Mere Pass Tum Ho Episode 16 Story Review – Major Character Development

Mere Pass Tum Ho never fails to surprise and entice. The changes in different characters and the way these changes were received by those around them made this episode an interesting one. The most enjoyable part of this episode was the way Danish was completely in control – the last scene and his dialogues superseded everything else we have heard and seen in Mere Pass Tum Ho so far. This had to be one of the best scenes yet since it showed a major shift in personality and attitude. Humayun Saeed has been beyond exceptional as Danish! Now, it is easy to understand why he overdid the bongapan in the first few episodes. The timing of this scene and the direction too couldn’t have been better.

The camerawork in Mere Pass Tum Ho has been exceptional throughout. Mehwish’s baffling reactions and Shehwar’s changed personality was also interesting to watch! A lot has changed in one week but it has also been a gradual process. Everything has fallen in place for Danish and Mehwish’s life will take a turn for the worse soon. Reality checks and surprises made this episode of Mere Pass Tum Ho entertaining. Tonight’s episode could have been more fast-paced if some of Rumi’s dialogues were chopped down. Few of these dialogues like last week sounded a bit mature for a 6 year old kid and those conversations about shadi were not very interesting. Hira Mani’s saree in the first scene didn’t go well with her character at all – after all she is a responsible teacher ;)

Danish Is In Control

Danish is done crying and he is no longer scared of making big decisions. The changes in his character was pretty evident from the confrontation he had with Shehwar last week. Everything we saw tonight was a step forward. Danish doesn’t only want to be rich but he also wants to be a stakeholder in Shehwar’s business. The conversations at the restaurant helped him understand what was going on in the firm; this scene and scenario seemed like one from a Hollywood film. Danish’s confidence and focused approach stood out more than any other. His conversations with Rumi were cute but in this episode some of Rumi’s scenes did not add much to the story. This track of Rumi wanting his father to get married to his favorite teacher is definitely clichéd.

Mere Pass Tum Ho Episode 16 Story Review - Major Character Development

Danish’s meeting with Salman (Furqan Qureshi) was interesting. Furqan Qureshi acted really well in these scenes, his dialogue delivery in particular was quite impressive considering that sometimes Khalil-ur-Rehman’s dialogues can be tricky. Humayun Saeed completely owns his character. The change in Danish’s personality had to be the most satisfying element of this episode. He even had the confidence to tell Salman why Mehwish left him! There were so many scenes tonight which were quite unlike Danish which clearly translated the changes in his character.

Shehwar Is Confused

The viewers got to see a completely different side of Shehwar’s character as well. The flashback scene clearly suggested that Shehwar was scared that Danish might reveal his ‘secret’. All of this is happening at a time when his company is also going in loss and he has intense pressure therefore he does not want more trouble. For the first time Shehwar was not in control and he was clearly worried. Mehwish showed her dark side yet again when she literally asked Shehwar to get Danish killed. Mehwish’s confusion was translated on screen so well by Ayeza Khan. She couldn’t believe that Shehwar was asking her to show flexibility. While Shehwar kept on telling her that he was being flexible because he was looking out for her – he was actually worried about his own reputation, future and perhaps his wife too! The phone calls from USA and the preview of the next episode clearly suggested that Shehwar’s wife will make an entry in the drama some time soon!

Mere Pass Tum Ho Episode 16 Story Review - Major Character Development

Final Remarks

While Danish and Shehwar’s scenes were the highlight of this episode since they were written and acted-out so well, Hania’s scenes in this episode of Mere Pass Tum Ho were not interesting at all. Some of Rumi’s scenes could easily pass as filler scenes as well. The director Nadeem Baig deserves tons of praise for directing another episode of Mere Pass Tum Ho in the most appealing manner possible. The story has definitely moved to the next phase. Danish’s sufferings are clearly over, the tables have turned and the preview of the next episode suggested another major shift in the story. The story is more thrilling now then it ever was. Adnan Siddiqui was just as convincing as the confused and scared person tonight as he was when Shehwar was totally in control. Humayun Saeed fits this present side of Danish’s character just as much as he did when we watched him cry and beg Mehwish to stay. Looking forward to the next episode already!

Mere Pass Tum Ho Episode 16 Story Review - Major Character Development

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Fatima Awan

Fatima Awan has been a part of reviewit right from its inception. She feels very passionately about Pakistani dramas and loves discussing them in detail. An enthusiastic writer, thinker, and political scientist, constantly trying to look beyond the obvious. Full-time mom.

