Mere Pass Tum Ho Last Episode Story Review – Poor Rumi

Mere Pass Tum Ho finally came to an end tonight. The first 20 minutes of this special episode were dedicated to showing the recap of the previous 22 episodes. This recap was well put together but a commercial break right after showing the recap was definitely not the best start to the most anticipated last episode of Mere Pass Tum Ho. I must say that I was expecting this last episode to be grand but in the first 20 minutes of the actual episode there were hardly any conversations or dialogues which truly stood out. We have certainly seen much more impactful episodes of Mere Pass Tum Ho. The ending turned out to be predictable but not as impactful as expected because of the overall execution.

Poor Rumi

This last episode’s most emotional scene came at the end but it did not work for me at all. Which doctor would allow such a patient to take off his oxygen mask and have a conversation with a kid? The only character I truly felt for was Rumi – poor kid after going through so much, he also had to witness his father’s death first hand. Danish’s dialogues were emotional but watching him have this long conversation in the condition he was in was also laughable…not impressed at all! I can already see all the memes coming. In the end Danish died of a heart break which in a way was the only apt ending for his character since he could never live a happy life without Mehwish. The entire scenario covering the heart attack right from the time it happened was covered in such a way so that before dying Danish could say his final goodbyes – been-there-seen-that.

The conversation between Shehwar and Maham showed that Shehwar was truly remorseful and he was certain that he did not deserve to spend the rest of his life with Maham. Maham however did not want him to go this soon but at the same time was not willing to leave him. Shehwar basically chose to leave because he wanted to and in the end he blamed Mehwish entirely. Maham’s dialogues and her stance was disappointing.

Mere Pass Tum Ho Last Episode Story Review - Poor Rumi

Final Remarks

This last episode did not work for at all since Danish’s death was the most predictable ending, something most of us anticipated. Unfortunately, the death of the one character the viewers loved the most was not even covered convincingly. Rumi and Danish’s scenes in this episode were sweet and I do feel that the writer decided to make the ending all about the father-son relationship owing to their popularity.

Mere Pass Tum Ho’s story started off as a familiar one. What set it apart was the superlative ensemble cast led brilliantly by Nadeem Baig. Like every other drama penned down by Khalil-ur-Rehman Qamar this one too highlighted his philosophy of love and unfaithfulness. Some of the dialogues were simply mind-blowing – razor-sharp to be more precise, there were others which could easily have been chopped down and then there were certain conversations which explained commitment and love beautifully. Danish was undoubtedly the star of the show. The way his emotions were covered especially after he senses that Mehwish was going to leave him was beyond impressive. The credit for that goes to Humayun Saeed and Nadeem Baig both. Humayun Saeed did exceptionally well especially in those episodes which covered the heartbreak, the realization that his wife had moved on. That for me is going to be the most memorable aspect of this time. Humayun Saeed’s superlative performance in Mere Pass Tum Ho is definitely going to be the reason why people will be looking forward to Humayun Saeed’s next television appearance.

Mere Pass Tum Ho Last Episode Story Review - Poor Rumi

The story was at times lethargic and repetitive but it kept the viewers guessing right till the end. Some of the tactics used by the producers to lure the viewers also played a major role in keeping the curiosity intact. Most of the controversies involving the drama in my opinion were misguided and ill informed. Shees Saji Gul is adorable, confident and a really witty child actor who was at times put into situations in the drama which were not appropriate for a child his age. Rumi’s dialogues in the last few episodes were definitely over-the-top and at times inappropriate for his age but his relationship with Danish was always heart-warming. It would have been so much better if this innocent aspect of the father-son relationship was explored more.

Adnan Siddiqui owned his character right from the get-go. Shehwar’s character could have ended up being just another negative character if Adnan Siddiqui did not translate it on screen so impeccably. Hira Mani’s outlook and the performance in the drama did not appeal to me much. Hania always came across as a judgmental and holier-than-thou character. Savera Nadeem made a brief but impactful appearance, the ending however was a complete disappointment. Ayeza Khan looked stunning throughout but her character did not have a lot to offer. I think she acted the best when she decided to leave Danish and the two episodes covering her regrets. Muhammad Ahmed’s performance especially in the last scene was one of the most moving performances we saw in this drama. Other than Hira Mani all the other actors did a great job of making sure that their appearances went well with different situations they were in. Other than few scenes towards the end which had some continuity issues.

The director Nadeem Baig made sure that the viewers soaked in every single emotion by focusing more on expressions in some of the scenes. The camera work in Mere Pass Tum Ho was simply amazing throughout. Right from the beginning the director even introduced Dewan sahab’s character in such a way that you could sense he was somewhat mysterious. The OST of the drama was also used intelligently throughout. The lyrics, its composition and Rahat Fateh Ali’s powerful vocals made it one of the best OST’s of the year.

Quite an exhilarating ride overall! Watching Mere Pass Tum Ho and reviewing it was a splendid experience. I really enjoyed reading everyone’s feedback and would like to thank all the wonderful readers for making sure that sometimes the discussions on reviewit were more interesting than some of the episodes.

I must however say that there was nothing new about this ending and I truly feel for those viewers who bought tickets to watch this last episode! It was not even engaging enough and did not have the flow which most of the episodes of Mere Pass Tum Ho had. Danish’s conversation with Rumi was heartbreaking but it could have been shown much more convincingly.

Please share your thoughts about this last episode of a drama which gave us so much to discuss for 22 weeks. Did this ending work for you?

Fatima Awan

Fatima Awan has been a part of reviewit right from its inception. She feels very passionately about Pakistani dramas and loves discussing them in detail. An enthusiastic writer, thinker, and political scientist, constantly trying to look beyond the obvious. Full-time mom.

  • I feel you sister. Danish’s death made me cry but how he died uttering dialogues was not good. Fatima I read your reviews every week. You deserve 5 stars for your wise and unbiased approach. Tonight although you did not like this last episode but you did not justice to the whole drama by pointing out the good and bad. An unworthy last episode makes us angry but that does not mean whole drama was bad. I also enjoyed this ride with you. More power to you sister. Keep writing for us and stay blessed. You wrote the most balanced review so quickly. Good job.

    • Hena! Although I liked his dialogues and the fact that his relationship with Rumi in the end was more important to him than anything else but seriously that wasn’t the ideal time for these long heavy duty dialogues! I was expecting better from Nadeem Baig in particular but he probably didn’t have a lot of say in all this.

      Thank you so much Sehr for all your support and love. I also looked forward to your comments every week. Definitely sister, I enjoy writing these reviews and really enjoy reading all the comments.

  • What the Hell?? Can somebody please please explain to me why was it necessary for MPTH to end like it did?? What is KRQ’s obsession with tragic endings ?? And why are dramas donot have a conclusive and satisfying ending?

    Completely agree with u Fatima. I am sorry to say the hype created by ARY and the producers created regarding this GRAND FINALE was utterly useless. Nothing new!! Atleast I expected more from KRQ then to give such predictable endings. Now let me present to u what I think should have been the ending:
    Danish, still doubtful about his engagement with Hania and the inner turmoil which he was faced of loving someone a second time, had went to see Mehwish for the last time. After seeing her pitiful state, Danish had decided to end the engagement as he felt he couldn’t love someone as passionately as before.
    Danish, on seeing the desperation in Mehwish’s eyes, decides to forgive her BUT doesn’t accept her back.
    Mehwish continues to live in the same flat while Rumi visits her regularly on weekends while Hania also marries someone eligible and lives happily. This could have been a satisfactory and hopeful ending in my opinion, satisfying all the characters.

    Another thing which I wanted to ask u was that in the recap Mehwish repeats the same dialogue of Mateen Sahab which she says was said by her mother about ” ke agar mard bewafain Kate to mujhe hasi ati hai, agar aurat bewafai karre to Rona ata hai” . Does that point out that Mehwish was actually the daughter of Mateen Sahab or is it another coincidence?
    Really confused right now🤦‍♂️

    • Yes! True about those dialogues, when they showed that scene in the flashback scenes, I was wondering if in the end there will be a surprise but nothing! This last episode was a lot like the first few episodes, some of them had some absurd developments. I know right! The last episode definitely did not live up to the hype. Par chalo khatam hua yeh kissa bhi – quite a ride haha!!

      Interesting ending by you Ibrahim, any logical ending would have been acceptable.

