Meray Pass Tum Ho Episode 9 – Best One So Far

This was undoubtedly the best episode of Meray Pass Tum Ho since it was brilliantly directed and acted-out. The main twist in this episode was completely unexpected and the situations shown before and after the main incident kept me hooked throughout. With this episode I really felt like we might get to watch an old story with a new perspective after all. Danish’s reaction to every single development tonight was the highlight of this episode, his character is turning out to be a complex and interesting one. Nadeem Baig’s direction has been superb but tonight it was simply outstanding. The camera work, duration of the scenes, the locations and background score, every aspect was right on point. It is good to see a man on screen for a change who is afraid to lose his wife and who is willing to fight for her without actually fighting with her. This episode kept me hooked throughout since it was absolutely brilliant and there were no commercial breaks tonight. Meray Pass Tum Ho’s producers definitely are trying their best to keep up with the competition by introducing the main twist at a time when Alif just aired and once again by showing an episode without any commercial breaks.

Roomi’s First Day of School

While Roomi and his father got ready for school, Mehwish had her own plans. Once again, the writer in a really realistic way showed how Mehwish was drifting away from this life and getting cozy in a world which right now was like a temporary escape. Mehwish’s transition yet again was shown through little gestures like her lack of excitement regarding Roomi’s admission, her lack of interest when Roomi was leaving for school since she had more exciting things to look forward to and most of all the confidence with which she lied to her husband without feeling guilty. Mehwish has convinced herself that she is entitled to all this and it is almost as if she has accepted that her job indeed is to please Shahwar.

Meray Pass Tum Ho Episode 9 - Best One So Far

Mehwish’s scenes with Roomi were such a nice addition to this episode. She does not tell him off and whenever she interacts with him it’s in a very loving and sweet manner yet she is not as interested in his life as she was before. Mehwish thinks she can give her son a better life if she earns more money but clearly Roomi was the one who suffered the most in this episode. While he was not shown as a victim but clearly a child deserves better than coming back home to a father who is in depression and being left alone at night all by himself because his parents are too busy in their own affairs. Danish is not the one at fault here but his attitude shows that sometimes not taking a stand too can hurt your children in more ways than one. It is rather strange that we never see Roomi complaining, he is a sweet kid who obviously got a lot of love all these years and he is also used to having his mother around all the time yet not once did he ask his mother to accompany him to the school. Perhaps, the writer is trying to show that he is more close to his father since he complained to him when he left him unaccompanied at home.

I absolutely love the child star playing this role, his crackling on-screen chemistry with Humayun Saeed and Ayeza Khan both makes their scenes realistic. The scenes which were shot outdoor were once again my favorite. Shooting such scenes during day time is nothing short of a challenge yet Nadeem Baig has managed to shoot them convincingly and brilliantly. I especially liked the scene showing Danish and Roomi on the motor bike when they were going to school. It’s actually disturbing how comfortable Mehwish and Danish are with Roomi coming home in the van (I presume) and being home alone with the helper all day.

Danish’s Mental Turmoil

Danish’s mental turmoil was shown convincingly in this episode. Although he has been going along with everything Mehwish has shown interest in doing but the fact is that he is not okay with it. Tonight he clearly told Mehwish that he was scared of her and he knew that she was going to do whatever she wanted to with or without his consent therefore he was just pretending that he didn’t have a problem with her job or choices. All the scenes covering Danish’s confusion and his restlessness were acted-out and written brilliantly. Finally after finding out what Mehwish had been up to behind his back, for the first time he put his foot down and told her not to go to the office. When he blamed his over-possessiveness in the beginning it was quite obvious that he was saying all this out of fear because he was now more afraid than ever to lose Mehwish. It was interesting how this situation was shown. Danish’s bitterness and his anger showed in his attitude but he was clearly ‘scared’ of saying more. Danish’s conversations with Mateen sahab were a nice addition to this episode. Finally there is someone he can talk to and Mateen sahab seems like a genuinely nice person who has learned from his mistakes. Humayum Saeed’s performance in this episode was truly impressive. Syed Muhammad Ahmed is an ace actor, looking forward to seeing more of him.

