Mere Pass Tum Ho Episode 17 Story Review – What a Surprise

Shehwar’s wife finally made an appearance in this episode of Mere Pass Tum Ho. The producers and the team have managed to set a new precedent by keeping the identity of one of the main characters secret for so many weeks. It must not have been easy keeping such a secret but they definitely did really well! All our guesses were proven wrong but I am so glad that Savera Nadeem will be playing this character. Maham’s entry served as a reality check like no other! I must say however that overall this wasn’t the best episode of Mere Pass Tum Ho. Rumi’s obsession with getting his father married got more screen time than necessary. When exactly did Shehwar decide to marry Mehwish? This development was somewhat abrupt. Shees Sajji Gul is extremely adorable but some of Rumi’s dialogue were once again a little too mature. The change in Danish’s character has been interesting. In tonight’s episode of Mere Pass Tum Ho he actually seemed to be enjoying his new found wealth! Some of the developments tonight were a little too predictable. This episode mainly banked on the last scene and even though it wasn’t the best episode but once again Mere Pass Tum Ho most certainly gave the viewers a big reason to look forward to the next episode.

Mere Pass Tum Ho Episode 17 Story Review - What a Surprise

Danish, Hania and Rumi

Tonight’s episode opened with Danish treating himself to some expensive food but he ended up leaving the restaurant without even tasting the food. I truly felt for him – he decided to go to an expensive place for the first time and Mehwish ruined that too ;) His scenes and conversations with Hania were quite interesting since he didn’t show any interest in her at all. It seemed like Hania was attracted towards him but she didn’t want to admit it. Hania’s dialogues tonight made her sound like a really judgmental person once again. Hania’s scenes revolved around Danish and Rumi both. Even the conversations she had with her sister were about Danish. The fact that Danish decided to leave after Mehwish and Shehwar came to the restaurant showed that he still had feelings for Mehwish. Later on, he also wished her well.

Mere Pass Tum Ho Episode 17 Story Review - What a Surprise

Seems like Danish is not angry any more but at the same time he is working on his future. Whether he wants to take revenge or not, remains to be seen but for now he was shown enjoying his wealth. Danish in some way is a different person altogether – he is no longer afraid of making big decisions. He is like a man who has nothing to lose but at the same time there are certain aspects of his personality which are still the same. He is back to being the responsible and loving father. Rumi’s scenes with Danish were sweet but the conversations revolving around marriage were extremely repetitive. The way Danish’s status has changed overnight is quite filmi – the house, the car, the chef and a brand new attitude!

Rumi’s reaction when he found out that his father was now a rich man was cute. He couldn’t believe that they could afford to buy so many things and enjoyed everything like any kid would. I couldn’t help but wonder how happy Mehwish would have been if Danish acquired all this wealth while he was still married to her! Ironically, her decision to leave him was ultimately the driving force behind Danish acquiring all this wealth.

Mehwish, Shehwar and Anoushey

Shehwar had no plans to marry Mehwish until last week but in this episode all of a sudden the date for the nikkah had been finalized. Until last week, Shehwar was too worried about his business to think about tying the knot with Mehwish. His wife had been calling as well last week which basically suggested that she knew that there was a woman living in her house. Shehwar knew that therefore it made absolutely no sense that a person who wanted Mehwish as a mehbooba was now willing to marry her. So many of the dialogues in the previous few episodes clearly suggested that Shehwar had no plans to marry Mehwish so if now he had changed his plans, the viewers should have been shown when and why he decided to get married to Mehwish.

Mere Pass Tum Ho Episode 17 Story Review - What a Surprise

Mehwish’s scenes tonight were the best because through them the director showed so aptly just how confident Mehwish was. The viewers once again got to see the change in Mehwish’s personality through Anoushey’s eyes. The scene in Mehwish’s room when she was getting ready for the nikkah was superb. Ayeza Khan’s expressions showed how victorious Mehwish felt, Anoushey’s jealousy was crystal clear and the way Maham made her entry was a complete surprise! Did Anoushey call Maham? Did the housekeeper warn her? Or did she herself guess what Shehwar was up to? Mehwish’s conversation with Anoushey in the restaurant revealed that the business and the house belonged to Maham – that did not come as a surprise at all. Watching Anoushey defend Danish was amusing since when Mehwish was with Danish, she was constantly criticizing him!

