Mere Pass Tum Ho Episode 22 Story Review – Regrets and a Proposal

Tonight’s episode of Mere Pass Tum Ho was supposed to be a relatively longer episode as promised by the producers and the channel itself but that was not the case. I am truly disappointed by some of the tactics which the producers of this drama have used to ensure that viewers watch Mere Pass Tum Ho when it goes on air on television. While it is perfectly fine to try and grasp the attention of the viewers through marketing, such lame promises only frustrate the viewers. I am certain now we will be told that actually the last episode will be 60 minutes long!! People who have been watching Mere Pass Tum Ho for 20 weeks will obviously tune in to the last 3 episodes as well therefore my kind request to the producers to take it easy and not be so desperate since the drama is already getting enough attention as it is!!

The Proposal

This episode of Mere Pass Tum Ho yet again focused on the love triangle and once again the big question remains whether or not Danish will forgive Mehwish. It was great watching Anoushay Abbasi on screen after such a long time. Rumi yet again played the matchmaker and many of his dialogues in this episode as well were not age appropriate. Some of the dialogues tonight were beautifully written and just like every other episode of Mere Pass Tum Ho, this one too banked more on the conversations than anything else. Hania accepted Rumi’s proposal because in her opinion the poor kid was trying to rescue his father. Wateera played a role similar to the one she has been playing in the past few weeks – making Hania realize that she does indeed have feelings for Danish. I was hoping that there would be more to Mateen sahab’s story but apparently not. Danish wore the ring but he is clearly not ready to commit to anyone. It is easy to understand why Rumi would want Hania to be there with him, the poor kid is lonely but Danish is going through so much mental turmoil that even the thought of getting married again wouldn’t have crossed his mind otherwise. At the end of the day it was ‘aba’ more than Rumi who convinced Danish to go along with what Rumi has started.

Mere Pass Tum Ho Episode 22 Story Review - Regrets and a Proposal

Mehwish and Danish

The way Mehwish walked out of Ayesha and Salman’s house after that conversation Salman had with Danish in front of her showed she still wanted to be in control. My favorite dialogue from tonight’s episode was, “apne jalay hue khoon se kahani likh raha hoon. Likh raha hoon ke chalo bewafai us ka haq tha, haq us ne istemal kar liya tu ab haq na jataye mujhe pe.” That is exactly what Mehwish is trying to do even now – she feels helpless because she no longer has the control which she had on Danish once. Danish on the other hand has made up his mind that Mehwish no longer controls or ‘owns’ him.

Mere Pass Tum Ho Episode 22 Story Review - Regrets and a Proposal

Somehow even with all the regret that is being shown, there are times when Mehwish’s behavior shows as if she is entitled to be forgiven! Monty turning into the bhai was funny but the role his wife played was quite likable. Ayeza Khan’s look changed completely when she entered the flat, when she was having breakfast with Salman and Ayesha her hair color was different and when she entered the flat it was much darker. Basically she went from being Mehwish to being Sehar (her character’s name in Thora Sa Haq). Her look in the scenes shot at the apartment was the one she is sporting in drama serial Thora Sa Haq. Her actions too later on were quite like Sehar ;) I was not expecting Khalil-ur-Rehman Qamar to add this part but yes definitely something you can relate to since everyone turns to God when they feel completely helpless. I also feels that these scenes were added later on when the producers felt that they needed to increase the number of episodes.

Mere Pass Tum Ho Episode 22 Story Review - Regrets and a Proposal

‘Wo tarap ke mujh se kaha karta tha mere pass tum ho aur mein janti thi wo undr se yehi keh raha hei tum tu mere pass nahi ho Mehwish” was another dialogue in this episode which was so powerful – it explained so much. Basically Mehwish acknowledged that even when she was with Danish, she wasn’t entirely with him! Although she blamed Danish for being insecure but this was the reason why he was always unsure and probably felt the need to show Mehwish how much he loved her so that she won’t leave him.

Shehwar and Maham

Shehwar has turned in to this bheegi billi and Maham is making sure that she makes his life a living hell. Maham clearly has not forgiven Shehwar but she also does not want to let go of him. She is also making him suffer and treating him more like an object – someone she owns and can treat any way she wants. Shehwar deserves that and more but I am waiting to see how this particular track ends. Savera Nadeem has an absolute screen presence and Adnan Siddiqui is just as convincing as the bheegi billi as he was as the phanay khan ;)

Mere Pass Tum Ho Episode 22 Story Review - Regrets and a Proposal

Final Remarks

Am I the only one who is not rooting for Hania and Danish at all? I don’t find this on-screen couple or the ‘love’ Hania feels for Danish appealing or convincing. I am definitely rooting for Danish and want to see him living a happy life – wish Rumi could have been happily settled with his father and wasn’t bent on ‘rescuing’ him. There was an overdose of Rumi in tonight’s episode as well. The drama could have easily ended this week. I am waiting for the ’emotional’ last episode which is not meant for the faint-hearted – I hope it fits the bill.