Meray Pass Tum Ho Episode 9 - Best One So Far

Mehwish’s Stubbornness

The way Mehwish went ahead with her plan and the manner in which she was sleeping peacefully in the hotel room went to show that she was more than willing to play the role Shahwar wanted her to play. She has convinced herself that she is not doing anything wrong and when Danish was there at the airport, she was so confident about it all. She was more than willing to accept the consequences perhaps because she knew that she had someone to fall back on. Even then after reaching home, she acted as if nothing happened. Once again she apologized, gave an explanation and expected Danish to move on. Mehwish knows that she is wrong but at the same time she does not want to be held accountable for her actions. Her situation too is quite interesting since her love for status and money is the driving force in her life right now, everything else is secondary. Ayeza Khan looked absolutely stunning in some of the scenes tonight and she has nailed this character. I wish she would stop being so apologetic in interviews for playing this character since she has done complete justice to it.

Meray Pass Tum Ho Episode 9 - Best One So Far

Final Remarks

Some of the dialogues tonight were beautifully written and this episode was also well-paced, there wasn’t a single scene which was out of place. All the actors performed exceptionally well. Nadeem Baig deserves an award for his direction since he has breathed life into every single scene by capturing it so well on screen. Adnan Siddiqui has acted just as brilliantly as Ayeza and Humayun. Apart from the direction, the flawless acting makes this drama engaging even though it has been relatively slow-paced. The upcoming episode it seems is going to be just as interesting as this one, looking forward to it.

This was definitely a must watch episode which actually had the twist everyone was waiting to see but the reactions we got were different from what we were expecting to see and personally I liked the writer’s take.

Do share your thoughts about this episode of Meray Pass Tum Ho.

Fatima Awan

Fatima Awan has been a part of reviewit right from its inception. She feels very passionately about Pakistani dramas and loves discussing them in detail. An enthusiastic writer, thinker, and political scientist, constantly trying to look beyond the obvious. Full-time mom.

  • Perfect Review Fatima👍 I thoroughly enjoyed tonight’s episode because 1) the dialogues were beautifully written, (especially the conversation which Danish hd with his colleague– it was so ironic because all what he said directlyapplied to Mehwish!!) 2) The acting was flawless 👌🏼👌🏼 Eagerly waiting for the next ep in which Mehwish will make a choice between Shahwar and Danish🤔

    • Thank you so much Ibrahim. Oh yes! That conversation was lovely! Finally a character with a back story. I am sure Mehwish will get really defensive like always but it is impossible to predict what she will do next. Eventually she will end up with Shahwar but how! Waiting to find out.

  • I still have a question, why were they in hotel room? They travelled for a day, and why was Mehwish and Shahwar in the night dress? Why would anyone stay in the hotel when you are travelling for a meeting and returning the same day?

    • That whole scenario confused me so much! It was so weird (ignoring the absolute inappropriateness of them getting adjoining rooms with the door open). Where was Mehwish carrying her night clothes? Did they literally just go to Islamabad to take a nap?

    • This thread is no hilarious lol.
      Do you really think that they went for the meeting? And even so if they did, they wrapped their business fast to.. Remember the lightining. That was the symbol for what had followed.

    • They were on date. Car main shewar keh to raha Tha k pehlu dafa ja raha hun date pe. Or they slep together she was in nighty es se ziyada kya dekhty. Danish ka dailouge tha k tumhy yad nahi Aya k main tum se kitni mohbat krta hun. Es se ziyada saboot kya chahiye.

    • The director has obviously shown the ultimate betrayal in the most subtle way.

      What else would they be doing in the hotel room?