  • I’m glad I wasn’t the only one who didn’t like the ending bcuz it was unconvincing and frankly weak. First off, konse doctors patient ki baat sunte hai wo bhi ICU mein ke oxygen mask utar do? Doosra ye konsa medical miracle hai jismein patient khud ki strailines dekh sakta hai aur wo bhi bata bhi rha hai? Teesra itni lambi speech wo bhi bewafai pr kon deta hai death bed per? Mehwish aur Hania ka kya bana? I am feeling for those who bought tickets to watch this. Mtlb hoya kya aakhir😂 Anyway, was waiting anxiously for your reviews and it was absolutely perfect. You are right the acting particularly of Humayun, Ayeza and Adnan was splendid and amazing. They made what the drama is plus the amazing direction. I found Humayoun and Ayeza the star if the serial bcuz without them the drama may have not been what it is today. PS. Idk mein apne dosto ko kya kahoon ga abhi😂 unko ye drama ki last ep dekhne ke liye mein force krta rha😂 Anyway, thanks a lot for your reviews which made the drama even more interesting after reading your critical reviews. Second I found it strange that u didn’t mention Ayeza Khan? Sorry for my comment though. Perfect review👌👌

    • Bilkul, death bed pe itni lambi speech nahi dikhani chahyeh thi. Thank you so much MM for liking the reviews and for commenting, really appreciate your feedback. I did comment on Ayeza Khan’s acting. She did really well in some episodes and in other episodes her character didn’t have much to offer.

      Sorry kyu janab. Enjoyed reading your comment. LOL!! Me and my friends watched it together and I told them already that Danish would die. Even then they were totally heart broken at the end of the episode ;)

  • I don’t understand what’s going on. Why are a lot of good dramas ending horribly these days?

  • Hi Fatima
    Don’t want to comment on this predictable ending but yes MPT made a history of watching Pakistani drama.
    I am a fan of your reviews on this forum. You always remarkably panned down and I always think how similar your and my opinions. Mostly I don’t watch dramas thoroughly but read your reviews entirely ☺.
    Thank you so much for giving us good readings.
    May you have a wonderful life ahead.

    • Hello Manahil, thank you so much for reading the reviews and for liking them, means a lot to me. Oh yes! That’s for sure it made history in so many ways, no one can take that away from it.

      You’re most welcome.
      Ameen, you too, stay blessed and happy.

  • AOA Fatima…
    Huge respect for you for dare to say that last episode of Meray Paas tum ho was below expectations.
    To be honest i am fed-up of exaggerating tactics used by HumayunSaeed company marketing department and ARY Digital to create such hype for Meray paas tum ho last episode.
    I mean seriously and hamari awam itni farig hai hud ho gae bai.
    I was kept on repeating that last few episodes were not up to mark and last episode was just crap and Alif is much much better then MPTH.
    Thank you for reviewing it with utmost dignity and sincerity as i honestly loved reading ur reviews and was able to make a come back to comment on the MPTH review despite being so busy which we all are.
    The MPTH actually belongs to NadeemBaig who has directed it so brilliantly that he has turned a medicore story into this big thing….
    Humayun Saeed was the star of MPTH and this is AyezaKhan best performance till to date according to me..
    Khalil ur Rehman has lost his respect lately because of nasty remarks he has made about women and his so called ideaology in the recent interviews so i dont think so he will be able to bounce back after MPTH.
    Thank you once again and i wish you best of luck..
    You did exceedingly well.
    Bravo :)

    • I so agree with ut! Alif is so much better.

      MPTH is nothing compared to Alif. Everyone reading this thread should watch Alif – today´s episode is going to compensate for the worst ending of MPTH.

    • AoA Amir, I really looked forward to your comments every week. I truly appreciate the fact that you took time out to read the reviews and commented. Thanks a ton for appreciating the reviews. I agree with you about the previous few episodes and yes the credit for the success of MPTH goes to Nadeem Baig and Humayun Saeed the most.

      Thank you. Keep reading and commenting.

    • I fully concur with Amir basharat about tactics to create hype were not worth it! Fatima I enjoyed reading your review better than watching this last episode.
      MPTH was an ordinary story but got my attention due to its cryptic dialogues, directions and acting. However, milking it to this level definitely lowered its popularity graph.

  • Very much disappointed by the ending!! In my opinion, killing Danish was totally ILLOGICAL. KRQ needs to learn this for a fact that not Everytime killing one of the main leads will create same impact as Shano or Maheen’s death did! I was hoping that just like Mera Naam Yousaf hai had a happy ending, this one too will end on a happy note but he disappointed me. And you should definitely feel sad for those who bought tickets, I was going to be one of them too but wasn’t allowed to stay out of hostel till late night (I’m nineteen but youngest one in the family and you know in Desi families چھوٹا ہمیشہ چھوٹا رہتا ہے). I travelled all the way from lahore to wah cantt so that I can watch MPTH on ghr ki big screen but it wasn’t worth that effort 😭
    The only thing I am rooting for right now is the OST with additional lyrics. It was undoubtedly a good drama that will be remembered for a long time because of it’s reckless ending. At least they should
    have given some glimpse of Hania and Roomi’s life after Danish’s death but Kya keh skty.
    خلیل اور رخسانہ کی محبت کے درمیان شاید م کی آمد ہو گئی تھی۔ “خُمر” کے عالم میں رہتے ہیں خ-ر-ق صاحب اس لیے اختتام بھی ایسا لکھا۔
    A big thanks to you for reviewing MPTH every week and discussing it with us regularly. Any idea which drama are you going to review now?
    اللہ آپ کی قسمت میں وقت کو ہمیشہ مہربان اور زندگی کو ہمیشہ مسکراتا رکھے۔ آمین

      • Hena?
        ویسے شکر ہے کہ کوئی آ گیا بیچ میں۔ ورنہ خ اور ر ملتے تو ان کا جوڑا خر کہلانے لگتا۔ نو اوفینس 😶😶

    • Lucky you! Imagine watching it in the cinema – so not worth it! Chalei isi bahane ghr walu ko mil liya aap ne;) Look at the bright side. You’re most welcome Shorbaan. Thanks a ton for all these beautiful duas, Ameen. Aap ki duaei buhat khoobsurat hoti hei aur mera hosla barhati hei. You are such a wonderful soul. May Allah bless you, always.

  • Salam dear Fatima shukar hai last episode dikha hi di lekin khas nahi lagi yani itna wait kar kar k kuch maza nahi aya writer nay wohi kia jo pyaray afzal main kia tha….mera dil kar raha tha k panadol un logon ko ja kar don jinhon nay tickets lay kar dekha…
    Mera khayal tha k shahwar mehwish ki taraf chakar lagaye ga k uska haal pooch Lon Aur shayad wahan phir koi chance ban jaye lekin janab hamaray khayal say kia hota hai 😬

    • Waelukum Asalam, mere khayal se un becharu ke liye hi medicines wala mashwara diya ho ga jinhu ne cinema ke ticket liye, what a waste of time and money for those who watched it in the cinema.

      Haha! Yeh tu paka tha ke Danish would die lekin yeh sb expect nahi kiya tha ke aise dikhaye gay, very ajeeb must say.

      Review prhne aur comment krne ka buhat shukriya.

  • ‏ڈاکٹر : آکسیجن لگا رہنے دو

    دانش : پلیز ڈاکٹر آئی ایم فائن

    ڈاکٹر پیچھے ہٹ گیا کہ چلو ٹھیک ہے آپ کو زیادہ معلوم ہو گا

    • zabardust explaination of Dr’s attitude……………….., waisay this end scene nay tu purani Punjabi filmon ka bhee record tood diya jahan gundasay say goliyan roky jaty theen, yahan ECG kee straight line kay baad bhee bola ja reha hay…..

      • مجھے تو خلیل صاحب ساؤتھ انڈیا کی فلموں سے متاثر لگتے ہیں۔۔۔

  • I have to agree that the dramatic element of Danish’s death took away the realism of it (it kinda reminded me of Rushna’s in Ishq Tamasha). I think Maheen Aurangzeb from Mohabbat Tumse Nafrat Hai died far more realistically, saying no more than a handful of brief lines before dying. Danish’s elaborate monologue was certainly contrived, but good nonetheless. M. Shehwar deserved more. I would’ve liked it better if he did not want to leave, and was yet thrown out. He was used to having his way, and had his way even now.

