Alif Episode 10 Story Review – Mesmerizing & Impactful

Opening Thoughts – Mesmerizing & Impactful:

This episode of Alif was magical. It was impactful & mesmerizing. Just when I was looking forward to the next scene, the episode ended & I was brought back to reality that I’ll have to wait another week to see the rest of the story. Alif is a masterpiece in literal sense, in every single aspect, be it in terms of dramatization or writing, the connection that the writer is trying to establish between the Creator & the creation, it is just phenomenal. I truly feel Pakistani drama buffs are actually lucky that they are getting to experience the journey which is Alif. Hats off!

Taha Abdul Alla & Husn e Jahan

Husn e Jahan & Taha Abdul Alla fell in love & they fell in love hard. For Husn e Jahan, Taha Abdul Alla was his connection to Allah. For Taha Abdul Alla, Husn e Jahan was his connection to the world. They both were attracted to each other right from the moment they set eyes on one another because they were having the outer body experience that they hadn’t experienced on their own before. Taha was living a one-dimensional life. Husn e Jahan was living a one-dimensional life too & now, they both were trying to seek each other’s company only to escape the life they had lived till date. I have not read the novel but just a few scenes, few very initial scenes were clear enough for me to understand how different they were & the sort of connection they both had & will have in the future. Alif is a masterpiece which has been written with a vision & has been directed with a vision too. Umera Ahmed & Haseeb Hassan should be very proud of themselves for bringing this kind of story & drama to the table which is so unique & soul-stirring!

Husn e Jahan was touched right from the moment she saw someone paint her picture with so much detailing. Husn e Jahan was used to all kinds of attention, but it was the first time she felt someone was trying to develop a connection with her. I couldn’t help noticing how similar Husn e Jahan & Qalb e Momin are, how similar their journeys are as well. Husn e Jahan was also lost, she was busy making a name for herself, building an empire, just being on top of the World & in the meantime, she had completely forgotten the connection with Allah. This is exactly what is happening with Qalb e Momin. She also had an awakening & was relying on Taha Abdul Alla to help her establish the connection because she was attracted to that aspect of his life & personality. They both fell in love but they didn’t know that they came in each other’s lives as a test for one another. People from two different worlds, poles apart who will be tested every step of the way. They both were special & special people do get tested. Qalb e Momin is having an awakening too & he is also being tested. Beautifully correlated & explained in Alif!

Alif Episode 10 Story Review - Mesmerizing & Impactful

Momina’s Fears:

Although Sultan always spoke highly of Husn e Jahan because he worked with her but it had never crossed my mind that Momina must be having some memories of Husn e Jahan too. It was a pleasant surprise that Momina had a memory of Husn e Jahan where she saw her at her lowest, in a most vulnerable state. Momina remembered her, was it because she had an example of Husn e Jahan in front of her that she went from being someone who had it all to the one who lost everything. Is Momina scared because she knows that the field that she’s a part of only has that much to offer & when the stardom is over, the fame & success is over, the person is left lonely & miserable. Momina is just starting out her journey, she is on her way to success but she is already scared. Did Momina draw a connection based on the fact that Husn e Jahan was in love & Momina is in love too? Momina is obviously disturbed because she has called the engagement off but she is unable to move on. Momina once again relied on her calligraphy as a catharsis, I absolutely loved that scene. It is beautiful that Momina relies on her calligraphy when she wants to disconnect from the world around her. It is her powerful expression, something that keeps her going. I can not wait for that stage of the story when Momina will come across Abdul Alla & they both will find out that they share the same passion & have the same gift of calligraphy.

Alif Episode 10 Story Review - Mesmerizing & Impactful

Sultan & Husn e Jahan’s interactions were another brilliant aspect of the episode. Husn e Jahan was so comfortable around Sultan. I loved when it was shown that Husn e Jahan was full of life, she loved herself, she loved the attention she got. There also came a time when she was tired of the kind of life she was leading, it was because Husn e Jahan had experienced it all, she had tasted fame, success, wealth, attention that she immediately started fantasizing about the life which had none of it. Husn e Jahan herself admitted that she was tired & wanted to put an end to it. The chemistry between Husn e Jahan & Taha Abdul Alla was perfect, it worked right from the moment they both came together in one frame. Sultan’s affection & possessiveness towards Husn e Jahan was beautifully translated by Saleem Mairaj as well & although it has been suggested that he had the kind of respect that almost can be labeled as love for Husn e Jahan, never once in their interactions it seemed that he wanted her all to himself. Sultan was the kind of person who wanted the best for Husn e Jahan, but he did not agree with the shift in her perspective & her longing to lead a life different from what she was used to.

