Mere Humrahi Episode 18-20 – Review

The aftermath of the big accusation was tragic as expected and Haaniyah lost one of the most important people in her life. Her father was unable to bear the doom of his daughter and left the world with a heavy heart. He had the guilt that he had made the wrong decision of choosing Ahmed for her who did not even stand up for her. He had so much faith in Ahmed just like Haaniyah, but he turned out to be a huge disappointment for both of them. .

What irked me the most was why nobody said anything to Ahad! If they thought the accusations were true, then Ahad was as guilty as Haaniyah. Haaniyah was still an outsider, but Ahad was Ahmed’s real brother. His mother’s so called anger just made me roll my eyes; she should have given him a tight slap instead. I wish she had given one in his childhood then he would have never turned out to be such a selfish person without any morals. Ahmed’s anger towards her was completely justified. Ahad’s father had never been happy with him in the first place so he simply showed him the door, but as usual her mother did not let him leave.

I was waiting for Ahmed’s reaction who had shown his anger just by giving Ahad the cold treatment. His anger was brewing up for a long time, and he finally showed his anger when Ahad made the demand that he divorce Haaniyah so that he can marry her. He just crossed his limits this time, and got a well-deserved tight slap from Ahmed. The scene was definitely worth a round of applause! Fahad Mustafa was absolutely superb in this scene!

Ahmed made it absolutely clear that he would not leave Haaniyah under any condition, unless she herself asks for a divorce. He was not ready to give yet another sacrifice for Ahad’s sake. Deep down Ahmed has doubt about the accusations but he had chosen to believe his family over Haaniyah. He had believed the facts but his conscience pricked when he recalled the scene where Haaniyah accused him and his family for being the murderers of her father.

I absolutely loved the bonding between Haaniyah’s family members. They were all looking out for each other. Ahsan had now taken the responsibility of the whole family and I loved the way he consoled both his mother and Haaniyah. Haaniyah was scared for the future of her baby but Ahsan gave her the assurance that he is always there for her. They had showed the sister-brother bonding in the beginning of the show and I had loved it, it was good to see their bonding again.

The biggest twist was the drastic change in Samina! She had finally realized the seriousness of the situation and that Ahsan was really going to divorce her this time. She tried to improve herself and now she is playing the role of the good daughter-in-law. Her breakdown in front of Ahsan was the first scene of Samina’s that I actually liked. For a change I did not switch the channel during her scenes. The whole family was shocked to see the new and improved Samina! At least we would not get to hear her screeching voice anymore!

After so much of drama, Ahmed finally got to know that Haaniyah was innocent when he overheard Zehra and Ahad’s conversation. The humsafar background playing in the background just ruined the scene for me though. Throughout the show, they were trying to re-create Humsafar’s magic but their attempts were completely futile. No doubt the chemistry between the leads was great, but the pace of the story was slow throughout the show!

Zehra surely got what she deserved! She had ruined her brother’s life for her own selfish motives. Ahmed will go and apologize to Haaniyah but she is not going to forgive him anytime soon. The divorce papers were the answer to his apology.

Oh, and a special mention for the promo scene, it turned out to be Ahmed’s dream!

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Mariam Shafiq


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