  • I have heard that this drama has 22 episodes and it will end on 22. I really liked this episode but i have a different opinion that Danish should have never been rich. Even though these developments are very convincing and writer has tried to be as logical as he can but this is not what i had in mind. Anyways it was still interesting and really good to watch. I think you didn’t mention shahwar’s dialogue where he said, ‘Na Na Na! Khuda par na chorna, wo talaaq leny wali aurton ko pasand ni karta is leye jo karna us se bach bacha kar karna’ because i thought this will be a problem for alot of people like 2 takkey ka dialogue. I feel we take every dialogue as Khalil sahab’s ‘soch’ but sometimes we need to see that it’s a character who is saying this and a character like shahwar who is bad. He is scaring Mehwish but he isn’t scared while drinking. I think this dialogue is for this particular situation of shahwar and Mehwish and not for every woman or man who takes or give divorce.
    Really outstanding drama and absolutely phenomenal review

    • Indeed Ahsan yes, Hassan Chaudhry of Something Haute while interviewing Hira Mani told key MPTH has total 22 episodes

    • I didn’t mention any dialogue Ahsan as such! Not afraid of criticism and I think that dialogue only reflected Shehwar’s actual thinking and was completely in line with his character. About 2 takay ki aurat, that dialogue was perfect for the situation- one of the best!

      Thanks a ton for liking the review. I am loving the new Danish – let him be rich, why not haha

      • I know you didn’t mention it but i did because some people are already criticizing it on social media…

        • LOL!! Don’t agree with such baseless criticism. Some people On social media are on a mission haha! Just gives the drama more popularity.

  • Top notch acting and 360 degree change in Danish character is heartening. Loved the way this drama is shot, Nadeem baig shows beauty of Karachi view especially night view. Direction, acting and story is at fine pace. Next episode will take story to another level. Moreover, Mehwish friend will finally return in next episode and shehwar’s wife too.. i liked Romi dialogue; pehley 3 log ek ghar mein rehtay they ab 3 log 3 different ghar mein rehtey hein. Top class review siater.

    • Yes that dialogue was nice Waqar. Absolutely! Nadeem Baig has definitely added the x factor with his direction. Loved the stock exchange scenes tonight- very Hollywood like! Thanks a ton bro for liking the reviews and commenting.

  • OMG! This episode was amazing! Humayun Saeed has nailed this character! I have been watching him since like forever but his acting in this drama is beyond brilliant and not to forget Nadeem Baig as mentioned by you Fatima! The camera work and the direction is exceptional!My favourite scene and dialogue was also the last one! Reading your reviews for many many years now and its just so satisfying reading them! Thanks Fatima!:)

    • You’re most welcome Anonymous. Yes! The story is getting more exciting with every passing episode – so much to look forward to. Thanks a ton for reading the reviews and commenting.

      • I feel this turning rich overnight is not convincing and unnecessary..seems like a Bollywood movie

        • I really don’t mind – whatever it takes to bring Shehwar/Mehwish down. Don’t watch Bollywood films so can’t say.

  • Fatima good review but I have a question you mentioned in your review that this episode was great but you rated it 4 stars and in episode 13 you said this episode wasn’t as good as previous one’s but you still rated that episode 4 stars? Why

    • 4 stars because of the filler scenes, all that shadi talk, Hania scenes. Sometimes technicalities are on point but pace perhaps doesn’t work for me – can’t be biased while ranking an episode. Have to keep the technical aspects in mind too.

      • Okay Fatima who do you think will be shehwaar’s wife? and please don’t mind but you are overrating Ayeza Khan I think her performance is average definitely not as great as Humayun and Adnan’s.

        • Kubra Khan. Two people, two different opinions- don’t mind but let’s not judge each others opinion.

          • Ayeza Khan’s expressions are always the same in all of the dramas I have seen so far. Recently I am following “thora sa haq” with ayeza and imran abbas, wahi expression.
            Mery khyal se hira mani ko is dramy main sirf sari hi phenni dikhayen gey. I dont know where they got this idea ke teachers sari phen ke parhati hain. I’m saying because ” dil mom ka dia” main Hira mAni ‘s wardrobe was of the same kind of pajamas and dupattas .poory dramy main different bright colors ke aik jaisey styleje kapry pheny they.💁

  • As always, a beautifully penned review and an even more entertaining episode. The opening scene was impressive. Even though some of Rumi’s dialogues sound a bit mature for a 6 year old boy, the child star playing it completely steals the show!! He is beyond adorable 💙… Would definitely like to see more of him on our screen. The turns which Danish’s character have been conveyed and written with great precision and logic. Shahwar’s behavior, though surprising, was completely justified(but who in the world forgets the sound of your wife, dude??😅😅) . The thing which I felt completely unjustified was when Danish ‘hugged’ her class fellow. Mind u, this is the same person who couldn’t withstand anyone even talking to her wife in the early episodes. What does this ‘hypocritical’ behavior if Danish suggest? Is the writer trying to normalize flirting on the side of men but declaring it to be a sin for a woman?? Need ur view on this, Fatima.