  • Brilliant review sister, your review is as good as the episode was. I just love the direction of Nadeem baig he has breathed life in story with exceptional camerawork. Roomi is so cute like me lol.. he is gifted kid actor MashAllah… humayun, aayeza and adnan were excellent… mateen sahab is sensible addition. Lets see how hira mani will take the story ahead when she enters as teacher…. dialogues aaahhh wah no comparison. Great review

    • Thanks a ton Waqar. Yes, love Roomi, so adorable. Some of the dialogues tonight were awesome. Brilliant acting and wonderful direction.

      Enjoyed reading your comment. Keep reading and commenting.

  • Waqaee this episode changed my perspective about this drama. Now we can expect sth different and interesting in coming episodes too.

    Both bike scenes were my fav. Danish with Roomi on first day of school and Danish with Mehwish on return from airport.

    Roomi is just adorable, with cuteness overloaded. Above all, this kid knows how to act. 😍

    Humayun Saeed acting in this episode was awesome. His fear to lose Mehwish was beautifully etched-out.

    There were certain confusions in dialogues and presentations but overall it was wonderful episode.

    And the beauty of the episode is also reflected in your intelligently written detailed review.

    • Hena, the bike scenes have been so well shot unlike other dramas in which the actors are only shown from the top because they are not actually on the road.

      Aww thank you so much Urs, your appreciation means a lot to me. I look forward to your feedback. I enjoyed reviewing this episode, it had so many meaningful scenes.

  • Fatima ji please reply please please please did Mehwish slept with Shehwaar? If yes than does it mean the physical relationship between Mehwish and Shehwaar is started and also Humayun Saeed stole the show in this episode do you agree?

    • Is there a reason you always ask about this topic? Its frankly a little disturbing. Take your own understanding from the drama. Or better yet, watch Alif.

        • I burst into laughter on reading your response…. “Mehwish’s rishtedar”… haha!

          Only 9 episodes down. Still long way to go….😉.

          • LOL hena pehle hi the drama is like that, you actually feel like you know these people and then these questions😂 It’s a conspiracy.

            Thank you Urs.

          • Fatima ji aapko mera sawaal poochna itna bora kyon lagta hai and what do you mean by these people? I have already said sorry about my comments about you hating Humayun Saeed but you still haven’t forgotten about it. Kya mein aapko ek chichora insaan lagta hoon?

          • Your questions are inappropriate. This is a decent people and these are not the questions you ask with people you barely know.
            And if you are not mature enough to understand such situations, watch Cartoon Network

          • You should watch cartoon network I am more mature than you. And its none of your business I am not talking to you so its better for you to stay quiet.

          • Lol mature, not mature you are actually lecherous pervert who crosses the limits of discussion.
            If you still have questions you can ask me private I will explain what happened.

          • Why are you taking it so serious? Chill man! Mujhay to lagta hai Fatima ne barray lighter andaz main ap ko replies diye hain, jabke ap k sawalaat Waseem Badami k sawaloan se ziada maasoomana hotey hain. Btw, you have added mazah to this thread. 😊

    • It is open to interpretation. Maybe they checked into a hotel as they had time after the meeting. Physical or not, Mehwish is cheating.

        • I also had doubt about, it was not clear and intentionally the makers added that scene in a way to confuse the audience. If they wanted to show that they became physical, then easily they could have shown 1 bedroom, and if they didn’t get physical then it was easy for them to show 2 different hotel rooms, but this was just to add the curiosity, but doesn’t work in such stories, it just irritates.