Did you watch tonight’s episode? Do share your thoughts about it.

Fatima Awan

Fatima Awan has been a part of reviewit right from its inception. She feels very passionately about Pakistani dramas and loves discussing them in detail. An enthusiastic writer, thinker, and political scientist, constantly trying to look beyond the obvious. Full-time mom.

  • Brilliant review did you fell in love with Danish like you did with Mohid and fawad khagga or not and do you think Mere Paas Tum Ho is better than Dil lagi.

    • Thank you so much Sami. Well, the fact is that Humayun Saeed’s career has taken the best turn since Dillagi aired, he has been giving one brilliant performance after the other. He is a really intelligent and talented man, expect the best from him in the future too. I would say I loved Mohid the most and Danish comes second, Fawad Khagga was cute.

      • Please do mention in last episode’s review that whether this drama was better than Dil Lagi or not and also was Humayun Saeed’s perfomance in this drama better than his performance in Dil Lagi please i love your reviews

      • Hi Fatima. I always like your reviews and must read after every episode of MPTH. I am surprised that KRQ ends one drama as a happy ending as u have mentioned in ur review MNYH. Apart from this every drama of KRQ has tragic ending and it seems that Danish would agree to meet Mehvish and some accident would happen before reaching to her home. :-)
        But today episode is repetitive and nothing new to add. In start of the drama they were saying that it has 22 episodes and one extra episode they have added for more TRP.
        Your observation of her hair colour and choice of dialogues are perfect.
        Thanks for fantastic review. And keep reviewing. You and zahra review add more value to the drama.

        • Hello Laeeq, thank you so much for liking the reviews, I really appreciate your feedback. Yes! I remember MNYH’s last episode aired on chand raat and the happy ending was a big surprise because KRQ clearly stated in an interview that he does not believe in happy endings.

          Let’s see what happens. Would hate to see something like that happening to Danish but then KRQ always kills the characters we love!

          You’re most welcome. Yes, most certainly. Keep reading and commenting. I look forward to everyone’s feedback.

    • Mpth is great …but dillagi was on another level…
      And between mohid and danish I’ll choose humayun! ;-)

      • agree dillagi was on another level, and even faiza iftikhar is much better than overrated krq. i started watching this serial bcoz of nadeem bai and HS coming together after dillagi., but there is no comparison. even humayun’s acting in dillagi was far better. here i liked his performance, but not award worthy, it was more hyped overall.

        • If you think Humayun’s performance in mpth is not award worthy than watch episode 9 to 12 of this drama

          • I have watched all the episodes. Humayun was good, infact the best thing abt the drama, but after watching the whole drama, I feel the drama and everything was good, but not award worthy. And when you compare to other dramas of 2019, I think only Imran Ashraf deserves the best actor award. And compared to Dillagi, in my opinion,
            Dillagi – 10/10
            MPTH – 7/10

            Humayun in Dillagi – 10/10
            in MPTH – 8.5/10

            Nadeem Baig for Dillagi – 10/10
            for MPTH – 8/10

  • Hahahaha Fatima what you wrote about Mehwish and Sehar loved it. Right observation. And that comment about Shehwar too good man!!! Love your reviews. Sometimes you observe things most of us don’t even notice. The two dialogues you added in your review, I will watch those scenes again. You always pick up the best dialogues. Can you kindly review Yeh Dil Mera. Reviewit is my favorite website for reviews and discussions. I don’t want to see Hania and Danish together either but also don’t want Mehwish forgiven.


    • LOL!! Yes, that was the first thought that came to my mind instantly. Have been following Thora Sa Haq and this was most certainly Sehar and not Mehwish LOL!! Aww thanks a ton Hassan, love your feedback as well. I try my best, I feel that a lot of readers add so many new and interesting things therefore I honestly look forward to these discussions just as much as you guys do. Zahra will be reviewing YDM soon. Same here! Feel the same way, waiting to see how the drama ends.

      Keep reading and commenting.

      • Fatima, Im also following thora sa haq, the bad version of humsafar, its unintentionally funny, still i dont know why i follow it, wat are ur views on that drama, wish u were reviewing it, it would have been gr8 fun here

        • Hahaha uff it is insane and I find it so funny how all of a sudden Mashal is acting like Naveen from Hamsafar. The thappars and the tanas are just too much. It reminds me of Chup Raho, it is so ridiculous. LOL!! Yes, Mann Mayal kind of fun ;)

          • Lol, thodda sa haq is one rare drama where you actually don’t root for the lead pair, they are pathetic. Im totally with Hareem.