Mere Pass Tum Ho Episode 17 Story Review - What a Surprise

Final Remarks

Savera Nadeem’s entry was the highlight of this episode – a brilliant surprise, definitely worth the wait! This episode laid the foundations for what is coming ahead. Mehwish will definitely get a lot more reality checks in the upcoming weeks and there will be endless business opportunities for Danish. The tables have turned for sure! It remains to be seen where Mehwish will go once Shehwar leaves her. What does the future hold for Danish?

Did you watch tonight’s episode of Mere Pass Tum Ho? Do share your thoughts about it.

Fatima Awan

Fatima Awan has been a part of reviewit right from its inception. She feels very passionately about Pakistani dramas and loves discussing them in detail. An enthusiastic writer, thinker, and political scientist, constantly trying to look beyond the obvious. Full-time mom.

  • Yes apt review, they have invested much time in Roomi today, but the Mehwish scenes were extravaganza. The way she were shopping and having things she used to crave for is totally justified. What a pleasant surprise of Sawera Nadeem, an excellent cast to play Maham her rigid and strong personality will prove to be a mettle point for MPTH. Dhamakey daar review.

    • Oh yes! It was. The makers of this drama have been really smart, they gave us a lot of filler scenes because they knew there was a surprise in the end! Absolutely. I am certain Savera Nadeem will nail this character, Mehwish doesn’t stand a chance. Thank you so much Waqar.

      • I am soo glad after seeing Savera nadeem as maham.. excellent choice … rigid , strong with compose character… i have always been her fan… dil khush hogya… and abt rumis scenes, though dialogues were too much for a kid but i have to admit that he is soo cute and a brilliant child performer.. his confidence and dialogue delivery with sweet voice was very good…
        And i think anoushey has told maham abt this… last but not the least, thappar tau banta tha… ayeza acted superbly… khauf zahir tha us k chehrey pe thappar k baad

          • Indeed. Sawera ki entry ney thora khouf tou hum per bhi taari kardiya. Something haute mein bataya gaya tha key jo predictions chal rahi hein yeh hogi ya woh hogi. Aisa kuch nahin ppl will be surprised jab shehwar ki wife dekhnegey key koun hai

          • Something Haute I believe is run by HS’s production house, koi link hei in ka is liye I don’t watch their shows etc…spoilers! I like wondering and not knowing what’s next.

          • Something haute youtube review videos are amazing . They are so hillarious. Hasan and and amna make a superb team. My week is incomplete without their reviews.

          • I am all for reviews Ayesha. I was talking about the elaborate interviews of the cast and the spoilers since they know inside news so their ‘predictions’ are clearly spoilers.

          • They didn’t give up the name because even they said they don’t know who will be playing it. I watch their videos but i hate it how they review MPTH especially Aamina. She plucks out the dialogues and discusses it like it is the thought process of KRQ. I was really happy that you aren’t doing this and you haven’t been affected KRQ’S interview

          • Ahsan, I don’t follow their reviews so I can’t comment really. I think there is a lot of pressure on the women reviewers in particular after that interview and everyone has their own way of perceiving things but I think that it’s unfair that someone’s creative work should be assessed based on their personal remarks.That is why, I hardly ever watch any celebrity interviews LOL!!

