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The seven stages of grief

In life, we all experience sorrow and grief which can be associated with a death of a loved one, an end to a relationship, loss of a rays of hope in life and many various reasons. This grief can lead to depression, loneliness and isolation but one must work towards making themselves a better person, not getting drowned in their sorrows. From the outside, you might look like a normal person to others but from the inside, only you know you’re hurting. Normally, the period of grief lasts about eight months in which it starts to wear off slowly and steadily and if one is adamant to become well, it wears off in a maximum of six and minimum of three months. The period of grief has seven stages about which we will talk one by one:

Stage 1 & 2 – Shock and Denial

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The first and second stage of grief if known as shock and denial. When you lose a loved one, end a relationship or lose a job; you are shocked by how and why it happened. You were not prepared for this to happen which ultimately leads to feelings of denial where you keep thinking and saying no this did not happen to me. This stage may last for weeks.

Stage 3 – Pain and Guilt

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The third stage in the period of grief is known as pain and guilt. Once the shock wears off, you begin to feel physical pain due to the occurence of the uncertain event or events in your life. One must feel the pain fully and not deny it otherwise getting over something or moving on becomes difficult. One starts feeling mixed emotions during this time period such as sadness, pain, guilt, remorse and even try to do something stupid (please do not do this).

Stage 4 – Anger

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In the fourth stage, feelings of anger start sprucing up. Frustration and anger bottled inside you makes way to be released. Getting our anger out obly helps in moving on to stage 5.

Stage 5 – Loneliness

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Stage 5 is known as loneliness which we start feeling after our anger has made it’s way outside of us. Feelings of emptiness, despair and grief make their way to you. You’d feel like life has lost all it’s joy.

Stage 6 – Reconciliation

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As you begin to let loose of the feelings bottled inside you, be it pain, anger or despair, you start moving on to reconciliation with your own self. When reconciliation makes it’s way to you, that is when you finally move on to the last stage.

Stage 7 – Acceptance

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The last and final stage is known as acceptance. Acceptance with the occurence of the events. When you learn to accept, you allow yourself to deal with the situation in a composed manner. Acceptance leads to hope of becoming a better person and moving on with life.

You start to look at things with a ray of hope and prosperity while the future seems better. Thus, the completion of seven stages of grief and a content life.