  • Hahaha. Very very well analyzed review sister. Aapney tou autopsy kardi. Hania ki saaries koun select karta hai mujhey tou lagta hai Hira mani ki pehli hee demand hoti hogi role leney sey Saari tou sponsored hogi na? Apart from joke, both dialogues which you have mentioned were so deep that i was in trance. I liked it now waiting to see last episode with penadol, brufen, augmentation, corex d, distalgesic and bondage. I have gut feeling both mehwish and danish will die flat mein hee abba waaley mein. I would love to see them dying. I don’t like happy ending especially Khalil ur rehman qamar dey dramay wich. Spot on review

    • LOL!! Thank you bro. Haha! I have no idea trust me but definitely not liking Hira Mani in this one. Yes, beautiful dialogues, so glad you liked them just as much as I did Waqar. LOL!! sb chorein lexotanil le lei hahaha

      OMG!! Yeh kya keh diya aap ne. Danish ko na marei plzzz. Well, you’re right tragic endings have more of an impact.

      Thanks a ton. Appreciate your feedback.

  • First of all KRQ said that last episode will be 60 to 65 minutes long but people misunderstood that he was talking about 2nd last…why 2nd last episode would be long instead of last? He cleared this the next day on Ary news morning show which i watched so clearly it was a misunderstanding. Second today i won’t write any dialogues because that will make my comment longer even though many dialogues were mind blowing. I was too off with the way Rumi talked but i was watching KRQ’s interview and he said Rumi is my childhood. I used to say these big words and people would turn around in shock sometimes so i was completely ok with Rumi now because that’s a justification which i could not deny. Your review is apt. Mehwish still wants control over Danish. Actually for 20 episodes there was happening something new in every episode that these 2 episodes look repetitive but still i loved today’s episode just because of Mehwish’s dialogues. I don’t know but did Mehwish drank poison in that water? Why Iffra was crying and Monty was at Danish’s office. It felt like that to me. I don’t know what’s the ending and that’s increasing my curiosity. Plus KRQ should stop giving interviews and warning to take pills. Itny b kamzoor dil k ni k mar hi jaeyn… Anoushey was great..
    Your review is wonderful… waiting for next Saturday anxiously
    PS:’Larkay ko dekho lagta ha k dair hogai ha’…ye Humayun ki age py taunt karny se baaz ni aaeyn gy 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • Ahsan I actually saw the 60 minutes post today on some of the most authentic ARY pages, I am pretty sure but later on those posts were deleted. That misunderstanding was created by the producers and the channels so that people would get confused, that is what they have been doing sadly. Once it is out there, it is a done deal, not everyone follows the morning shows and they definitely did not go out of their way to clear this misunderstanding, since I follow them on social media. Agree with you about KRQ not giving interviews but then I also know people who love his interviews LOL!! Yes, loved Anoushay.
      Thanks a ton for liking the review and for commenting.

      hahaha – I am glad Humayun doesn’t care ;)

      • I love his interviews. I just feel that he shouldn’t talked about mere pass tum ho in that and what’s going to happen. People are surely going to watch every episode so you don’t need to promote it

  • Omg !!! Aapki itni deep observant eyes ko kisi ki nazar na lage…mashallah!
    Review hamesha ki trah pppperfect tha..they didn’t show anything in promo..
    And don’t worry fatma yeh krq ki script hai hania aur danish saath me nahi hoge.
    I donno why but I didn’t like mehwish today also..I mean the way she was saying yaad karke ro lugi and all.. itna khushi khushi koi bolta hai kya jis ko sach me regrets ho..nautanki.
    Ending kuch bhi ho ,I just don’t want danish or rumi to suffer..inki koi galti nhi thi sab me par krq ko kon samjhaega…so excited for the emotional last episode!
    And which drama u r reviewing next ?..looking forward to it!

    • Buhat shukriya LFI. Yes, is baar banta tha promo na dikhana. Ji yeh tu sahi kaha aap ne lekin phir Mera Naam Yusuf Hei ka end yaad aa jata hei, which was an exception is liye kuch bhi ho sakta hei.

      Haha! You are right about Mehwish, genuine nahi lagti abhi bhi. Bs lagta hei jese apni mrzi krni ho.

      Me too, looking forward.

      LFI, no idea. Maybe Jhooti. Aap bataye konsa krna chahyeh?

  • Very nice review ki Fatima eķ dum perfect:)
    Sahi hai k takleef mein mazhab ka hi sahara hota hai….. saat baar parho teen baar phoonk maro aur pi jau and she did it magar iss gham ko peena bahut mushkil hoga jab khushiyon se bhara ghar hi mehwish ne apney hathon ujaar dala abb tou sirf weerani hai khamoshi hai aur pachtaway jo kisi aaseb jesa hi uska peecha karrahe. Hope she gets peace and tranquality while continues to wait when danish knocks the door of her lost realm.

    • Thank you so much MR review ko pasand krne ka, means a lot to me.
      Bilkul sahi kaha aap ne, abhi bhi aisa lagta hei ke agr Shehwar wapas aa jaye tu Mehwish phr badal jaye gi even with all the regrets. Kuch ajeeb sa character hei. Oh! You want them back together, that’s interesting MR. Yes, I also hope she moves on and puts her life to good use.

