Mere Humdum, Mere Dost – Episode 13

The highlights of this episode would be Aiman and Bibi celebrating Haider’s birthday, Haider getting a reality check as to how much he means to Aiman, finally Aiman getting some confidence in herself after getting the first position in class and Sajeela developing an interest in Haider.

So let’s start with Aiman hurting her foot. Poor thing slipped on the stairs, got her foot hurt and the first person she thought of in her moment of pain was none other than Haider. As expected, Haider left everything he was doing to take her to the doctor. A good thing here was Almaas’ reaction. She felt for Aiman and seemed more concerned than her own father. It’s a good thing that this drama is showing a healthy step mother and step daughter relationship. Almaas is an educated and liberal woman and it shows in her behavior, never once has she ever let Aiman feel that she is not welcome in her house or that she is a burden. I can’t remember the last time I saw ZQ performing so well and doing such a positive, mature and meaningful character.

Aiman feels very strongly for Haider and by now she is used to getting his complete attention. When he felt like being alone and when he needed some time for himself, naturally she misunderstood. She couldn’t go through her day, she bunked classes, avoided her friends and finally burst into tears when she confronted him. In short, her reaction was very strong and naturally Haider was surprised. If you ask me after this incident Haider should have been careful in his interactions with Aiman. He is a mature and sensible man, he can clearly see that Aiman has started depending on him for everything but in the very next scene they were hanging out again eating ice cream and as soon as she called him to inform him about her first position, again he took her for lunch. I can understand that his intentions are very noble and in the beginning it made sense that he was taking Aiman out to restaurants, she needed the push. But by now, she has made friends in her class and has become a little more relaxed around her parents, by now Haider should make a conscious effort to minimize his involvement in her life. If she starts to fall for him in the next episode ( which by watching the promo, we know she will :) ) it would not be entirely her fault.

Aiman is also getting more and more confidence in herself, specially after getting the first position in her class. Her joy and excitement knew no bounds, she wasn’t even expecting this herself. Hopefully, now she will get out of her shell and will become a little less introvert.

In my last review, I sort of predicted that now that Sajeela and Mazhar are finally divorced, Sajeela might start thinking about Haider again. The one man who truly loved her and the one whom she deceived. As soon as she found out that Haider is still single, well that one smile said it all. Hareem Farooq is really good at acting, so it wasn’t hard to read Sajeela’s face. I must say if Mazhar was shameless than Sajeela seems to be no less when it comes to getting what she wants. Even if she had an ounce of shame, she might not have asked her sister about Haider in the first place. We have all seen the lengths to which Sajeela can go when she wants something and Heaven help Aiman if Sajeela sets her eyes on Haider :).

Now the story did not progress much in this episode but hopefully in the next episode we will see the much awaited ” Aiman’s makeover “. I am hoping that they will not limit her make over to just untying her braid and putting on make up but will also give her a new wardrobe :).

Also through the promos, we can see there will be a new entry in the show. Fatima, the girl Haider went to University with and Bibi and Almaas might even be considering her for Haider. How will Aiman react to this, this we will have to wait and see. And will Aiman finally accept her feelings for Haider, that remains to be seen. The situation will become even more interesting if Sajeela decides to join the bandwagon of the ladies interested in Haider ;).

Kiran Akhtar


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