    The characters were generally well-written, except Hania, but for different reasons. Hania – only too often – becomes patriarchy’s “ideal woman,” which gets problematic.

    Danish’s death was certainly *one* way to end it, because he could never be quite as happy without Mehwish, he couldn’t bring himself to forgive her, and I doubt he would ever have been able to give Hania that kind of devoted love.
    The show had some lines that highlighted a patriarchal undertone, but the show’s story does a lot to downplay that angle, leaving us with only a few lines that cannot be justified “in the context of the story,” such as M. Matin’s “aurat mard pe shakk karey to hansi aati hai, mard aurat pe shakk karey to rona aata hai” (it makes me laugh when a woman doubts a man, but it makes me cry when a man doubts a woman) and Hania’s “mardon se apne huquuq zaroor mango, un kay huquuq mein hissa nahin” (demand your rights from men, but never a share of their rights).

    Regardless, I think this show will be memorable for its dialogue and cinematography that added class to a seemingly-ordinary story.

  • There was a dialogue where mehwish said that agr mrd bewafa ho to rona ata ha whatever this dialogue was also diclared by hania was she really the sister of hania i thought something blockbuster would come regarding this theory but nothing

  • Ok, wait. I need digest this first. What an utterly SENSELESS ending???

    Most of the viewers, including my self anticipated this ending, but what a way to end this ” huge mega blockbuster drama” with so worldwide viewers.

    Ohkay, let´s talk about the ending scene. I was watching live on TV, so when Rumi gave Hania the ring back and Mehwish was crying it went directly to ads. I waited 5 mins for the ads to finish because I was 100% sure it didn´t end like this, but then after 5 mins the drama went on repeat and that is when I realised that the drama was over. I am shook. i am speechless. They didn´t even let Rumi cry once or portrayed the grief. Age ki zindagi dikhana toh bohat dhoor ki baat hai.
    Worst ending I have ever seen from such a mega hit drama!

    • Lol Uzma, same thing happened to me. I thought the ending would come after the adverts. And I was shocked when I realized that the drama was actually over lol

      • i watched it in 2 parts on youtube until they show them in the hospital after he has died i was waiting for the part 3 to be uploaded they said it was 80 mins long but this only makes it 54 mins

  • Perfect review Fatima!!
    I am really disappointed!!
    Ye sub to almost main ne last week comments section main likh diya tha, itni hype kis baat ki thi!
    What did Shehwar decide? Staying with Maham or going away?
    The whole hospital scenario wasn’t convincing at all . Danish Bhai mar rahay hain to garishtay ki jaga heart beat ki line nazar aa rai jai. Line straight ho gai phir bhi maray nai bol rahay hain k dekho line straight ho gai. Bhai waah.
    Miss hania Vateera k saath hospital pohanch gain (inko ilhaam bhi hta hai) lekin Salman aur Ayesha jinhon ne khap daali hui thi Mehwish se milnay jao wo nai aaey hospital.
    The only scene I loved was Sawera Nadeem’s. She is brilllliantttt. And Shess’s acting in the last scenes was beautiful.
    However, MPTH will always be remembered for it’s stellar performances and great OST.
    Thank u for reviewing it. You are

    • Salman Aur ayesha ko pata tha k khap dalnay ka yehi result hoga is liye sab ko khapa kar Europe k tour per nikal gaye hon gaye

    • Thank you so much Pakistani Po, you are amazing too. I really truly enjoyed your comments every week. Love the way you express your opinion and are so open minded.

      Hahaha true about Hania and Vateera – they were sooo annoying. Last scene mei bhi aa gaye zabardasti.

  • One minute silence on danish death…………………..!
    AoA Fatima….your reviews are always best…. wonderful reviews…I am not satisfied the ending of this drama…disappointed & pathetic ending….bawafa ko dia…n bewafa ko khulli chotti wahhhh wHhhh writer ny is drama ki ending k sath justify ni kiya….operation theater m danish ka bahshan that since was so pathetic n danish ka mask utar kar itna lmba bhasahn that was too odd ……mard itna kmzoor n farishta ni hota jaisa ice drama m show kia gia ha….
    Thank u so much for the wonderful review…

    • Thank you so much Bint e Zahid for liking the reviews, means a lot to me. Haha true the bhashan was very difficult to digest given the circumstances.

      Enjoyed reading your comment. You’re most welcome.

  • Writer ny qasam khai hoi ha apny her drama ki tragic ending kerni hay…..n best character ko maar hi daalna hay end par….

  • One of the worst ending in Pakistani drama history 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

  • Brilliant review Humayun Saeed ne Rola diya I told you to mention whether mpth is better than dil lagi or not and also whether Humayun’s performance in mpth is better than his performance in DIL lagi please answer these questions

  • I think those long commercials broke the flow of the episode. Last scene didn’t work for me as well and apparently Nadeem and Humayun asked Khalil sahab to write it. I think Danish dying at the door was the ending and it would have been way more impactful because i felt teary eyed in that scene. Danish’s dialogues were again phenomenal but as you said it was predictable. Hospital scene was bad because it gave me hope that they might save him and he will marry Hania. I think they shouldn’t have killed him but i don’t know because i don’t feel that connected with either of the endings. I actually liked that Maham was confused because i think that’s khalil sahab imagining this woman. I have seen some women too who forgive their husbands because of their ‘Majbooris or Love’ but here Maham was powerful and still she wasn’t able to completely let him go or forgive him. I think it was good that Shahwar left and i saw Khalil sahab in him because he still put the blame on Mehwish and i absolutely agree with that. Anyways it was a great drama especially the way how it tried to kill this thinking of hitting women or killing them in the name of honour. I think this main objective was overshadowed by the controversy but it’s clear to me and so many other people. I found ending predictable but not disappointing. Fatima you did a great job. I must commend you that you only reviewed the drama and didn’t comment on writer’s personal thoughts or interviews. Because it’s very easy for a woman to feel offended and then find problems in the drama because of hate. So i am really happy to see that how professional you are.

    • Thank you so much Ahsan, I always try my best to judge each episode based on what is shown instead of following the popular opinion or judging a writer, actor or director based on what they say in interviews. A lot of people are involved in making a drama, it is their collective effort. I looked forward to and enjoyed your feedback every week, thank you for that.

  • The ending was predictable but totally unconvincing. Killing a positive character at the end doesn’t give any good lesson. Moreover if danish could sustain the initial 5 months without mehwish then meeting her this time couldn’t have much impact. Moreover the conversation between danish and Rumi was unnecessarily long and dragged and was over dramatized. But obviously nothing succeeds like success. This Drama was a record breaker and this is what actually counts.

  • Pathetic ending! So what they showed is wazifas can be done for haram relationships as well. Where did the shirq go??? Where were these doctors from who let the patient take off his oxygen mask while he’s being treated and about to die…. infected the doctors waited for that straight line on the monitor… total bull!

  • End was predictable when Matin saab shared his story with Daanish. I loved Ayeza and Humayun throughout.

  • Fabulous review Fatima.lagta hai KRQ aakhir mein confused ho gayey magar inke reunion ka sirf ek hi rasta tha halala jo naamumkin tha lahza Danish ko mardiya. Lekin hum waheen kharay ra gaye k rumi hanya aur mehvish ka phir kiya hua. Anyways ek yadgar drama tha with the massage that after marriage partners should be loyal and faithful to each other as betrayal kills and that is universal truth regrets never pay.

  • It was disappointing. Let’s see it with other direction.. If khalil ur rehman wouldn’t write Danish’s death he would be confused that with whom he should be sympathetic, Hania or Mehwish.. So he must thought Danish ko mar deta hu na rahy ga baans na bjy ge bansri.. Well, people are not happy because we all expect a happy ending of serials like vilan ka mar jana r hero herion ka hansi khushi carry on karna… So We couldn’t see all this today. Still, the dialogues were awesome and beautifully delivered by Romi and Danish ( even he was on death bed :/ ) But darama’s last episode couldn’t win people’s hearts even having a great hype throughout….

    • Humayun must have died at the door step. Then it’s intensity could have been better

      • That’s a good point, dying at doorstep itself. I didn’t have problem that it had a tragic ending and Danish dies, but the way the whole episode was directed, the long useless monologues, and the hospital scene with the kid, and overall build up from last few episodes towards the climax, everything has failed. And here its not just the overrated write KRQ, but also the director, Nadeem baig is to be blamed. Watever performance HS was giving, it failed to touch the heart, as overall the scenes were not making sense at all.