  • Shukar hai.. thanku some much Fatima for channeling out my frustrations regarding the baseless promotions through ur review. Iss episode ko dekhtay hoi Rona nahi Neend arahi thi. I mean there was nothing particularly new in this episode. Even Danish’s acceptance of the ring seemed reluctant and indecisive. The only new thing was that Miss Hania, after 7-8 episodes of listening to her chattering sister and that over-smart 6 year old boy, finally found out that she was ‘in love’ with Danish all along!! Although Rumi is extremely adorable sometimes but lately his dialogues, instead of making me smile, give me a cringy feeling.i don’t think they had been originally planned by KRQ.

    It looks like one episode to go. Saw the teaser. Nothing new as expected. But I guess that as this is a KRQ script, the one who is famous for killing his main protagonists in his serials like Pyarey Afzal, I’m betting that this time too Danish will die. How? Suicide? Murder? Natural death? That remians to be seen..

    • You’re most welcome Ibrahim, seriously they really did not need to do all this! Yes! The acceptance of the ring was I think a way to confuse the viewers. The child actor is adorable, love his confidence but not liking Rumi’s dialogues, poor kid is missing out on his childhood.

      Let’s see. One more week to go, it has been an amazing journey full of ups and down but powerful for sure.

      Appreciate your feedback and look forward to it.

  • Do takay ki larki aur us ka beta.

    Mehwish regret was bardashtable but Rumi-nama kuch ziada hee hogaya hai.

    Drama makers bhee saheeh garam lohay pe hathorra maar ker is dremay ki promotion k liye aheeb o ghareeb harkatain ker rahay hain. Pehlay special episode ka jhansa diya aur ab lambi qist ka. Last week, precap was not less than a promo of Hollywood movie, but for me this was an average episode.

    Aaj to kisi college ka aik exam paper bhee dekha Twitter pe jis mian meray paas tum ho se related question tha. 🤦

    Waisay Hira Mani to KRQ k dialogue delivery kertay kertay kuch psycho lagney lagee hai.🤭

    Though their chemistry in relation to their Abba’s is same, I am also not rooting for marriage of Hania and Danish. Meray khayal main shadi hogi bhee naheen, kuch aur hoga jo kamzor dil wlay afraad naheen dekh sakhain gey. 😉

    • I know right, overdose of Rumi…poor kid.

      Haha yes wo paper meinay bhi dekha.

      Ab dekhte hei hamare dil kitne mazboot hei LOL!!

      Enjoyed your comment Urs.

      • میری اما یہ ڈرامہ بڑے شوق سے دیکھتی ہیں، ان کی اگلے اتوار یوکے کی فلائیٹ ہے، میں انہیں منع نہ کردوں آخری قسط دیکھنے سے، کہ کہیں اس آخری قسط کے خونخوار مناظر ان کے کمزور دل پر برا اثر نہ چھوڑیں۔

        دل کے ہسپتالوں میں بھی اس وقت ہائے الرٹ ہوگیا ہوگا۔

        ویسے میڈم صحیح نمونے ہیں۔ اور آپ کی ویب سائیٹ نے بھی اپنے عجیب و غریب آرٹیکلز سے ان کی پروموشن کا بھرپور ساتھ دیا ہے۔

          • Abay chawal admi, ye Dil k hospital ki baat khud Khalil Qamar ne ki thee aik interview main k kamzor dil walay ehtiyat karain pehlay hee dil k hospital bharray huey hain.

            Ama ki baat kyun ki ye mujhay ziada pata hai.

  • nice obervations as usual fatima. But i hated this episode as much as last 2 or 3 episodes, im really disappointed by nadeem baig, they r just wasting time in these episodes, and drama completely lost track. Rumi and hania have screwed up the serial , and even maham-shehwar track is not upto the mark. i dont even feel much for danish. but the worst part of the dram is handling of mehwish’s character now, i just dont feel that she has changed completely, she is alos not trying enuff to win back danish, its just she is being a bechari in front of friends, but in front of danish she has not even once said sorry, if im not mistaken. she has not even tried to convince danish. I have loved only 2 dramas of krq – mera naam yusuf hai and pyare afzal. this drama is certainly not his best, it comes 3rd for me.

    • Thank you so much Tiger. I agree with you, these episodes were not mind blowing like the past few. They should have ended the drama this week. Yes, she hasn’t really said sorry, I feel she still has a big ego.

      Appreciate your feedback. Keep reading and commenting.