    • Thank you so much Ibrahim. You’re forgetting Danish also danced with Anoushey LOL!! Remember he said meri behan ki tarah hei so guess Ayesha is like a behan too.

      • Then that makes Shahwar also a ‘bhai’ for Mehwish😂😂. I am in no way a feminist, but such gender discrimination especially on television, for a drama which is watched by the masses, isn’t acceptable. KRQ should not try to bring his ‘mindset’ abt feminism into his art to prevent them from being ruined forever…

        • LOL!! Most certainly not. I found these scenes odd too. Sadly these double standards do exist but since Danish is the nice guy – he shouldn’t be shown doing things he wouldn’t approve of for his spouse. Agree with you Ibrahim.

          • Btw Fatima, do u remember that Danish’s first conversation with his friend in stock exchange. It was so uncomfortable!! ‘Ab to Ishq Kar sakta hun na.. haan khullam khulla’. ‘Mera bhabi ki bohat pyar Dena.. wo to mein pehli deta hun’ . So weird and dual meaning dialogues!!

          • Ibrahim I think they were really good friends in university, all of them. Didn’t have an issue with this one. Actually these were classic KRQ dialogues don’t you think?

  • This is how a drama should be. Ye nhi k ghr se shuru hua ghr mn hi khtm. Inho ne kitney detailed manner mn dikhaya h sb, danish’s office, shahwars office, stock exchange, rumis school, dhaba, everything is so clear and detailed which makes this drama more appealing.

    A responsible teacher’s saari wasn’t so good.

    Shehwar ko mehwish ki awaz b yaad na rehna is baat k saboot h k uski wuqqat kya hai……

    Rumi is tooo cute. It isnt necessary k bache ko b bhaari bhaari dialogues de diye jayen. Itne mature kb hote hn bache. Mjy ye nhi accha lga.

    Kamal ka drama, or kamal review!

    • Totally agree with you. Love the outdoor scenes in this drama. Bilkul responsible teacher trying to be a model – not on bhai!!

      Thank you! Kamal ka comment 😆

  • “Pehle hum tino aik hi ghr main rehtay thay, ab hum thino teen alag alag ghr main rehte hain” AWESOME, SUPERB, BRILLIANT, stole my heart! Tonight’s episode was a bit better than the last one at least. To be realistic with you all, this drama is just because of Humaiyun Saeed’s acting and the plot being controversial and its handling with care on screen.

  • Thank you fatima for the review i am a big fan of this drama,bcoz all of these talented people..nadeem baigs direction is always mind blowing..i think hania will be murdered by shahwar bcoz hira was saying that she will be in this drama for a short time period as humayun,adnan and hira had already said that there will be two murders in the drama and of course the ending will heart breaking bcoz khalil sahab said in a program that he was not able to control his tears while he was writing the last of the drama.

  • Dragging at places but overall loved the turn of events in this episode, especially the stock exchange scenes, Mahwish confused faces and Shehwar not recognizing his voice! Great script, super acting and phenomenal direction!
    I also didn’t like the hug scene between Danish and his friend. And of course this review is the icing on the cake! Super😊

  • I’m probably super off in my prediction but I think it’s possible that when Danish says “Aaj phir we lag raja hay aaj problem hai. Dil doob raha meraa” is related to the pain Mehwish is about to feel. Shehwar’s wife will get him killed and Mehwish’s desire of being a wife to him will be left unfulfilled leaving her no where.

  • Good one again faitma love to hear your opinion any way i think most power scene was when danish deside to buy the shawar s camical shares i am waiting for your reply

  • So the tables turned finnaly danish is going to be rich and of course shehwar business will face a loss as i have seen many interviews of this drama first of all hania i mean hira is confusing the public when she was asked that will you be in this drama for the last episode and she said dont know but she gave a hint that she won’t after all i think hania or rumi will be murdered that’s all from me thanks all reading my review

    • I am not watching any of these interviews, I think the cast shouldn’t be revealing so much or misleading the viewers if they are doing that.

  • All divorced women arent bad by the way. Some choose to get divorce if the husband is a total idiot.
    Any way
    About the drama the woman is an idiot!
    And she should be punished by the law of nature.. so should the bad guy shewar.

    Most of all if mehwish returns to danish..
    Plz plz plz..
    Do not take her back!!!!!

    • I think that dialogue showed Shehwar’s mentality – his opinion – and yes definitely agree with you about women who get divorce from such husbands.
      LOL!! Yes she is.