      • my way of thinking is that because they are not married they got 2 rooms interconnecting & no matter what happened im going to take it to mean what the writer wanted us to think & that is also the only reason Mehwish didn’t put up a fuss when Danish said that from tomorrow she won’t be going to work

        • Kaha gaya ha k qiyamat k roz logon ko uske maa k naam se pukara jayega cus only she knows her childs biological father whoever is he. aur ye k ghair mardon se koi aurat gair zaroori interaction na ķarey especially tanhaiyon mein shaitan shamil hota hai. Ho sakkta hai k koi ghalat harkat hui ho lekin imkaan hai ke sirf flirt hi ho shawez itne extreme pe nahi ja sakta he looks a composed personality. We can give himbenefit of doubt…

  • Thanks God she flew back safely as flight of Mahwish touched down smoothly without much turbulance n heavy rains… settled down as well are the stormy winds drifting away danish far away. Next epi showing yet another bad weather for Mahwish choose the best shelter for the future. Hope for the best. Finally my congrates to Ayza for her best portraying as M. So to you Fatima for the nice review. I thank you.

    • Yes! She is amazing as Mehwish. She shared in an interview that she was unsure if she will be able to do justice to the role but she most certainly did. You’re most welcome, so glad you liked the review MR. Also, good to see your comment here

  • by far the best episode so far, by the look of that hotel scene, I think that Mehwish & Shehwar have taken a step further in the relationship & also u can tell from Danish’s dialogues,

    Rumi is so cute Ma Shaa Allah

      • yes, I probably have followed his drama serials. It’s just that I happen to watch it after Alif so I was in that zone. Thanks for reminding me.

        • You’re welcome Shahz. That’s a different zone altogether and I understand where you’re coming from☺️

          • Thanks a lot Fatima for understanding and giving me a chance to speak. This is no 1 trending everywhere due to glamorizing a cringe worthy scene. We all know this is reality of our society but I humbly request writer of this drama not to glamorize things such a this topic. Islam has certainly set limit for society and women who deceive their husband clearly deserve punishment. You won’t believe me but I litterally offered two rakaat of prayer to guide us all straight path after watching the episode and reading comment. We, afterall belong to the and are answerable to Allah and I promise I won’t watch this drama and any drama from khalil ur rehman as watching it is equally cringe worthy.

  • Excellent episode today. Definitely trying to give Alif some competition I think.

    Fantastic review.

    Best conversation was the one between Danish and his new friend. Great dialogues and explanations on how people get themselves into these sticky situations. And also covering the regrets after when it is just too late.

    The hotel scene really confused me. Has Mehwish actually cheated on Danish? What was with adjoining bedrooms and waking from a nap?

    Looking forward to the next episode and its review.

    • Thank you so much Azi. Yes, loved the introduction to Mateen sb’s character, their conversations are going to be really interesting since he always speaks his mind.

      I don’t think she has a physical relationship with Shahwar yet. I think it showed just how comfortable she was around him now.

      Thanks a ton Azi. I will look forward to your feedback as well.

  • I don’t know why everyone is confused and acting childish, This is a Pakistani drama and they cannot show more than that, if they have a combined room and change of clothes it simply means that she has cheated on her husband, it is not an Indian or English movie that they’re going to dramatize it.

  • This definitely was a good episode with a lot of interesting events. Mehwish doesn’t seem to think there’s anything wrong with her equation with Shehwar and her he’s using it to his advantage. A women like Mehwish is easy prey because she’s so willing to bend the rules as per her convenience. It’s sad that Rumi is suffering on so many levels due to the neglect on his parents part. Danish felt he was never good enough for Mehwish and he got lucky but even after being married to her for all those years, his insecurities never left him. Their marriage would’ve eventually ended since there two are poles apart and whilst Danish feels that love can move mountains, Mehwish has her eyes set on so much more. Humayun Saeed and Ayeza Khan were flawless today. Adnan Siddiqui makes me cringe which goes to show just how well he’s playing his part. Looking forward to how Mehwish deals with the aftermath of Danish’s decision. Thanks for a lovely review Fatima.

    • Yes so true Kanwal, totally agree with your insights regarding all the characters. I am glad the writer hasn’t gone out of his way to show Mehwish as an all out evil character and has shown so much through gestures. Thank you so much Kanwal, so glad you liked the review.