  • What sort of forgiveness is Mehwish seeking and what is it about her that everyone seems to want her to be forgiven? Putting aside everything that transpired, Danish and Mehwish are legally divorced so short of a halala scenario there’s no way they can end up together. I don’t know if the writer is trying to bring some other angle into play but this repeated forgiveness rant is annoying. Danish has accepted that they can’t simply fix what is broken – I can understand that Rumi is far too young to comprehend the concept of divorce even though he’s been behaving way more mature than everyone in the drama. Hania looks completely cuckoo when talking about Danish and today when Mehwish was asking Monty to flirt with her, she too seemed to be on the brink of losing her sanity. I hope the last episode is the actual last episode and not split into two parts. This cheap tactic of dragging a storyline beyond its shelf life really ends up ruining it. Thanks for a very wholesome review Fatima. Let’s see how this ends and if our collective hearts are strong enough to deal with the ending Lol!

    • Hahaha yes!! Let’s see what the last episode has to offer. Same thoughts Kanwal – she wants Danish back but how?! Today Monty’s wife’s dialogue suggested halala but all of KRQ’s interviews suggest that they are not getting back – which I think is great. LOL!! Yes, my helper who watches this play with me actually asked me baji Mehwish pagal ho gaye hei hahaha when she in the apartment!!

      Really enjoyed reading your thoughts. Dil tham ke let’s watch the last episode and yes it better be the last episode. I am so glad you liked the review Kanwal. Thanks a ton.

  • Unhone Last episode ka kaha hai 2nd last social media k post par lkha hua hai har jaga warna unhone interview last episode ka bola h 60-65 mint..

  • This drama completely lost all its charm. It did started pretty ordinary and now ending seems to be stupid also. Just 5-6 good episodes in middle and it got over hyped. I would suggest all of the readers to tune to Alif which is nothing but awesome. Every scene, every dialogue, just everything makes sense in Alif but unfortunately Alif not getting fame which it deserves.
    @Fatima, Are you following Alif. And how would you compare these two dramas ? Just curious to know about your thoughts! :)

  • they also said that there are going to be loads of twist in the last 2 episodes therefore i’m not going for their ‘its not for the faint hearted’ bit, i have given up on this drama, they have disappointed us in the last few episodes where we thought something exciting will happen but never did therefore i now will accept whatever the ending is going to be like
    they showed a scene in last weeks promo where Maham tells Shehwar to divorce her but they missed that out today, i can’t believe that now Monty is going to advice poor Danish too

  • When alif was started they started using cheap tactics. Ye laalach h, kya h? Already drama all time block buster h or in ko chahiye kya? I mean this is disgusting.

  • Now let’s see how it ends As the writer has created the hype. Not predictable.

    N yes fatima..! Wateera is played by hina javed, sister of sana javed. I guessed right🤭

  • Hi. Although the review is worth appreciation but still, just a few conflicts.

    Faith in God is good but then showing an extreme level of reciting some verses, lightly blowing on water and then using it, my opinion, it was a total mismatch against the theme.

    Salman and Ayesha have played well but the point of departure of Mehwish from their home was not completely justified, it seemed dry and undone.

    Rumi’s script is way beyond his age match, and we know for sure, children having gone under such circumstances are, although, sensitive and over thinking type, but then the thought approach is not a 6 years old thing.

    Danish, he is compliant over what his son is thinking and planning for both of them, but his rage for not having forgotten Mehwish is an obstacle, as he said she would have his forgiveness the day he forgets her.

    Nevertheless, I liked the review and observation as I wondered if it’s only me who noticed Ayeza’s hair or did someone else too :)

  • Hi Fatima !How are you ?

    Wonderful Review once again .I must i say i have a gut feeling that someone will die in the last episode ,They way it has been hyped showed that this drama deserves a happy ending but it wont be the case as it seems.
    Overall tonight episode was more of Mehwish and she occupied a fair amount of screen space .Apology is something she feels she deserves .
    lets see what happens in the last episode.Fingers Crossed .

    • Hello Rehan, I am good. Hope you’re doing well.

      Thank you so much for liking the review. Since KRQ said the ending will be really emotional therefore yes definitely expecting something extreme. Yes, Mehwish and Rumi.

      Same here, hopefully the ending will be gratifying.

  • Hi Fatima such a great review! This drama definitely had 22 episodes and they have stretched it with Rumis overdose! But shukar hai bht ziada nae latka dia! You have such a keen observation n btw i also notice these kind of things;) like Aizas look! Even in previous episodes Humayun saeeds hairstyle and beard changed in multiple scenes which clearly showed thay had added those scenes later.And about the ending its not going to be a happy one! Danish will die after meeting Mehwish for the last time in their old apartment and they will show him wearing that ring while dying! Lol this is how i have imagined the ending something like pyare afzal!
    Although i definitely dont want him to die:(

    • Hello Anonymous. Thank you so much for liking the review. You are right, it is easy to tell which are the bits which they have added later on. Really? with the ring on? Haye nahi, Hania doesn’t deserve that haha.

      Interesting predictions. Enjoyed your feedback. Keep reading and commenting.

  • Hi Fatima… I’m from India and am an avid follower of alll ur reviews…watch those serials only which get a positive response from you….keep up the good work…👍

    • Hello RiMi, thank you so much for following the reviews and having so much faith in them. Your support and appreciation means a lot to me.