Qalb e Momin is out to get his answers. He finally read the letters & he realized that he had lost something absolutely beautiful, the connection that kept him going when he was in the most difficult phase of his life – as a child waiting for his father to come back. Qalb e Momin did realize that despite having everything, he had nothing & there was a void in his life. The scene which depicted Qalb e Momin’s realization was the most impactful scene of this episode. It covered the emotions of Qalb e Momin to perfection. As the episode progressed, I couldn’t help but notice how similar Qalb e Momin is to Husn e Jahan, something that I enjoyed learning about these two characters at this stage of the drama.

Closing Thoughts – Double Episodes Please:

This episode of Alif was magical. I have said that before & I am saying it again. Alif is one such drama that deserves to be watched. Like all the previous episodes, there was so much detailing that I enjoyed noticing. The interiors & the walls of Husn e Jahan’s hotel room suggested that had taken the story decades back. I must also say that extra dialogues that the characters exchange with each other like Daud & Tina, or Shakoor’s suggestions always make a scenario complete. I will say that the scene where Qalb e Momin after reading letters touches the calligraphy done by Abdul Alla gave me goosebumps. It was a beautifully directed scene with the perfect lyrics echoing in the background. Hamza Ali Abbasi’s expressions at that moment showcasing that Qalb e Momin was emotional, were phenomenal. Kubra Khan stole the show in this episode, she not only looked absolutely beautiful, she acted brilliantly as well. It was nice to finally see Ahsan Khan as Taha Abdul Alla & I can not wait to see more of him. Saleem Mairaj is a phenomenal actor so this kind of brilliant & effortless acting is expected of him & he has surely delivered. I have nothing but nice things to say about Alif but yes, the only complain that I have is that this episode ended too soon. I actually was so invested & looking forward to seeing Husn e Jahan & Abdul Alla’s meeting that when the episode ended, I was snapped out of that beautiful world of Alif & I did not like it. I think the drama buffs should sign a petition that they should air double episodes of Alif because an episode per week is just not enough. I want more. Please share your thoughts about this mesmerizing episode of Alif.

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  • Zahra.. this is episode has taken me out of the world while watching it … and ideally a person shud be all alone , in a dark peacefull room after watching it so that u can feel and think abt the life we are living in.. what are we doing.. wo kehtay hain na Tazkiya e nafs… wo lerna chahye.. but drama khatam hotey hi gher k shoro ghul hamain wahi ussi dunya me phenk deta hai or lagta hai k aik jhatka laga or chala gaya ..
    Umera ahmed has written it sooo brilliantly… director and all the actors have done their job superbly as well..
    Kuch aisa nhi jis ki burai ki jai… and saleem mairaj tau kamal k performer hain.. itni achi acting sab kaisey ker saktay hain ..
    Aap ka review perhney k baad insan or khobsorat kaifiyat me chala jata hai… zaberdast review… mashaAllah… khush rahain

    • Aw thank you so much Saiqa for your beautiful words & encouragement. Uf, would you believe, jiss tarhaan app ne explain kiya hai exactly waisay hi mai Alif dekhti hoon. Lights off, no distractions, a dim light from the balcony & bas khamoshi. Aur waqay hi, jab ye end hota hai actually bura lagta hai ke kyun khatam ho gaya episode. Alif is like a movie jo bas dil karta hai shuru ki hai dekhna to abb aik hi go mai khatam kar ke hi uthain TV ke agay se. Brilliant drama. :)

      Sab actors waqay hi bohat hi acha perform kar rahay hain, it shows that everyone has put their heart & soul in Alif. <3

  • Amazing review zahra.

    The first scene was heart touching. As momin touched the name of Allah, i felt tge connection, i felt that, i felt pain. I was teary eyed. Alif is not a drama. Its something else, ill say it again.

    Kubra khan just amazed me. Ahsan overall look was very good. He seems like searching something same for husn e jahan. They both are ‘mutlashi’.

    Brilliant drama. I guess the remaining story of husm e jahaan will be told by dada to momin. And he’ll make the film on husn e jahan’s life. Or will take the idea from her life.

    • Thank you so much Ali. Yes, that scene was so beautiful, it was powerful too. It was like something in Qalb e Momin had shifted, he felt the emptiness & was ready for the change. So excited to see his journey.