    • I really feel even Danish is at fault, of course not as much as Mehwish, but he is definitely at fault, he loves Mehwish, but I have never seen trust in this relationship, and the way story has been projected, Mehwish has been ambitious but hasn’t cheated on him earlier, so why was Danish so insecure and never trusted her? And why do you hit the 3rd man for giving lift to Mehwish? Why doesn’t he say his wife even half of what he feels? She has taken him for granted since she knows he won’t hurt her but at the same time he is an insecured man
      He is beaten up and says he won’t attend the wedding and he reaches the spot like a spy! Mehwish is totally a different character and her wrong doings cannot be undone nor justified but I really don’t admire men like Danish too

    • Kanwal, you have hit the nail on the head there – Danish fell in love with mehwish’s looks, not her personality. He knows she is not so beautiful on the inside, but he chooses to ignore that because he loves her unconditionally.

      He does take so much time to explain things to her and how he feels about situations and her reactions.

      Like in the preview she says deko, mehna koi gunaa nai kiya and he replies tumnay guna kia, mehna kaha nai.

      I do apologise for my urdu spelling.

  • This Episode was really well shot and well executed ,Couple the scenes which were shot at airport and at home while Mehwish informing Danish of her being late were tremendous. But by the look of the next teaser it seems it wont be too long now before Mehwish Leaves ,Perhaps by the end of next episode she would have made up her mind .All in All Tonight Danish was the highlight reel he really gave few expressions which we are accustomed to see from SHAHRUKH KHAN.

  • I think Danish’s new friend is still lying about his past…
    he also suffered the same situation he did not cheat, his wife did…..but he can’t say that directly to his friend that’s why he changed the story other way round…..
    let’s see if my prediction is right or wrong….
    but he seems such a nice person and he is watching Danish’s reaction closely and those reactions are not of a cheater…..
    But the one who has been cheated….
    keeping my fingers crossed

  • A good episode overall, don’t feel it was best. Next 2 episodes will surely change the direction of the serial and it will be more interesting. The best thing abt this episode was the way Danish handles the situation at airport and afterwards, this reaction was unexpected. I have seen such people and it was totally believable for such a person to behave in this manner as he loves his wife so much that he is ready to do everything to no loose her, and he is not letting his ego overpower him , but the sad thing is that still his wife will leave him. Humayun Saeed is at his best. Adnan and Ayeza are also good. For Adnan its nothing new. For Ayeza she has been good, but she couldn’t bring out the expressions in the scene at airport. At times you also feel that she is not that beautiful that 2 men all the time keep praising her. This was more believable in Dillagi where Mohid was madly in love with Anmol.
    I didn’t like the scene of Danish’s coworker .

  • Fatima ji aapko mera sawaal poochna itna bora kyon lagta hai and what do you mean by these people? I have already said sorry about my comments about you hating Humayun Saeed but you still haven’t forgotten about it. Kya mein aapko ek chichora insaan lagta hoon?

    • Fatima tu kehti hei ya nahin lekin hum prhne walu ko pura yakeen hei ke ap ke sawal intehai chichoray hein. Fatima ji ka aala zarf hei ke ap ko jawab deti hei.

    • Tou aap ek mard hai sorry i was considering you as female 🤔🤭. Why you ask questions like she slept or in love with shehwar. There is no need to ask such types of questions from reviewer… you have reason you can easily use it by watching drama… there is no need to go out of proportion dear BROTHER… fatima jee koi cousin thori Mehwish jee ki jo woh unhein email pey batati hogi key Mehwish key intentions kya hai in order to answer your questions…

  • Now this is what we call a mind blowing episode followed by your fantastic review Fatima. Your reviews are my favourite. After watching every episode I wait for them. Coming to this episode the favourite part were like you mentioned the reactions. This drama will be epic.