  • Nice and honest review Fatima. Your reviews have been nice and honest.
    Wont say much for MPTH.
    The people who still have brains still dont easily sell on “2TakayKiAurat” and “MehwishJaisiAurat” narrative.
    Rest, I happened to watch a torturous 2 hr long episode(with loads of ads and half hour recap).
    Desperate teacher, cunning kid (little finger), star-crossed lover, irritating neighbors and a penitent Bewafa.
    There was also an article on this website some days back “HS better than Srk”. Well only have these words, Please rewatch the ending scenes of KalHoNaHo. That ending was classic where a true cardiac arrest was represented without blabbing of nonsense dialogues. The cardiac arrest and death scenes were so poor in MPTH, probably HS’ weakest performance.
    On last note, this drama was overrated for so many ways and KRQ needs to see some psycologost asap. Reality is far from his delusions (Remember Kaaf Kangana), and normal people still talk in simple language.

  • Khalil ur rehman wrote a play from the generation when wheed murad and Zeba was dying in every movie and viewers r going home with sadness instead of enjoying it was a powerful subject and the way the dialogue s was written made it v impressive but if u saw his interview he said if I can stop only 20 percent of girls who r like meh wish doing the mistake or even thinking like that I am successful so he wants to address the moral issues of our society the other hand he should have been given a message to others who r in situation to move on too in life . Love is not one sided staying in a bad relationship is a crime so move on bec u also have a right of happinesses . Mr Khalil ur rehman his thought process his play I accept but he should stop talking about the fixing anything in our society bec then it will be only one sided then and I don’t like the ending😊

  • Agar maarna e tha Daanish ko to tab e mar dete jab bewafai taaza thi… It would have been much more convincing k biwi ki bewafai se mar gaya bechara….

    • lekin phir baki so called friends mil kar Danish ko kaise marwate, aur jab mara to Salman aur Ayesha hospital tak nahi aa sake, aur Monty Rumi ke sar par haath bhi na rakh saka bas uski Mehwish ki tarha khud rota raha

  • What an underwhelming last episode! I think the actual episode was a mere 35 to 45 minutes which is the same as every other episode so that by itself was an annoying tactic used by the team. KRQ needs to move on in his own life as he is eternally stuck in a loop of mohabbat, wafa, ishq, ibaadat, wazifa, mannat… it’s like he just cant fathom anything else. He starts his scripts on a high, but ends them in such predictability, it’s becoming redundant. Yes, Danish was heartbroken and maybe that meeting was a bit much. But if they absolutely had to kill him, they should’ve done so at the door and used the last few minutes to show a now grown Rumi with disshelved hair standing by his father’s grave and speaking about his life and how everything his father did for him ended up teaching him a valuable life lesson. Or alternatively, Danish could’ve married Hania and moved on. Yes, it wouldn’t be the same kind of love he had for Mehwish but not every marriage is a larger than life love story. People do move on in life and things start to fall into place. It seems this is an alien concept to the writer… thanks very much for the reviews Fatima. As always, I enjoyed reading and commenting whenever I could :)

    • And sadly this man KRQ would expect muhabbat and wafa from woman. He himself got married to someone in real life whereas shano married several years after his marriage. Where was his wafa and muhabbat?? He just beats the drum honestly. In every single drama of his, he talks about the infidelity of woman but not men.

    • Thank you so much Kanwal for reading the reviews and for commenting. Yes, there could have been many other possible endings but this was expected!

  • Perfect review Fatima. It seems like a relief knowing that they are others who didn’t like the ending. The journey of this drama was beautiful but the ending rather disappointing. When Danish waved goodbye to his son before leaving to see Mehwish, the slow-motion goodbye wave was enough to indicate that Danish was going to die. And seriously, even if he was supposed to die, the heavy-duty dialogues and inconclusive end didn’t work for me either. ‘I will meet you in your dreams’ or whatever that dialogue was, the way it was said, made me laugh. And seriously what kind of hospital allows their patients to give speeches like that in the icu. As much as I loved this drama, I feel for those who actually bought tickets to see this drama’s finale. Even if Danish was to die, it didn’t have the impact it could have had

    • Thank you so much Sana for liking the review. Yes, most of us feel the same way. Haha yes!! I wish Danish would have said all that when he was leaving the house or if he left a letter or something.

      Appreciate your feedback.

  • Very bad episode of mpth. No lesson and seems a waste of time. Very honest and brilliant review fatima. Lots of respect.

    Even writer’s another drama mohabbat tumse nafrat hai last episode was more powerful n classy. I remember majority was praising the episode unlike thi one altough ayeza there committed suicide.

  • Ending yahi zabardast but hospital wala scene bakwas tha. Agar danish mehwish ki darwazi pi hi mar jata to bohat powerful impact hota.

  • Thanks for your review. I am going to add something brutally honest which I think you and other reviewers are too “muhazub” to say. The drama ONLY became popular when mehwish slept with shahwar. It added a complete chatpatta flavor to an otherwise average drama. It’s initial trajectory suggested something on the lines of kasara where the lead female is masoom and ends up getting married to the guy who fancies her out of sheer misunderstanding. No one expected a shalwar kameez wearing, domesticated housewife and mother of a kid to Hop in bed with another dude. I remember after the Islamabad episode all I could hear was PINK NIGHTIE PINK NIGHTIE . Did she sleep with him? No the rooms were adjoining? Yes she was wearing a nightie and woke up after a thunderstorm Meaning she did something wrong. No she’s so masoom! Yes she wants things and shahwar can give them to her. THAT is how this drama took off. Prior to that, we had gotten a very intimate look into the lives of danish and mehwish . It almost felt like we knew them and the infidelity felt like someone we knew had done it. Ppl discussed it like they discuss such affairs of people they know .

    • 100% agree, that twist and curiosity and from there what happens next and how will Danish react….and so on, that’s wat made the drama so popular. Sadly it went downhill after maham’s entry. just in 1 episode, mehwishe was out of house, adnan was in jail, and so soon mehwish started trying to go back without even regretting, or apologizing…

  • what happened to the 2 murders?
    what happened to all them tablets we should have had to take to see the heartbreaking scenes in this last episode?
    esp what happened to the all them twists & turns that would have our brains working over time?

    i got to see the episode until they were told that he had passed away, i never in my life seen a just ordinary ending just like the rest of the dramas, i just could not cry in the hospital scene between Danish & Rumi, i just couldn’t take it seriously plus Rumi’s expression looked like he couldn’t care less what happened to his father, they could have put false tears on his face so looked like he was a bit upset, but i’m not too upset with the episode cause i brain washed myself to expect that nothing different will happen.

    thank u for all the reviews & don’t feel sorry for the people that went to the cinemas cause they should know better

  • As much as we were anticipating the ending, it was a disappointment. Chulo danish ko maar do but screenplay could have been so much better. Good review Fatima, but I think Hira Mani did a great job as was required of her. She was supposed to be holier than thou in comparison to Mehwish. I really like her. I think they had this ending due to latest debate on feminism and women rights. This was the safer ending but could have been better. Thank God I didn’t go to the cinema.

  • The drama was a bold approach, considering the superficial layer of morality in Pakistan – the last diologue of Shehwar with his wife defined some women nature which is not rare in real life, even in a conservatice society like in Pakistan. Looks that writer was in a panic to end the drama. The last episode, the climax, was weak and tecnically added no value to the drama.

  • A great drama – until today’s episode. Firstly as you said a 20 minute recap. The number of breaks on live TV and the length of each break was just unbearable. They kept breaking the little momento that the episode had.

    Hated the ending. I was really rooting for HS to have a heart attack to signify his broken heart. But then to make a new life with Haniah and romi. I wanted MEhwish to get on now and live with this regret.

    What did shahwar decide to do in the end? The drama needed a little extra then what was given. So what happened with romi? Did he go back and live6with mehwish and did he have haniah is his life at all.

    Ending was all wrong for me. I feel sorry for those who paid to go to the cinema.

    And I too felt it was a very close copy of the end of kal ho na ho. But executed very poorly in comparison- from the scene to the dialogues. Poor haniah was just say- danish could have said some closing words for her.

    Fatima- your reviews week in week have been fab. Thank you so much. I still think you and zahra should write a play together!!