      Kubra & Ahsan both were brilliant but Kubra definitely stole the show. She was brilliant as Husn e Jahan. Yes, they both are in search of something else which they will try to find in each other. Yes, I think Momin will make a biopic of Husn e Jahan & Momina will play her character. Let’s see. :)

  • Magical is the word ! Momin’s very first letter saying ‘aap tau mjhy janty hongy kiunke aap he ne tau mujhy paida kia hai … Aapka Qalb e Momin.’
    It was that easy for an eight years old to start a connection with his creator because he was such a pure soul and that he had taken from Husn e Jahan who today said ‘meri rooh ne aaj saans li hai’ . Like Dada said to grown up Momin ‘Husn e Jahan naik rooh the tum ne wo rooh kho di hai’
    The most saddening part is that Momin once had it and now he’d lost it. But if we think about it we all had it when we were little kids : innocent and pure. And we keep saying we miss that in us but we don’t realize that while we grew up we learned so much about the world but we let go this most beautiful connection we had with our creator.
    This is exactly why Husn e Jahan and Momin appeal to us the most coz they were the lost souls..
    This is magical coz this is real coz this is it!
    And your review says a lot: you know what you’re doing. I’m sure after the drama is over and I’m re-watching it I’ll be coming back to your reviews..

    • Thank you sooo much Maha for your kind words & for appreciating the reviews. :) I loved reading your comment. You are so right, we all can relate to Momin & Husn e Jahan’s struggles. The lifestyle they have & the profession they’re associated with is not something common in a sense that not everyone gets to experience it but still Momin & Husn e Jahan are relateable because their inner struggles, their fight to revive the spirituality in themselves, their challenges of developing a connection with Allah is what we all can relate to. It is beyond brilliant how Umera Ahmed just did not make them seem like some alien characters of imaginary world, she has made them very very real, that is why they strike a chord.

      I loved that dialogue of Qalb e Momin, it was soooo cuteeeeee. <3 I so agree with you about innocence & purity, which is lost when kids grow up & learn about the harshness or world & life.

  • it was a brilliant episode just like your review, i also didn’t want the episode to finish

  • Zahra brilliant review!!
    I am really short of words but I just want to say that when I heard that Kubra was going to play Husn e Jahan, I wasn’t happy at all. But man!! she has proven me wrong. She was beyond brilliant!!
    Aray aapko to sirf aik week intezar karna parh rha hum novel buffs ko cliffhanger pe chor k aik maheenay baad episode milti thi wo bhi sirf 30-40 pages ki.

    • Thank you so much PP for your kind words of appreciation. Waqay hi, Kubra Khan was beyond brilliant in this episode. I loved that she was so filmy like that demeanor & aura suited the character & she beautifully portrayed it.

      Oh, I can totally imagine how hard it must’ve been to wait. I am definitely going to read the novel after the drama ends. I can not miss this. :D

      • Novel is gym. I have read it already, i had watched 4 episodes of alif but left it because jo novel mein charm hai i didn’t not feel that in drama. Though it is picturised with precision. But novel is class in itself. Bit and bite discussed beautifully

        • I disagree with you though. I think they have perfectly captured the essence of novel. In fact it is best adaptation of any novel on Pakistanis TV to date.

      • Yes Zahra it was too hard but it was always worth it. Oh Great!! Do tell me when you read it. I will love to know your opinion.

  • I totally agree with you. This is such a story that you want to watch it free from all distraction and with full concentration. This drama makes you think on what you and people around have been doing and often weight the actions and question if we have taken any wrong step. Its thought provoking.
    The background music when Momin was reading letters was amazing. I feel while Husne Jahan was trying to explore connection towards Allah via Taha, Taha has started to wander away into worldly affairs, he painted a person which religious is not allowed. You are right, I was able to relate Momin’s lost soul to his mother’s journey today.
    The detail to attention has been such that even Ahsan’s hair color is brown to make him look Turkish.

    • Thank you so much P for taking the time out to read & comment. Yes, indeed, this is exactly how Alif deserves to be watched. I also watch it without any distractions but then again, it uploads at 3AM local time so no one is awake. :)

      Yes, that background music & the meaningful lyrics were just amazing in that scene. Taha & Husn e Jahan are two different people, that was explained beautifully in this episode through their interactions. They both are going to be tested. Oh yes, Ahsan Khan’s definitely changed his look, every single actor has put so much effort into styling. They have nailed it.

  • I have not read your reviews much on Alif as I have been trying to catch up on episodes as this drama requires attention and time and would prefer to watch first and then read the review. However, Geo’s content is blocked on YT after episode 8 for abroad viewers. Not sure why they did that.
    Only ARY allows you to watch and besides MPTH, I would not waste time on other serials for the channel
    Shukar hai Ehd e wafa is not blocked!