  • Mind blowing episode ! Did anyone else see it after watching Humayun saeeds interview for something haute ?? Do check out that interview and share your thoughts. Humayun is very passionate about this project and revealed the reasons why he went forward with it

    • I did watch the interview but sorry to say I was a bit disappointed in Humanyun all the way he was eating & drinking tea then he put a cigarette on, not very professional

  • Fantastic drama. We need to stop discussing morality. The drama derives it’s characters from everyday life. People are not that sorted as we may like to think. Mehwish is a typical woman married to a lower middle class doting husband. The love has worn out and life has taken over. She feels she deserves more and has gotten a chance of a lifetime. It’s going to be very interesting to see how the makers take her character forward. How they balance her decision making and her desires; what will she gain and lose. On acting front, the actress needs to emote better in subtle scenes. Her scenes with shahwar also require nuanced performance. Loving this drama.

  • They were on date.. Hotel is best place to njoy such date..
    Mehwish slept with Sahwar and Danish got realize it.

  • Actually Humayun saeed gave an interview to something Haute and gave all the answers. He answered every question very bluntly. He said this is not a new story at all. We have seen this but the speciality of this one is the way it is written. He said i felt irritated while reading its first few episodes. He said i was feeling angry that if she wants to leave then she should just go but she doesn’t. He said people are complaining constantly that it’s slow and irritating but they have not stopped watching it. He said we knew that this will be the hook of the drama. Plus he said i won’t mention the name but this is a true story and has happened with someone whom we know.
    Truly this episode was fantastic and dialogues were amazing. Outstanding review as well.
    You guys should watch his interview. It’s on YouTube in 2 parts

      • I hate to think what the comedy is but I think that the murder will include both Shehwar & Mehwish, now who is the murderer remains to be seen, unless Shehwar’s wife is the murderer but from Humanyun’s interview I understood that we will never get to see his wife

  • I don’t know what people liked in this drama..they are the same peoples cryong saying there is no content in drama only two wives and love triangles..i mean ek lrki jisk itna bara bacha hai itna acha husband b hai wo ek dum se badal gaye i mean seriously …or konsy husbands hoty hain jo yeh sb bardasht krty hai husbands to dor ki baat ap parents b bardasht nahi krein or yeh kehna k danish ko sehwar ka nahi pta to bhai impossible usko uski intentions ka pta tha phr b job krny di phr pouxha nahi 1lac salar mili kiun .?
    Pathetic script evert

  • Nice review
    All the actors are doing great job. Although the story is not new but the direction and acting and some dialogues made me watch this serial.

    • Thank you so much Omm e Nida. Glad you’re watching this one. Yes! It’s getting interesting now.

  • This episode was awesome every scene was too good and after watching the episode i was waiting for your review fatima. Your selection of words is amazing and how beautifully you present the scenes is a treat for us .

  • Thanks for the review Fatima! You know I always enjoy them. Must say MPTH has grown on me. I started watching only because it was Humayun Saeed’s comeback play but finally it seems like it has something to offer. I’m intrigued as to how things will proceed from here on and more importanly if Mehwish and Shahwar will suffer eventually! Humayun Saeed nailed all his scenes especially that look of disbelief and heartbreak when he sees her at the airport. Reminds me of his Doraha days. Also, Fatima I think Mehwish went all the way with Shahwar. The message was subtle but the pink nightie, the thunder and lightning and just the overall body language seemed to say the deed has been done 🤣

    • You’re most welcome Sam. I look forward to your comments as well. Same here, it has grown on me too, credit goes to Nadeem Baig and the actors, they have been doing a fine job most of the time. Haha too many speculations! Let’s see how the story unfolds in the next episode.

  • How is depicting an affair a great episode? Mehwish clearly is a massive slag. Shawar is a complete twat. Truly terrible scenes.

    • Actually, this is unreasonably ridiculous.Though, Consider us from old school of thought but it is what it is. Today’s content of drama would be tomorrow’s easily translated to social norm. I am afraid that they are making high trp based on these subject and glamorizing this topic where women are fighting for their right to work. Showing her in that dress with executive is clearly misleading I understand writer is broad minded but it doesn’t give him right to unnecessary mislead viewer.