      Keep reading and commenting RiMi, would love it if you can add to the discussions.

  • The drama fell victim to the onscreen filmy mentality of trying to do the extraordinary!
    The only naturally flowing character is that of Danish with all right emotions n responses. Mehwish is a total blondie who still didn’t learn anything from her stints n is actually demanding and miserably satarical.. Double thumbs down!
    Lastly Shahwar should deserve more than wat he’s getting n Savera carrying on the perfect game, the only smart-lady on the serial I say. Teacher Hania isn’t appealing at all with no chemistry whatsoever between her n Danish, infact we wonder why was she cast in this role from the beggining. Monty is the most inappropriate except his red shoes (absolutely luved them!).,and the lesser said about Roumi the better! I just don’t want a silly ending to the drama to proclaim I wasted all my attention to this for this long?!

  • Hi Fatima, what a mind-blowing episode it was and you reviewed it nicely. This is the second topmost episodes among all the episodes of MPTH. Every scene made me rewind at least one time to just praise the writer for the dialogues. First was, when Mehwish says that Danish always used to say her that Mere pass tum Ho, though he knew that Mehwish you are not with me. This shows that Mehwish knew then also that Danish truly loves her and she was selfish & wanted more from that life. Second scene was the dialogue of Wateera to Hania saying that the death is more painful when loved one goes out of life, compare to a normal death where only the life goes away. The complete scene between Mehwish & Monty, was too likeable, “Why don’t you tease me now”. And then the dialogue of self-realization that it is not totally the fault of the male who praises a lady especially a married woman, but the fault lies within herself also because the lady started thinking that she is the only beautiful lady on earth. Does not want to realize that she is one of the beautiful persons, but not the only beautiful person. And the meeting with Monty’s wife & the dinner they had. Also, liked when she says, bring Danish because with his presence only, the disloyalty from the corners of the house will go away. What a complement for a loyal man like Danish…mind blowing. And her roaming around in the empty house and having the memories of a home, was done beautifully by the writer as well as the director. Also, I liked Hania’s approach. She knew that with the present situation of Danish & as per his first love, she cannot tell him to put the ring on her finger or she to his finger and that’s why she just gives him and come back. Also, she did not want to get his instant response. But the most adorable part was the perception of Dadaji in Roomi. She used these thoughts indirectly to propose a man. What a unique & mind-blowing style of proposal. And at the end I liked Danish wearing the ring, to give completeness to the scene.

    • Hello Aamer, thank you for liking the review and for your insights, interesting like always. I am glad you enjoyed watching this episode. Some of the situations and dialogues you mentioned there were truly meaningful and powerful.

  • Absolutely on point review. I’m all for a slow burn so I don’t mind the addition of new (and maybe unnecessary) scenes. However…I do think that the love story, if there’s going to be one, between Hania and Danish should’ve been given more time to make it believable. Instead of giving Rumi all these heavy dialogues, maybe some scenes with Humayun and Hania could’ve been added to show a growing rapport, if not love, between the 2 of them. I’m not liking Ayeza’s performance, after her fall from grace, at all. Her dialogues seem like forced philosophy to me and why does she keep asking everyone to make Danish come see her…why not just go to his place and end her misery and ours. Lastly, when Shehwar raises his briefcase for Dewan Sahab to take and Dewan Sahab checkmates him with a pink and white 4 tiered lunch Ka dabba…I just died…with laughter. Sawera was awesome and cunning with her list of food he used to bring in his lunch…do shami, piaz tamatar Ka salad, Raat Ka bacha hua salan or Kabhi Kabhi ek adh gulab jamun…I stan this woman’s tactics.

    • Thank you so much N for liking the review and for sharing your views here. Totally agree with you regarding Maham, loving the punishment and waiting to see how this track ends.

      Appreciate your feedback, keep reading and commenting.

  • I wish a more prettier actress was hania.. danish derserves a more beautiful wife now.

    Mehwish is acting dumb and innocent.. whereas she is the most cunning of the lot!!!
    She is living off shewars money and wants to go back to danish!!!

    One stupid girl destroying 2men!!!

  • Adnan Siddiqui is just as convincing as the bheegi billi as he was as the phanay khan ;)
    AOA Fatima,
    Your Particular comment about Adnan Siddiqui made me laugh loud Phanay khan ha ha u said it write :)
    BTW it was another disappointed episode with nothing new element in it but MPTH got so much hype that even its bad episodes r getting appreciated by masses.
    The most iriitating part of MPTH is HIRA and her sister charcter oh gosh what kind of ppl they r and zabardasti ki philipospher huuu hell iritating..Hira mani worse acting till to date ..
    I am loving how Maham is treating shahwar who as is u said is bhiggi billi once was phannay khan ha ha
    Swera has nailed her small character unlike hira and i loved her.
    Shahwar must be thinking