    • Hi SM. Oho, too bad that you guys are unable to watch it. Try asking someone to download it & upload it on shared Google Drive for you to watch it. It should not be missed. Hate it when channels do that to the overseas viewers.

      • Thank you Zahra! Same issue I am having with Yeh dil mera. I have to browse the internet to find it.

    • You can see this on geo tv, write geo tv entertainment on google and watch it.
      I am doing the same for two weeks as it’s not being shown on YouTube

    • You can also watch the pirated version on Facebook, just some basic search techniques.
      Or if you are in UK watch it for free on Sky UK

  • Good review! Like how you compare the roles of Tasha and Husn e Jahan regarding their lives. Very deep! I am amazed as how good of an author Umera Ahmed is. No wonder the book is translated into different languages. I can see how a drama like this can impact lives of not only the stars that act in it but also the folks watching it and getting its meaning. Wow!

    • Thank you so much Heemal for appreciating the review & the part about Taha & Husn e Jahan. I was amazed at how clearly they showed us the contrast in their lives & that too in such few scenes, right from the beginning. Umera Ahmed surely is gifted. She knows what she is talking about. Alif deserves to be reached out to every single person out there. It is so powerful.

  • Its a long wait and journey week after week this is just the start if they go with 30+ episodes

  • To be honest I didnt like kubra’s acting today. In novel these scenes were much more profound. Husne jahan was a lost soul and was shaken but I didnt see kubra doing justice to those scenes

    • same feeling……….. specially when she dances, Dance of Kubra is always ajeeb sa, no grace, no nazakat, awkward moves

    • I think those who know Husn e Jahan from the intricate details mentioned in the novel, they will judge Kubra’s performance differently. Since I have not read the novel, I found her performance convincing.

  • I love this magical piece. However I would suggest its dag should be changed to allow the audience to enjoy its beauty. To be honesg with all its mesmerizing scenes and script we still cant swtich from MPTH to Alif. I watch it in breaks or on YouTube. Pleassssssse change its day.

    • It sure is a magical drama. I think watching it on YouTube is the best option for those who prefer to watch Mere Pass Tum Ho when these dramas are on air.

  • Beautiful drama with beautiful script..n now just to the point review from zehra… Thank you all the team of alif for making this drama. Na big thanks to the writer umaira n the director naseeb.. after long time I really wait for Saturday just to watch alif. A BIG ROUND OF APPLAUSE FOR EVERYONE WHO R THE PART OF MAKING #ALIF

  • excellent review zahra, even tho i was not v interested in the backstory, but i liked today’s episode. kubra was definitely the star of the show, i didnt know that she has the capability to pull off such a difficult role. her scenes with ahsan were good . i was laughing looking at sultan and his feelings for husnejahan were clearly seen. i was slightly disapp by last 2 episodes bcoz of the slow pace and some sort of repetetive scenes. i was too eager to see momin and momina to meet. it seems that the backstory will move fast. looking forward to next episode.

    • Thank you so much Tiger. I am glad you enjoyed this episode though. I think backstory has to be explored a lot so that we get to enjoy the events that have transpired because of them. For Sultan Husn e Jahan was his everything & that is why he was disturbed when he saw her getting attached to someone else.

  • Excellent review of Alif! I enjoyed reading it. The connection between the two worlds of husne jahan and taha abdul ala you explained was a great analysis. I must read the novel. Hamza ali abbasi’s expressions were so natural. Kubra has acted very well and she is looking stunning. However, it is a break through for the Pakistani dramas that such a beautiful topic has been taken for the first time.

    • Thank you so much Shakila. Indeed, Alif is unique & it is so amazing that they have picked up this subject & made a drama on it. Thank you for liking the analysis of Taha & Husn e Jahan’s relationship. I haven’t read the novel too but now I so want to. :)

    • Yes such topics should be taken up indeed as dramas play a pivotal role in sending positive messages of character building in societies. I strongly believe instead of (awareness campaigns)showing the ugliness in society,, positivity and solutions be given to people and that is the message of this drama. Connection with our Creator,Allah Kareem. Well done Geo! And well done Fatima Zahra! Your reviews are as enjoyable as watching the drama.

  • Your review was on point, Zahra!
    Question – do you know the name of the the background music that they play? I’m not talking about the OST. It’s music without lyrics. It’s so beautiful.

    • Thank you so much Alif Fan. Aw, no I don’t have an idea about the music though. I think commenting under Alif’s episode on YouTube might help, like if someone would know about it, they will tell you. :)

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