    • Thank you so much for your suggestion and for liking the reviews, means a lot to me. I haven’t watched Kal Ho Na Ho but I am sure you are right.

      Keep reading and commenting.

  • Hi fatima…. ending must have been more convincing and digestable if they would have killed danish at door step…and later roomi getting a letter of danish written beforehand with danish’s voiceovers…. that way it would be much better…but all that hospital scenes just made the drama silly…. pagal pana…

  • All said n done! The way he says muje Choona mat pls…. It just left me broken! It was a masterpiece of qamar sab! I didn’t like the fact that he killed Danish… He could have lived but the pain a man n his ego goes through the embarrassment he was bearing because of his wife made it justified. Hats off to the team!

    • it’s not the killing of Danish that got to me, it’s all that lying Khalil sahib & the other actors said that supposed to happen in this drama

  • “Alif Bus Harf Nahi Yeh Zarf Hai Kamal Ka
    Ibtada Jahan Ki Jawab Har Sawal Ka”

    Sorry for the Alif’s promotion :P But I think I was really a lucky guy to tune into Alif rather than this shitty last episode. Alif is not just a drama, its a class, its a feeling, in short Alif is a masterpiece. From story to direction to acting to execution everything there is superb. So make your Saturdays soulful by tuning into this soulful Journey ;)

    P.S. I’m not Alif promotoer, I am just promoter of Art which was lacking in this serial ;)

    • Alif’s fans reliance on MPTH threads and hashtags to get attention is another thing that sums up the popularity of this drama.

      • Same here, Hamza. Thankful I watched Alif after watching MPTH. I didn’t face that severe depression which everyone else is facing right now…

      • No one is denying the popularity of this drama. But the sad thing is that, its way overrated as compared to underrated Alif. If viewers in our region had good taste of Art, believe me Alif’s fan don’t had to use such tactics. Why don’t you watch Alif and compare by yourself :)

        • Alif is such a good show but some alif fans can get on nerves of people. always complaining about MPTH getting the attention. Even on twitter alif fans are always talking MPTH more than alif. Just because people watched or preferred MPTH doesn’t mean they should be judged for their choice. Before you say to watch and compare both. I agree Alif is a masterpiece and I watched all episodes but all the alif fans who are whining about it not get ratings gets annoying at a certain point.

          Instead of complaining about alif not getting attention in this show’s review thread why don’t you praise the show in the review thread of alif. I just randomly searched people who are talking about alif here but I don’t see them on Alif review thread praising the show. Why always talk about Alif here when this site reviews ALif as well

          • Jo baat hei. They sound like those bechare fans who are craving for attention but just aren’t getting much. Those who like Alif and watch it are superior in their small heads. Sick and tired of these bechare fans. Sar sar k suwa ho gaye hei yeh tu itne haftu se.

        • Alif fans always whining oh why are you not watching Alif. Please watch Alif. Stop the whining. Alif is so popular that the fans have to tell people how popular it is. I tried watching Alif and it put me to sleep. That must make me intellectually challenged in your opinion but guess what I don’t care. I don’t have to like Alif to prove my intellectual superiority.

          • What u call “whining” is actually “concern/ownership” of the audience towards the drama, which I am sorry MPTH failed to produce. Even after all this success, what happened at the end: a list of endless memes and utter disappointment!!

            On the other hand, a drama which is not topping the TRPs, not trending no.1 on Twitter, still compels the audience to own it and defend it like they themselves are producing it! This is some real and rare feeling. If u cannot feel it, u have no right to condemn it!!

    • No need to say sorry Hamza. Appreciate your feedback. So glad you and so many other viewers are enjoying watching Alif, I need to watch it too soon IA:)

  • Superb review
    I must say Bakwaas ending. Drama jitna accha tha last episode utni hi fazool thi. For me Ending matters alot . Jis dramey ki ending itni gandi ho than it does not work for me. Total disappointment. Danish ny marna hai yeh tu pata tha but jis tarahan usko mara that was not justifiable. Even the hospital scene did not work for me. I did not connected to any of the scene. I did not get emotional. Even from i starting i wad waiting k danish kab marey ga bcoz ending was pretty predictable. Everyone knew this ending so atleast they can change the ending as they have recorded 3 endings.
    P.S. For me Alif was and is best serial. Mpth jesy bhot sy ban jayein gaye but Alif jesy kabhi kabhi banty hein.

    • MPTH saray bhi buhat nahi bantay. Jo baat MPTH mei thi wo har drama mei nahi hoti. Alif fans ka rona tu khatam ho ga ab shayad koi dekh le wo drama bhi. Jub se shru hua hei ro rahe hei koi nahi dekhta.

  • Muje muhabbat tumse nafrat hai ki last episode pakistani drama history ki ab tak ki best last epi lagti hai aur Mere pass tum hu mein bhi asa kaamal hu sakta tha lekin end itna ejeeb hua Danish ko na Mehwish ke pass jany na Hania se shadi kerny ki zarurt thi Danish ko apny bachey mein khushi talash kerni chaea thi Danish waqat ke saat sambalta khud ko mazbot kerta aur apni sari tawajo Rumi per rakta end mein dunu baap beta ek durasy ka Sahara huty tu acha message bhi jata.jab aurat ko shuhar chor ker chala jata tu wo bhi akalyre lati hai bachay palti hai tu mard bhi asa ker sakta hai.kitna maza ata end mein Danish aur Rumi khushi bash huty. Lekin drama history ki worst ending ka record bi KRQ ko jata hai.

  • Fatima Sahiba..Do You Know (Tum Mere Pass Ho) 1993 English BlockBuster Movie Same Copy. We Watch This Movie On VCR Cassatte

  • مارنا تھااسے مہوش کی چوکھٹ پر ہی مار دیتے اب تو ایسے لگا ہے جیسے ہمارے سر پر پتھر مار دیا ہے

  • Disappointed. I mean I don’t get it that what were they thinking while shooting that hospital scene. On the other side,When you’re giving a lesson to the girls out there, then at the same time you should also make people learn that a person should move on in his life after such kind of a pain and that he/she should think about the one’s who truly loves them instead of dying for someone who even don’t deserve anything. It was sort of a dramatical ending rather than a realistic one. Felt so bad for Rumi.

  • They said they have 3 endings and couldn’t decide. This is what they decided? Like what were they thinking. This was what most of the people were predicting as well. They got so busy milking the popularity of the show that the last episode become a mess.

  • Last week ki success party dekhnay kay baad muje lag raha tha ke actually ending awein hi hay iss liye jootay khanay kay darr say aik week pehlay hi celebratory program ker liya inhon ne

  • سب لاسٹ ایپیسود کو تنقید کا نشانہ بنا رہے ہیں ۔ یہ سب وہ لوگ ہیں جو اس مکھی کی طرح ہیں جو خوبصورت جسم کو چھوڑ کر ہمیشہ زخم پر بیٹھ جاتی ہیں ۔۔۔۔۔۔ چھوٹے ذہن کے مالک لوگوں کو بات کرنے سے پہلے تھوڑا سوچ لینا چاہیے

  • I predicted his death 5 episodes back as this kind of frail hearted lover can’t afford to either apologise or to move on to others. Both options were above his emotions. He was supposed to RIP.

  • ڈرامہ کی۔ سب اچھی سبق آموز باتیں بھول کر لوگ اب اینڈنگ کا رونا رو رہے ہیں ۔ کم ظرف لوگ

  • Very disappointing indeed.
    Infact right after the breakup of Meheish and Shehwar, it became a very boring drama, one that could have ended in one or two episodes but was stretched and stretched (mainly with everyone trying to convince Danish to patch up with Mehwish) right till the last episode!!!

  • Alif is worth watching I wish Alif And MPTH were not showing at the same time because this trash called MPTH over shadow that beautiful story of Alif

  • Agree with what u said ..
    Mai agar end lekhta to aisai hota
    Agar mai lekhta to danish mehvish se melnai uskai flat jaata ..
    Wahan shehwaar sab kuch chin jaanai ki waja se mehvish pai ghussa hokai wo bhi pistol samait mehvish kai Ghar jaata ..
    Wahaan danish shehwar ko dhaik kai aag bagola hojaata ..
    Danish aur shehwar lar partai hai aisai mai shehwar pistol nekaal kai daanish ko maarnai lagta hai kai mehvish samnai aajati hai ..
    Yu mehvish ne apnai bewafaye ki saza bhi kaati , aur danish kai dil mai dubara wahi ezzat paayi aur mar gaye ..
    Udhar shehwar ko phaansi hogaye aur danish aur teacher ki shadi hojaati aur hansi khushi zindagi basar karnai lagai ..