          • Very well fatima sister. Yes, we must not comment on person’s personal views and comments, it’s their psyche how they perceive things with their lenses. But we must appreciate good work of a person so is here of KRQ. Fortunately, that lady name is also Fatima. And they love to create controversy. Here we rely on sober reviews by reviewer and have healthy discussion without crossing lines. Beauty of

  • Great review today’s episode wasn’t great but the last scene was brilliant I was screaming in joy when Maham slapped Mehwish just like I did when Danish slapped Shehwaar I hope you also loved the slap and thank god you apologized in advance in last week’s episode review because Kubra wasn’t shehwaar’s wife

  • Sawera Nadeem ko daikh kar mein b darr gaya😁😁😁😁…she has that kind of personality. Yes Rumi is too young for these conversations but then you Know how clever children are these days. When my nephew was 5 years old i ask him k baray ho kar kya bano gy? You Know what he said? He said, ‘Papa’😂😂😂😂…we all were laughing so hard because nobody taught him this. Anyways today’s episode was predictable but still it had some brilliant dialogues. Anoushey said aesa to ni tha wo lekin aesa tha b to uska shukk to thk nikla na’. Yes marriage came like a surprise but i guess i am not interested in watching Mehwish convince Shahwar because for how long he would have resisted? It was like writing on the wall that she will convince him somehow but it still won’t happen. Promo of the next episode is really enticing.
    Really a great drama and absolutely marvelous review

    • Absolutely Ahsan! Hahahahaha aap bhi dar gaye – too good. I agree with you, she can have that affect but only when she wants, Qaid e Tanhai and Bari Aapa are a proof of the fact that Savera is a really versatile actress.

      Thank you Ahsan for liking the review and for commenting.

  • Well well well, sawera madeem is beat choice for mahams role. Or fatima dil nhi toota mera q k sawera nadeem hi k liye tha ye role ek scene mn e pta chl gya mjy.

    After watching shees gul interview i must say k fatima bache ho skte hn itne mature.

    Baqi car lete hi number plate kese aai?

    Or FA mjy stock ki zyada info nhi h, lekin ese ho skta kya koi ameer Minto mn?

    Beher haal bht entertaining episode tha….

    • No idea AH, mjhe bhi idea nahi stock exchange ka ziada but yes I know yeh aap ko mintu mei ameer aur ghreeb kr sakti hei haha! I know a lot of people who lost massive amounts in stock exchange.

      LOL really! Haven’t watched the interview so can’t say. Shukr hei ap ka dil nahi toota, Savera Nadeem hei hi itni kamal. Good surprise.

    • Drama hi hai baharhaal. Ab stock exchange main paisa laga kar asal main jitna time lagta hai ameer honey main utna wait kar nahin patey viewers is liyey zara fast fwd kar diya. ;)

  • Jo actress hania ki behn ka role kr rhi…. Kahin wo sana javed ki behen to nhi? Bolti b wese hn, shkl b milti….

  • I love ur review as much as I love MPTH. Somehow I am still unable to digest Ms Hania’s character. Ajeeb hai. Aik to over dressing phir zabardasti danish k galey hi par gayee hai. Danish is maintaining a distance very decently magar ms hania thori si cheap hojati hain. Well thats my opinion. Sawera nadeem is an excellent choice. Very mature and talented actress. Ayeza’s perfect expressions in last scenes. Too good.

    • Thank you so much Fan of MPTH. I agree with you, not liking Hania much. I loved Ayeza’s acting in this episode, best!

      Appreciate your feedback, keep reading and commenting.

  • Sirf ek thappar Mrs shehwer se mera khyal tha k thik thak khaatirdari hogi magar ye accha hua q key bechaari pe ek aur dramay mein zulm ka pahar toot raha hai – telling about thora sa haq isliye mujhay tou humdardi ho rahi:)

      • haha, u watch that too……the cheap version of humsafar, and that guy behroz sabzwari is really unintentionally funny and born to play such roles

        • LOL!! No SM YDM is definitely more intriguing…no competition there. TSH I watch the next day and I forward so many scenes, Can’t watch one whole episode. I am basically watching it to see just how big a bechari they make out of Ayeza’s character,I find it so funny – the way it has been written and shot LOL!!

          • Ayeza is too mature for that role, even tho she is acting v well, its difficult to digest so much becharapan , specially after watching her in MPTH. I was not a fan of humsafar, but the more I see it, the more I like it, for excellent performances, direction and acting and BG music,

          • Thank you all FA, SM and tiger….. yes YDM is quite sensational classic and wonderful mystry thriller so far that at times give goosebumps. Rarely watched such erratic stories and certainly need attention of reviewit.