    ” مگر میں نے سیکھا محبت بھی ہو تو
    دیوان صاحب کو دیکھتے ہی مکر جائیے گا”
    ha ha :)
    Even Danish and hania sequence was over the top and doesn’t make any sence to me.
    Danish is still stuck in Mehwish love no matter what he is saying but still he is in love with Mehwish
    and below suits best to his situation
    مــیں نِـکل پَاتا نَــہیں یَاد کے حَــلقے سے کَـــبھی
    مُجھ کو اِک شَخص میں رہ جَانے کی بِـیماری ہے
    Now we have to wait and see who will die in the end as kisi eik ko to marna hai
    عین مُمکن ہے کہ اُسکی یادوں میں💔
    میں اپنی جان سے ہاتھ دھو بیٹھوں (Will it be danish or mehwish lets seee )
    I feel it would be Danish who will die in the end but i dont want to happen….
    but waisay bi Danish to mehwish ki bewafai main mur chuka hai because
    کچھ حادثے ایسے بھی ہوتے ہیں زندگی میں
    انسان بچ تو جاتا ہے مگر زندہ نہیں رہتا_______!!
    ab woh sirf benaam lash ki tarah ji raha hai
    I agree with you what Danish said
    بے وفائی اُس کا حق تھا۔
    وہ حق اُس نے استعمال کر لیا
    تو اب حق نہ جتائے مجھ پر
    it was epic btw i can write too much about MPTH but i dont want to go into too much details.
    what you notice about Ayeza from MPTH to Thoda sa huq is so true aap bohut taiza ho gae ho ha ha and omg what an horrible drama Thorasahuq is btw and i guess they reshoot this episode because drama was supposed to be end on 22 episode and thats why in this episode new new happened.
    Excluding this episode Ayeza has done wonderful job and MPTH belongs to her and Humayun Saeed.
    Thank you Fatima for your wonderful review.
    it was much more entertaining to read then wathing actual episode of mpth
    and yes i am eagerly waiting that hamara jamzor dil ka kya haal hota hai as per KRQ uff itni chorte hain na sub including ARY, just to get TRPS lol.
    Milte hain
    until then cheers

    • AoA Amir, honestly the best thing about reviewing this play is old readers like you have started commenting again. LOL!! haan ji time ke sath sath chalak ho gaye hei hm bhi. Really enjoyed reading your comment. Haha you are watching TSH too.

      You are right Ayeza Khan has acted well and HS ka tu next level hei janab is play mei.

      InshaAllah, will look forward to your comment next week.

      Thanks a ton for all your kind words and encouragement for all these years, means a lot.

  • Assalam o Alaikum.! How are you Fatima?
    I started watching this drama after all the hype of 2 takky ki aurat. I actually enjoyed it for a while but now I don’t know about mehwish but I am loosing my sanity lol.
    What is all this rola of forgiveness? I know subh ka bhola sham ko ghar a Jay etc but she is not subh ki bholi hui. She is munh ki khai hui. Agr maham wapis na ati or isko ik thapar na lgati shehwar ko jail mei na dalti to kya mehwish kbhi waps ati? Mehwish aramse shadi kr k bethi hoti.
    Mehwish abhi waps ai hy kiuk us k pass koi choice nahi thi waps any k siwa. Wo is liye waps nahi ai kionk us ny kuch ghal at kia tha. Us k pas or koi thikana nahi tha or jaise Danish ny kaha ab to us k pas paisa bhi hy. Or kya sb ye bhool gaye k abhi kuch episodes pehly us ny shehwar se kaha tha k Danish ko qatal kra de? Mere khyal se hmari puri nation ko dementia ho gya hy. Abhi mei talaq ki bat to kr hi nahi rahi kion k baseless hi hy. I know they want us to feel sorry for mehwish but I don’t know why I can’t do it.

    • aapki comment parhne me maza aya sahi kehte ho mujhe bhi bahot gussa ata hai Mehwish par aur Danish pe taras

  • Thanks for the review Fatima. I must say this episode really felt like a filler. It was pretty much an extension of the previous episode with the exception of the fact that Danish accepted the proposal!

    Mehwish is annoying me even more now. She still sounds entitled when she goes on about forgiveness. After all she has used Maham’s money to build herself a new life 🤔

    I am not rooting for Hania/ Danish to end up together either. My prediction for the last episode is that Danish will die, Hania will probably adopt Rumi and Mehwish will be left with nothing but regrets.

  • Do Mehwish wants “panchon unglyan ghee mai”
    She accepted Shehwar’s money and now she is desperate for Danish to accept her back, though she was as desperate to move out with Shehwar the night she decided to leave Danish.

    As it was mentioned in the serial itself, “shirk to Khuda bhi masf nahi kerta.” Thus, Mehwish should not be forgiven. About Hania, Danish should now try and settle with someone less good looking and someone chosen by family. Because now he has tasted the poison of love marriage and a beautiful wife. Once bitten twice shy.