  • At last it ended but in a very paralyzing form. MPTH walked strong and then fell rock bottom. Very disappointing episode. For me the last episode was when Mehwish got slapped from Maham and later rejected by Shehwar. So sorry MPTH team you conned your audience.

  • Excellent review Fatima, I m glad that yiou also didn’t like this episode, and your overall review was also perfect. This drama was overhyped and made blockbuster, yes it was engaging no doubt and always the curiosity level was there which made it work. I was already not happy with last 5 or 6 episodes but the ending was even worse, not because it was tragic and not because Danish dies, why the ending was pathetic bcoz it was completely nonsense, it doesn’t make you feel at all. Pyarey Afzal ending was tragic, it makes you feel for Afzal and you feel sad. I have seen Humsafar 3 times, and even tho that drama also had an age old story, but still every time I watch it, the emotional scenes make me cry, even in Dillagi, which had happy ending, but all the emotional scenes, romantic scenes make you completely involved, you laugh and cry with the characters.

    Here I didn’t feel any connection. Already Danish had moved on with his life, and if he didn’t want her, then just tell her, he didn’t forgive her, or cant stay with her, what was the need to come and meet her. And wat was Mehwish’s character, no clarity on that, she didn’t even repent once, no dialogues of her crying in front of Danish, asking for forgiveness,saying that she was blind for money, but now realizes the importance of love,…nothing. Such a long monologue at the end, first at home and then at hospital with Rumi, that hospital scene was the worst ever, I didn’t cry or feel emotional, it was plain boring.

    Now coming to Maham and Shehwar, I was never satisfied with the way their story was being handled, wat punishment did Shehwar get, just he has to leave home, that’s it. What he tells abt Mehwish that she was responsible abt wat happened with her, I agree. But who was responsible for what he did with maham,, he also cheated his wife, no justification, apology ….anything for that.

    Anyways the drama was good overall bcoz of good direction and acting, but don’t find anything award worthy, the hifi dialogues which are famous were actually the main reason of not liking the drama much , and overall rating I will give it max 7/10. The awards for 2019 – best drama , direction, writer , actor , actress, all should go to RRK only, it was not just critical acclaimed but a big hit too and far better and prefect compared to this one, 9/10 for RRK.

  • Poor direction full of blunders, badly executed…… and a complete anti climax, keeping in mind the previous episodes which were great more or less… the operation theatre blunder was the biggest, in the presence of the expert doctors team the patient is very conveniently allowed to remove oxygen mask and he has the energy to talk nonstop and funnily the height was, the straight line on the monitor he mentioned and kept talking and talking…. he was alive despite his heart stopped beating hahahahahah, and the doctors waited for his speech to end………… 🙄🙄🙄🙄 i feel bad for people who went to cinemas to watch this very very disappointing and full of silly flaws final episode, out of the two hours, the fresh episode was not more than 40 minute duration, what a waste of time and effort

  • After reading your review, I m not feeling like watching the episode
    Why they had to kill Danish? Very disappointed

  • in the last Episode of “Meray Pass tum ho” the direction was very poor. I could not imagine that such a beautiful drama ended with such stupid and unrealistic direction. Its not only the direction but the dialog were also unnecessary, the director and the writer only stretched the scenes with no impact and reason. Could have been a lot better ending. Really Disappointed.

  • Overhyped and boring for the most part. I also don’t understand why NOBODY bothers to mention that even if Danish forgives her they cannot be together because they are DIVORCED! This frustrated me to no end. All the other characters encouraging him to forgive her and then what? Remain in a haraam relationship? Danish was killed off so they didn’t have to acknowledge that they were divorced. It was awful.

  • Hello Fatima ,How are you !

    It was definitely a predictable ending nevertheless ,And rightly so because Neither Danish could go back to his wife again religiously and morally Nor he could marry hania since he never loved her anyways .
    so he was supposed to be shown alone at the end and this could be the only way.It could have made much more bigger impact had they shown something different for passed 2 3 episodes.But it was always on the cards ,I must say there should have been better writing at the end as it was at the start .

    But finally MPTH came to an end .Literally enjoyed your reviews.

    • Hello Rehan, I am good. How are you? Yes, that was expected but it could and should have been executed properly, expected better from Nadeem Baig.

      Thank you so much, I really enjoyed reviewing this drama too and it means a lot to me that you read the reviews every week and commented.

  • Ending was predictable and best possible ending since marrying Hania would not have that impact.yes, last scene in hospital didn’t made any sense although dialogues were not bad. Not worth the created hype. Ending of Muhabbat tum se nafrat he was far more impactful, tragic and unexpected since no one saw Maheen dying, and that last letter was even more heart wrenching. For me the biggest mistake of ARY was to show long detailed promo of last episode which made it quite clear that Danish is one going to die. After the long recap first half of episode consisted of scenes and conversations which were already shown in promo so there was nothing new. Only new scene was meeting scene at flat which could be much more impactful if hospital scene was not shown after that. That long conversation with Rumi might be shown a night before the meeting since danish was heart broken he would have said those sort of things to Rumi. This would have made little more sense atleast.

  • Fatima you have excellent analytical and communication skills. Your reviews of this drama have been fair throughout. Even with all the pressure to criticize Khalil ur Rehman Qamar, you proved worthy of the job you are doing by being responsible and unbiased. Being constructive for a reviewer is just as important as being critical. Keep it up. Your reviews will be missed. Which drama are you going to review now?

    • Awww thank you so so much Hareem. I tried my best and I am glad so many of you liked the reviews, thanks a ton. I haven’t decided yet, maybe Jhooti.

  • A rather misleading ending to one of history’s greatest shows. A plain and extremely boring ending. Not worth the wait and hype. The writer proved that he does not have the skill to write in this sense that in the start the dialogues where phenomenal and philosophical but towards the end, childish and immature. This drama was a way of hope and inspiration for those men who go through this type of mishap buy mr. Khaleel proved that after all there is no moving forward and hope for them. And speaking according to our religion Islam, a man’s existence is not only based of a woman. Danish also proved that he hadn’t any feelings for his son and only cared about mehwish as he decided to die for her and not to live on for his son who has no one to live by. I guess according to the drama, the men who go through this should die after all. There could’ve been a better and happier ending. Phir agar usko mehwish se itni muhabat thi to usko jata dekh kar hi heart attack kha kar on the spot mar jata. Agay usko jo arooj mila wo bhi na milta. Some may say that the ending was realistic. Yes it was. Toh jo shuro mein eik dum se arooj to fantasy tha na. To ending bhi fantasy honi chahiye thi. Mr.khaleel proved nothing to our society in the end.

    And as for Hania, what about her? She is the only one who was done wrong alongside roomie. Aur is say mehwish kay damagh mein ye bhi aa sakta ke agar mera nahi to kisi aur ka bhi nahi. Great message!

    And let’s go to Shehwar. His dialogues, were the only good ones throughout the whole episode. I don’t understand what was the hype during the drama? The drama had ended and I still wasn’t sure what happened. The villain was portrayed the way that he repented and started again from ground zero and the hero, fell headfirst back at the ground.

    I won’t say much though. The only thing I’d say is that I’m neither on the male side or the female. I’m here to stand with humanity. All I want to say is that Mr. Khaleel didn’t let down me or others, he let down those who go through this and were eagerly looking forward to a happy ending. Perhaps he did choose the right topic to write about given today’s problems, but approached it with sheer narrow mindedness

    Utterly disappointed!

    • Very well written. You summed up my thoughts. I still don´t get the hype about this last episode. I was also hoping for a happy ending, but at the same time I wasn´t rooting for Danish and Hania. Nadeem B. said: Danish ke pas aur mohabbat dene ko kuch bacha hi nahi tha, sab kuch to Mehwish le gi”

      That is actually true. He didn´t catch any sort of feelings for Hania, but he could still have married her for the sake of his child and I am pretty sure he would develop feeling for her afterwards because of her personality. But anyways, that was extremely selfish like you said. Agar danish ki moth dikhani bhi thi, toh koi dangh ka dikhate!

