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Mere Humrahi Episode 14 – Ahad’s Shocking Behaviour!

So we saw some more shocking developments in the show this week. Ahad’s cheap behavior in the last episode was just a demonstration; he literally crossed all his limits in this episode! His obsession with Haaniyah has just reached another level now. He is practically after Haaniyah’s life!

He is still under the misconception that Haaniyah is in love with him and she is behaving like this because she is upset with him. Trying to get close to her, blocking her way, holding her hand again and again, all these tactics were disgusting in my opinion. Does he not realize that she is his brother’s wife now? And if this was not enough, he gave her the speech of ‘I love you, I can’t live without you, leave Ahmed and come back to me’. After this speech, he deserved a slap from Haaniyah. All this is simply a game for Ahad! After being so badly insulted by Haaniyah who made it absolutely clear that there is no space for him in her life, he still sent her flowers! Haaniyah was so happy to see the flowers thinking that they were from Ahmed, but as soon as she read Ahad’s name in the card, she practically threw the flowers out of her balcony! Bravo! I simply loved Haaniyah in this scene.

I loved the way Haaniyah is opening up to Ahmed now. The way she casually asked about his past girlfriends shows how comfortable she is with Ahmed, and even Ahmed is enjoying this new side of her. The rain scene was one of the scenes I have been looking forward to since I saw it in the OST, and I really wish it was longer, and there was less of Ahad in the scene. Seeing Ahmed and Haaniyah together in the rain, he started remembering his time with Haaniyah, which frankly I had no interest in watching.

One of the best scenes of the episode was when Haaniyah asked Ahmed not to go for his business trip. She got so upset when he told her about his upcoming trip. The way she innocently said ‘mujhe sirf ap chahiye’ touched Ahmed and he promised to be back as soon as possible. A lovely scene in my opinion! Ahmed and Haaniyah’s chemistry keeps on getting better with each passing episode.

After Ahmed left, Ahad got more courage to do whatever he likes, and his constant attempts to get close to Haaniyah made her worried and upset. I do not understand why she is tolerating such behavior in the first place! She should have complained to Ahmed about Ahad’s behavior the first time he misbehaved with her. Now, she is going to be in deep trouble for keeping quiet about the whole matter. She wanted to tell Ahmed everything when he came back from his business trip, but chose to keep silent when she heard how happy he was to see the ‘changed’ Ahad. Her constant silence is a source of motivation for Ahad, and his behavior is going to get worse now!

I am really glad Samina’s mother gave her a good lecture for her senseless doubts. She shared her doubts about Afshah and Ahsan with her mother, and her mother brought her back to her senses. Ahsan has gotten even more disturbed after hearing such disgusting accusations from Samina, and instead of saying sorry, she accused him of discussing their personal lives with his mother. I am glad they showed less of her in this episode, her scenes are intolerable, and definitely worth skipping.

There was a lot of focus on Zehra’s track in this episode too. She is involved with her class fellow and not interested in marrying the guy her parents had chosen for her. Her parents; however, do not find her classmate suitable for her. There will be more focus on her track from now onwards and personally, I like her track more than Saminas’. Any track is better than Saminas’!

From the preview, it is pretty evident that Ahad’s attitude is not going to change anytime soon!

Do share your opinion about this latest installment!

Till Next Week!

Mariam Shafiq

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