    Hania is Rumi’s choice , so lets go for it Danish.

    And for Mehwish, she should stop playing this dukhyari maxloom sherminda aurat wala card now.

    • Danish hasn’t got any family apart from Rumi & he has bought forward Hania’s rishta so in away we can this an arranged marriage by his family

  • Completely agree with your review. This drama has totally lost its charm and suspense. The scenes are dragging and the dialogues are just absurd. If Rumi was 14-15 years old it may have made some sense but not 6. As you said the producers are trying to make extra money/higher ratings from this episode by prolonging the storyline.
    Finally Mahwish has leftAisha’s home where they (ayesha and salman ) were continuously pushing her to get back with Danish. I’m not sure why they are fixed on forgiveness for Mahwish when she has taken Divorce and not separation. In nowhere in this drama have they mentioned the concept of “Halala” Which is according to the rules of Islam. They are repeatedly showing that Mahwish going to Mazars to pray for forgiveness but not showing the actual rules that we live by as we all are Muslims.
    Moreover Mahwish buys her father in law apartment from money she earned as a mistress and want everyone to believe that she is repenting!!!???

    This week episode promo had a scene from Maham saying “why don’t you divorce me“. That scene was not shown in this episode.

    As you said Monty turning into a Bhai was extremely hilarious and funny. Now his wife is playing the part of Aisha and asking for forgiveness for Mahwish. What is the message they want to give to Muslim women from an Islamic society that Zina is not right but if you have made a mistake it can be forgiven?? Mahwish broke her home, left her son and husband to go to a richer person after taking divorce, how can that be forgiven without going through the proper process of halala. Are they trying to become a western society where ppl have bent the rules of religion. Where religious laws are completely denied and forgotten. I hope not.
    What does Monty wife dialogue “ us ne tauba poori ker li he” means?

    In my mind, it is very hard for Danish to marry someone and he is quite not ready to make that lifelong commitment at all. He should end Alone with his son and that should be suffice for now.

  • A very underwhelming episode for sure, some parts where decent. I think at times too many viewers want it 100% to real life, its a drama so they will push the boundaries a little bit regarding actions. And I’m so against the Hania and Danish hook up, I just can’t see it. I’m rooting for Mehwish and him to get together again. And yes I’m aware of the halala situation but come on, this is all make believe lol

  • The episode was good but still an overall disappointment in comparison to the excellent earlier episodes. Once you raise the bar and set it high, then people’s expectation automatically increases and it gets difficult to accept sub-standard episodes.
    Anyways, what I wanted to say is that it looks like that Mehwish is being poisoned as Anushay was seeing crying giving her the water. Secondly in earlier interviews, it was revealed that there would be 2 murders. Can this one be of Mehwish first? Who would be the second then? Any Thoughts people?

  • Rumi is too young for all his role and dialogues… Hania is a psychopath.. Savera is annoying..

  • I want to root for hania and danish but we rarely saw them on screen so there is no build up. Hania’s friend keeps on convincing her she is in love with danish but how did she fall for him?. Is it really love or what she is feeling is sympathy for him. Danish should first mend himself mentally before going into another relationship. He doesn’t look ready.

    Mehwish is going around with sad little eyes and trying to gain sympathy when she doesn’t deserve it. No one filled her ears to do what she did. She loved the attention by other men. She ruined her life by herself. She did this not because she fell in love with another man but for the money. She still wants to gain control of danish because she loved the fact he loved her more than she ever loved him. And also he is rich now too. She is hurt he is not begging for her to comeback and that even her son found someone to replace her. I don’t get how she is getting sympathy from everyone so easily.

    Also please explain what she was doing by drinking that water? Is it some kind of black magic to bring danish to her? I am confused by that scene.

  • All the blame goes to Deewan. He leaked the adventures of Shahwar to Maham. Had Shahwar married Mehwish and then divorced her then Mehwish would have chance to reunite Danish.

  • I feel that the appropriate ending would be on one hand for Danesh take back his wife and forgive her and on the other Memhan to leave Shehwar and take her money. Why should the woman always have to be the one to sacrifice and forgive? Why can the guy be the forgiving one? Why should the woman not have control and have to take back the faithless husband? Past serial show the benevolent woman whose long suffering causes the philandering husband to repent. She has no choose but to heel to the demand of the Writers to accept him back. Why not flip this stereotype on its head and have the guy do what society expects women to do?

  • I feel that the appropriate ending would be on one hand for Danesh take back his wife and forgive her and on the other Memhan to leave Shehwar and take her money. Why should the woman always have to be the one to sacrifice and forgive? Why can the guy be the forgiving one? Why should the woman not have control and have to take back the faithless husband? Past serial show the benevolent woman whose long suffering causes the philandering husband to repent. She has no choose but to heel to the demand of the Writers to accept him back. Why not flip this stereotype on its head and have the guy do what society expects women to do.

  • >