • Todays episode was less boring than the previous ones… mehwish’s character sahe se samne aya hai… feeling for danish…. 😞 …

  • I m still struggling to get myself fully involved in this play. But fails. Yes, time zaroor pass hojata hai.

    Aaj recap main notice kia k kaisay pichlee episode main behagir choolha jalaey roti ban gaee thee. ;)

    Aiza looks wonderful. Her styling is on spot. But her friend… aisa lagta hai k jesay ye insanoan ko kacha kha jaatee hogi… Adnan Siddiqui performance is also quite well. Waisay Humayun k sar chakranay wali baat pe us ka office attendant thorra choank gaya tha. 😁

    Drama guzara hai but your review is awesome.

  • This episode of MPTH was great one. It clearly highlighted that how Mehwish will manipulate things in order to take advantage of her position and undermines Danish by giving edge to Shehwar. Delighted to see amazing performances by AS, AK and HS. Nadeem baig takes credit for giving such treatment to normal and predictable story. This is what makes it appealing. Accident scene was funny. Waiting to see Hira Mani as Rumi’s teacher. Superb review

  • I have a feeling that she only married Danish to get away from her father or the whole family because otherwise it doesn’t make much sense. I’m sure that they will tell us about her family when everything goes wrong for her or at least when she has left Danish
    I can’t believe she went to the office in that dress & wearing such an expensive necklace, she was dressed to go to a wedding than an office. one thing I don’t like is the way Mehwish & Shahwar both are getting together & making fun of Danish, he’s only getting taken in because he isn’t as conniving as they are.
    I too thought of Balaa when Meher Bano was talking about the necklace

    • They both have status and class that’s why they make fun of him. I wonder how mehwish tolerates such bullshit and agrees too to prove danish as meek.

      • Mbs Saver that’s because Mehwish is only bothered about money she has no self respect so she won’t have any respect for Danish either, how can she agree to 1 lakh a month doing nothing esp after what Danish said to her about earning your money end pe yehi Shahwar bari bezti karega Mehwish ki

    • Aiza has been going for shopping in full make up and heavy jewelry (her scenes when she took a ride fro the neighbor boy), today was her first day at office so she did her best.

  • Perfect review Fatima, nothing much left to say. The episode today was little relatable. As u mentioned, it was vv important to know abt mehwish’s background, and that’s the biggest negative factor, and that makes Mehwish’s character totally black for me, its not grey. She is not just selfish or greedy, but now looks characterless too.

  • Deewar e shab jesy entertaining dramy ka review prh k ziada mza ata h wo kren lazmi is c bht bhtr h wo

  • You know KRQ. Either his stories are really fast or they run at snail’s pace. Prime examples are MNYH and MTSNH. I’m his huge fan and to be honest the biggest reason of watching his dramas are his dialogues. Even in this episode which wasn’t great but dialogues were awesome. One thing is for sure that nobody can write better dialogues than him. As you pointed it out, i absolutely liked the way that drama doesn’t have a commercial feel. I think they are deliberately not telling us the backgrounds. Maybe they will have some twists in it. Btw in the next episode she will answer why she loved and married Danish when shahwar will ask her. I knew Mehwish was conniving. A woman can always know the intentions of a man. Infact she made Danish fool. If she hadn’t told shahwar that he is coming then i don’t think Shahwar could have handled him. This drama is not awesome but good thing is that it’s not boring. Thanks for the brilliant review

  • I think Danish may be diagnosed with an illness soon, pushing Mehwish to leave him for good. He keeps getting headaches and becomes disorientated.

    I too, wish there was more explanation as to how these two got married. Looking forward to seeing how Hina Maani is introduced, so far Romi seems like a bit of an extra. His parents hardly speak to him. And his mother prefers expensive clothing and jewelry, rather than sending her son to school. If she sold half her wardrobe, she could probably pay for his fees for a year πŸ˜‚

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  • Although, this character doesn’t suit Adnan Siddiqui’s personality but except it he’s doing it very clearly and honestly. Humayun Saeed’s character is always a but confusing due to his extraordinary innocence and Ayeza khan’s role is a real reflection of today’s woman.

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