  • i also thought that how out of nowhere the nikah was arranged, at 1st i thought that it was Mehwish’s way of making Shehwar agree to the nikah but it really was all arranged
    i’m glad to see Savera Nadeem in the role of Shehwar’s wife

  • I just don’t understand one thing how, Danish came to know today is mehwish marriage, who told him this, looks to me some body is telling him about the moves in shawar home…..

  • Rumi’s conversation with his father about how they got rich was excellent. It showed that he was sensing that his father maybe got the money by wrong means when he asks if his grandfather comes in his father’s dream to stop him? And when he is leaving for his bedroom that now he could sleep, because he was satisfied with his dads answer and was peaceful.
    Kids can be very mature. They sense everything.
    Brilliant portrayal of how kids turn out honest if parents are honest.

    • I think he left to sleep in his bedroom because he got Hania’s number and wanted to talk to her in private. Agree with you about those particular conversations, they were cute.

  • Is Roomi really a five year old kid . Today’s episode was ruined bcoz of so much time wasted by Roomi . There was nothing interesting in today’s episode except ,Shehwar’s wife timely entry when he was about to do Nikah .
    Hole they won’t unnecessary waste time on Roomi in the next episode .

  • Yesterday 17 episode was so boring because of the unnecessary lengthy conversation between romi and his teacher

  • Sawera (maham) was slapped all girls
    , they need no in love, she Love only Money, Dili Sukoon mila tha Mehwish ko thappar prny ka Bd …

  • The nucleus of the drama remains the betrayal by the wife…
    One loves to see if the victim(…read Danish) gets an absolute reliable replacement…
    The episode rightly revolved around the efforts by the kid who adores his father & despite his sheer innocence, strives to arrange a match for him…
    And he had chosen the best…
    Curiosity gets a lift from hereon…

  • Wonderful Entry and another Great Review Fatima !

    Just loved the scene when his wife entered and slapped Mehwish and gave her the reality check .I wonder who and when she has been told about shehwar getting married again.Now its pretty clear she will be kicked out in the next episode .Shehwar might be kicked out as well or imprisoned .

    I Would not be willing to see Danish accept Mehwish again otherwise this episode will not have any Moral !

    • Thank you so much Rehan. Yes, waiting for all those questions to be answered and really looking forward to seeing more of Maham – what a powerful addition to the play, love it.

      Let’s see what the writer has in store for us.

      Appreciate your feedback Rehan.

  • AOA @Fatima.
    I completely agree with you that this was not the best episode of MPTH & I have many reasons of saying this;
    a) How come Shahwar suddenly decided to get married with Mahwash when till last episode he was denying to get married?
    b) How come Danish is getting rich so quickly, it doesn’t make any sense to me.
    c) Roomi obsession of getting married is father was v boring and just dragging the drama for nothing.
    D) Hania is doing her best to let Danish notice her but denying it big time, Who call and says “Apne diner kur lie etc and also Hania had so many scenes for nothing.
    E) Which student calls her teacher at 12:00 Midnight and which teacher talks like that to her student.
    There were so many blunder in the episode but as u said Swera Nadeem has saved the drama and trust me no one could have done shahwar wife role better then her.
    Now its a reality check for Mahwash and huu i must admit AyezaKhan was fantastic when Maham entered the room Ayeza has done excellent job and she was indeed born to play Mahwash….
    Overall ordinory episode with extra ordinory climax of the episode and Swera is my favouirte and what an actress she is.
    Cant wait for the next episode as its payback time for Shahwar and Mahwash..
    Thank you for your brilliant review….

    • Waelukum Asalam Amir. Totally agree with your reasons. Yes! Ayeza Khan was especially exceptional in this episode, loved her scenes. You’re most welcome. Appreciate your feedback. Keep reading and commenting.