      I still can´t believe that they literally just ended such a record – breaking drama in such a poorly and boring way..The viewers didn´t deserved it. Lekin unkho kia, TRPS toh wese bi last episode ki itni ban gayi + paisa bhi banaliye, so why would they care.

      KRQ has disappointed me several times, but I didn´t expected that from Nadeem Baig as he has never let me down.

  • It was a bad end not a justifying end in my opinion.Humayon’s acting was superbly more than excellent.

  • I totally forgot wat the whole drama was about after seeing the hospital crap being a physician myself!! Please anyone stop such nonsense from happening again in dramas: the weird kind of Angina Danish had n the Atropine being given after all the delay when he shud haf actually passed out he could mutter all nonsense for 10 +mints in front of a poor kid, and lastly being SHOCKED over a dress shirt!!!!! Makes me wanna SUE the Production house!!!.. And above all an unjustified ending with utter boredom!

  • This drama deals with someone’s wife being attracted to another man, leaving her husband and family for him. Danish and Mehwish are friends from college who love each other and later get married. They have a very cute son, Rumi, and the family is enjoying the simple but q poverty life style. Danish is a low-level government officer barely making ends meet and trying to satisfy his greedy wife Mehwish’s desires. Shewar, an already married person, living off his rich wife’s company, with his wife, Maham living abroad as they have issues. Shewar sees Mehwish at a function, becomes friends with her, starts to call her and offers her high hopes, and a high paying job in the company, and later promising her love and enticing her into leaving Danish to enjoy the luxurious life with him.

    Mehwish is dazzled by his wealth and his life style and decides to leave Danish, must against Danish’s insistence. Shewar offers Danish 50 million to divorce his wife, which he doesn’t accept and divorces Mehwish without taking any money. Danish sells his apartment and struggles to get rich by investing the apartment money buying stocks in Shewar’s company and becoming rich in a real short time. This is a flaw in the story as the market has caps to increase or decrease within a certain limit within a certain time, so he couldn’t have become rich in such a short time. Mehwish enjoys the life of luxury living in the house with Shewar, travelling with him to foreign countries without being married to Shewar, as apparently, she is still in her iddat period.

    Shewar’s wife, Maham, returns from abroad on the night of the nikah to stop the ceremony, apparently at the servant’s information. She throws Shewar in jail for embezzlement and money laundering, and Mehwish out of the house with her to go nowhere, except to a hostel. Later, Maham has some after thoughts of mistreating Mehwish this way, locates the hostel where she is staying gives her a check of 2 ½ crores because she spent 5 months with him, another ridiculous part of the story. Why would she give some one money who cheated with her husband?

    After Mehwish survives her suicide attempt, she buys the same apartment where she and Danish lived put Danish’s father’s name plate outside the door, which Danish doesn’t even notice when he goes to meet her for the last time. With that money she could have found a more luxurious place, and it is hard to understand as to why she will go back to the building, the people and the environment she tried so hard to leave.

    The drama is interesting, with a lot of hype in the media, that the last episode was shown in sold-out theaters with tickets selling at Rs.800. We TV watchers had to suffer through the painful, arduous and ads that were repeated in the same sequence at every station break. The last episode is particularly disappointing in which Danish agrees to meet Mehwish for the last time, and during the conversation starts developing a heart attack like conditions and instead of Mehwish calling an ambulance to take him to the hospital she just stands there and listens emotionally to his soliloquy. Eventually Danish is taken to the hospital where he speaks to his son, Rumi, while the doctors are trying to save his life. With the loud background music, while talking to Rumi, some of his words are incoherent and inaudible. Danish takes off his oxygen mask, which I thought he did to kiss or hug his son for the last time, but without hugging or kissing Rumi, Danish dies. The story could have had a happy ending if Danish survived and married the teacher whom both he and his son liked and could have lived happily together and leaving Mehwish to suffer alone in her own misery.

    There are a few major flaws in the story. Danish enters Shewar’s company during a meeting and beats him in front of the staff, where the staff stands aside and does nothing, as the three staff could have over-powered Danish, or his secretary could have called the office security, as he had forced his way into the meeting. Also, when Danish leaves the conference room after beating Shewar, why doesn’t Shewar call the office security to stop him from leaving the building, have him beaten by the security or hand him over to the police. It is not easy to come into such a big businessman’s’ office and beat him and walk out calmly. Another irrelevant dialogue in this drama is when Danish says, “Allah doesn’t forgive shirk”, referring to Mehwish leaving him for another man. When did Mehwish do “shirk”? Leaving the husband for another man is not shirk.

    Shahid Khalid

    • The drama was full of loopholes. Writers seems to be living in his own dream world where he does not know how things work in share market or hospital emergency rooms. He has gained fame because of his dialogues and for which he is really proud of but a complete story also requires realistic situations along with the dialogues. Today every one is criticizing him, tomorrow his next drama will be hyped in the same way. So sorry that we have a bad memory.

  • Different ending…..actually director wanted to show the life time hell for Mehwish…..Ditector wanted to show when Mehwish left Danish then sober and sensitive Danish died and when again Mehwish called Danish then this time he left his heartbeats…..It was sensitive drama for sensitive people not for common people…..
    Director wanted to show that there are some different kind of people among you and their feeling, thinking and faith is too sensitive

  • Hi Fatima, thanks for the review and final remarks. For me, the last episode worked well. We, the viewers are secondary important for any guesses, but in the drama no one guessed that he will die, neither Roomi, Mehwish, nor Hania, but Danish was sure for this. And that’s make this ending so special. He never moved on when she left him. It’s never been about his humiliation, but his love for her which was eating him inside out day by day. The point to be noted here that if someone love so much that he will die if she is not around, then he will have my salute at first place. All the frames of the episode looks realistic to me, even the mask scene, though doctor doesn’t allow such unless patient insists. I feel very much for Roomi that he has to go through all this. However i thought at the end he will chose to live with Hania after seeing his father’s pain throughout caused by his mother. Also felt for Hania. Her first love died before she gets. Her acting was ok, but i never ever liked Ayeza khan’s acting skills. She is just a popular face for the drama industry. Shees Sajji was wonderful throughout.shahwar-maham track you explained very well and i agree to it. Adnan siddiqui really did not make his character as hateful. Huge round of applause and standing ovation for Humayun Saeed. This was my first drama for him and i m definitely looking forward for his next. But all credit goes to director about him because he is the one who knows how to make an actor behaves a character he is performing for. And no doubt, KRQ is always an excellent writer of the time.

    • You’re most welcome Aamer. I am glad you liked this last episode and I agree with you KRQ’s dialogues are amazing! Aamer you have been the most regular reader on this thread and you contributed so much to the discussions, thank you for that, means a lot to me.

  • I’m in agreement with everyone here..The ending was pure “buckwaas” I cant tell you how excited I was to watch this drama, only to be disappointed the ending was weak, it just showed you that Danish was weak and he couldn’t move on, I actually felt bad for Hania bc she never knew she was actually engaged..The dum part was that he was divorced, and he is still
    Feeling this way over her..I’m sorry that’s unrealistic to me.
    I also felt Mehwish didn’t genuinely love Daanish she only went back to him, after she lost everything.
    Best part of the drama was the diagplous with Shavar and Maham, spoken with comviction..In the end they both felt they didn’t deserve each other.
    Lastly, his friend told him not to see his ex wife alone..he should of taken the advice..His meeting with ex wife was dragged and hard to believe..While his acting was good, just him having a heart attack over her made no sense to me..He had potentially moved on..His famous line “do takhi ki larki” is what him famous and gave him more personality and character he finally had a back bone.
    The ending was just disappointing too much over hype.
    PS. If you go back to the earlier dramas you really question if she really loved him begin with.
    Wish they didn’t put us through so much suspense for this ridiculous predictable ending.
    Thanks for the drama it was enjoyable thorough out, just last episode was lack luster.

    • i remember all what did, she also said to Shehwar that what’s wrong with killing him after Danish had beaten Shehwar in his office now she has killed him off

  • Mere Pass Tum Ho is not a great drama. Ayeza Khan looks amazing in the drama, thanks goes to the hair and makeup I suppose. There’s more to Ayeza than her looks though, her acting was good and she nailed every scene with her intensity.

    The most notable thing about Mere Pass Tum Ho is the appearance of Adnan Siddique in a kind of villainous role. Adnan Siddique was the perfect choice for his character, he really did fill it well. The plot required intense and meaningful performances by all actors involved. Humayun was here too, playing Mehvish’s husband. He does well, but not like award winning standard.