  • Iss darme main ak baat joo her darme kee tarh ha ka iss ka ral life see koi talaiq nazar nai atta
    Jitni jaldi danish shewar ke equall per akar ameer hoojiee ge
    Janab real m aysaa 50% be nai hotaa
    Jesa ka danish strat m nehait ak shareef or seadaha insan dikhia ha wo ak dam ameefr hoo jaiee
    Baat kuch hazam nai hoti

    Any how datama is darama.

    • Indeed drama is drama, not the bibliography of any person, . So don’t take it too much serious to implement in real life…..
      However some of the aspects may b copied/implemented.

  • Another Great Episode as well as the Review Fatima !!
    By the look of the promo it is evident that Shehwar’s wife has finally arrived and Mehwish Glory days are going to be over .
    Whereas Danish is getting rich day by day and i am sure that at the end he will become a businessman and Mehwish would love to return back but he will kick him out also .

    • Thank you so much Rehan for liking the review and for the feedback, appreciate it. Looking forward to all that and perhaps more ;)) Totally worth the wait.

  • Hira Mani: can you stop dressing like Madhuri circa 80s when in school? The scene she had with Roomi were deeply uncomfortable to watch as the boy was shown having a very adult conversation and that too with his teacher. The dialogues were inappropriate for a kid of any age, or even an adult, especially with his teacher. I don’t know what KRQ is trying to accomplish here. In any other scenario this conversation would have amounted to nothing less than harassment of a kid by his teacher.

    And Hira s revealing sari featured throughout the long scene leaving the eyes unable to see past it. Not good.

  • Being a finance student stock exchange scenario just seemed so unrealistic and funny. The share price of a company in pakistan stock exchange like many other exchanges has a ‘circuit breaker’ rule. Which means that if the share price of a company increases or decreases by 5%, the trading for company’s share is suspended for that day. So a price drop of 25 rs for a 60 rs share in a single is astonishing. The writer needed some homework.

    • That’s true zartash but market makers do watch inside stories and speculate accordingly shehwar chemical is having managerial troubles like workers strike,behaviour of the executive officer that cast negatively and resultant price drop but in days I think further adverse story could sink the company further thats why danish told his employees ‘bahar ja ke kah sakte ho’. The writer has good approach. However your comments appreciable:)

  • Hi Fatima, appreciated your review. The episode was a fast paced Hollywood type, but well suited to Desi atmosphere. The body language & confidence of Danish throughout was mind blowing. The game of the share market was well played by him. He purchased the shares at low price, but knows that labor strike is almost done, labors are returning to the their assigned jobs, so Shahwar chemicals will boom again and increase the share price like rockets. And, as he has more shares he will be the controlling authority of the company in the market and as his shares will be more than Shahwar’s himself, he will be the only decision maker of the company in the free global market. And i guess he will get rid of the Shahwar easily and manage the company by himself but through the same labor force. What a revenge then!
    I like his breakfast menu “Chai Paratha”, because that’s my favorite breakfast. Namak ka Paratha fried by desi ghee & chai, too good. I liked his understanding of the people in his society, that’s why he only thanked to security guard by heart, saying, ” thanks for the love you showed”. We can understand through eyes that who are our true well wishers. Shahwar’s “Bokhlahat” was well performed by Adnan and managed to hide the real threat from Danish. But i am still surprized the cold blooded nature of Mehwish. If we keep & feed sacrificing animals for a day only, we get attached to it and does not want to sacrifice it, but we do it in the name of Allah & to follow Allah’s order, so how can Mehwish after 7 years together with a person, can not think twice to get him killed. Astonishing. Hira Mani’s is not translating his character well into the script. Furqan Qureshi as you said, was well acted in those scenes.

  • So in episode 7 at 23:15 – they show Shehwar’s house with a bunch of picture frames and there is one frame of a lady to the far right which looks like it would be his wife. Not sure who the actress is but it doesn’t look like Kubra Khan.

  • Every episode is appealing.This time entry in stock exchange and Shehwar’s scared attitude showed new twist……Rumi and teacher’s dialogue are unnecessory

  • I have a major issue with the way Danish talks to his son. It is inappropriate for the kids’ age

  • Miss Awan,
    Thanks for wonderful Review…as always
    Watching a Pakistani drama after
    long time and it’s worth the time
    Take care

  • The dialogue are remarkable.very good and thrilling scene .I loved Danish dialogue with anger and smartness.

  • lovely to read ur review once again
    I have a feeling the 2cd murder will be of Rumi if not him than it will be Danish because only their murders would make Khalil Ur Rehman cry

  • >