    • well xplained, completely agree with everything u said. the drama is a big blockbuster as its very well directed, it has nothin unique, but its made in a filmly and entertaining way with big actors acting well, but for sure its not flawless or classic

  • Thanks for the review Fatima!! I must say all my predictions about Shahwar’s wife were completely wrong and I am so glad about!! That entry though.. All aur thappar jisne dil khush kar diya! Looking forward to Shahwar and Mehwish’ s downfall!

  • Wow guys.. Enter Savera Nadeem! This Barri Apa is the best choice for this character!!!
    The slap on mehwish’s face and i celebrated with a gulab jaman!!!!

  • Congratulations – “to me” At last! Wait is over :) ANusheey aaa gaiii :) Hahaha! Now the real stuff! why this kid is so damn obsessed with his father’s re-marriage. Kids are kids and should behave like they are kids even when they are in the world of dramas. This drama claims to have brought back the old golden days of Pakistani plays but why can’t they try to come even close to what the stories of “Dhoop kinaray”, “Kasak” “Chand Girhan” “Ankahi” “Parrosi” or even “Kohar” used to be” – no flaws, no errors……..

      • Yes, they are. ARY management itself. I saw their version when Adnan Siddiqui was invited in Jito Pakistan and both Fahad Mustafa and Adnan Siddiqui are like this drama has turned back time and taken us all in that golden era.

          • I agree, we don’t even need to go back in time but we surely can learn how those plays were written and when the stories in those days could be so innovative and realistic at the same time then why today we are not getting to see such classic piece of written work!!

          • Plot and story are two different departments or rather two different stages of a play. What they have done at least with MPTH is that they have done their thought process of the Plot first and then directly jumped down upon the script. That’s it.

  • Good review. Very articulate as usual. Rumi is no doubt adorable. But the writing for his character is wholly unrealistic. He is pitched as a six year old but has the dialogue of a early teen. There are some really issues with continuity.

    1.Danish wealth. Correct me here but he hasn’t made any profit from the investment into shalwar chemicals. The stock has plummeted further since his investment. I know he sold the flat but it’s not clear how he has become so extravagant. Unless he and hence shalwar chemicals has seen a bounce back in fortunes. Just simple free market economics which has been poorly explained.
    2. No narrative around the impending nikkah. What caused Shalwar to have a change of heart
    3.Mehwish transformation to full on antagonist has gone to a new level. The ending of tonight episode was second to Danish humiliating Shalwar from a few episodes back

  • danish sust inasan pahly he itna amer ho jata to vo chor k q jati.. ak jahtkay sa demgh na chlna shuru kr dia ..chalo mehish us k sath bike pa ghoomti the or bhala dosri aurat ka hua jo danish ki biwi bna ge …wah ray Qismat

  • perfect review fatima, . it was a good episode, i wish danish becoming rich wouldnt be shown so easy, may that was never the maker’s priority. i had some good expectations from hira mani’s character, but m not enjoying her and roomi’s scenes, i like to skip them they r boring, and dialougues r too mature, even tho the kid acts well. i didnt know this lady playing maham, this is the first time im watching her, looks like a good actress with powerful screen presence. i m happy to see furqan qureshi in salman’s role, he is a very good actor, he was gr8 in muqaddas, superb voice and personality.

    i dont think anushay has called maham. i liked the scene at restaurant, danish’s feelings were very well potrayed and directed, this is exactly how an honest lover like danish will feel. i agree with u that they never showed how and when shehwar agreed for the marriage, maybe it was edited out.

  • 16دسمبر
    کو sifrin kizi
    أرہا ھے وہ سب دیکھنا جس میں کہانی بھی اعلی ھے ایکٹنگ بھی اور ڈرایکشن بھی
    خلیل سر صرف الفاظوں کے ساتھ کھیل سکتے باقی دنیا اتنی آگے پہنچ گی ہم سب ابھی وہی رکے پیار محبت تک

  • Savera Nadeem’s entry was simply outstanding. The best actor and now the serial will be gripping n quite interesting.

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