  • This is a plain disrespect to working women who actually want to support their husband in creating a better life style. Instead of correcting people like shahwar they are putting all blame in Mahwish and restricting her to go to work. Men and women are integral part of society. The best example is that Hazart Khatija R.A was a business women. I humbly request writer / director to please wake up and create topics to develop self respect in women and girls of our society. Women are so much talented and this ridiculousness of our society which is not modernity at all. No need to go to that extend to mislead young generation.

  • Oh please they absolutely slept together. Only one bed was slept in. Why would they be staying in a hotel otherwise in the middle of the day. This was Shahwar’s plan all along & that was the twist in the story. I am not okay with showing any extra marital relationships no matter how prevalent they’ve become & they have in our country unfortunately. It’s just my opinion.
    Yes, flawless acting by everyone! Deeply moved by Humayun Saeed’s expression when he saw Mehwish & Shahwar coming out of the airport. His eyes conveyed the hurt he felt at this betrayal.

    • Absolutely, who in the world so comfortably prance around boss in that dress. Let along that dress being in a profession one doesn’t wear any casual clothes in any business trips. They have clearly crossed ethical limits. They have not only crossed the boundary of morality but also for professionalism. I see every other drama is depicting how in our society woman are treated instead of eradicating these kind of study and finding the root cause to cure these issues our respected writers are busy in glamouring such ideas and competition with each others. Youngster who are watching these stuff what kind of impact they are going to have in their mind. Doesn’t matter they are going to show the aftermath of it but what they are showing in our television screen doesn’t justify it any way and is completely unnecessary. They are asking all kind of questions and it’s patience of the reviewer to answer their questions.

  • Like many others, i just one flawed scene that was the hotel room scene. It was shown out of context because if they haven’t started any relationship yet why would a lady sleep in a nighty in adjoint room to his boss!!
    Thanks for the wonderful review !

    • You’re most welcome Drama Fan. I think they did it on purpose, everyone’s talking about it and those people who must not have watched this episode, surely have reason to watch it now! It worked.

      Appreciate your feedback. Keep reading and commenting.

  • I have never commented here but i liked your review. I have only watched 3-4 episodes of mptm. I was getting bored to see that Mehwish can’t get her son admitted in school but always show off. The pace of drama was too slow in the first few episodes. It was just same story like Khasaara but Ayeza and Humayon here plays the role with such a perfection. I have only watched the scene of airport and that was too emotional. This serial depicts the dark side of our society how financially settled men leave impact on low class girls and how those girls ruin their lives. Looking forward for your reviews.

  • I have never commented here but i liked your review. I have only watched 3-4 episodes of mptm. I was getting bored to see that Mehwish can’t get her son admitted in school but always show off. The pace of drama was too slow in the first few episodes. It was just same story like Khasaara but Ayeza here plays the role with such a perfection. This serial depicts the dark side of our society how financially settled men leave impact on low class girls and how those girls ruin their lives. Looking forward for your reviews.

  • When i started to watch this serial, i was like there is nothing new in the story and was not excited to watch but as story gets longer it became so hard to wink even eye, specially this episode and the scene when mehwish wakes up i just try to close my mouth that what is the message behind the scene and when Shehwar enters into the room of Mehwish….. I thought i will never watch this ridiculous daram….but the acting of Hamayun just stole the show.. Now desperately waiting for next episode… 😁

  • When i started to watch this serial, i was like there is nothing new in the story and was not excited to watch but as story gets longer it became so hard to wink even eye, specially this episode and the scene when mehwish wakes up i just try to close my mouth that what is the message behind the scene and when Shehwar enters into the room of Mehwish….. I thought i will never watch this ridiculous daram….but the acting of Hamayun just stole the show.. Now desperately waiting for next episode… 😁

  • >