    The moral of the drama is that women always want and desire money over their husband and over their love. Mehvish comes back because it wouldn’t feel right to have an indecent woman in this orthodox society. And it wouldn’t feel right to not have the man take her back because this drama is a fantasy.

    I thought I was missing something all these years and could have gone the rest of my life without seeing this boring stuff.If this drama was not the worst drama of the year but it was not great as well. It did have time of boredom and some lazy sounding dialogues.

  • First of all I should say the last episode was poorer than rest. But it’s also true that climax is always hard for even best of the writers. The team shouldn’t expose theirselves in a special show before ending episode. It didn’t work. How can you take all the credit and praise each other so early. You would have gone the same way without break .

  • Best drama, worst ending (poor execution)
    The whole drama till last episode: 100% in every department
    last episode : not even 1 % in any department (not even finished with strong dialogues)
    I would recommend an alternative ending should be made to do damage control of an epic drama of tv.

  • Mehwish wins…not only did she get 2.5 crores from her lover’s wife (for no reason at all) she’ll also get all those millions Danish made with his ultra enhanced sixth sense…cuz Rumi. This drama should only be remembered for Humayun Saeed’s extraordinary performance and nothing else. Shehwar also wins cuz after being briefly punished (for like 3 days) due to gallivanting across the globe and dancing to a self-playing piano at home with his girlfriend, he is back in the good graces of his wife (who recently lost her backbone). Somebody please give Maham a slap too now…she deserves it for being so weak. Last episode had Zero impact, Lame dialogues, Contrived ending but an On point review. Thanks… you’re the best…will definitely look forward to what you review next.

    • Totally agree with you N about Maham, really disappointed with her. Thank you so much for liking the reviews. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your comments every week and our discussions, I will miss them for sure.

  • Fully agreed, no matter how much we loved Danish, in the last scenes he acted like a super hero, not to be found these days

  • Oh my God. What did I just watch? These were my first feelings as soon as the episode ended. I was waiting for that epic last episode the writer director and the ARY channel had been promising for the past two weeks. There was nothing epic about it. It was complete and utter disappointment in every sense of the word. The dialogues were vague and unconvincing. Shehwar and Maham’s end was lopsided though still better than that of Danish. The whole thing seemed as if everyone was trying to get over with it. It was made as if in a hassle. We as viewers needed so much more from the last episode especially after the hype that had been created but all went to waste. Seriously a waste of time and money

  • Lots of mistakes in whole drama…fuzool tareen story Mehwish 6 months shahwar kai sath rahi shadi to nhi ki paisa bhi nhi mila us kai ghr sai nikltay hi gareeb ho gaee Jo bundi paison kai liye gaee thi WO paisa bhi hasil na krski aisa pagal kon hota hai or aik thapar sai hosh bhi thikannay aagaay waaah…
    Roomi kis trha Ka bcha hai puray dramay mai to hairat huiee hi laikin last main to HUD hi hogaee Abba mur rahay hain or normal raha WO expressions hi nhi nazr say
    Drama hit hua hai sirf Humayun saeed or Adnan siddiqui ki wajah sai wrna story intahie fuzool thi
    Beshumaar mistakes thin dramay mai

  • The last episode ruined the whole drama & all the efforts done by the actors & the scriptwriter.They should have considered the interest of audience. The drama will be remembered with a stupid ending & worst direction.

  • Woah, woah people hold on a sec! I think the ending was beautifully put together and the dialogues were amazing. I dont thing this serial deserved a happy ending as whatever had happened, this was the only logical way to end it. you cannot expect every serial to have a happy ending as in real life there is no happy ending, everyone has to die.However, I was disappointed in a few scenes of the drama, like do takkay ki aurat etc, but I think this drama was really nice. The story might be very typical/controversial however Nadeem Baig’s direction was amazing, he deserves ALL the awards. Humayun saeed’s acting was brilliant! Kudos to team MPTH for handling a very controversial subject with such grace and brilliance!

    • PS: Dont compare Alif and Meray Pass Tum Ho! Both are supremely amazing with differences in their storyline.

    • Liked your point on real life sad ending, so true. People don’t digest that a man/husband can love so passionately that he will die for a woman/wife because all dramas so far has shown opposite. Men do have heart as well. They don’t cry does not mean they are emotionless.

  • We have seen numerous movies and dramas based on the plot that MPTH was written but what made MPTH unique was its direction and execution in its entirety. It had kept us inquisitive for Saturdays to come every week. I totally vouch this review and must say the episode could have concluded in a better way. I strongly believe when Danish could withstand the betrayal of Mehvish and can get on with life, become millionaire then its impractical that he meets Mehvish in the last episode and suffers a heart attack. Indeed Rumi’s fate was poor who had suffered right from the beginning. Finally, the last episode could have been something great other than what we got to witness.

  • Honestly, I liked the ending and don’t think anybody was expecting Danish’s death. It looked more complete conclusion and not just to gain TRPs. The way Danish’s life had been hanging between the two women, one he wants to forget but loves so much, other whom he had accepted probably for Rumi but love fails him completely. They could have shown him start a fresh only with Rumi with a lighter heart as an alternative, but Mehwish’s regrets and pleading innocence also needed to be meted in the drama. His silence was misconstrued to be cold and passive earlier and everyone was talking why a girl also deserves forgiveness. Here we see a man who has exhausted his emotions and is full of emptiness. He did not want to meet her only to move on and forget the pain but this deadlock was not helping either. She got forgiveness and the punishment that she entirely deserved in the end. She had betrayed her and did not deserve to live a fulfilling life with him. Things would never have been the same ever. As for Hania, he never loved Hania so marrying her would not have been good for both of them. She had raised this question earlier, so she knew the risks. Actually I loved this show only from 9th episode and despite dragging in between, I feel very intensely for each character. Mehwish’s remorse was quite evident and I came to the point of wishing their reunion. It only shows that once you move on for whatever reason, you cannot reverse it and it is not a debate about right or wrong women but how the act of betrayal could render the spouse incapable of trusting or loving anyone, be it shehwar or mehwish. Both their partners loved them but could not forgive them despite trying hard enough. I loved Ayesha’s character as well and it also was meant to establish that we are not trying to preach certain dressing. It’s in the intent and not anything else. That to me was the message and very well portrayed. Rumi’s scenes were dragged in every episode but they probably wanted to show how kids grow ahead of their age in such circumstances. The loss of innocence is another debacle of this situation, which is true in many ways. I like pak dramas, especially ZGH, Daam, Kankar, Humsafar, Digest writer. This is another added. Unique and heart wrenching.

  • I was totally disappointed by Maham’s conversation with Shehwar.And in this scene I was not expecting writer to totally blame Mehwish for all this.Shehwar was also involved in this.He flirted with Mehwish first and tried to make up her mind that she didn’t deserve Danish.It mean writer think its only the fault of women,men can’t resist a woman.

  • This drama is a very biased view of how Khalil (writer) thinks and it’s very degrading to both men and women.
    A) Can someone explain why did Danish love Mehwish so much? From the very get go, it was established that Danish was insecure and felt that he wasn’t good enough for Mehwish. So was he in love with her or felt lucky /grateful that he got her (established in episode 4) almost like he got an object. So basically he showed a man who in a way is shallow and despite her not showing him the love and care he wants, still wants her to stay with him.
    B) from the very beginning, it was shown that Mehwish always wanted more and wasn’t really in love with Danish.
    C) Khalil said that men are like Danish – always willing to do whatever it takes to make their wife, mother and sister happy. If that’s the case then why wasn’t Shehwar to be shown in the same light?
    D) Khalil wants us to believe that attractive women are going to get hit on and men can’t resist and therefore they are not to punished. Rather the entire fault is the woman and that’s why Shehwar doesn’t get punished the way Mehwish does and the reason Shehwar blames everything on her at the end yet he is responsible for brainwashing her and flirting with her.

  • Asa ….This is the very first Pakistani Drama I have ever watched. I came to know about it by chance through a comment a friend made, in that how similar the story line was to my life.

    I can honestly say the scenario is similar but the outcome some what different. However, having said that if I knew the writer then perhaps I could have suggested a better ending given my true life story.

    However, if I were in the writers shoes I personally would have given the drama 3 different endings which would allow the viewer to choose their own ending. Still not too late to add a twist !!!

  • >